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Nothing like the Isil Tunnelhold the wherhandlers used to live in, these tunnels are just big enough for dark living spaces for the handlers and their whers, a small hatching sands, and a small lounge for the whers and any unbonded whers during the day. Wherlings move straight into the dens after bonding.
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Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:07 pm

Seven years. It had been that long since she had been sent to Crom with Endersk. Really the mining hold had become more a home for them than Isil had, only having lived there with Endersk for a year before going on to Crom. But somehow she felt like she was returning home, even though technically Isil was now New Atricis in the South and she had never been there as they had relocated after she had left. Perhaps it was because Isil had been the first place she considered a home, after wandering the wilds of Pern for her whole life Isil was the first place she had settled down at. Whatever the reason she was glad to be returning though not because she had disliked Crom. At first it had taken time to get used to the new people but as she fell into her work she became more proud of her purpose there. Teaching the miners the true value of Whers was satisfying work and over time seeing how the people's view of how intelligent whers really were was satisfying indeed. Endersk laid many strong clutches in that time strengthening their own stock with Isilian blood hatching stronger and even more intelligent whers for the miners. But after seven years it was decided her work there was done and looking back at it she could agree. She left Crom a much stronger wher colony than she had found it, the people now harboring a strong respect for the whers their craft so strongly depended on.

Upon reaching the South she was surprised at how different it looked. Dragonriders living in apartments instead of weyrs, the tunnelhold now a part of the weyr proper though it was more what she was used to carved into the cliffside as the whers needed protection from the sun. She squinted at the piece of paper in the moonlight telling her where to go. It had been sent with her orders to "return" to New Atricis thankfully so she didn't have to wander around till she found someone who could point her to the right direction. She remembered Darilex from her time as a wherling remembering him to be a dual handler of a Prismatic and a Green though she couldn't say she really knew him, seven years was a long time to be away and she wondered how she would fit in. What place would she be placed in?

They know Endersk's worked hard. Endersk laid many good clutches. Hatched strong whers. Endersk's taught miners proper respect for whers. The Andalusite stated mater of factly. She had no doubt the success of their job having been done in Crom and they would be recognized for it.

"I don't doubt they realize we've done well, but that doesn't answer where our place will be here now." Ender replied. She looked up at the door they arrived and knocked on it. "Hopefully we'll find out soon."
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Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:33 pm

Darilex was still sort of settling into his position, while he had held it for a little while now, it have been quite the jump in rank. At times it had made him uncomfortable, but he knew the necessity for the decision the Matriarch made in asking him to take over the position of Wherhandler Leader. Very unfortunately, he had to refer some of his patients to other mindhealers in the Weyr, quickly finding he barely had the time for his usual mindhealing sessions. He still kept a few, but they were the less serious cases, or the ones that he didn't think would do well being switched to a new mindhealer. He had been able to juggle his duties before, he would continue to do so now, even if he had to make cutbacks to some parts of those duties where he could.

Today, or rather, tonight, he would be meeting with the Andalusite handler. The one that had been sent off to educate Crom in the North how to better handle whers and treat them better. From what he heard from the Matriarch herself and read in her reports and files on the matter, having the handler there to educate really improved the quality of life for the whers there, and also improved the efficiency of the handlers and their whers in use in mines. Hopefully it could begin to spread to the rest of Pern at last, even if it might not happen in Darilex's lifetime. After all, there were still parts of Pern that rejected the non-traditional dragons, and those were dragons, honored and revered for being the protectors from Thread.

The knock he had expected arrived, and placing down the papers he was reading over, he crossed his spacious den to answer the knock, having waited in the main area of the living space. Soon enough he opened the door, seeing the young woman Ender on the other side as he expected. If he were honest, he'd say she hadn't changed much in appearance over the turns, but then again, they hadn't known each other very personally, even if Darilesk hailed from the same clutch as Endersk. He gave her a welcoming, gentle smile though, before gesturing her inside.

“Come in, please,” he encouraged her, closing the door once he could safely do so and showing her to the lounge area of the stone carved apartment, sitting back in the seat he had been in earlier.

“Have you had a chance to adjust to the new Weyr yet,” he decided to ask, realizing she had never so much as seen the South, let alone New Atricis Weyr.
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