Watching Storms [open]

The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:22 am

Maleynova lay on a sloped hill that overlooked a small winding river and at precent, a storm was rolling in from the high mountains, winding down through the narrow valley that she could see below her. She took in a deep breath, smiling at the smell she got. It was rain, wetness, earthiness, and a dampness of earth that one could only get when a storm was coming in. And there was another element in the mix, it gave off a fresh, oxygen type of smell. She watched the storm, and her eyes were greeted with a flash of a lightning strike. Her flesh got bumps on it from the sight.

Her lifemate was curled up next to her. Should we go now, mine? Cuith asked hers. She liked watching the storm but that lightning strike unnerved her.

We'll be fine for a while, love. It's not moving fast. Maleynova replied to her green, placatingly. She could tell the storm was moving slow. They had at least a full candlemark before they should leave. She sat up and moved over to her lifemate, knowing Cuith was worried. She sat back down on the grass and leaned onto her lifemate's side, still watching the storm.
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Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:25 am

Some of the young riders stuck on messenger duty hated it. Even after their weyrling training, after seeing the kind of injuries that Thread could cause, the too-young riders often felt insulted or embarrassed to be performing such an unexciting task. P’list had heard the complaints of would-be heroes, who were all convinced that their own fights against Thread would be impressively heroic, and that they were skilled or lucky enough to never get injured. He had heard the whining about being go-fers for higher-ranking riders, and dismissed by the various crafters and holders they interacted with.

P’list thought messenger duty was a lot of fun. He saw so much of Pern, and if he wasn’t seeing the holds at their gather-best, instead he was seeing all the ordinary day-to-day activity that happened when no one was worrying about guests. He saw apprentice healers running after their longer-legged masters as they checked on bed-bound patients, or harper apprentices sneaking treats while kitchen workers pretended not to notice. It was fun to see how much some of the other places on Pern were like the Weyr, and completely unlike it as well.

Of course, P’list had never worried about having some high rank for people to bow and scrape before him. That sounded horrible. The holders don't treat you badly, Elahrairath agreed as they came out of between above the Weyr.

P’list had been happy to collect the package of commissioned items from the smithcraft: too heavy for a flitt, and too small for a tithe train. He wasn’t sure what was in it, only that the wherhandlers needed it, and he really didn’t care. While he followed the smith apprentice through the crafthall, P’list had seen a lot of people his own age stuck in classes, and it inspired a renewed appreciation for his own position. Flying around Pern with Elah was much better than sitting in a cramped room, with or without the heroics he was supposed to be anticipating.

One of the greenriders from a clutch a few turns before Elah’s was relaxing in the valley, and P’list grinned. This was his own last task of the day, and after they delivered the package, P’list and Elah made the short hop over the valley to see if she wanted some company. He could smell the approaching storm, but there was more than enough time to have a bit of a snack out in the valley while the scent of the approaching rain got stronger.

Mouse and Jasmine both popped in from between as P’list dismounted, and he laughed, giving them each a bit of his meatroll, before walking over to the green rider with the basket he had begged off the kitchen workers. Graduated or not, he was still a growing boy, and now that Elahrairath was mostly grown, the random hunger pangs were more likely to come from P’list than from his dragon. He was always happy to share, though, and he had often thought that food was a good way to start a conversation.

“Would you like a snack, Cuith’s rider?” he asked, as politely as possible, after Elahrairath supplied the green’s (if not the rider’s) name. “The kitchen usually gives me more than I can finish myself, even if I am still going through a growth spurt.”
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Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:39 pm

Maleynova looked up at the approach of the young Brown Weyrling. She remembered witnessing his impression not long after hers. "Sure, awefully thoughtful of you to share," she replied with a smile. "I'm Maleynova, by the way," she told him, having guessed that he and his handsome Brown, might not know her name. "What is your name?" She asked, more from curiosity.

Hello, handsome Elahrairath. Come and join me on this comfortable grass. It's not stone but it is a little comfortable. Cuith said to the Brown.
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