A Time to Relax and Socialize >OPEN<

While a similar idea to the dragonrider apartments, the Dayhandler cabins are individual homes that are overall smaller than the apartment buildings, with size assigned by rank and needs, woth all cabins allowing Daywhers to come inside. Day wherlings move into these cabins after bonding.
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Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:58 pm

It was a new Restday and Shyran was eager for a break from the daily chores and lessons a Daywher Candidate had to undergo. What had been the toughest for her was getting used to all the stamina building exercises which quickly had her realize she wasn't in as good of shape as she thought. She may have had to lift some heavy sacks and other items in her parents shop but there was a huge difference doing that once in awhile than having to spend a half hour twice a day doing physical training. It was getting easier now which had helped in the Relay Race she participated in not all that long ago but Shyran definitely wasn't the same person she was prior to coming to Atricis when it came to the physical fit department.

Now that it was a Restday Shyran intended to enjoy the day relaxing with her two Fancy Flits and anybody else who decided to join her. With it being Autumn she knew the weather could turn cold and wet so might as well enjoy a nice sunny day while she could. After bathing and scrubbing down her two flits she dressed and made plans to enjoy the afternoon outside.

Grabbing some food and drink from the Dinning Cavern, Shyran headed out to a nice sunny spot not too far from the Daywher apartments and made herself comfortable. Slick and Hot Stuff flew over her head till she finished spreading out a blanket to sit on. Only then did the come down to land on her shoulders.

"Lets get you guys oiled up before you go off and get dirty again," Shyran spoke aloud to her flitters. Only one of her firelizards was a messy eater but hat didn't mean they both didn't get dirty time to time.
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