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The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:02 pm

I'ent didn't say anything as Fyrn thanked him again but he did watch as she hurried off to join the other Candidates once K'rios called for their attention. He took the opportunity to climb up onto Shireth's back, feeling more comfortable there than he did lingering on the ground. Up here he was a dragonrider, though the would always defer to female dragonriders and of course those who obviously have a Rank higher than a basic Wingrider. Giving a smirk he realized he was kidding himself, he'll defer to anybody who took charge as I'ent never felt he could be a leader, preferring to just be one of the crowd. Being singled out was not his ambition in life, in fact this excursion was about as much as he could handle when it came to being seen as somebody others should look up to or even follow their direction.

As K'rios explained what they were going to do I'ent blinked and looked concerned. He certainly knew nothing about fishing and his cooking skills was pretty much limited to sticking it into flames and pulling it out before it was too burnt. Then he realized he wouldn't have to do the cooking, the Candidates were suppose to do it together and he assumed that included preparing food for the dragonriders and the Journeywoman Fisher. Once K'rios explained meat was being provided for those who couldn't eat fish he looked at him in surprise. Hunting and killing a small animal didn't seem any more difficult to do than standing by a river and trying to get a fish. He wasn't too bad at catching rodents and tunnelsnakes for food, he didn't think it would be hard to do so in the jungle.

Exhaling he turned his attention to what K'rio's was saying, deciding it wasn't his place to question his decisions or make suggestions. K'rios clearly had been around long enough to know hunting was something he could have the Candidates but had reasons for not allowing it.

<I heard there are nasty Felines running lose in the Jungle. You think we'll have to fight one of them off? I bet it'll be quite a challenge.> Shireth said, inadvertently revealing the likely reason why hunting wasn't going to be part of this trip.

I certainly hope we don't run into any of those. I'm sure we'll be far too close to the Weyr for any of those felines to get near enough to be at thread. I'ent told Shireth. The news disappointed Shireth but she didn't complain. Even without the thread of wild felines the camping trip did promise to be fun.

I'ent gave a slight nod when K'rios introduced him. As he wasn't required to say anything nor pick which team he was on, he stayed silent.
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"Assistant Candidatemaster K'rios," he began, "I don't know if you've already chosen teams, but if not, then I should be able to recognize what plants are safe to eat." It was the only skill he had that might be useful in this situation, so he would make certain they knew about it. He couldn't do anything to make this trip fun, after all but everything is more pleasant when you are at least good at what you are doing.
It was actually really good to know that they had a candidate that could easily identify plants like that. In knowing that, K'rios nodded and pulled the sheet on his board over to make a note on whatever was underneath - what the candidates couldn't see was that it was a listing of the different teams, and he placed Varren's where it should go now. "Then I have you where you'll go once we land, Varren. Thank you for coming forward. Your skills will be greatly appreciated while we're out for the next night." He paused a moment, just short of making a special mark on the board. "Is it safe to assume you're good at identifying medicinal plants on the off chance that we have need of something in the case of an emergency?" They had what they would need, but this might serve to give additional purpose to one of the candidates, and he always looked to see who might be willing to step forward during training exercises like these.
"Assistant Candidatemaster, sir, can you tell us what kind of weather to expect?" she asked. If they needed to pack warm, outdoor clothes, she could manage. She wasn't quite as certain of Halimila's wardrobe, and she would have to figure out a polite way to ask if the other girl had a set of clothes appropriate for the wilderness. She was nice, but SO very domesticated.
He glanced at the young woman and gave her a slight smile, having checked with the starcrafters and harpers to get an idea of what the weather would be like fur the duration of the trip. "Weather is going to be bright and clear, but on the cool side. I would recommend you pack and dress accordingly. Remember, you'll need clothes for morning as well, and that bathing can either take place in the stream we'll be near, or that you may wait until our return to the Weyr. Your choice." He hoped that answered her question, but just in case it didn't, he made sure she knew just a little bit more. "I've been assured that there's no chance of the weather changing overnight. The stream, however, is chilly. You'll want to be prepared for that, everyone, if you choose to wash up there in the morning."
"I am also a journeywoman healer, so no matter what team I am put in if there isn't enough healers to take care of the others I don't mind helping. So a way to communicate in that case..." Fyrn managed to speak up, sure it wasn't a question or concern, just maybe communication so she could get to the injured as soon as possible.
Technically, the children weren't supposed to have lizards of any kind. As weyrlings, they weren't allowed, so it made sense that they couldn't have them Impressed to them as candidates. But K'rios knew they slipped in sometimes and knew some of them had them. So he glanced at Fyrn, then at the others. "Those of you who are healers, let me know before we leave. You'll be in touch with myself once we land on ground so we can coordinate your teams specifically. I'll want to know where you're at at all times. Those with lizard pets, I'll also want to know where you are. I'll need volunteers to coordinate back and forth in case of emergencies, so there aren't confusing messages being passed around. I'll want cool and calm being sent in the event that there is an accident, understand?" He nodded at Fyrn. "Thank you for your recommendation, Fyrn. I'll be sure to ensure you're made one of the healers in one of the groups. We'll need you, and people like you, to help with any hurts that pop up during the trip."
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Varren nodded as K'rios spoke. It wasn't how he focused his efforts ordinarily, but he was confident that he could recognize any plant in the wild that the Pernese already used. "Medicine, food, pest-deterrent," he said wrinkling his nose. "I can recognize what's safe and useful to gather." Most medicinal plants weren't all that useful without some processing, of course, but numbweed sap did have a weaker effect even before the noxious purifying process.

If they were only supposed to spend one day out of the Weyr, then they really shouldn't need to gather anything but food, and maybe pest-deterrent. It would be best to sleep without having to worry about biting insects too much, after all. And for those that did get bitten - unprocessed numbweed sap was just numbing enough to deal with the itching without making the skin too numb to function.

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Aranrod nodded, thinking about what she had that was warm and suitable for a night out in the woods. She was pretty sure she had enough to share if Mila's clothes were all delicate and feminine. She frowned, thinking about bathing in the stream. It wasn't a problem for her, but she knew that some holderfolk were nervous about being seen in their skins. Growing up in a caravan, it had been unavoidable, and she couldn't count the number of times she had seen a screaming wriggling toddler escaping a bath and running wet and naked through the camp. But enough people assumed things about her because she had been a caravan child that she had become careful about modesty in response.

She didn't mind people seeing more of her skin than was 'appropriate,' she minded the way people acted when they learned that she didn't mind.

But maybe if they got a group of girls together and someone stood watch, that would be considered modest enough. It was silly that, in a Weyr with plenty of nontraditional relationships, modesty rules were still different depending on whether there were both men and women in the room, but a lot of the modesty rules were silly to her. She still tried to follow them when possible to avoid the judgmental looks.

"Mila," she whispered. "Do you want to bathe when we get back, or will you guard while I do, and I'll do the same for you?" She paused, remembering the other offer she'd been planning. "And do you need to borrow clothes that can handle roughing it?"

Then she looked up at the request for candidates with lizards. She knew they were discouraged, but...they weren't like dogs or cats. Even if you tried to give them away, they would pop between right back to you. She was doing pretty well to keep them out of sight most days. "I have a couple of fire lizards, sir," she admitted to K'rios.
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Fyrn stood there, listening to everyone spouting off questions and what they might be good at to help further things along. She turned silent as she stood there and kept thinking, giving a little nod in response and a small smile when K'rios commented he'd sort her out. But her mind was now onto different topics like what items she might have to bring. She already gave that one rider her bag of healing supplies and maybe they would have more supplies as well... Then again she didn't have a lot herself anyways besides the basics as a journeywoman healer. Silently pondering and thinking though a frown crossed her face as she bit her bottom lip lightly.

Was that all her skills amounted to? Just a healer and nothing else? She didn't know how to grow or forage for food, or practically anything else that might help. Could she even set up a camp with the others without getting in their way? The dragon candidate raised her hands up in front of her, they had nicks and scars and looked nothing like a young woman's slender and elegant ones. Battered and weathered through many years of work and chores, at least her stamina raised a bit from the exercise and... she learned some things like sparring but she was far from the top of the pack. Her hands clenched before lowering at her side, even if she wanted to change it wouldn't be immediate nor help them right now.

She was a candidate too, not much time to learn other skills nevermind if she did somehow impress that would get rid of her free time even more. Once she got back from this camping trip she would focus in making a list of possible things to learn and improve upon. Quickly she raised her head to listen and concentrate on everyone around her, and waiting for the words to let them go back to pack before leaving.
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As the Pewter rider began to answer various questions and explain their trip in a bit more detail, Mila felt her mind wander just a bit to the few trips her Papa and Pa had taken her on over the turns. Granted they had been seasons and seasons ago, there were a few tricks that one just doesn't forget. Thanking her male role-models for their instance that she try learning a bit of their shared craft. As her mind wandered, Halimila realized that her friend, Aranrod wouldn't know about her camping experience. For a few minutes the teen played with the idea of surprising the Harper with her skills. However the game was spoiled when the other candidate asked a few questions of her.

Bringing her mind back to the present, Mila pulled on a shy smile for the taller girl. "I don't mind watching your back during a bath," She offered, "I do hope the water not too cold though," Mila finished with a shudder. "As for clothes, I should be okay. Pa's made sure I know how to fend for myself," Mila said with a brighter smile at the mention of her father. Her voice picked up with pride as she turned towards the Harper girl. "Pa was a Hunter before he met Zelian," She explained without spilling her secret about having been camping a few handfuls of times in the past.
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After a short time, questions were answered, candidates were gathered, and everyone was off. They arrived and assignments were doled out, teams were sent off, and K'rios remained behind to supervise while their riding companions followed the teams to keep an eye on them and ensure they remained safely guarded against any dangers that might be lurking in the shadows or beyond.

Over the course of the following day and night, K'rios was pleased to see the candidates working well together. They not only chipped in to scour the land of the camping site for herbs and vegetables to feed themselves that night, but when it came to the fishing with the Journeywoman, the word of the matter was that they did their best and even arranged to have a playful little contest together. What impressed him the most was that there wasn't a single squabble that wasn't resolved with a little work on their own behalves - before it even got back to him, any disagreement was tended to by their own feats, and he didn't hear about it until later from one source or another.

When all was said and done, he commended them on the excellent work they had done. Along with the other riders, they were treated to breakfast the morning they were to leave, and together, the entire group dismantled and cleaned up the campsite. In his report, K'rios would tell Bellatrix that it had been a success, and he would like to make a similar trip with another group of candidates come the following warm season. If it had worked with one, then surely it would work with another.

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