Betting and Brawling [Tag: Shai/A'rosius]

The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Wed Sep 05, 2018 12:12 am

Were it any other time, the chimera handler probably would have taken the time to explain exactly what he meant to the blue dragon. It was not that Isamuyn had anything in particular actually against dragons. It was more of the fact that he would most certainly be against being carried by one. So, in essence it was more of a pride thing than anything else.

Although he tried to keep it from showing much, the chimera handler was certainly glad that they were not going to have to haul the brown rider up onto his dragon. Unfortunately, the young man was not quiet sure that he liked the other idea much better. It was really their only other option at this point, and even though Devyn didn’t like it, he knew that the brown would take care of his rider and not let anything bad happen to him.

Lookong at the blue rider as he spoke, he just nodded. Being ok with the two of them riding his blue back would have to be fine, right now there wasn’t really any alternative. Well, not that he could see right now. ”Sure, that sounds fine, just as long as we can get out of here.”

After a few moments, they managed to at least get the rider over to his dragon who then delicately wrapped his claw around him and the brown took off. Just to make sure everything was ok, Devyn watched the dragon for a moment before he heard the blue talked to them.

Finally he walked over to the blue, starring at him for a moment, gathering his courage. Ever would he admit it, but he was a little nervous about getting on the dragon, since he had never been on one before. As the blue lowered himself he took another deep breath before following the other man up.
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A'rosius moved to Bowith first, if only out of courtesy to help Devyn up onto his lifemate. Fortunately for both men, the star-speckled blue was not the largest or most imposing of dragons, especially in comparison to Galuth who dwarfed the smaller Bowith. Instead, the blue considered himself just the perfect size for his lithe rider and his new companion.

Worry not, my friend, he reached out to Devyn in assurance as A'rosius offered a hand to the man to guide the man onto the blue. I've never been one for dropping humans, and I have no intention of gaining a taste for it now.

"Bowith is right. He's an easy ride, I can assure you," A'rosius agreed with his dragon. It was merely a habit, something he told all his passengers. Yet for all it was a habitual remark, it did not make it any less true. Bowith would never let any harm befall the dayhandler. Once the man settled down, A'rosius opened upon one of the satchels that hung from his dragon's neck, and pulled out an extra set of straps. It took A'rosius little time to secure Devyn, though he minded his manners as he did so, making sure the straps held to Devyn adequately. He then settled in front of the man and anchored himself down. We're good, Bowith. As the blue readied himself, lowering down in preparation for that final launch alongside Galuth, A'rosius called over his shoulder. "It should be a short flight. We'll be sure to take you to the cabins first." A'rosius would make do with Mul'rec alone, for he felt poorly about the idea of Devyn shouldering that burden alongside him.

The blue was off, shooting into the sky with an astonishing acceleration. Galuth followed behind, gaining altitude at a more lumbering pace. He eased after Bowith, letting the blue guide them both back to the weyr. He had little will or need to overtake the smaller beast.

Down below, little of the land revealed itself to them on the moonless night. Everything kept to a state of black peacefulness, giving the stars overhead a chance to shine their brightest. A'rosius kept his silence as he regarded the skies, using the stars to guide them home to New Atricis. Yes, be could have asked Bowith to take them between, but the flight was short, and the night calm. There was no need for abrupt shortcuts into the frigid abyss. As they neared the weyr, the occasional glow or two lit cotholds along the Weyr border, until finally, a dappling of light illuminated the cluster of cabins for the dayhandlers.

Galuth is taking Mul'rec back to our apartment. Sounds like he will take the couch tonight?

I do believe so, A'rosius answered as he saw the brown gain altitude for the dragon pavilions on the weyr plateau.

Bowith, however, descended with ease, and backwinged on the final landing at the centre of the dayhandler quarters. It was a lovely evening, my wher riding friend, but I do believe this is where our paths fork.

A'rosius looked over his shoulder to the man, only to turn and regard him fully. "My apologies for how poorly the night ended, but I do thank you for both your help... and your company." Despite the obvious bruising of their faces, A'rosius managed to think of the positive enough that he hoped Devyn too might recall the night with at least a small measure of fondness, even if such considerations were not immediate.
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While the other man would never admit it, no matter what, he was indeed slightly intimidated by the daunting task of riding a dragon. Honestly, he had been with Isamuyn so long that it felt quiet weird to even be thinking about riding on the back of a dragon instead of on the back of a daywher. Now Devyn knew that his chimera would have taken him back, but there was something in the blue rider’s voice that made Devyn want to ride with him.

To the handler, it was almost as if Ambr wanted to do this to make up for the fact that they had gotten into a bar fight. The chimera handler did not really mind. It was not the first bar fight he had been in, and he was fairly certain it would not be the last.

The blue dragons voice broke into his kind and for a moment, blue eyes stared at the dragon before moving over to his rider. Devyn quickly nodded. After taking a breath he said, ”Thanks that makes me feel a bit better. I appreciate it.”

Finally the daywher handler climbed up onto the dragon and the blue rider quickly helped him get strapped in. Devyn found himself extremely thankful for this, although he wasn’t sure exactly why. No dragon rider would let someone else ride their life mate without making sure the other person was safely attatched.

When they got into the air, Devyn could not keep his eyes from wandering all over the place. For a few moments he let them linger on the brown as he split off to go up to the dragon rider apartments.

After that it did not take long for the blue dragon to get them safely back to the daywher apartments. Once they landed Devyn got unstrapped and slid to the ground, letting ohh a small breath he hadnt really known he had been holding. Looking at the blue rider he just shook his head a little. ”There is no need to apologize. I’m just glad we made it out of there before any of us got seriously injured.” Smiling softly he said, ”Well I guess this is good night. I’m sure I will see you around then.”

With that Devyn walked into his apartment and got himself ready to go to sleep, but for some reason, a certain blue rider stayed in his mind for quiet sometime that night, and he found himself honestly hoping that he would see him again.

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