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Not the large stone caverns that Weyr people are used to, these are buildings built on the top of the cliff, sometimes referred to as the Weyr Cliff. These buildings are all the same size, with multiple apartments for dragonriders to live in in each building. Because of space constraints, dragons sleep in large pavilions built around the dragonrider apartments.
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A long morning of work was awfully rewarding, the young woman mused with a smile as she leaned against one of the buildings that housed the dragonriders. While she hadn’t been at Atricis terribly long, she had to admit that the place had its fair share of charms, and she was starting to grow rather fond of it as time went on. It wasn’t Ista by any stretch of the imagination, though she had to admit that Ista had more than its fair share of setbacks. Ista wasn’t a place that was well known for being… well, in a word, kind to its inhabitants. Especially the ones were weren’t bonded to a dragon or wher, like she herself was when she lived there. In fact, she was fairly certain that if it hadn’t been for her parents being riders, she would have been utterly ignored by those around her. In that, however, Saelle only had a little experience in a Weyr outside of her ancestral home. She had lived on the island for so long, she had almost forgotten that there was a whole other world beyond the shoreline. Choosing to apprentice as a harper after the first time she was left standing was perhaps one of the best decisions she had ever made. And perhaps… just perhaps… choosing to stand for dragon eggs again would prove to be another. But for once, she was grateful that she wasn’t standing at Ista once again. As much as she had loved her old home when her father was alive, the brownrider’s sudden death had forced her into a decision that she wouldn’t have made under other circumstances.

The memory of her father that she had brought to mind made her close her eyes to the world around her for a moment. Perhaps it was to revel in S’vras’ memory for a moment, or perhaps it was to hide the unbidden tears that welled up in her eyes. The man and his dragon had been an anchoring point in the lives of his children, and his absence was very much felt by the young woman and her siblings. Not that any of her siblings were here with her, but she wasn’t entirely certain if their presence would necessarily make her feel any better at the moment. After all, out of all of S’vras’ children, she was the one who looked the least like the man, taking nearly all of her features from her mother, who had wanted little to do with her. S’vras had always been fond of her, however, and often called Saelle his ‘little jewel’. Did that have anything to do with the fact that she looked so much like her mother, she wondered with a sigh as she wiped the tears from her eyes, pushing herself away from the wall so that she could start moving again. Staying still for too long allowed her to think far too much on the past, and that was something she absolutely didn’t need right now. And so she would walk, her steps taking her closer and closer to a specific destination.

It didn’t take her long to find the building in question, the dragon resting outside proving to be more than enough to identify it at a glance. She offered a respectful bow to the large dragon, smiling warmly up at her before turning her attention to the door. It was entirely possible that the dragon didn’t even notice her, and she wouldn’t have minded that in the slightest. After all, there were certain things that she had to know, had to make herself clear on, and as much as she would have liked to speak with the draconic half of the pair, it was the human half that would provide her with the answers that she desired. And so she stepped up to the door, a smirk starting to tug at the corners of her mouth as she quickly brought her hand up, rapping her knuckles against the door to announce her presence to the woman who was hopefully just beyond. There were questions she needed to ask, and she wasn’t the type of person to hesitate in the slightest when it came to finding answers. It was an integral part of harper training, after all, though her determination was something that she had been told she was born with. At least, that was what her father had always told her. She waited somewhat patiently for the rider to answer the door, the toes of one foot tapping lightly as Roisin fluttered down from the sky, perching on his human’s shoulder and rubbing his head against her jaw affectionately.
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