What Does Your Eagle Eye See? [Open]

The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:59 pm

Even with the wind tearing by F'laan could still feel the warmth of the summer sun. The heat could be oppressive at times but that's why riders went out for flights in the wilds. It was cool and refreshing, not quite as much as a dip in the ocean or a lake but he hadn't felt up to being quite that social. Instead he and Towodith were gliding over large grassy fields. He did have somewhat ulterior motives for coming out here as well.

For some time he'd dealt with comments about his vision and while F'laan didn't feel he was having a hard time seeing things, their last drill had ended with Towodith missing two turns. Considering they worked as a pair and it was the rider who had missed the proper signals he was testing the limits of his vision.

It could have been the letter your mother sent instead of things going blurry you know. I can see what your sending me perfectly, nothings odd.

That has nothing to do with it. F'laan grumped back, poking at the dragon neck underneath him. Towodith just sighed, angling his wings to pick up the change in wind direction. They rose a couple dozen feet, pulling away from the swaying grass and leaves.

You're levels of denial are astounding. Before the pyrite could berate his rider any futher, them an leaned sharply to the left, almost dislodging himself from Towodith's neck had he not been strapped in. His dragon quickly corrected his trajectory to reset their center of gravity and looked around for just what had unsettled F'laan.

That, over there. By the trees, can you get closer? Keeping his eyes on a mess of brown and red, he tightened his grip on Towodith as they got closer. He had his suspicions of course and they were confirmed as they circled closer.

A kill, perhaps from a wild wher?

F'laan hummed his potential agreement. It was a heardbeast, or what was left of one and it's shorter fur and semi sheen to what was left told him it was a domesticated one. It might just be a lone kill but local beastcrafters needed to know that there was some sort of beast hunting their herds and the riders or handlers from the weyr would need to know where to come hunting.

His curiosity was getting the better of him however. Maybe it was that old childhood urge to go poke something dead, but F'laan unfastened his riding straps and slid to the ground. The grass was matted down near the carcass and he stooped to get a better look. There were multiple sets but he couldn't tell if it was from one creature or many. One thing though... those were not wher prints.

The rustling of the grasses to his left could not happen at a worse time as F'laan began to think this might be a feline kill. He jumped, and began to back toward Towodith. "We should get out of here..."


Before he could get much farther a yellow/tannish blur streaked between him and his dragon, coupled with a snarl. Towodith let loose a loud bugle those flying or walking nearby would easily be able to hear. F'laan slid his belt knife from it's holster and got ready to fight, just in case the beast wasn't just trying to chase them off. He was cursing under his breath, he was not a decent fighter and Towodith was fairly small. They would havea difficult time alone.

Note: Just one feline here, potentially two if you'd like mostly doing this to scare F'laan a bit but you're more than welcome to injure you character or whatever you'd like.
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Vin'del hadn't been in charge of his own Wing for very long, and sometimes he felt completely inadequate for the job. Today had been one of those days. Drill had gone wrong in almost unending small ways, and with so many different people making so many small mistakes, he had to assume that he himself had been doing something wrong as a leader. Maybe they hadn't worked together enough yet, or maybe his signals had been unclear.

Conversations with several of the people with problems had clarified things, though. There were probably some angles from which his signals were unclear, but there were also two riders in the wing who were....unreasonably exhausted this morning, and one of them had made his own mistakes that tended to cause others to make errors. His brown moving in the wrong direction and blocking another rider's view of Vin'del's signals for instance, and that was the main reason that Vin'del was out looking for Towodith and his rider now.

Apparently they had flown out over the wilds after the drill, and he could only assume that they were trying to deal with their own frustration from the morning's events. He could hardly blame them, if he hadn't been checking to confirm the causes of the little cascading irritations, he probably would have been flying it off as well. Still, he needed to check in with F'laan and Towodith, and check if the second, later error had merely been a result of the deteriorating focus and confidence that the entire wing had been experiencing at that point in the drill.

A loud bugle changed their direction almost reflexively, and Folith's shoulders tensed in a way that his rider generally associated with Threadfall. Danger. Towodith, we come, he announced, before more quietly speaking to his own rider. Felines attacked them, and Vin'del couldn't fault his bronze's reflexive change of course even without his rider's instruction. Yes, if their wingmates were under attack, then that was where they needed to be. Questions about the earlier missed signal were completely forgotten in the urgency of the next few moments of flight.
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