Not The Last You've Seen

The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Over half a turn had passed since the devastating wild feline attack that killed two handlers, a wher, and crippled their only Andalusite permanently. Talk among wherhandlers of it had spread quickly, and there soon wasn’t a soul that didn’t know about the sorry state Serisk had been left in. After several months though, the talk died down, and the handlers stopped talking about the crippled Andalusite. However, talk of the unusually large feline pride so close to the Weyr hadn’t died down. First it persisted because people wondered why the Leadership for the handlers wasn’t doing anything about it, then because sightings were reported.

It took several sevendays before the first sighting since that attack was reported. It was as if the pride had retreated, but now they returned, perhaps looking to re-expand their territory after the fight. There was nothing unusual about one or two wild felines in the forests or near the mountains, and many of them were taken care of or chased off if they couldn’t be caught. However, there was something unusual about groups of four or five, which one handler had reported back toward the end of summer several sevendays before Turn’s End. Only a couple sevendays after that, another reported similar groups. The handlers had retreated at such numbers so that they could live to fight another day and report their sightings.

After Turn’s Beginning, a group of seven wild felines was found, but before the handlers could send out an appropriate number of handlers to take care of the large group, the felines fled, retreating back into the forest where they were lurking. Handlers were reminded to exercise caution in the forest, especially at night when these felines seemed to be the most active.

They all thought that the size of the groups of felines were all that were unusual, but several more sevendays of sightings and retreats found something else unusual about these felines.

A small group of handlers went out that night to try and chase off or destroy any felines that were getting too close to the Weyr proper, hoping to do some damage to the lurking pride and made them retreat again. They expected the common variety of felines, the medium sized, lithe ones that were deadly in their swiftness and ability to lurk. Instead, they found something quite different.

The handlers were ambushed, but they all got a good look at what they were up against. None of them fought, turning their whers back home and fleeing quick. Only one injury was sustained by the group, a bite to the flank of a brown. They were lucky as they ran back to the Weyr and the felines gave up their hunt for now.

“This bite is huge,” one healer said in shock that looked over and stitched up the wher’s injury. “Are you sure it was a feline and not a group of wild whers?”

“Positive! You should have seen them, they were like mountains of muscle and knives for fangs. I’d swear they were painted in war markings if felines were capable, but that’s what they looked like. I’m not making this up, ask the others in my group!”

The healers were sure the handler was a bit hysterical, after all, no one had ever seen such a creature, and they’d been in the South for so many turns now. The others though vouched for their comrade when asked, and all of them, including their whers, stuck to their story of the monster felines that ambushed them in the forest.
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