The Ghosts That Haunt Us -- {Standalone}

While a similar idea to the dragonrider apartments, the Dayhandler cabins are individual homes that are overall smaller than the apartment buildings, with size assigned by rank and needs, woth all cabins allowing Daywhers to come inside. Day wherlings move into these cabins after bonding.
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  • {Date: Winter 2046 -- 15th-18th day of Tennet}

A dark head poked through the doorway, full of thick wavy curls and a tanned complexion, one as familiar to the woman as her own sister would have been. "Have you seen Lirad?" Merilyn asked, stepping into the tailor's work room for a moment.

Even though the interruption was so sudden, Isolde barely even flinched at the sound of the woman's voice. She'd shared her whole life with the handmaiden, and it was almost reassuring the way the woman just made herself at home in the work room. "I have not. What makes you ask? You are not my brothers' keeper you know Meri." Isolde responded, barely glancing up from her work, embroidering a patch of flowers into the hem of a skirt.

"Well I know that...I just, well...He didn't come home last night." The darkskinned woman stepped up closer to the work desk, picking up a random spool of thread and her fingers nervously fidgeted with the object.

"That doesn't necessarily mean anything, he is a grown man and can stay the night wherever he pleases." The tailor said, knowing full well that Lirad had a thing for the ladies and the freedoms the Weyr offered. She had no idea why Merilyn seemed so upset by the prospect he may have stayed out for one night.

"Issa..." The handmaiden started, her voice softer now than before and she couldn't raise her eyes to meet the mistress' gaze. "He...said he was going back to Walled for something. Promised he'd be back before night fall. I told him not to go, begged him even, but he said it couldn't wait any longer. He wouldn't tell me what 'It' was either." Meri said, her tone beginning to waver, a shimmer of tears forming at the corner of her eyes as she gripped the spool even tighter in her hands.

"What?!" Isolde gasped, her mind and hands instantly dropping her work project and the needle slipped free, loosing from the thread and falling to the floor at her feet. "Why would he go back? The fool! What if, someone saw him? What if they knew him, or saw his mark? Nothing good could come from him going back there, he's a runaway slave and who knows what they'll do to him if they found him. Meri!" The woman practically shouted, though only too late did she realize her over reaction when she saw the wide eyes of her best friend staring back at her. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, the tailor moved around the desk to face Merilyn. The handmaiden was shaking slightly, and Isolde lay her hands on the arms of her slavesister reassuringly. "I'm sorry Meri, I know you tried to stop him, I believe you. I didn't mean to frighten you..." Isolde said in a soft voice, pulling the woman in closer for a momentary embrace.

"I tried, but he wouldn't listen mistress...I'm so sorry. I should have told you sooner, but I wanted to trust him, trust that he'd be okay after all these Turns. He's not the boy he'd been back then, I thought he'd be safe enough. But when he didn't come back...I...I feared the worst Issa, and I'm so sorry." Merilyn stammered in apology, her arms wrapping around the journeywoman and clinging to her for the time being. "I hoped maybe he'd come to see you first, but when you said you hadn't seen him, my heart dropped. We have to find him Issa. We have to make sure he's okay." The handmaiden sniveled through the tears that fell quietly down her cheeks. She felt like she'd betrayed them both, allowing Lirad to leave and not telling Isolde...because now, who knows what happened.

"Shhh...It's okay Meri. We'll find him." The tailor said to reassure her friend, as well as herself. They would find him, wouldn't they? And he'd be okay. For all they knew, he had still shacked up with a pretty face instead of what they both feared. Pulling away from Merilyn, Isolde reached up to smooth back the curls that had fallen in the womans face. "I know we'll find him." She said again, though she felt the doubt starting to creep into her belly, she wouldn't show any of that to Merilyn. They would find him, but she didn't know what sort of state he'd be in.

Taking another deep breath, she stepped away from the woman thoughtfully and began to pace within her work room, reaching a hand up to tap a finger against her lips. "I can't risk sending you, or going myself...Not if Lirad truly has been taken, then they would certainly be looking for us." Isolde started thinking aloud, her voice barely above a whisper and doing it mostly to organize her thoughts in midst of this upsetting feeling in her stomach. "I wont involve K'uavaen either, he doesn't need to be in the middle of all my mistakes like Lirad." As much as she knew the bluerider would ride to her aid, she couldn't let him do that for her, to get tangled up in all this mess and the trouble she would likely face if her brother had been found out.

The dark haired woman continued to pace, her eyes practically glued to the floor while her mind raced over the possibilities, what to do in this situation. Then suddenly, an idea came to mind and she released the breath she was holding in ephiany. "Misty and Vera will have to go." She said with a slightly bemused sort of smile, as if she'd found the answer...even though she knew it was only the beginning of solving her problems. "They'll scour all of Walled for us, be our eyes in every corner of the Hold and the darkest depths of the Bottoms, they can go where we can't." Isolde continued, feeling a momentary sense of relief at the idea and she stopped pacing for a breath. "I would send Ana too, the more eyes the better, but I can't risk the northern creature catching someone's eye in the wrong place. A native fancy wouldn't even be given a second thought..." She whispered thoughtfully, strengthening her resolve in the matter.

A heartbeat later and she summoned the two flitters to her side, the both of them blinking from the void only a breath later. The green piebald gave a trill of elation at the summons, while the dark green emerald gave a more subdued greeting to the woman. "I need you two. Go back to Walled, find Lirad. We think he's in trouble. Be discreet, but look everywhere you can." The woman said aloud, while willing the instructions deep into the mind of each flitter, her seriousness never wavering. "Don't come back until you find something, or you've searched everywhere three times over." Isolde said, perhaps a bit more stern than she intended but she was frightened and nervous, and needed to find her brother before it was too late. The two fancy flits bowed their head in acknowledgement, twin tails flicking in unison nervousness as well, but they did as they were told by their mistress, knowing not to fail her now.


Three days had come and gone without any sign of the pair of green flitters, and Isolde had grown more and more anxious as the candlemarks ticked by. Where were they? Why hadn't they found anything yet?

Isolde tried not to show her worry and fear, and only to Merilyn would she show the weakness to. Not even K would know how troubled she truly was, but it would be hard to hide that there was something wrong, though she never told him the truth. Not yet...maybe not ever. He knew she'd stolen her brother, the slave, from the family, but there was something she hadn't told him and vowed never to tell a soul. All she told K, was there was a difficult client she had, who made unreasonable demands with her and it had her all on edge lately so it was hard to think of anything else. It seemed to placate the man for now, but she knew he would start asking questions if this continued much longer.

It was the piebald that had appeared to her, late one evening as she lingered over a glass of wine and book she was barely reading. It had been hard to sleep, so she stayed awake, and hoping to do anything that would help make her drowsy, though the moment the flitter appeared, she was wide awake. "Misty, you're back...Did you find him?" Isolde gasped, leaning in closer to the green, her heart racing faster and she held her breath as the flitter hopped to the edge of the klah table in front of her. There was something despondent about the way Misty held herself, her head hanging low, her gaze not quite rising to meet the mistresses and her wings hanging heavy at her sides. A soft chirrup was given, before the small head looked up to the woman, the moment their eyes locked an image was sent through their bond. An image that made the woman's heart stop.

The fancy flit had indeed found her brother. His form could be seen behind the bars of a dank and dark cell, barely any light cast over his lithe frame to see by. What she could see, was the glimmer of reflection on black stripes that lashed across his chest and arms, that spoke of the blood spilled. His hands were hanging limply above his head, chained to the rock walls no doubt, leaving him in constant discomfort, though likely no worse than the lashes had stung. Tears sprang to her eyes then, but there was more, something in his face that she could see. He'd recognized the flitter hovering outside his cell, Isolde could tell see in his surprise, but there was a guilt, and shame in his eyes that rang louder than anything else she saw of him. It was what she saw there, the fears confirmed and the sickness rose in her stomach once more threatening to spill as dread seeped into her every vein.

They know.
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