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While a similar idea to the dragonrider apartments, the Dayhandler cabins are individual homes that are overall smaller than the apartment buildings, with size assigned by rank and needs, woth all cabins allowing Daywhers to come inside. Day wherlings move into these cabins after bonding.
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Natara frowned down at the arrowhead in her hands as she attached it to a new shaft. While she was a little better with the sword, she'd always preferred the bow, if only because it was easier to practice using it without an opponent. It was quite annoying that arrows couldn't be shot an infinite number of times, however. It would be better if she could make the shafts out of something more durable than wood, but then they would undoubtedly be too heavy to fly.

Of course, if you didn't feel so desperate to show off what you are good at, every time you manage to get lost on patrols, you wouldn't use so many arrows, Atumra pointed out, dryly.

I wasn't lost this time, she answered. it was just much easier to get down that slope than it would have been to get up, so I was looking for an alternate route. She was getting better at remembering the land around the Weyr, now that she had lived there for a turn. She'd headed down hill to check on the abandoned meal some creature had left behind, and the ground had been wet enough that her descent had been more of a slide than a walk. She hadn't been eager to try that in reverse.

But you don't deny you were showing off to feel less embarrassed about that graceless uphill scramble, Atumra noted, laying his head on his forelegs, while she worked. Natara put down the finished arrowhead, and pushed a few sweaty strands of hair away from her eyes.

"I wasn't so much showing off as working off my frustrations," she answered aloud. "By the time we got back, I'd already missed my time in the forge, and I was really looking forward to working with that new alloy...." Natara did have less time to work on her craft than ever before, but her work as Atumra's partner was certainly just as worthwhile. She was also able to interact on a more equal level with the other dayhandlers than she had managed either with the mostly male smith apprentices in the North, or the mostly male smiths in the South who were so carefully polite to her.

She even enjoyed helping with the frequent repairs of equipment that were a little too complicated for the other handlers. The easy, mindless maintenance that she had found so annoying when she was an apprentice was more rewarding when she was doing it for someone she worked with, and liked. She had a few of those projects already done and waiting for their owners to pick them up.
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