Endless Forms Most Beautiful -- {73rd Dragon Hatching, NPC}

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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  • Date -- Polent 28th, 2049
As the summers heat began to wane into the rains of autumn, the generous swell of the dappled golds' belly continued to grow. When the clouds truly took over the skies and the season settled in, so too did the dark queen as she took to the Sands and prepared for her clutch. It had become routine, the timing was nearly perfect each time, and Soquilith reveled in her motherhood, her maternal instinct shining brightly every time she brooded over a clutch. She doted on the eggs, turning them regularly, crooning and humming to them, laying awake at night to watch over the precious hatchlings within. In turn, her mate doted on her just as assuredly, Zenjarth bringing her juicy beasts and plump wherries, the choicest morsels he could find.

While the eggs hardened and the Senior gold was confined to the cavern, the world still went on around them and Soquilith kept an ear on everything she could, speaking with her rider often to keep tabs on her Weyr during her 'absence'. It was only about a sevenday or so of this pestering before Safryn began to make regular appearances upon the Sands with the dark queen. Partially to appease the dragons' insatiable questions, and partially to have a chance to slip away for a while and have a moment to think without being interrupted. It had been a long time since Soquilith had needed her to spend every second on these Sands with her, and the clutch, and perhaps there was a bit of nostalgia as the goldrider lingered longer and longer each day.

When finally the time came, the first egg began to wobble in it's wallow, the dark queen perked up and the facets in her eyes whirled faster as she watched, waiting for the nest to move again. Another egg twitched, and this time she saw it, and her throat began to thrum in pleasure and she called to her rider first and foremost. The Weyrwoman had fortuitously been in a meeting with L'van, discussing some of the troubles that weighed on their hearts. Leading a Weyr together required a mutual trust and understanding, and sometimes they just needed a chance to vent with each other and get some thoughts off of their chests. This had been happening more often lately, a shared sense of something brewing just under their nose, or a foreboding feeling in their guts, that the world around them was stirring... But, out of the hundreds of scenarios they could think of, they had no clue which it would be, if any.... it troubled her greatly, but Safryn would not show any weakness outside this office.

The golden call that rang in her mind was enough to snap her out of such thoughts and a smile creased her lips instead. With a glance at L'van, she could see that he knew it too, likely Zenjarth relaying the same news and they could put aside their troubled minds for a little while. Slipping her arm through his, Safryn laughed about such timing and needing this kind of distraction and they office and their woes behind for the time being, ready to focus on far more pleasant things, like a Hatching.

The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader strode onto the Sands with their heads held high and warm smiles on their faces for the crowds that had already begun to gather in the cavern. Safryn lay a gentle hand upon the dappled golds shoulder and silently congratulated her again on another impressive and inspiring clutch of eggs, adding to the strength of their Weyr with another twenty one potential riders. The Queen warbled softly and lowered her head to nudge softly against her rider and the hum in her throat vibrated through the sands beneath them as she looked on proudly as the first egg began to break.

It all happened so fast then, once the first shell broke in twine to reveal a stunning little brown dragonet, followed quickly by another that seemed to shatter outwards and his brother bronze stood where the egg had been. The two of them moved together and quickly made their choices in strong candidates, their Impressions overshadowed by the cracking of two more shells, a blue and green that bounced into each other and rolled in the sands. Their creels quieted when two candidates rushed to help pick them up, and their facets swirled into a rainbow of colors.

The rest of the Hatching seemed to follow suit, one shell right after the other, or two at a time. Bronze mingled with green encouraging the smaller one to seek hers before he would choose his own, blue and brown broke shell together and toyed with the shards of their shell before feeling that familiar pull toward the candidates. With the quick pacing the Hatching it would be some time before anyone began to realize that there hadn't been a silvery hide, or a sighting of the twins upon these Sands yet. Some may not even notice until it was all over, when the last egg had hatched and the excitement died away, that this clutch was far more 'traditional' than most others hatched on Atricis Sands.

At last it seemed there was only one left, a fair sized egg that could house just about anything from a large green to a small bronze even, no one could be sure. This one however, seemed to take it's time, prolonging the inevitable as it rocked carefully back and forth, cracks appearing meticulously over the surface of the shell until finally (Finally!), the hatchling within broke free. The last to hatch was a darling little blue, whose muzzle and hide still sported flecks of shell upon them, but he didn't seem to mind as he waded into the rows of candidates. There was a soft little squeal of delight when he found the right one and the last Impression had been made, each of the twenty one dragonets finding their match upon these Sands.

There was a cheer in the air, a thrill for the future and Safryn clung to that ideal, that hope, held it in her heart for as long as she could. The Weyrwoman smiled kindly at the newly Impressed as the Weyrleaders went to congratulate them, ushering them off to their new rooms in the barracks and wishing them luck in their training to come. The new weyrlings were healthy, they were safe, they would be trained and cared for until they were ready, and Atricis would be stronger for it... they would be ready to face whatever it was the world had to throw at them.

Soqulith gave the softest warble when the last of her children left the cavern, moving on with their new lives, and the dark queen cast a look to the discarded shells that were left behind. It was always a bittersweet moment when the Hatching was over, when the world was quiet once more, yet there was one definitive way to make the best of it. The dappled gold rose to her feet, taking her time as she stepped from the cavern, stretching her legs and wings as she moved into the chilled autumn air. It was not raining for once at least, but how she yearned to wash away the sand and grime from spending several sevendays in that cavern. The waters of the cool lake would take care of that and the senior gold slipped into the Weyrlake with a low murmur of appreciation at the first bath in a long while.

21 Eggs
Color Breakdown:

Bronze - 3
Brown - 4
Blue - 6
Green - 8
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