Mysteries From The Island [Special Wher Clutch]

Similar to the hatching grounds, but on a much smaller scale. These sands can hold one to two wher females and their clutches at one time. They are heated by a hypocaust system underneath the sands so the wher eggs stay warm.
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Tue Jul 16, 2019 5:05 am

After the night events of Island of Opportunity

So many big discoveries were made and quickly brought to both the Flotilla and the Weyr, but perhaps one of the biggest discoveries made was the unique wild whers that dwelled on the island. They were unlike any wild wher they knew before, at least, the one brought to the wher with Beastcrafter Drujiean was anything unlike a wild wher they would expect. She wasn’t aggressive, she was larger than most wild whers were, and she seemed quite intelligent too, on par with an Isilian wher. And then the feathers! So many questions, so much to learn, but there was also a clutch brought in, saved after a wher begged for help, snatched away from a wildfire in the forest of the island.

”Well, the eggs look like any other wher egg we’ve seen before,” a wher specializing healer-handler agreed after looking the eggs over. Leader Darilex nodded as he looked upon the clutch laying nestled on their sands now. He considered quietly for a moment, before nodding.

”We will decide if we will keep the eggs on the sands or not, I think we should learn more about the wher that bonded to the beastcrafter first. Drujiean and… Drust right? Hmmmm,” he thought, already noting the slightly different naming convention. “St” instead of “sk,” it was minor, but still different. They would need to figure out how this wher could integrate into their existing whers and handlers, and if they could be trained similar to an Isilian wher or the rare wild wher could be trained. They would also have to learn what else made them different than the whers they were familiar with. Was it just physical appearance and build? Or deeper hidden things that would differ? Only time and observation would be able to tell them, but as it were, the eggs were on Isilian sands, and they would search to see if one of the Isilian whers would act as a foster mother to the clutch so that the island wher Drust could be observed and possibly trained with her handler. They wouldn’t dare force the two to separate, and so far it didn’t seem Drust would be a danger to the Weyr, so it was best to train them and learn about them.
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Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:25 am

OOC Note: This is fuzzy timed back due to having to push forward the hatching date. This hatching is taking place back in Mid Spring, a month and a half after the first night of the Island Expedition. Apologies for any confusion and the need for fuzzy timing things. However, please enjoy this special hatching!

Sevendays passed, and as they did, more was learned about Drust and the type of wher she was. While they learned and tried to train Drujiean to be an Atricis Wherhandler, the eggs on their sands continued along. Wherhandler Leader's own Green Darisk wound up taking to the eggs, though at times some other females had to take over fostering, since Greens weren't known to be the most attentive of clutch mothers. Still, the clutch thrived, and Darisk returned to the clutch often, spending time with the motherless eggs and seeing them as her own as time went.

"Do you think they'll hatch soon," was a question common in the wher tunnels and outside among those curious about the strange clutch. It was hard to say when the clutch would hatch, and how much of it would. Eggs had been taken from the clutches of fire, some very last minute, and whers were known to have dud-filled eggs. Would these feathery whers have clutches more akin to Isilian whers? Or more like Daywhers with more fertile clutches? It was hard to know, especially with the original clutch mother dead to the forces of nature.

As sevendays went on, Darilex made sure Darisk stayed with the eggs more, pushing her back mentally when she tried to wander off for no good reason, and having Darilesk bring her food if she needed. If she couldn't be kept in place, Darilesk would take over for short periods. Darilex wanted a close eye on those eggs for the moment they started to hatch.

In fact, it was over a month and two sevendays now, and the eggs hadn't hatched yet. It was starting to seem as if they wouldn't hatch at all despite the warm shells still. Perhaps there was something more wrong with the clutch than just the fire they had escaped. Perhaps if they couldn't or wouldn't break their shells it was best to let them be and take them between soon. It was being seriously discussed, that the clutch was not going to hatch, was going to just die, and if they should take the eggs between now instead of letting the unhatched hatchlings waste away.

Eggs wiggle. Hatch. Sing for them now. Darisk's words came to Darilex's mind in the middle of such a meeting about the fate of the eggs. He couldn't help the smile that graced his features, touching his crystal blue eyes and earning a questioning brow raise from the other handlers he was speaking with on the matter.

"Well, it seems the eggs have made the decision for us. Darisk says they are moving, and she has started humming for them. We better gather up the interested candidates and handlers to come watch and see who will bond today to one of these Island Wherlets." He smiled as he announced this, standing to his feet then gesturing for the handlers to do the same.

"Spread the word quick, we can't bet on them to wait for us to be ready."

The handlers nodded in understanding, bowed a goodbye to their Wherhandler Leader, then quickly left, contacting their whers to help spread the word among their fellows and to the other handlers as well.

Word was spread by wher and word of mouth, a few starlizards even sent out through the dead of night to wake up or send messages to those outside of the tunnels that wished to be present. The hatching of this mysterious clutch was happening now. After waiting for far too long, it was time to see what this gamble of keeping this clutch would garner.
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Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:23 pm

Tag: Feraliss(Ember)

While she had originally been at Atricis as a Wher Candidate, when the discovery of the Island Whers was made, Taelana found herself caught up in the same excitement that many other's did. She had even made a point to try and see this new creature, admire the vibrant feathering, and she couldn't help but think it reminded her of some dancer's costumes. That alone might have been enough to have her put her name in as a potential candidate for the eggs that were brought from the Island, but when Feral shared his own want to see what happened on the sands with these strange, yet familiar creatures, it cinched it. Not that she couldn't do what she wanted with herself, but since their encounter with the strangers in the woods, she had started actually enjoying his company every now and then.

She was actually doing some organizing in her room when the word came that the eggs were finally wiggling. The woman couldn't help the feeling of her heart leaping into her throat as she hurried to don her uniform. It had been laid out and waiting for a few sevendays now, everything poised on the brink of what might happen. It took her no time at all it felt like to change and dart out towards the Sands. She saw some of her fellow Candidate's heading in from whatever they had been doing as well, going to change, and felt a moment of vanity for the fact she was at the front of the pack arriving at the Sands.

The hovering green might not have been the real mother to the eggs, but she and others were still there to protect them. She bowed and greeted the guarding whers politely, before taking a space not too far, but not too close either. It might be the middle of the night for the rest of the Weyr, but the handlers and the tunnels were always active this time, so it didn't take long before the sands and the stands started to fill. When she finally laid eyes on Feraliss, she smirked a little at him, ”About time, you old wherry. I figured you'd miss it.” Her tone was teasing, her eyes bright with excitement, betraying her obviously good mood. But she didn't burn too much time throwing gentle barbs at the man, her eyes swiftly returning to the wiggling and rocking eggs, her breath practically held for the first crack to appear.
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Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:37 pm

OPEN any Wher Candidate

He didn't consider himself an expert on Wher eggs but Kalesskel was observant enough to know those who were had been anxious of late. It didn't take long for him to learn the Island Wher eggs were taking longer to hatch than expected but he didn't let that get him down. As one of the people who risked life and limb to rescue the eggs he was quite certain none had been exposed to flame directly and the sands they rested on didn't feel any warmer than the hatching sands Whers used to lay their eggs to begin with. Yet as the nights went by he did start to wonder.

It was a great relief when he heard the eggs were ready to hatch and like many of his fellow Wher Candidates he didn't waste any time getting into his room to change into his Candidate Robes. Rukbat, Timor and Belior were up and excited, picking up on the excitement from other Starlizards and their flying around made it all the more difficult for Kal to change.

"Settle down, or better yet get outside and join the other lizards," Kal shooed them off. His firelizards decided to leave as well, also caught up in the excitement. This quickly left Kal alone with his two furflitts were seemed more confused by all the excitement. Looking at them it occurred to Kal if he did Bond to a Wher this night he would have to keep the lot of them away for awhile. He suppose he could send them off to stay with his father back at Walled Hold.

Giving Pom and Mel a scratch on the chin after he finished changing Kal headed out and joined the growing throng of Candidates heading towards the Hatching Room. He spotted the green who had been watching over the eggs and gave Darisk a respectful bow. She may not be the Clutchmother but she served in that role and for a Wher she never met. The green deserved respect for her selflessness and compassion for these poor orphaned eggs.

Standing near the eggs but giving them plenty of space Kalesskel found himself wondering what happened to the clutches sire. They hadn't seen any other adult Whers on the island except for Drust and she was female. Was the sire pining the loss of his mate and clutch out there in the jungles of that Island or had he been killed along with the Clutchmother? Unfortunately the answer couldn't be found here nor was it the time to be worrying about that. If he didn't Bond from this clutch he will ask around to see if anybody had noticed other Island Whers since that day.

"An exciting moment," he said to the nearest Candidate to him as he turned his focused to the eggs before him. "I'm really eager to see see what colours these new Whers come out as and discover first hand all their similarities and differences to Isilian Whers."
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Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:50 pm

Tag: Open
Since garnering a new pet, Theran's sleep had become somewhat fitful. Eros was young and quite energetic and it took him far to long to settle down to sleep and even when he did sleep... well he enjoyed sprawling across Theran's pillow and as a result, his face.

Needless to say as word spread and 'lizards began stiring and passing along the message, Eros was roused from sleep. Tiny little firelizard feet were pawing at Theran's face, while excited chirping filled his ears. Pragma's irritated squawk, silenced the chirps but between the two of them, the damage had been done. Theran was now awake beyond simply dozing back off.

"What is it you brat??" His bleary glare did little to stifle Eros' excitement as flashes of rocking eggs and an eager hum began to emanate from his to 'lizard's. "Huh so those duds are tryin' to hatch after all. That's a surprise." Might as well go watch.

No one really seemed to be sure that the eggs would hatch into something resembling the feathered wher trotting about. Whers didn't look like that. Was it some sort of whery hybrid? There were all sorts of questions. Most were absurd in Theran's opinion, but he couldn't deny his raging curiosity. "Philia, Ludus, you two stay here and sleep. You both look tuckered out." The fur flitt's blinked blearily at him, still curled up around one another. He didn't doubt they would tag along if he'd asked, but honestly he wanted Eros where he could keep an eye one him and to many pets became a disturbance. Hopefully the young seraphinite would settle and his training take hold. Theran had almost forgotten what it was like to have to train a new firelizard. Pragma had been so sweet as a hatchling, it'd barely been an issue.

"C'mon then. Let's get ourselves to this historic event. I bet nearly the entire weyr will show up despite the late hour." Many were curious if the buzz around the place was anything to go by.

With Pragma sitting quietly on his shoulder and Eros darting about, Theran set out to join the gathering crowd in the stands. The eggs were indeed rocking, and it appeared it wouldn't be to terribly long before they began to break open.

Tag: Open
The eggs are hatching.

Omi paused mid sweep, head cocked in curiosity. He couldn't really think of any upcoming clutches other than... "Those eggs from the island?"

Yes. Would you like to go see? I feel we're both curious.

"If they don't mind us finishing chores a bit late I don't see why not. Drust is certainly something different. Imagine if all those babies are just as brightly colored. We'll have even more rainbows among the pack." Omi chuckled, finding a place to set the broom for the moment. He and Lyiren meandered their way toward the hatching cavern. Several candidates scrambled past them and Omi couldn't help but remember that, that was him not all that long ago. Memories of he and Lyiren's bonding came to mind and his hand absently reached down to pet the sport. "Just a few sevendays after the last hatching as well. I wonder how many new faces we'll see?"

Omi wasn't exactly sure where to stand, unsure of whether he wanted to have Lyiren in the stands with him or not. In the end he decided to stay in the hall somewhat, yet still ale to see the rocking eggs. That would work for now and he wouldn't feel as cramped for the moment.
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Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:32 pm

[ Tag: Taelana ]

It hadn't been long since the eggs had been brought to the Weyr, and knowing they would soon be stood before they was exciting. Feral was looking forward to seeing what the bounty of the island's whers had presented to them. He made no hopes that he would bond to one of them, but he still wondered "what if" where they were concerned, and couldn't help but wonder if he would be fortunate enough to gain an egg and take one on much like Drujiean had. But he would wait and see, like others were doing, because there was no telling if any of them would even hatch.

Apparently there was nothing to worry about, if the words in his mind were any indication. He lifted a brow and grinned, setting aside the blade he was sharpening and placing it carefully in his trunk. He didn't bother packing anything up, knowing first and foremost that there wasn't time to wait, and secondly that there were no guarantees once he was on those sands. Then he prepared himself in his uniform, ran his fingers through his hair, and made sure he looked presentable before heading off to the sands.

There, he found folks gathering, fellow candidates and observers alike, and he found one candidate in particular who he made his way over to. She spoke to him, and he chuckled over her words before nudging her gently with his elbow. "Just busy thinking of you spring chick." He glanced out towards the eggs and wondered which would hatch first, and more importantly, what exactly they would see on this Spring day. "Good luck to you, Tae." He smiled down at her. "Don't get yourself eaten." He winked and sidestepped anything she might do in response.

[ Tag: Faveonn ]

Kolyat was tired, and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. Working double shifts was usually not a problem, but working them twice in a row had worn him down. He had several candlemarks left to go before he'd finally be allowed to crash, but he'd be able to make it through this. The eggs were hatching, and he'd volunteered when they'd first been brought in to be on hand to be there if a healer was needed. He wasn't going to miss this for anything - the chance to see a new type of wher come into the world... who would step out from that?

"Faveonn..." He called out to his Apprentice, who was in another room. "When you're finished, gather a kit and join me. If you haven't heard, the hatching is starting and I still want you to join me." He gathered the things he would need, Josephine clinging to his shoulder and making sure he remained awake, but he shooed her off a moment later. "You know you can't follow, pet. I'll call you around later." She stroked his cheek, a final warning, then fluttered away.

He double checked to make certain he hadn't missed a single thing, made his way to the sands. It didn't take him long to get there, or begin setting up with the other healers that were on hand. He nodded towards them, chatting amicably with them as they worked to set up their little station, and when they were set they were finally able to stand back and have a look at the grounds. It was going to be an amazing time, and he looked forward to it already.
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Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:33 pm

In the sevendays since the discovery and arrival of the new wher and the clutch rescued from a fire on the island, it was clear Darilex and some of the other higher ups were trying to convince Vithire to try to get one of the eggs to bond to her and Vithiresk. She had been a handler for many turns now, and had a knack for wher training as well. She’d also once had another wher bonded to her, but he’d been lost turns ago in the Isilian Flood that destroyed their old home. She hadn’t wanted another wher since then, satisfied with just Vithiresk and her pets. At least, up until many of her pets had given their lives to save her from felines. While she was slowly rebuilding her fair of flitts, she had begun considering seeking another wher bond again to train. Helping teach and training Yarana and Yarask helped satisfy the desire to train a wher, but she really was wanting another of her own to train up again. After everything, perhaps she was finally ready.

Then came the new wher, and while interesting, she wasn’t sure if she was interested in the feathery creature and its eggs. She preferred Isilian Whers, she thought, being more familiar with them and all. But her superiors took to convincing her, hoping to get her to offer herself up for a dualbond opportunity. The wher named Drust seemed pretty safe to have in the Weyr, so they were going to let the clutch had and bond. They wanted Vithire to be one of those, because of her knowledge of whers and skills at training them.

For most of that time, Vithire kept turning them down, but little by little, they wore her down, and she felt a little more interest in the feathery Island Wher eggs, more curiosity about them, especially as she saw the one called Drust around and watched her and her handler sometimes. Eventually, only a few days before, she agreed to try to dualbond.

*Eggs hatching. Let’s go. Vithiresk relayed to her when another wher contacted him about it, his ears perking up and eyes whirling with interest and excitement. Vithire patted his hide, and whistled for him to head into the Weyr Yard, leaving patrol for their on-call replacements that were slated to take the shift when the eggs hatched. Since Vithire was officially trying to dualbond, she’d been on the list as one of those that would need replacement as soon as word went out, and she saw her replacement already getting ready to head out when she and Vithiresk came back into the Yard.

She went straight to the sands, and found a place to stand, not quite with the regular candidates, but not quite with the spectators either. She wasn’t in candidacy uniform, but she was at least in her patrol leathers, so she looked like she was in uniform at least somewhat. Since Dualbonding was so infrequent, there were no official Dualbonding candidates, so they weren’t considered candidates. Vithire had no candidacy uniform, but she was here with the intent of attempting to dualbond today, so she tried for a middle ground area between the candidates and spectators.

*Kitisk’s go sands? Eggs hatch. Go see.* Kitsu’s green suddenly stated, drawing the woman out of focus on her midnight snack in the dining hall.

*How about you go first and I’ll catch up?* She suggested and she chewed on her bread bun thoughtfully.

*Can’t fit. Lots of people already. Don’t want be pushy.* She explained, and Kitsu chuckled but understood.

*Ok, ok, I’ll watch for both of us.**

So she took one last drink of her klah, then headed out of the dining hall, munching on the rest of her bun as she made her way to the nearby Wherhandler Tunnels. Already she could see people gathering, and even had to squeeze past a few excited whers.

”Hey, you guys might need to have your whers stand back, there isn’t enough room in the sands for them and all the people coming in,” she told a few handlers in passing before continuing her way to the sands. It took a minute to find a place to watch from, as so many people were already gathering for this quite quickly, but she managed.

”Shards, never seen so many people for a wher hatching,” she huffed, ”If only people cared this much about the whers normally.” Of course she found a way to be a little annoyed about it, but really, at least there were lots of people here to see. She’d be more annoyed if barely anyone in the Weyr had shown up, because to her that would mean they cared even less about the whers than she thought. Really though, she shouldn’t be so judgy of peoples’ motivations tonight, and instead just tried to enjoy the mystery of this clutch.
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Fri Aug 30, 2019 8:42 pm

Kyrie and Kyresk were just switching off a guard shift and heading back to their den to bathe and relax when Kyresk halted suddenly.

The eggs.... they hatch.

Kyrie's eyebrows quirked in surprise, and she smiled, then cursed with a small pout.

"Really? Of course they choose now to hatch. I smell like a runner's backside."

Kyresk gave a warm chuckle, but she could feel his twinge of concern.

"We'll still go obviously! These are new whers! We have to see what they look like, who they bond to, how they bond." She said reassuringly to her Agate, patting him gently on the shoulder as she picked up the pace, turning left rather than right to head towards the hatching sands rather than their den.

Kyresk hummed warmly, he was excited to see the new wherlets himself. Hatchings were one of his favorite things, and he secretly held hope his handler would bond another wher someday, just as she had done with Kisk. But that was up to her, and whatever hatchlings might come in the future.

With small poofs of sound, Kyrie's two flits appeared around her head, chittering excitedly. They too had felt the energy of the hatching, and their curiosity, and the gold's maternal instincts, brought them both to their human. Lyssa settled on Kyresk's head, preening proudly and chittering excitedly at the Agate. Celyn tugged on Kyrie's sleeve, to encourage her to hurry and she stopped.

"Now, now. You know you can't come with us. We'll let you know how it went. Now go along, get back to the den and wait for us." She shooed both the flits away, although Lyssa chittered in protest before she finally complied.

Kyresk chuffed in amusement at the tiny things, they would curl up with him later and forget the whole thing had ever happened.

By the time they arrived many of the candidates had gathered, and many more slipped past Kyresk's figure. The two of them took up a position on the outskirts, just past the candidates, so Kyresk was out of the way, but also not all the way against the wall. Both wher and person wished to see what came from these eggs, as close as they could, without interfering of course.

Unfortunately it became fairly clear that it would be more crowded than normal at this hatching. Kyresk looked out over the heads of the people and heard Kitsu's words.

I will go by the wall.

Kyrie could feel his disappointment, but she nodded gratefully. "That's probably for the best love, at least you are tall enough to see over most of them." She said playfully.

The Agate nodded with a long sigh and lumbered over to the far wall.
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Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:22 pm

The sands filled quickly, and most of the eggs seemed well aware of this fact, with cracks filling the surfaces of the now thin, brittle shells. Clearly there was health and life within the eggs, a desire to want to hatch, and today the people of Atricis that were in attendance would have the chance to see these mysterious whers come into the world for themselves, a first for the Weyr though not for the whole of Pern.

When one of the eggs seemed ready to pop apart, Darisk jumped to the ready, unable to believe she'd been so slow in noticing. She hurried to inspect it, relieved that it wasn't going to hatch yet, but she had to make sure that the person she intended for it came to the egg, rather than bringing the egg to the person. She glanced towards the candidates and looked them over, attempting her best not to be hasty, because this was a very important matter to attend to.

No worry, egg. She cooed to it gently. Find you perfect human. And find them she would, for when she sent those words to the egg, it stopped moving as if assured that all would be well under the words of the green "mother" that had tended to it for as long as she had. Carefully, she crept forward, going from human to human, sniffing the air between them, and even glancing towards a few of the bodies placed further away where the spectators stood.

But only one would do, and she twirled around to return to the person in question, certain of her choice. She went behind them and gave their legs a gentle nudge forward, meaning to get them into motion. Vithire go to egg, go to egg now. Touch and assure. Watch hatch and bond. Darisk make good choice. She watched to make sure her soft orders were being followed, then returned to her post, ready to roll out the next egg.

It wasn't long after the woman arrived and touched the egg that it popped open, spilling from it a damp lump of feathers at her feet. Soft greens decorated the little creature, though it wasn't hide that sported most of the color. Or much color at all. It was a bit curious that they weren't like night wherlets that came out with spotted hides and other colorations decorating them, but this one was no less adorable.

It got up on unsteady limbs and shook out the feathers sticking together, or tried to at least, for they only managed to stick up in places and floof up as well. She gave a tiny, little bleat like sound, not at all different from a sheep while looking around. Not nest. Warm like nest. She sensed hunger, and looked up to see someone strange watching her. Vithire... where Vithiresk?

She nuzzled the woman and cooed before looking around once again. There were other faces, strange faces, but she had decided and made her choice. Hello all! Food then say hello back. Her Vithire would make sure of that, she was certain of it, and for now, she was content in the knowledge that all was well.

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Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:44 pm

Tag - @Ember | Kolyat

For the Infirmary, Faveonn stayed late, working longer than an apprentice should. The healers needed the extra hands, however, thus they accepted her offered help indiscriminately. She was allowed some sleep, thus she curled up with Mayfly on a provided cot for an hour and a half nap before returning to the floors with a mug of freshly brewed klah. She stocked the rooms, wiped down the beds, cleaned dressings, stirred cups upon cups of fellis for patients...

But shards she felt as though she did it in a daze, hardly conscious of what she was doing. When things finally quieted, she managed to steal a second nap before she was prodded by a healer and brought once again back to the floor.

Just a few more hours...

She was restocking a room when Kolyat called to her. "Faveonn..."

"Hmmm?" she sighed the question. Eyes, heavy with sleep, regarded the man as he made his request.

"When you're finished, gather a kit and join me. If you haven't heard, the hatching is starting and I still want you to join me."

She gave a nod, but it was absent of feeling. All her responses were reflective, but not thoughtful as she grabbed the kit he required. Perhaps that was why she forgot to tell Mayfly to stay put as she trailed after Kolyat for the wher hatching. It must have been the whers since there was no dragon clutch ready to crack shell. Though Faveonn did not really pay attention to whers, especially the traditional night whers - how could she when she disliked nearly everything about them? - she had enough information to piece to figure out where they were headed before they arrived. Once there, hands followed through the routine of setting up supplies from the kit.

All the while, Mayfly appeared close to the hatching, curious as to what might come of the eggs that would soon crack open. Hums of encouragement were offered, hopeful of what might burst through the shells.

To busy with her work, Faveonn noticed neither the wherlet that hatched, nor the fact her firelizard hummed out eagerly to welcome it. All she could think about was how tired she was, begging all the while that the hatching would go by fast.

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