Daytime Shadows - Lareli/Shifter

While a similar idea to the dragonrider apartments, the Dayhandler cabins are individual homes that are overall smaller than the apartment buildings, with size assigned by rank and needs, woth all cabins allowing Daywhers to come inside. Day wherlings move into these cabins after bonding.
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That was quite a bit of information, but Rafe was thankful for it all. He knew some things, like the more obvious difference of when the two whers worked and operated. But he hadn't known that they bonded like dragons. He would have thought they were more like night whers in that regard, so it was a nice piece of know how to tuck away for later. He would certainly need it later, when he was ready to stand for his first clutch. Patience, he knew, was key for when that happened. There was no telling when the next day wher clutch would be set on sands. Mulling it all over, he came up with a few other questions to ask of her.

"I'm wondering... when it comes to Impression, can a handler double bond the way night handlers can?" It wasn't the only question, he had one more to ask, and others were brewing that would likely come to the surface. "When it comes to naming, is it the same as dragons and whers, where they know once they've bonded, or is there something special about it?" He'd noticed one thing about some of the day whers he'd crossed paths with - the names seemed to contain part o the handler's name, but he wasn't sure which part, or how much of it for that.

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They reached Anubli and he was cleaning his muzzle off as he looked up to watch as his handler walk towards him. He seemed to grin wolfishly and pranced around where the remains of his kill was. He seems to be a neat eater, leaving his little pile of waste in a neat pile where they could easily be disposed quickly, sometimes, only feather or maybe hooves were left. Today, only feathers were left, he had eaten all he could this morning.

"Well, you seemed hungry today." She said giving him a scratch on the muzzle where he had cleaned most of the prey off his face. She took a Rag she had and cleaned the rest off, making sure his muzzle was presentable. He had high hopes for himself, and she made sure to give him the encouragement he wanted.

She looked at her shadow for the day and thought about the questions he had. She remembered the hatching vary well when Anubli had impressed with her, how he had hatched and as soon as he knew what he wanted, let her know, made sure she knew to stand where she was and not to move, she had grinned and now, she looked at him grinning again.

"For hatching and Names, Nightwhers hatch from the egg and into the lap of the handle the mother chooses for that egg, as for Daywhers, its a little different, they hatch from the egg, knowing their names and adding the name of the handle with it, most times, they take on the last part of the handlers names and have their own first name, so instead of adding the S.K like Nightwhers, they add something similar to their own first name that is uique and the handlers last name, Take anubli here, he had the L.I of my first name, but added Anub to it, so its Anubli that he named himself, as the bond gets strong, much like Nightwhers, the name gets larger, until the names are meshed together to creature how strong the bond it." Anubli snorted at her for comparing him with the night whers. "As far as double bonding I have not heard of anyone having a double bond, as far as I know, in a situation with Daywhers, double bonding is like having two dragons bonded to you, it could get ugly, so I don't honestly think double-bonding with Daywhers would ever happen. Plus, in situations like with Anubli, to double bond with a wher that is possessive of its handler, it would cause conflict and the strength of the bond to possible break.

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