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Nothing like the Isil Tunnelhold the wherhandlers used to live in, these tunnels are just big enough for dark living spaces for the handlers and their whers, a small hatching sands, and a small lounge for the whers and any unbonded whers during the day. Wherlings move straight into the dens after bonding.
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Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:28 am

You have a box. Layton looked up as he heard the voice of his brown, glancing over at the pair of males cuddling on the ground. "What?" Lsk didn't answer using words, just simply gestured towards his desk with his nose. Laytsk looked up, blinking sleepily from his nap. Yes, package. Man, earlier, dropped off. Urgent. Layton blinked, looking over at his desk and rising from his chair. "Okay, well if it was urgent, why didn't you tell me earlier?" He rose from his position curled up in a chair with a throw blanket over him to cross the room, looking over at the surface. Just as promised, he saw a small box sitting on top of the desk with a small note tied to the top of it. His brow furrowed quizzically as he plucked the note up, opening it and smiling immediately as he recognized his mothers - well, aunt's, but to him she would always be Mom - elegant script, with the shaky scrawl of his half-brother (cousin) Laiden. His step-father/uncle's signature was no where to be seen, but that didn't bother him. He'd never exactly gotten along with the man anyway.
  • Dear Layton,

    Love, it hasn't been the same without you here. We miss you, but the Hold suits us just fine. I wish you could come visit, but I understand you if you can't. I hear you've dualbonded? That's great! What are they're their names? Laiden can't wait to meet them; he says he wants to be just like you now. I can't imagine having more wherhandlers in the family! Your mother is proud, for what it's worth. She says she can't wait to meet them either. Do come see us soon?

    I remembered that your Nameday passed us a while ago, so I apologize if this is a little late, but I felt I had to send you something. One of my friends starlizards laid an egg, and I knew you always admired the creatures when you were younger. Perhaps this little one will be a suitable companion to your trio. I would love to hear from you soon, Layton. Do try to write us back?

    Love, Aunt Liranae
Layton smiled as he touched the writing. He'd been out of touch with his family for quite some time, true. He hadn't written to them since before even Laytsk - then Lask - had come along, and he hadn't even told her that he'd dualbonded. He wondered who'd been the one to do that? Well...wasn't his problem really, if she already knew. What she said was true - his Nameday had come and gone quite some time ago, marking his 22nd Nameday. Crazy to think about, really. It wasn't too long ago that he remembered being 19 years old and fresh from the Healer Hall and back in the Tunnelhold, applying for Candidacy. Now he was Dualbonded, one of them nearly 2 Turns old - Laytsk was barely shy of his 2nd Nameday, and Lsk would be not far behind. It made him feel a little guilty that he'd forgotten about his family so easily. With two whers, he really should go home sometime.....With two of them, Laiden could ride on one and even go for a ride. The small boy had to be about 9 or 10 now - old enough and big enough to ride a wher, surely. You have little one? You have hatchlings? Layton looked up and laughed. "No, no. He's not mine, persay. He's my....uh, clutchsibling, I guess. Like Talisk is to you." His Brown snorted in understanding, mulling over the new information. We visit soon? See hatchling? Layton chuckled. "I hope so. Soon."

What in box? Box had thing? Laytsk drew the attention back to the box in question, and Layton mentally thanked him. Ah, yes, the box. His mother - aunt, he mentally reminded himself - had sent him, what had she said it was, a starlizard egg? Because he'd liked them as a child? Well, not entirely true, as he found them more confusing and different than a firelizard, but intriguing nonetheless. She said her friend had one that'd laid eggs? He curiously flipped the box open, rolling the egg into his palm. The design that played on it's surface was only faint, and he rubbed a thumb over it gently, feeling the pulse of life within it, just as he had with Laytsk egg. Ready to hatch, but it wasn't quite time yet. He smiled and cradled it in his hands, returning to his chair. After he tucked himself back in, he reached behind him to the satchel sitting on the table, finding a few small snack in the bag for him to give to the hatchling to come. What could it hurt? It wouldn't damage his whers any, and he found it to be a waste of his.....aunt's gift if he just left it to hatch and unbond. It had been rather thoughtful of her to send it to him.


It took a little longer to hatch, and Layton waited patiently, reading a book while the egg sat delicately in his lap. He felt it rock and looked down, watching it begin to twitch and delicately flex apart, revealing a dark hide he couldn't quite make out. He only had to wait a moment later before an entire red wing ripped out the side of the egg with a victorious chirp, making it obvious what color the starlizard inside would be. The reddite shook itself free of its captivity, looking up and chirping at Layton. With a bemused expression, he offered the small thing a piece of food. After a moments consideration, it was snapped up and a nose prodded for more food. Layton felt the bond settle into place. He glanced over at his whers, who watched with some interest. "Say hi to the new addition to the family guys. What should the name be?"
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