Canst thou not Minister....Tag: Jovia/Fyrn

Like much of the new Weyr, this is a building built in the Weyr Yard. It is a moderately sized building capable of housing up to 48 candidates of each gender at one time. Dragon candidates, Day wher candidates, and even Watch-wher candidates all are housed in this building.
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Canst thou not Minister....Tag: Jovia/Fyrn

Postby Ainokesshou » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:07 pm

Varren was worried about his older brother, but then he was always worried about someone. Still, Finn was doing fine, as were her babies. Varren was not going to worry about himself, obviously, and that really only left R'fael. Which wasn't to say that he didn't have good reason to worry about the man. After he lost his dragon and tried to follow, he was never allowed to tell his family not to worry. Still, Varren's undiluted worry was probably not useful in any direct sense. Hovering over a grown man was really not the most effective way to get him involved in living again.

But Varren didn't know what the most effective way actually was. He wasn't that kind of healer. He didn't even deal well with individual patients one-on-one when they had physical injuries. Apparently his constant questions about the effectiveness and side effects of their medications were not conducive to relaxation and recovery. He certainly cared about the well-being and improvement of patients, that was why he put so much effort into improving their medications! But he got so enthusiastic about that research that he made patients feel like he didn't care about THEM.

He was working on it.

That tendency made him even worse at dealing with patients who had emotional struggles. And when the patient was his own brother, he was both bad at it, and rather upset about being bad at it. Somehow, Varren didn't think it would help the situation for him to grab R'fael's shoulders, shake him a few times and tell him to stop worrying him and Finn.

Supposedly one of the other candidates who was also a healer apprentice was also much more focused on dealing with emotional trauma. He knew that he couldn't force R'fael to seek any sort of healing, but Varren was hoping that Fyrn could at least give him some advice on how he could help. He had asked to talk to her here, in the candidate barracks, because he doubted that R'fael would hear about him speaking to a mind healer this way. If his brother did hear, that could go one of two ways, both probably bad, so Varren wanted to keep it a secret for now. The last thing he needed was for R'fael to know her was doing this behind his back, but it might actually be worse for R'fael to think he needed healing himself.
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