Wielding Words with a Sharpened Quill - Standalone

Not the large stone caverns that Weyr people are used to, these are buildings built on the top of the cliff, sometimes referred to as the Weyr Cliff. These buildings are all the same size, with multiple apartments for dragonriders to live in in each building. Because of space constraints, dragons sleep in large pavilions built around the dragonrider apartments.
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Beginning Season: Fuzzy time to Early Summer 2048 (after the the 72nd Hatching)
Location: Atricis Weyr - Dragon Pavilion | N'kili's Quarters

@Parker @Marvealle @Fawkes @Ember (for staff regarding the Igen transfer conflict)

It was when N'kili avoided the confines of her leathery chair that words came best to her. Walking about her office, worrying at the rug underfoot with her steps, she mouthed her intentions in a way that might assuage her opponent. The nature of articulation was key to her writings. If she failed, Juanette, a girl of eleven on the verge of candidacy, would be kept in Igen Weyr indefinitely against the wishes of her Atrician father, and against the wishes of the child herself. Juanette's age factored primarily in the heated debate between N'kili and the Igenese Weyrleaders. After Daela's actions, the child was clumped with all the other children of "candidate age" who were forbade from any sort of venture to Atricis.

All candidates and those near age of candidacy are hereby prohibited from transfer to Atricis Weyr... the original letter read the day Daela proudly returned with Doumah. Though hardly fair, especially when the circumstances surrounding Juanette were considered, N'kili knew by now that Igenese spite ran deep, and circumvented any sense of morality and fairness. Even after all these turns with the last of the Northern Atrician territories relinquished to Igen, Igenese still wanted their pound of flesh. Fortunately for them, Daela gave them the means obtain it.

N'kili, however, was not about to give up. Though enmity drove a wedge deep between the two factions, N'kili still needed to speak with words of amity to persuade the malicious weyr. Often, she consulted Safryn and L'van, but ultimately, it was N'kili's quill and ink that would convey their will. She needed to do so in a way that appealed to Igen, painting their actions in a favourable light. There was a clear moral line Igen crossed, thus they failed to see the necessity of doing right by Juanette. In their eyes, however, Atricis broke their truce when they allowed a chimerarider to poach an Igenese candidate. Therefore, the fault rested with Atricis's, even in spite of the fact the ramifications of Igen's own actions cut deeper than Daela's error.

There would be no shaming of Igen to do that which was naturally right. Any press of guilt would only worsen their retaliation against Atricis. Instead, N'kili needed to convince them to do right by people like Juanette. It needed to be presented as a gracious act rather than an obligatory one, a chance for Igen to show the world their benevolence despite the offence committed by Atricis.

Her words found, N'kili stepped to her desk, and wrote the opening of her letter with a well honed quill:

Dear Weyrwoman Aglaia...

Four days would pass before N'kili ever heard back from Igen Weyr. When she did, Aglaia permitted Juanette, and special circumstances like her, to move to Atricis. Non-traditional colours would continue to be barred from the weyr, and candidate transfers forbidden, but at least Juanette, and others like her, could come home.

Two days later, N'kili stood with a welcome party when Juanette arrived. The girl's father embraced her, sobbing into her thick black curls with the relief only a parent could ever know. And from a distance, N'kili and Duke watched.

At least we have this, Omiimiith sung sweetly into her thoughts.

For now, though it is hardly enough. Brown eyes chased after the family who began to walk towards the father's brown. I will have to write a letter to Aglaia, thanking her once again. In truth, Aglaia deserved little thanks for fulfilling her oath as a dragonrider, but kind words went a long way, and would only helped to at least somewhat mend the bridge between them.

And write N'kili did. In the months to follow, Aglaia's words would become promising, and while candidate transfers continued to remain limited, the age restriction was lifted. By the start of the new turn, N'kili smiled when they managed to receive Tralexi's as a transfer. Soon after another series of communications and offerings, the candidate restriction was finally lifted, returning to its original state prior to Doumah's misadventures. Candidates could not simply transfer for the sake of transfer, but with just cause, and through proper channels, Igen would allow their precious adolescent population to travel to Atricis.

Yet N'kili and Omiimiith, as well as other dragonriders of their yolk, would continue to find themselves barred from the northern weyr. It seemed Igen would adhere to their belief of the toxicity of what they unwaveringly called "abominations". If that was the permanent consequence of Daela's action, it would be unfortunate, but N'kili could bear it so long as innocence no longer suffered at the hands of Igenese retaliation.

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