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While a similar idea to the dragonrider apartments, the Dayhandler cabins are individual homes that are overall smaller than the apartment buildings, with size assigned by rank and needs, woth all cabins allowing Daywhers to come inside. Day wherlings move into these cabins after bonding.
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Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:13 am

Roman's quick presence was a steadying help, but the way the tears suddenly hit her was still confusing. "It's not-" she tried to say, shaking her head and squeezing Roman's hand when he brought up his earlier question, but it broke with a small sob. "The music reminded me of when we got Hopper," she rushed out before another sob or sniffle could choke her words, "I was happy?" And yet she was crying. She had not cried while happy since Selkieth had found her, years ago, a bumbling hatchling green on Atricis's sands. The scale between catching Hopper and impressing Selkieth seemed off, though.

"Xarria...I think...I think you might be pregnant."

"Eh?" Pregnant? Roman thought she was pregnant? Xarria did not feel pregnant, or at least, she didn't feel like she expected pregnant would feel like. Roman began to explain why he thought so as Xarria's tears sniffled to a confused halt. Pregnant. If everything Roman said was true -- and he was the Weyrhealer so why wouldn't it be? -- then that meant she, Xarria was pregnant. Hands hovered careful over her stomach as her mouth widened into a gentle O and her eyes sparkled. She was going to have a child?

"But I don't wanna feel sick," she cried out in a disapproving pout when Roman warned her of standard morning sickness soon to come. The thought brought her out of her reverie and her hands dropped to her lap. She played, plucking at the fabric, as Roman asked her when her last moonsblood was and, for that, Xarria had to think.

Usually, it was something she never paid attention to. Moonsblood was a pain to deal with, after all, and there were much better things to occupy her time with, so she would usually be caught unawares when it did start. It was as she sat there, trying to remember her last one, that Xarria realized it had been a while, indeed. "Uhhh...not this month..." she began, fingers moving with her thoughts and memories of the past few weeks. "Last mon-?" she began to ask, but, "No." She had not had one last month, either. Or the month before that? "Three or four months?" she guessed, unsure but unable to come up with anything more likely, "I don't really think about it unless I'm on it. But I'm really pregnant?" There was a smile fighting at the corners of her lip this time as her hands rested on her stomach. "I'm gonna have a kid?"
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Fri Feb 19, 2016 2:22 am

Roman wasn't entirely sure what he was expecting her reaction to be, so he was prepared for anything. When her sobbing stopped the healer watched her expression quite carefully, easily reading the surprise and confusion that replaced the sob, but could there be shock lingering under the surface? Or...hope? The man was slightly taken aback by the sparkle that glinted in the corner of her eye and he was suddenly glad that she couldn't see his microexpressions the way he could see hers. Roman knew that she came from a very large caravan family, and she dearly doted on Lorian...perhaps it wasn't too far off that Xarria would be happy to become a mother.

The healer was eager to hear her answer to his rather pointed question, but the longer she dragged on, the further his stomach dropped to the floor. Three or four months...How could she not have seen the signs earlier? But the greenrider wasn't a healer like him, the analytical mind that can't help but find out the facts, prod for more information. She had to of known that this was a potential side effect of intercourse though, right? Roman still couldn't forget the fact that one lust filled afternoon had produced a son, so of course it was bound to happen when there are multiple couplings and he knew that Xarria and a certain wraithrider had their fair share of visits lately. The Weyrhealer sighed softly, trying to brush that fact out of his mind, what happened, happened...Though he was going to make damn sure that Locke was held responsible and wouldn't give him the chance to run this time.

"I'm gonna have a kid?"

Brown eyes focused back on the greenrider, the gentle way her hands rested against her stomach and the flutter of a smile that threatened her lips. She was happy then, it would take time for the turmoil of this news to register fully, but underneath it all, she was happy about it. "I'm pretty sure Xarria. Yea. You're going to be a mom soon." He said, the corners of his lips beginning to twitch slightly as well.
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Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:30 am

Xarria shrieked the moment Roman confirmed his diagnosis and leapt out of her chair and into the man's arms, squeezing him tight in celebration. She was going to have a kid? She was going to have a kid! “I'm gonna have a kid!” she cried out in excitement, bouncing on the balls of her feet before releasing Roman to start pacing the room, teeth shining bright in her smile.

“I'm gonna have to tell Locke! And Selkie's excited, too! I wonder if I can find my parents to send a letter to them,” she began to babble. She hadn't spoken to her parents since she had moved south and lost her sight, had never informed them of what had happened, but all those turns suddenly disappeared because this was news she had to share. Pausing for a moment in her pacing – two steps from the chair she had been sitting in because she had lost track of the room with her preoccupation – and hugged her middle tightly, smiling even larger than before. Suddenly, she stood up, realizing she wasn't sure where she or Roman was now and reached her hand out in search, a question on her lips: “So it's okay to eat that cheese and fruit?” If she was pregnant, she was eating for two, after all. No need to ignore her stomach anymore.

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