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Not the large stone caverns that Weyr people are used to, these are buildings built on the top of the cliff, sometimes referred to as the Weyr Cliff. These buildings are all the same size, with multiple apartments for dragonriders to live in in each building. Because of space constraints, dragons sleep in large pavilions built around the dragonrider apartments.
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While it hadn’t been a particularly long day for her, she had to admit to a certain degree of bone weariness that was starting to settle in. She had been used to long work hours as a weaver, admittedly, but seating oneself at a loom or with needle and thread was a different matter altogether when compared to the sort of work that was expected of a candidate on any given day. Not that she minded the harder work, mind you, but it elicited a certain sort of exhaustion, the likes of which she hadn’t felt before. It was… well, in a word, it was exhilarating, knowing that she was being part of something far bigger than herself, or the family and friends that she had lingering here at the Weyr. Idly, in the back of her mind, she reminded herself to write a letter to her brother, to see how the lad and their father were getting on, now that Khuraen was the main source of income between himself and the older man. Naturally, she sent what she could back to her brother, since she didn’t have to worry about paying for food for herself and her sister here at Atricis. Living in the Weyr had been the best thing to happen to the two of them, and she wanted the rest of her family to want for nothing, as well.

But that was neither here nor there, she reminded herself firmly, shaking her head as she milled through the walkways that separated the buildings that marked the dragonriders’ quarters. She was looking for a particular apartment at the moment, and while everyone in the Weyr knew instinctively where this apartment was, that didn’t mean that she wasn’t curious as to the locations of the others. After all, if she managed to Impress before aging out, one of these apartments would one day be hers. And if Ayasena hadn’t decided to stand for eggs at that point, she would make sure that her sister would have a cot ready for her in her apartment, eager to make sure that the girl would be just fine, no matter the circumstance. But Ayasena seemed incredibly keen on standing for dragon eggs, though the girl might be convinced to stand for daywhers or the mysterious pearls instead. Of the options, Kyrielle was silently hoping that the girl chose to stand for pearls, since it seemed the most protected one in her eyes, what with the way that pearls lived in the water, where Thread couldn’t touch them. Ah, but her sister would choose what she would, and the young woman had to support her and be there for her, no matter the decision. And she would, no doubt about it; family was everything to her, after all.

Ah, here we are, she thought with a smile as she realized that she had reached the building that held the apartment she had been looking for, stepping up to the doorway and holding a hand up in preparation. She paused, however, and took a deep breath to calm her nerves at the realization that she was there, she would be meeting with someone that, to the rest of Pern outside of this particular Weyr, was an incredibly important person. Not that they weren’t important within the Weyr, of course, but the rest of Pern tended to revere dragonriders in an entirely different way than those within the Weyrs did. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts of such negativity, she reached out, knocking on the door and taking in another deep breath as she carefully smoothed the wrinkles out of her pale lavender tunic. She silently prayed to whatever would listen at the time that the woman she sought would answer the door soon, lest she lose her nerves and leave before even bothering to speak to her. I hope I didn’t catch her at a bad time… or worse, that she isn’t even in her apartment at the moment.
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