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The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Excitement coursed through him as he pulled his fish in, and it earned him a mental nudge from Isamuyn. The young man quickly explained to his daywher what was going on, and after that, Isamuyn left him alone now that he knew he was ok. For some reason, no matter what Devyn did or said, he could not convince Isamuyn that he could stand to be a little less protective. Granted, the handler knew that his daywher was really just doing his job, and trying to protect him. Actually, deep down, Devyn wondered if everything that had happened lately had anything to do with it. Maybe he would have to have a talk with his daywher and make sure to tell him that he was ok, and he would continue to be ok as long as the two of them were there for each other.

Finally, Devyn managed to push those thoughts to the back of his mind and just in time. Without even realizing it, the chimera handler had let his mind wander, and still managed to reel his fish in. Now, Darrow was talking to him and he smiled softly. "Nope, not bad at all." For a moment he studied his fish, debating if it was even big enough to cook. Shrugging to himself he figured it was, so at that point he decided that if the black handler wanted to cook his, he would cook his own as well.

Chuckling to himself,f it seemed that he had made up Darrow's mind for him by telling him that he would prepare it and cook it and everything. Reaching out, he gently took Darrow's fish from him and thought for a moment before saying, "While I clean these and get them ready, why don't you see if you can round us up some wood to make a fire. If we can do that, we can have ourselves a nice little lunch."

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Did you catch yourself a fish, Darrow? Argow asked, though from the distracted sound of her voice he could tell that she was only partially paying attention to what he was doing.

That I did! It was rather exciting. I think I like fishing. He replied back to her with glee as he watched as Devyn reeled his fish in the rest of the way.

I'm glad you are having fun, dear heart. I still don't understand why y'all insist on catching fish with string and a hook. It is so much easier to just use your teeth and claws. Regardless, I am happy for you. The black said and then while Isamuyn was distracted she splashed him playfully with some water.

We can't use our teeth and we don't have claws, my dear. I'm afraid string and hooks are the best for us. Darrow said with a chuckle, but then Dev was talking to him again, so he turned his attention back towards him.

"Alright. That shouldn't be too hard of a task. I'll be back shortly. Maybe after we eat we can fish a little more, but any we catch we can release. No sense in keeping them if we're not going to eat them, right?" Darrow stated before he took off into the little wooded area to find them enough wood to make a decent fire that would leave good enough coals to cook on.

It really didn't take him too long at all to bring back an arm load of various sizes of wood. "How's the cleaning coming along? I should have enough wood to get us a nice fire going." Darrow stated as he dropped the pile and began clearing some grass for him to build the fire on.

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Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:28 pm

When the black handler agreed to going to get the firewood, Devyn gave him a small smile. "I agree, we should most certainly fish some more. You're right about letting them go too. I've always been taught you never keep more than you need, and by the looks of these fish, I say one each should bey more than enough for lunch for us." Devyn was glad that Darrow had the same mind set as him, without even really knowing anything about this. After that, the chimera handler set to work doing what he needed to do. First he quickly got himself set up to clean the fish. While it wouldn't take a long time, it would take time enough, so he felt like he should get started as soon as he could. First he cleaned the fish, getting all of the scales and everything off of it, and then he gutted the fish, finally making them ready to go in a fire. The whole time he had been doing this, he'd been thinking about when he used to do this back home with his friends and his family. It was fun, it had always been fun. Now, he was glad that he could share this with Darrow as well.

It seemed like just as he finished, Darrow came back with the wood. So it was actually really perfect timing on both of their parts. Smiling he said,”Actually, I just finished cleaning them, so as soon as we get that fire started, we can start cooking them.”

With that, he grabbed two of the pointier sticks that the black handler had brought back, and skewered the fish onto them and gently set them aside. After he was done with that he moved to help Darrow get the fire going. With the two of them clearing the grass, it didn’t take them long at all, and then they set up the logs and everything that he had brought back.

Turning to his friend he gave him a grin and said, ”Would you like to do the honors or lighting the fire since you are the one who went and collected all the wood? Then I will cook the fish and you can tell me how good or bad my coooking skills are?” Of course his cooking skills were good enough, but he had just wanted to keep everything light and teasing and fun.

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