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The lands around New Atricis that are regarded as Atricis' new territory. Not as big as their previous protective range, but still lots of space and wilds to explore. Dragon Flights and Wher Runs also occur across these lands.
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Graduation was getting closer and closer as the weeks passed. Despite the multiple hurdles and hiccups they had encountered, Lorcan and Hydranth was on schedule to graduate with the rest of their class. Thanks to V'an, Lor was facing his fear of flying instead of running from it. He couldn't say he had gotten over it yet, that would take a long time, but he at least was able to make himself fly. Which was what he and Hydranth was doing now. They'd been asked to do a sweep of the nearby weyr territory. It was good practice for both of them. The day was beautiful and clear with a nice brisk breeze. The night before had been a bad storm and the evidence of it could be seen by the wind-tossed foliage. So far their sweep was uneventful, that was about to change though.

Lorcan, is that smoke over there? Hydranth asked as he veered a little towards the west. Off on the horizon a plume of smoke billowed above the trees. Yes, it is. Forest fire? Maybe lightning caused it? It looks to be out of our territory. Lorcan answered as he covered his goggled eyes from the sun. Should we go take a closer look? The blue asked curiously. It's not a bad idea, especially if the fire decides to get out of control. Shouldn't take us too long to go check it out. Lorcan agreed. The two headed that way and within minutes they could see the damage that had been done by the fire. It could have been worse, but there was most certainly a good swath of forest that was decimated by the flames. It seemed like the fire was burning down, but it was most certainly still burning. Land if you don't mind, Hydranth. I want to get a better look. Lorcan asked, so the blue did as asked and landed at a safe distance.

Lorcan dismounted, a little shaky from the flight, but it seemed that each time he flew it got a little easier. He removed his goggles and gloves before he moved closer to where the fire was raging. He watched it for a moment, trying to gauge if he should report it as a possible threat to the weyr or if it would die completely before it got anywhere near Atrics. Brown eyes were focused on the licking flames when he heard something. Brows furrowed as he stilled himself and listened harder. There it was again. He couldn't tell what it was, but there was most certainly a sound coming from where the flames were starting to burn some underbrush. Lorcan moved over in the direction and began to hear more clearly the frightful sounds of something small. There's something here, Hydranth! Lorcan said as he moved faster. Something in his gut told him that whatever was making the noise was in trouble. Something is in the fire? Hydranth asked curiously and with worry. Yes, I think so. There! Movement caught his attention in some of the brush and he dashed that way. Right in front of the flames was a scurrying ball of fur trying to keep itself from being burned. Without thinking, Lorcan reached down and grabbed the small creature before it got burned and then moved back towards Hydranth and away from the fire before checking out what he had just rescued.

What is it, Lorcan? The blue asked curiously. Lorcan coughed a few times as the smoke had gotten into his lungs. "I don't know. Let's see." He said as he finally unfolded his arms and looked closer at the ball of fur. "It's a baby feline. A wild baby feline." He said with some shock as he looked down at the spotted creature squirming in his arms. "Can't be more than a few weeks old. It..." Lorcan checked quickly, "He was barely staying in front of the fire. I wonder where it's mother is." Brown eyes looked around a bit afraid of the mother coming to rescue her baby. Wild felines were nothing to mess with. He didn't see a mother or hear anything beyond the crackle of the fire. A whiff of something mingled in the smoke, however, gave Lorcan a notion that this baby was very lucky.

What are you going to do with it? Hydranth asked curiously. Lorcan remained silent for a moment as he looked at the mewling creature that was currently trying to bury himself in his jacket. He noticed then that the little guy hadn't been entirely lucky as the bottom of his back paws seemed burned. "Well, a smart man would leave it here. It is a wild feline, they're not exactly known for their gentle tempers." The little creature managed to get into his jacket and curled into a little ball just under Lorcan's neck. The bluerider felt his heart melt a little then. "But I've never claimed to be a smart man. C'mon, let's get home and report the fire. Then, we'll give Bast a visit so he can fix this li'l guy up." Hydranth gave a happy little chirp. You mean we get to keep him?! Lorcan couldn't help but chuckle at his blue as he carefully mounted back onto him. "Yes, that means we're going to keep him. He's young enough I'm sure I'll be able to train him. Have to get a make shift bottle and some milk though. I doubt he's old enough for meat yet." He got himself strapped in and made sure the little creature was fully covered by his jacket before Hydranth took off into the air. This was quite possibly one of the crazier things he'd done, bringing home a wild feline, but he couldn't bring himself to leave the little guy there to starve or burn to death.
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