The Monsters Lurking

The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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[After Not The Last You've Seen]

With more sightings of felines uncomfortably close to the Weyr proper in the past several sevendays, as well as the need to put the now official partnering system with the handlers through tests, more handlers were patrolling around the edges of the Weyr proper, especially at night. However, there was no official call for going out farther to actually do anything about the pride of felines the lurked in the shadows, so a lot of handlers didn’t go out looking for the felines. For now, efforts were kept dominantly within and right around the Weyr.

At the same time, there were also talks within the Weyr among the handlers and even the Weyr guard. The current order to focus on the Weyr proper was too cautious, some said, while others just believed the feline threat wasn’t being taken as seriously as it should have been. They may have learned well how to keep the felines away from the Weyr proper for the past several turns, but clearly, now, their methods needed to change, not that Wherhandler Leader Darilex was doing that, though he had plenty of chance to do so. Few counted his and Dayhandler Leader Micah’s changes to the handler team layouts as a sufficient change, but most of the blame was being put on Darilex, as this problem had begun with the Wherhandlers nearly a turn ago when Andalusite Serisk had been crippled, and all the sightings were happening at night. Not a handler or guard during the day had spotted the felines.

That didn’t stop a small group of handlers and whers from going out themselves to find out more. No one hadn’t been outright ordered to stay away from the wilds, after all, so they weren’t doing anything wrong outright, or so they told one another.

The group was fair, two brownhandlers, two bluehandlers, two greenhandlers, each accompanied by their respective wher. Really, it was a fair sized group, ready to go and confident they’d make headway where their Leadership had done nothing thus far. So the group went out one night, determined to return home with trophies and the pride of felines away from their home.

No one saw them return before dawn.

The next night, two of the handlers from the group returned, injured, without their whers. Both were wounded gravely enough that it would be unknown if they would make it. Whether or not they would though, the pair of handlers that survived were at least able to relay their tale.

Felines. A planned attack, they were certain. There were so many felines, and they were all so big. Unlike any feline they had seen. They were sure of what they said. These felines were monsters of the wilds, and there were too many to fight. They soon spiraled into insisting that the Weyr was in grave danger before they had to be sedated to calm them down so they could be treated and hopefully heal.

A small scout team was sent out, and the team found the fallen… or what was left of them. Four handlers, and six whers it looked to be. Surely, there was some truth to the horrified words of the injured men.
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