A Grand Return {11th Day Wher Clutch - NPC}

Built among the day wherhandler cabins, this pavilion is exclusively for the caring of day wher clutches. The pavilion isn't really that large, being large enough for a day wher and its clutch of eggs, so candidate technically stand outside of the pavilion.
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Inakil had been blindsided by Dolcekil’s Run, since Dolly hadn’t had a Run in a few turns. He had begun to wonder if perhaps she had gone completely infertile, but it seemed that wasn’t quite the case, as the recent losses to the wild felines had spurred her into a Run again. Perhaps it was just that Roses were terribly sensitive to the population and needs of their pack, and with so many daywhers around now, she had felt there was no need for more offspring.

But now, after the tragedies and loss, Dolly had Run. Luckily for Inakil, it was quite well known he didn’t keep his door open for Runs, allowing him to lock himself away with only Najden for company during the Run, despite Inakil not having been wearing his armband, since he hadn’t been expecting this Run. But with Inakil safely locked away, Dolcekil had Run with all her might, expending every bit of her energy until she had chosen Quartz Khonlen for her Run mate this time, confident he would give her a fine clutch.

Months passed, and Dolcekil grew heavy with eggs. Perhaps the heaviest she had been, but it was hard to tell, since it had been so long since Inakil had seen her eggheavy. They were temporarily relieved from their work at the creche while Dolcekil’s belly grew. Inakil doted upon Dolly, but also took the extra time to try and get along on his wedding planning, as it had taken such a long time to get things going due to his and Najden’s busy schedules as Dayhandlers.

When Dolcekil’s clutching day finally arrived, there was already a nest waiting for her at the hatching pavilion, the other Caretaker whers having built it for her with care and allowing her to focus on what she must do. Hours later saw Dolcekil’s largest clutch yet in the nest, and just a couple of days later, the unfertilized eggs were removed from the nest, showing a total of fourteen viable eggs. One larger than Dolcekil’s largest past clutch.

Inakil and Dolly returned to work while the caretakers of the pack took their turns watching and keeping the clutch warm. Dolcekil always made sure to take her turn each day though, often in the evening after her and Inakil were relieved from work. She would, however, return to the shared cabin before bed each evening, returning to her handler and her mate, Weisden.

She awoke very early one morning, sevendays after the laying of her clutch. It was time, she could feel it in her very being. She woke Inakil and Weisden before going to the hatching pavilion. A few minutes after her arrival, the caretaker on duty let out the call to the pack that the clutch was hatching. Dolcekil took over to watch her clutch hatch, lovingly encouraging each one along.

Candidates stood and spectators watched, a little more excitement for this clutch as it had been over a turn since the last hatching, leaving them all a long time to look forward to their chance. As they watched and bounced on their heels, eggs hatched. The first to hatch was a white, much to everyone’s surprise due to their rarity. Some wondered if any Diplomat colors would be seen in this clutch as a pair of Grays hatched after. A Black and a Copper hatched together, with a second Copper hatching on his own. A Blood hatched alongside two Greens, and after that, a Quartz hatched to steal the limelight for a moment.

The rest of the eggs hatched, with many of the clutch bonding, but some remaining unbonded for now. Soon, the hatching was over, and there were many new daylings to raise with the pack. Dolcekil left her nest happily, satisfied with the outcome of her clutch and the choices her offspring made.

The Clutch - 14 Eggs
  • 3 Greens
    4 Grays
    2 Bloods
    1 Black
    2 Coppers
    1 White
    1 Quartz
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