Anthem of the Angels [Standalone]

Nothing like the Isil Tunnelhold the wherhandlers used to live in, these tunnels are just big enough for dark living spaces for the handlers and their whers, a small hatching sands, and a small lounge for the whers and any unbonded whers during the day. Wherlings move straight into the dens after bonding.
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Note: Directly connected to Chase the Dark Together Though it had been so long since Serisk’s recovery, things still weren’t going terribly well for the pair. Serisk was as grumpy and uncooperative as she had been in the beginning, and had lost a lot of muscle mass refusing to do much more than sit around. She still barely knew how to get around with one leg, giving up on exercise as soon as she struggled or it was too hard. She barely ate anything, just when she really had to or when Sterling practically forced her.

“You aren’t going to just give up on me like this,” Sterling had said to the Andalusite more than once. It seemed that it was Sterling’s own will and stubbornness that was keeping Serisk alive, and over time, it became more and more apparent this was the case. However, that didn’t stop their bond from weakening as they struggled against each other and Sterling ran away from her troubles more and more, seeking out Inggharudube on more than one ocassion since their initial interaction. Sometimes for a sparring partner to let of frustrations with, but almost always for a sexual partner to forget about what was going on in her life for a brief time.

Serisk and Sterling struggled against one another, and eventually, Serisk became Sersk. Sterling almost hadn’t noticed it, but she did. It was a slight shift in bond strength and name, but it was just a small shift after all, it could be repaired. Sterling’s idea of repairing the bond was doubling down on Serisk, pushing the Andalusite more, only to have her push back more. This, in turn, led to Sterling taking more time to “escape” from Serisk, now Sersk.

Another few months of this, and Sersk became Sesk; an even shorter, weaker bonded name, than her name when she had hatched and first bonded. However, when this happened, no one knew that Sterling could keep it from. She refused to tell anyone that Serisk, now Sesk, was slipping away, because telling anyone would mean she would have to face it herself and admit that perhaps pushing Serisk/Sesk to live for so long had been a cruel and selfish choice. Sterling couldn’t do that. She couldn’t even see that she needed to do that. So she kept it to herself that her and Sesk were only held together by a thread, which was easier than expected since no one wanted to bother the crippled Andalusite very much, feeling too bad for Sesk and Sterling to want to risk upsetting her or her handler.

That evening had begun with Sterling leaving her quarters before Sesk awoke. The night before had been a struggle until daybreak, and Sterling was too tired to start it up again right away. So before the whers were generally awake enough to leave their dens, Sterling had ventured out to go find something to distract herself with for just a little while. She wasn’t abandoning Sesk, she’d reminded herself. She just needed a break.

Sterling had found good company for the evening, spending time talking and flirting with another, pretending that nothing was wrong. She planned to go back to Sesk to get her fed in a little while. First she wanted to finish this engaging conversation, and perhaps something a little more if her conversation partner was willing. She might have gotten somewhere that evening, but Sesk waking and reaching out to Sterling disrupted that plan.

Sesk’s out?

Yes. I’ll be back soon though, don’t worry. Sterling wasn’t sure what it was, but something about Sesk’s question seemed… off… Not the question itself, but the quality of her wher’s mind. It was hard to pin it though, with their bond so weak now.

Good. Easier if out.

Sterling grew suspicious, abruptly forgetting to respond to her conversation partner. What’s easier? Sesk?

Easier for both. Should have done long time. Sorry. Sesk sorry to Sesk’s.

What’s going on? Sesk?


Don’t you dare! No! You aren’t going to give up on me!

Sterling’s conversation partner was left sitting across from her, confused as they watched her express concern and frustration before she suddenly shot up from her chair, palms hitting the table between them.

“Serisk, no,” she yelled out, feeling as suddenly Sesk was there one second, and then she was gone. Their bond was suddenly cut off and her mind felt empty. Her starlizards, which had been sitting quietly yawning on the table, now chattered unhappily as Sterling suddenly left the table and rushed out of the dining hall. They each followed her, with Alrune the closest, trying to perch on her shoulders but unable to find an opening to land as Sterling rushed back to her quarters.

Once in the dim of the tunnels, she turned down the most direct route to her shared quarters with Sesk and threw the door open.

“Sesk,” she called into the room, but there was nothing there. No breathing of a large beast in the room, a snort of recognition to her presence, nothing. Sterling rushed over and partially uncovered one of the glowbaskets in the corner farthest from the wher wallow, just enough to see better in the dark.

Still, she saw nothing. Sure not though! She just couldn’t see well enough. So she threw the top off the basket, then another one kept near her bed, bathing the room in more light than it had seen since before Sterling had found herself trying to care for a crippled wher.


There was nothing in the room.

Sterling felt her knees weaken, and quickly, she sat on the edge of her bed, staring at the empty spot of Serisk’s wallow in the room.

There really was nothing there, just the scuffs left over from turns of a wher sleeping in that spot. That and the lingering scent of wher hide. That was all that hinted at the existence of the wher that called this room home.

Sterling put the pieces together quite easily from there. Though rare for a wher, Serisk had gone between, using it as her means to escape. She was gone now, leaving her bonded handler of seven turns alone.

As it sank in, Sterling dropped her head into her hands, resting her elbows on her knees as she took in what happened. There was part of her missing now, it felt like. For Sterling, Serisk had been her closest companion for turns. While it wasn’t the same as a Rider losing their Dragon, it left Sterling with a feeling of something missing, and something hurting, as if something had been ripped out of her and thrown away to leave a gaping hole.

Quickly, her starlizards flocked around her, trying to soothe their mistress’ sorrow as she felt tears sting her eyes.

“How dare you,” she wept to the empty room.
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