Something To Do With Union And Loss ((alone))

Nothing like the Isil Tunnelhold the wherhandlers used to live in, these tunnels are just big enough for dark living spaces for the handlers and their whers, a small hatching sands, and a small lounge for the whers and any unbonded whers during the day. Wherlings move straight into the dens after bonding.
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Wirhelm wasn't sure what to do. As he was still wher candidate he wasn't to indulge in antics of the body and mind. Latley he had grown fowl and distant even from those he called friend. Marlin had passed, during her sleep she had not woken. He had lost a good friend. He wasn't convinced it was she that killed her or stress. Shed not even had a litter of pups in the weyr yet. His only two companions that didn't seem to take any of his grump was his flitts. In fact they were oposite, growing fowl with anyone who got close and hissing at anything that crossed thir bond.

Foilage had grown,flew,laid eggs and Wrihelm had gotten rid of them as he could. His mind had been set on robotic for the duration of his undoing. He had missed the walks and hunts when Marlin his faithful dog had been with him. Between candidating and work hed had little time with either his pets or personal life. His friends hadn't been around and now he was alone but for his flitts and work.

Days had passed after Marlin and he simply didn't care. The Smithy master sent him to recoup, letting him off until further notice when he was needed. Without anything to do, he had simply sat, doing nothing and going nowhere. His barracks was clean, his cloths dry and clean, but his life stuck on nothing.

A seven day had passed and he seemed to be somewhat better. He didn't work heavy and spent more time with his lizards. The only true rule he had was to. Live and let live. Still certain someone had killed his poor Marlin he didn't fret. Instead he watched the wherlings as they trained for thir finale tasks. One of them would run and he was certain he would gain either a what or partener one day.

He now took day to day activities seriously and during his lessons on what's became even more so at attention, going over his things as he should but with more fine eyes. He wanted to make sure he missed nothing. His first passion becoming second to last as he now knew, he must do what he wanted to do from the beginning. Help His Weyr grow.

((Marlin may have passed but what has become of this new thought. Wrihelm seems rather certain to gain something.))
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