The Culmination of All Our Work [Plot]

Nothing like the Isil Tunnelhold the wherhandlers used to live in, these tunnels are just big enough for dark living spaces for the handlers and their whers, a small hatching sands, and a small lounge for the whers and any unbonded whers during the day. Wherlings move straight into the dens after bonding.
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The surveillance phase of handling the feline threat went on for months. Many teams who went out to learn more about their dangerous new enemy came back without any new information, but luckily, came back alive. A few teams came back injured with little to show for it. However, two teams had come back from their missions with important information. The first, a pair of handlers, Solonia and Saibra, returned with a whole feline that had been killed in a vicious battle with their whers. While the whers had sustained injury, the handlers were viritually unharmed and everyone was alive. The beast brought back was enormous, as large as, if not larger than a green wher, and pure muscle. It was no wonder these beasts were taking out their whers as easily as they had been, with a mountain of muscle at their disposal and an intelligence unseen even in the wild feline population they were familiar with.

The second group, a larger group of Inggharudube, Rhea, Ferghas, with the support of Healerhandler Galana, had come face to face with felines and rogue, and brought back with them two captured rogues and minor to moderate injuries, ultimately successful in the end. They also had come back with the information that they were sure the rogues were using the felines, presenting a whistle that the female captured rogue had used and still had on her person upon her capture. Thanked and celebrated for their success, Leader Darilex ordered the rogues locked away in the lower cavern cells for questioning.

The rogues were left in their cells for a few days before Darilex went to them himself the first time.

“My Handlers and Whers have been scouting for your comrades since your capture. It seems they haven’t come back around since your capture.”

The two rogues, each in their own small cell, refused to say a word, only glowering at the Wherhandler Leader in defiance. After a pause to see if they would speak, Darilex continued.

“I doubt they will come back for you, and even if they tried, they won’t be able to. The Weyr proper is guarded well, and there are guards on post at the cells at all times.”

“They’re not stupid,” the male rogue spat in annoyance.”

“Stupid enough to cost the Weyr one of our wher clutchers and anger the whole of the Weyr,” Darilex calmly shot back. “It’ll only be a matter of time before more of your comrades are found and captured if they are spotted within Atricis territory, and we’ve sent word to our allies about a group of rogues hunting and fighting alongside monster felines. There will be very few safe places for any of you left.”

“Even if you were right, we aren’t telling you anything,” the male rogue responded angrily, and Darilex simply nodded.

“Very well.”

Then he left the cells, and several days later, he returned to try again, but the conversation went very much like the first, with Darilex leaving with no new information. The third time, an interrogator was sent in, about a sevenday after Darilex’s second attempt at getting information. While the interrogator didn’t come out with everything, he had managed to get one of the rogues to slip and confirm that yes, there was a whole group of rogues raising and working with these monster felines somewhere.

Darilex went in himself again after a second visit from the interrogator, and it was easier to get information from the rogues this time. They had been raising the felines to work better with them. A third visit from the interrogator got them the information that the rogues use whistles made from specific reeds to signal the felines orders, and that they use an herb from the South and squeeze out the extracts from the herbs to calm the felines when they don’t need them to be ferocious, using drops of the extract on their tongues to keep them calm and obedient. They also raise the felines from cubs as soon as they are born, creating an emotional bond with the feline to make it less likely to attack its handler. It helps that while many Southern wild felines are solitary, these monsters of felines lived in prides, making them capable of bonding to those they see as part of their pride. In the wild they are rare, due to mothers only having one to two cubs at a time, and due to competing with other predators such as the wild southern whers and each other, due to also being highly territorial.

They also found out over the sevendays of questioning that the group of rogues was large but split into different groups in order to go without being as easily detected. Where they may be now was an unknown though. However, what had been found out was that they had been targeting New Atricis Weyr on purpose. They weren’t planning on taking the Weyr proper, but they were trying to gain control of the mining settlement, as well as keep New Atricis from finding and establishing another mining settlement where the rogues had found caves with highly valuable gem deposits they were hoping to mine out.

So much information was gained with the capture of the rogues, and now, the Weyr knew who their true enemy was. These clever rogues that banded together to get what they wanted. After knowing everything, Darilex ordered more scout teams out to find and flush out any other rogues within the territory. However, none were found, even after a few months, even the location of the valuable gem deposits were empty of rogues, though there were a lot of signs of their presence and their hasty retreat. Clearly, those that had gotten away that night had made a break for it, likely not wishing to go down like the rogues had back when Walled had burned them all down.

Things became more peaceful for the Weyr again when it came to the felines, especially for the Wherhandlers. They were able to nurse any remaining injuries and mourn their losses fully at last. Darilex told his handlers to keep alert for any signs of the rogues or their felines though, expecting them to come back. They had worked hard to try to get what they wanted, and Darilex had interacted with rogues in his past as a wanderer. He knew they could be tenacious, and they wouldn’t want to give up on their goals so easily.
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