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The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Well, there was another option A'ric could try, but K'rios doubted that his friend would want to try it out. If he went ahead and tried to make Kit jealous, that might very well jump start things. He wasn't sure if he wanted to bring it up or even mention it though, because as much as K'rios thought it might do the trick, he also knew it had the very real possibility of offending his friend somehow. That was the last thing he wanted to do tonight. He had to handle this delicately then. Respond to it somehow, but not bring up what he was thinking. Of course, alcohol had a way of making him relax, and that usually meant his tongue was the first thing to loosen up, so when he opened his mouth the words were slipping out before he could think to stop them. "Have you considered seeing what she'd do if you tried making her jealous? Just to you know, see if she would be... to judge how badly she gets that way?" He paused and looked into his drink, sighing before finishing it off in a single breath. "Fuck."

He looked up and ordered a couple of shots of vodka when the waitress came by with their food, then lifted his hand when they came near. "Bring me the whole damn bottle." He waited for it to come by, then looked at A'ric before pouring himself a couple of more. He felt ashamed for what he'd suggested, and while it probably wasn't worthy of a multi-shot offense, he wanted to be prepared. And just in case his friend took it well enough, well... then they could share the shots together instead and chase them down with the ales that had been brought with their food. "Look, I didn't mean to say that, okay? I was thinking it, sure, but I wasn't intending to suggest it. I want to help, man, I do. I don't really think that's the solution for you at all, and besides that, I don't think its something you would go for even if I thought it was a good enough idea - which I don't." He took down one of the shots, then another, before pouring two more. "So please accept my apologies before I take down four more of these fuckers on an empty stomach. I haven't eaten a thing since breakfast." And he downed the two he'd poured and prepared to do the same, and not even the rest of their conversation could deter him.

"You're welcome though, really. Despite me and my mouth." He was glad for it, to have someone like A'ric in his life. Sure, he had Nizi he could go to, and she was good for a laugh and fun, but there was something about having a guy friend. Someone you could turn to when you just needed to kick back and enjoy a little time away from the toughness of the day, away from the complications of relationships, away from the pressures you experienced with your job, when you just needed... guy time. A'ric was always good for that. So was V'an, but their schedules were so alike that it was difficult for them to get together sometimes. K'rios was going to have to change that though. He was eager to spend time with the brownrider. It would be nice to catch up with him, and he made a mental note to do that the next time he knew they both had a few free moments away from training at the same time together. "I appreciate it. I think right now I'm good. For the most part. Been feeling some things for Nizhoni but... yeah. Don't know if anything will ever come of that. You know how I am. And I know how she is. So..." He shrugged and took a bite from his plate.

But a bite of that food never made it to his mouth, and instead was tossed at A'ric's face. K'rios started to laugh and nodded, finger pointed at the bronzerider. He could hardly deny that he wasn't a superb teacher, though he always did his best, though even he knew that that wasn't always good enough. Still, he was going to try hard with this group of kids, and see where that took him. "Oh, Faranth help me, we've got a load of them this time around, and they keep climbing. I'm not sure where they're all coming from, but it seems as if Soquilith knows how to lead them to the Weyr." It was a good thing though - maybe so many candidates meant that there would be a large clutch. Then there was also another matter to bring up, one that was on a lot of tongues and minds within the Weyr. "We also have Andromedath too, folks have been talking about her. Don't know when its going to happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if it takes place soon after. So that means we're going to need the lot of them to keep flocking to the Weyr. So yeah, me and Bellatrix are going to be swamped, along with the rest of the training crew. I feel sorry for V'an and them. Poor lot is going to have to deal with whatever us Candidate-folk aren't able to iron out of the these kids."

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For a moment, the bronze rider let his dark eyes look around the room once more, taking everything in again. For some reason, that was just how he was, and he knew he probably would never be able to change it. As much as he would probably never admit it to anyone, he knew it in his heart, he was a people watcher. No matter where he went, even if he had been there many times before, he always had to stop and just watch the people. It had always been a habit of his. Most of the time he didn't mind it, especially if he was just out by himself or something like that. When he was with other people though, sometimes it annoyed him, a lot. After a moment, K'rios' voice reached him, and the bronze rider quickly pulled himself out of his thoughts. " Make her jealous? Well, I really don't even know if that is possible. With her nature, I doubt it would matter to her. She sees other guys if she wants, and she is always telling me that she won't stop me if I wanted to see someone else." Just hearing himself say that made the young man feel a little weird. Even though he cared about Kit, he hadn't really been pushing the issue, and sometimes, he found himself being well, jealous.

Dark eyes looked at K'rios, who now seemed upset. As his friend asked for the whole bottle, A'ric couldn't help but raise an eyebrow in curiosity. That was when his friend started speaking, and he just waved him off. "Honestly, it's not something I haven't thought about before. I've been constantly thinking about it. I honestly want us to be together, and everything for Viktor's sake. Then again, I think I'm just being over sentimental. A lot of people have Flight children, and they are all in the crèche with their parents not together. I don't know why I'm so keen on trying to make an actual "family." Again, it kind of pained the young man to say it, but he knew it was the truth. Kit just had him fascinated and completely head over heels, but he just kept trying, even though he knew it was probably a moot point. Shaking his head a bit he said, "Don't be so hard on yourself K'rios. It's fine that you mentioned it. It really honestly doesn't bother me. You don't have to feel bad about it or anything." A'ric really did not want his friend to feel bad. It's not like he had really said anything wrong. Well not in A'ric's opinion anyway.

As they changed the subject, a small smile played on his features. As K'rios talked about Nizhoni. There was something in the way that he talked about the other rider that masde A'ric think maybe he was a bit more serious than the Pewterrider would normally be. "Well, you never know. I guess just see where it goes huh? Maybe something will happen and you will find yourself feeling the same way about her that I feel about Kit. Or, maybe in this instance, you will be like Kit. The one who isn't ready to settle down. All I can tell you is just to take it one day at a time, like I am."

The next thing he knew, food was flying into his face. Quickly, the bronze rider put a frown on his face, but it quickly became a smile and then he couldn't stop himself from laughing. "Oh come on now K'rios. Are we children here?" Of course he was only teasing him. Taking a bite of his own food after that, A'ric smiled at him. "Well, even if there is alot of them, I'm sure its nothing you can't handle." The bronze rider thought about what his friend had said. It was true, there was alot of talk about the two Queens rising around the Weyr, as there always was. {b]"If anyone can do it, you guys can. I have the utmost faith in you."[/b]

A'ric ordered both of them another round and took another couple bites of food before leaning back, looking around, smiling to himself. "You know, I love hanging out at bars. You never know what you are going to get huh?"
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