Rebirth (68th Dragon Hatching, PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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The egg shall hit him square on the chest hard enough to cause Zilelmos to gasp in surprise. The Candidate robes weren't all that thick and it was just luck the shell shattered on impact otherwise he may have left the sands with a bruise on his chest. Given the injuries that had happened so far on the sands including a couple girls who seemed to just fall over for no reason as far as he could tell, getting thumped in the chest by a piece of shell was nothing.

Zilelmos did wonder however why so many Candidates clumped together. He had seen how the hatchlings could go stumbling across the sands to get to their Lifemate and often without any concern of what laid in their path. The Garnet who in her frantic search through the female Candidates certainly became a dangerous beast within moments. The girl who approached her boldly was a fool and she got bit because of it. He may not be all that familiar with dragon hatchlings but he had listened to everything the Candidatemasters had said about this moment. Don't crowd the Hatchlings, stay alert, be ready to dodge, let them approach you but be ready to step aside if who they want is past you. None of that was possible if you were too busy chatting with friends or holding up Candidates who shouldn't even be on the Sands if they couldn't stand on their own two feet.

He quickly stepped way from a large Pyrate as he charged towards one of the Candidates the Garnet had injured before she ran off to find her partner in the Stands. Zil then watched as the opal padded after her brother before moving off to Impress somebody else. One thing he was realizing was so far, none of the Hatchlings paid him much mind. Perhaps he was still too much the Caravan Guard than a rider and that didn't appeal to them? OR maybe it was because his brother died because of something he did in order to protect his friend. Zililmos didn't think that was it, besides, there were quite a few Candidates and only so many eggs. Even with a few eggs producing two dragons there still will be more Candidates who didn't Impressed than new Weyrlings this night.

Looking towards the remaining eggs he stepped away from the general chaos left in the wake of the Garnet and focused on the remaining eggs. Letting himself be distracted by the injuries of others will just put himself at risk. Besides, he was no Healer and there were Healers here to take care of injuries, it wasn't the job of the Candidates.
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Honestly, there was a bit of hope within Nali that perhaps that Zultanite was waiting for her, but the little one didn't take her gaze off of Aranrod, and soon it became apparent what was going on. Aranrod adopted that startstruck expression candidates often did when they Impressed and their worldview shifted to include the most important thing in their life from that moment onward. Oh how Nali wanted that, and how she felt disappointed another dragon was not for her. However, her attentions shifted when it came time to help Laikanu get Mila back onto her feet so that Aranrod could help her to the feeding area and get a healer's attention for Mila too.

Before that could happen though, another egg hatched, and while Nali's breath caught in excitement for the largest egg of the clutch, she was still pleased to see the Garnet hatch and even more thrilled when she came over to her.

I can sense your jealousy. Oh no dear girl, I am not for you. Learn patience for yours will find you.

Ouch... but the hatchling wasn't wrong. Nali couldn't help but feel jealous. She always felt those little pangs when others around her Impressed and she didn't, she felt them more keenly being around Mila and Aranrod who had both freshly Impressed while she was still bondless after turns of standing. The fact the hatchling felt it, and spoke of it flooded Nali with a sense of embarrassment for being so easily read, and hoping that no one else had heard that too.

The Garnet moved along, but soon began to plead for hers to come out. Nali chewed on her lip in thought and worry for the hatchling. She didn't want to see a dragonet between, especially not a beautiful Garnet. So when the Garnet came back around, Nali took a risk. Perhaps that's what the hatchling needed, was someone willing to step forward and present themselves.

No! You aren't helping me with that! The garnet's mindvoice lashed at her mind in anger, just as the hatchling lashed out physically as well. Nali winced and yelped in pain as her leg was bitten and yanked out from underneath her, sending her to the sands. For all her turns standing, she hadn't realized egg teeth could be so sharp, or hatchling jaws so powerful, and for a moment she lay in the sands processing the pain as the Garnet left, though not before causing more chaos.

Nali forgot about the garnet in that moment as she propped herself up onto her elbows to look at her leg. It bled already, streaks of red racing down her calf and into the sands. She tried to move it and winced at the pain, seeing more blood come out of the wounds. It wasn't terrible. Her leg still worked, nothing was broken, but the punctures had been torn a bit bigger when the garnet had yanked on her leg, leaving slightly worse wounds than Nali had really expected. When she glanced over though, she found Laikanu was probably worse off, with his back torn from hatchling claws and probably bruised from the sheer weight of such a large hatchling. Perhaps Nali had gotten off lucky, even if she already couldn't help but think her injury was her own fault.

"Shards," was all Nali could say, trying to process what had happened and what needed to happen. So much had happened so quickly after all..

There you are! I could feel you, from the moment you set foot on the sands to just now when my garnet sister harmed you.

Nali hadn't even noticed the other egg hatch, and she had no chance to wonder who the pyrite was talking to, if it was her or Laikanu, because the dark colored dragonet was already nuzzling her face, almost knocking her off her elbows with his affection.

I wish I had tried harder to get out of our shell, but it's tricky when there are two bodies. He went on to apologize. Everything is going to be just fine now. That bite wound looks like it really hurts, but it could be worse. We're going to get someone to look at the wound and fix you right up. You'll be perfect in no time and then you and I, Nali, will have some of the most grand adventures ever. What do you think of that? Me, Vohamanath, and you, Nali, taking on the world together!

And for a moment, Nali had everything. Nothing else mattered, not even her injured leg as she stared at the pyrite beside her. Oh he was so small and... no, he was big, even at hatchling size he was big for a pyrite. But he was of course perfect. Not because of his size, or because of his color even, but because he was him and he had chosen and accepted Nali. For a moment she regretted all those hopes for a Gold, because now, clearly, Vohamanath was the most perfect companion of all.

Yes, you and me. We'll do everything and see everything one day. She pressed a hand to the side of the pyrite's face, and leaned her forehead against his for a moment. She might have felt bad for how her attention centered on Vohamanath now, but she didn't have the thought process to feel bad for that right now. The world was perfect, even if her leg was bleeding and in pain.

"I just hope a healer gets here soon, this hurts, and Laikanu there isn't looking too good either," she said aloud for the benefit of the group as she pulled away from Vohamanath and looked around to take stock of what had happened.
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Tag: Laikanu, Mila, Nali, Galana; Mentioned: Lyndah
It had suddenly exploded with activity, more so in the form of the garnet becoming scared, and rushing across the sands to find her own. Rath had come to help organize both sides of the infirmary as a favor to Roman, and in response, he found himself pulled between the two groups, doing his best to make sure all injuries were tended to. Thankfully there weren't many dragon injuries to take care of, and the brown that had been severely hurt earlier seemed to be resting well enough. After making sure the garnet was Impressed, he turned to the healers and started to send them off to candidates that had been injured. "Make it quick as can be, pull those who have injuries away from the sands as quick as possible without causing further injury, we don't want to see them further injured."

Then they were off, and Galana was coming towards him. "You can come with me and Alastair. We've got an injury of three out there, two newly Impressed, one on the ground. I want to get the one on the ground off the sands quick. The other two can be helped away and treated off to the side. But the injury on the ground needs to be started on immediately I think. If you can help Alastair get him off of the ground, I can take care of the other two injuries." He was of dragonkin, sure, but he knew enough basics of the human variety to know how to treat some wounds.

Alastair, having heard his name, headed out towards the downed two and knelt don next to Lai, doing a cursory inspection of the young man. the wounds looked like they would need work, but there was no telling what other damage had been done. He grimaced as he continued the surface, cursory exam, then shook his head. "Can you tell me where it is hurting you exactly?" There was no way he'd be able to do much about the wounds - or anything else - quite yet, until he was able to get him off to the side. There as no telling when the next hatchling would appear, and he didn't want to risk another situation like the one with the garnet.

last thing they needed was another cut up candidate that was cut up and worse on top of it all. He looked up to see the Master and Galana appear, and nodded to them both. "Lacerations, probably severe that we can't see just yet. Not sure what else is wrong, though some of it is visible of course. Blood loss is at a minimum so far and he appears lucid."

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  • Tag ~ Varric, Sunaia, Lyndah

Oh, and now why had she backed down at the last second? Why couldn't she tell him what she was truly thinking? Even though she'd copped out, she felt nothing but warmth from Varric, support and understanding for her when he didn't even know what she was going to say. How could she tell him that she had to leave, and never come back? Oh Varric, sweet, sweet Varric... He didn't make it any easier either as he continued on to say that she would look magnificent on any dragon and the harper felt that familiar blush creeping up to her cheeks. She had to tell him, he deserved to know, she had to stop this from going any further. Yet those large fingers that slipped into her hand, the way she yearned to fully clasp his hand, or goddess just pull him closer and never let him go...

Sweet Jynieth, what was wrong with her? Nothing felt right, it felt so confusing and almost as if, everything was happening to someone else. Love and hope rose higher one moment, and then in the next breath the doubts whispered in her ears. Anxiety gripped at her heart and held it tight as another hatchling broke free, but it all just seemed like a blur of red as the wash of admiration rolled over her at the sight of the garnet. All of it seemed to happen at once, from everything direction and it had been wave after wave with new newly cracked shell. The gifted girl had gotten carried up in that tide, no matter how much she tried to fight against it, thought she was in control of herself. No, unfortunately, she'd just been channeling it into her own personal problems instead of working to ground herself and block it all out. She'd thought Varrics' steadfast presence would be enough, yet it only seemed to make her head and heart swim all the more.

Ah, but I do believe I remember you. I can see now you too have some big shoes to fill, though perhaps not the ones others expect of you. Alas, I do not feel you are the one for me. I feel there is another waiting that is better for you. I do apologize if I got your hopes up, dear girl. There are others of my siblings to come as well though.

Daela had a moment of shock when she heard the voice in her mind, for she'd barely even noticed the garnet approaching so lost in the tide of the cavern around her. It took a moment for her mind to focus on what the dragonet was saying, though instantly she was drawn to the hatchlings' beauty and grace. Big shoes to fill? Not the ones they expected? ... The lavender egg, she remembered now and the barest hint of a genuine smile flickered over her lips. I feel there is another waiting that is better for you. The words were all that she heard even as the garnet moved to inspect Sunaia, Daela's heart still seemed to soar inside her chest. The riders saying was that the dragons were always right, wasn't it? Did that mean... this hatchling... she knew there was a dragon waiting for her?

As the garnet moved on, her gaze trailed away as well and back toward the remaining clutch of eggs. Was her dragon in this clutch? Was the garnet sensing one of her own siblings? But then... why had the brown and blue bickered if the hatchlings already knew who had chosen who... Her heart sank back down to realistic level once more, but she couldn't shake the words from her mind. If her dragon wasn't in this clutch, then... she couldn't leave, couldn't risk a hatchlings life because she wasn't here for them. But how could she stay in Atricis for however long it would take? .... She had to tell her mother the truth. Oh Jynieth, she did... If she was ever to stay...

A sharp pain struck her leg and it took her by such surprise that Daela couldn't help the way she cried out and stumbled, just as Nali seemed to hit the sands with blood seeping from the bite. Her hand clenched in Varrics' to keep her steady, but the moment didn't last long as the raking of pain sliced across her backside, yet this time she was able to just grin and bear through it. Instinct told her it wasn't her own wounds though and once she recognized that, she was able to dull the ache though her gaze did dart over to where she sensed the pain coming from.

A moment too late it seemed though as the red dragonet appeared once more beside them, looking up them pleading and yet berating them for not helping her. Before she could respond, to even ask the hatchling how she could help, the scared little thing reacted and a forepaw swiped at Varric as she bolted away toward Sunaia and Daela was caught stunned for a moment. What had just...

"Varric!" She cried out as the first spots of red appeared on the man's robe and quickly began to spread and she felt the pain in her own abdomen growing. No no no no no no... When he looked down at himself, she couldn't almost see the confused look in his eyes and then the large man sank down to his knees and Daela was swiftly dropping down beside him. Very little regard was given to the hatchling who'd dealt the blow, even as the garnet tried to bury her head in Sunaia's robes, or her brilliant red hide began to dull, all that mattered was Varric. "No no no no no no..." She whispered under her breath, shaking her head as she knelt beside the other candidate. This was definitely not how it was supposed to happen!

"You're going to be okay." The young woman said a little louder, trying to pull all the pieces of herself back together again, Varric needed her to be focused, to be strong and she couldn't do that while she felt everyone else's anxieties. Even as his features started to contort into the grimace of pain, Daela still managed to keep a tender smile on her lips for him, a soft expression in her eyes, their roles reversed for a short time as the dancer was the strong one now. "I know it does Vare... It'll be better soon, I promise." She did her best to reassure, even though she could barely block out the pain the rose within her own gut, feeling as if the stick of blood coated her own stomach instead of his.

"Keep pressure on it." Daela said softly, leaning in a little closer and placing her hand over his own, not even minding that his blood was now wet upon her fingers and applied just a little more weight. She could feel the gut reaction and nearly hissed in pain herself, but instead she just tried to keep his gaze focused on her until help could arrive. Already, she heard Sunaia's voice rising above the din shouting for a Healer and felt the sands shifting as the other candidate hustled up beside them. "You better hope it's just a scratch... because I'm not done with you yet." Daela said, giving Varric a rather stern sort of look, even though just underneath was the glimmer of something very real that had awakened in her.

Soon enough, the sounds of another joined them, yet Daela barely glanced away from the young man when the Healer arrived. The healer ordered them not to move around, though the young woman had yet to leave Varric's side and didn't plan to even if the healer ordered her too. "I'm fine, don't worry about me, worry about him. She got him pretty good in the stomach, feels deep." Daela told the healer woman who'd inserted herself, and in her worry hadn't even noticed that she'd slipped ever so slightly to reveal a piece of her gift, the echoed pains that reached under her skin. As the pewterrider moved in for a closer look, reluctantly she pulled away her hand from atop his so the healer could examine the wound, but bloodied fingers curled around his own, refusing to let go.

With his hand cradled in hers, Daela sat back just enough to give the healer the space she needed, yet she wasn't going to leave Varric's side any time soon. There was a tightness around her heart, it was hard to breathe when she looked upon him, though she knew he was in good hands as the healers on the Sands were prepared for these sorts of things. "You're going to be okay." She repeated softly, the lingering smile still on her lips as she refused to fall to weakness when he needed her the most. Right now, she didn't care if anyone noticed the way she clung to him, or if Sunaia or the healer could read the devotion upon her features for a fellow candidate.
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Mention: Cataren
So absorbed in feeding her new Hadranielth, that Niomi didn't even notice the Zultanite Impress or come with her new Bonded to join the feeding area. The next several long moments of Niomi's life consisted of offering chunk after chunk to her new, most lovely of Green's. They had been instructed from early on how to feed the new babies, a bit at a time so there was no choking or over-enthusiastic eating involved, but Hadranielth seemed more than a little content just to be eating finally, the pair standing in quiet companionship as the dragonet ate.

But as she fed her dragon, she noticed quite the sudden commotion coming from the clutch on the other side of the Sands, and glanced up towards it. The new weyrling had looked up just in time to see a spectacularly hued Garnet lash out and bite a Candidate that was standing in front of her. What?! The girl went down, and the dragonet spun and took off across the Sands like a spooked runnerbeast, knocking and running over another Candidate. Niomi saw red blossom across white robes, and a (bloody, because she wasn't paying attention to the fact she'd been feeding) hand went to her mouth as she gasped a little.

Then the dragonet stopped and keened at another girl, though it was obvious there wasn't an Impression there either. Tinges of gray started pushing it's way across that fabulous crimson hide, and Niomi's hand automatically, and possessively went to Hadranielth's head, fingers sliding over the warm hide. She felt Hadranielth's form shiver slightly at the spectacle of her sister, though the green was currently quiet, hushed as the entire Sands were.

Someone, she didn't quite catch who though, shouted out about the Stands though, and honestly, the thought had not even occurred to her. Stands Impressions had been briefly spoken of during Candidate classes, so she gathered they were quite rare. But it at least bought time. And bought hope, as the Garnet rushed for them. Oh, please, please, find her...Wait, no, that's Cataren! That's not a her! Niomi's heart skipped several beats as it looked like the Garnet was after him, or going to barge right through him(probably accidentally harming again), but the man seemed to at least be paying more attention than that, as he managed to move back quick enough, and the Garnet chose the...girl he ahd been talking to, with his face so wrought with emotion. Was that his new...? She swallowed and jerked her attention back to Hadranielth, which was much more important. And so what if he had found someone? He deserved to be happy. She needed him to be happy. She knew she would be, no matter what, in the end. Thanks to Hadranielth. The green felt her emotions, and offered a supportive trill, In the end, it will all be as it should be. Now, more food, please. All the excitement is a wonder, but I still feel that ache in my belly. Niomi was more than happy to oblige.
The two largest eggs suddenly started wiggling though, and the entire Sands seemed to hold their breath to see what might break out. There had been rumors that the yellow colored one was really a Gold in disguise, though R'fael didn't think so. Regardless of what people might think, the slightly smaller of the two managed to escape the shadow of its yellow shelled sibling, and break itself out. It was always a bit of a trip when they broke the shell, but not the membrane right away, almost like a secondary curtain of mystery surrounding what color dragonet was within.

And then with a hard split, the waiting room knew. A gorgeous Garnet emerged, and R'fael felt she was very pretty, and reminded him of Danteth, his sister's dragon. He'd never seen many Garnet's until he came down to Atricis. That thought caused the man to glance upwards towards said dragon, then look back towards the babe now wandering the sands looking for Hers. He almost forgot how much the dragonets could grow, from the wobbling, clumsy little hatchlings, to the great, majestic beasts that owned the air. How much his own dragon had grown. A lump started to form in his throat, cut off by a sudden collective gasp.

While he was lost in his thoughts a few moments, apparently he had missed the first few attempts at finding her Chosen, and the Garnet was now creeling, and had apparently lashed out and bit one girl's leg. Well, perhaps the girl shouldn't have tried to force Impression. He still felt bad for her, but the healer's were already rushing towards her. The dragonet, in the meantime, was moving on, and slowly starting to turn gray. Oh, shells, no, baby...She's here, find her, don't do that... R'fael's eyes were wide at the prospect of something so tiny and precious betweening. But then some smart girl shouted about the Stands. Yes! Such things had happened in the past.

With renewed hope, the man watched her progress, climbing with the aid of those nearby, and then finally finding what she so deserved and sought. R'fael clapped and hooted happily with the rest, then turned his attention back t the eggs. If he had been seated any closer, he'd go offer to help carry the dragonet to the food, but by the time he made it through the throng, she'd probably already be full, with bloody maw.

And it seemed in the chaos another egg had hatched, both the (oddly large) Pyrite within, and his lovely pale sister were already moving to find their's. The Pyrite did first, much like the pair before, and the sister seemed to want to be sure her brother was good before moving to her own. It was a brief event of an Impression, but felt oddly refreshing after the drama and violence that had happened so far. And six eggs remained...
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Tag: Daela and Varric

Lyndah frowned as the blood seemed to be seeping out, though she listened to the female who was next to him and trying to comfort him. Pain was deep in? Lyndah couldn't help but look at Daela for a moment wondering but glanced down at Varric who was still in pain and frowned. "Alright how deep? Keep him awake and alert and focused as best as you can, keep talking anything of sensations or pain or anything of the like." She didn't care which one of them told her long as it helped but the robe... ugh it was in the way. So Swiftly she took out her little knife and cut open the red robe to give her a better view of the injury in the stomach area. Sharply inhaling at all the blood and inwardly hoped nothing big was cut up.

As much as she didn't want to announce it to the world and possibly cause an uproar she wasn't about to let someone bleed out due to public manners. Glancing up she held a hand up after putting her knife away and waved towards the other healers. "Hey Stomach gash need more help over here!" She yelled out while letting Kinarth try to speak to any healer who could be on their way to help. As it stood she wasn't wanting to move the boy, nor could she move it on her own without possibly causing him to bleed out. With that she scooped out some numbweed and started to slather it around the wound while peering closer at it.

While he didn't collapse onto the sand with the wound, hatchlings were gooey and sand could cling to them so it was possible. But first think first she had to try to stop the bleeding. Taking out a needle and pulling it out of the ball it was stuck in and some thread she leaned in close and started to see where the bleeding was coming from. If any veins were cut open or organs messed with or visible, a gentle swipe of a finger in attempts to remove sand. "This might hurt a bit, but we need to get the bleeding stopped" With that lyndah went on a hunt in the hopes of mitigating damage and hoping blood loss would start lessening. {Kinarth keep the kid awake if you can} Kinarth gave a rumble and started to speak to Varric's mind himself ~It will be alright, stay awake and focus, concentrate. The healers will see to it you are taken care of so don't worry.~ Even though Kinarth wasn't there on the sands he was still softly crooning to the boy.... while he wished he could get down there to help the queen probably would tear him to shreds.
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*Halimila & Arduinnath*
Tagging: Aranrod,Nali, Rath & Alistair. Mentions: Galana

As Laikanu lay on the heated ground, the hatching eggs didn’t seem to stall for a single moment. Even though he was distracted by his own pain the dragonets were determined to make their escapes. Which was fine with the young man. He knew that it was better for them to bond then to disappear between but would it hurt to wait until he could actually watch them? It was Mila’s happy cry that alerted the tearful young man that there was yet another dragon on the way towards them.

Make that two! “Oh Lai! There’s a pair of twins headed this way!” Hali cried out as she wiggled underneath her heavy green. “They’re not going to steal me away, Ardi,” Mila added with a playful swat at the closest bit of green she could find. Her response was another snort and her Arduinnath pressing the girl gently into the sand. A small chuckle left the scarred girl as she ended up wrapping a pair of arms around the dragonet.

Pulled from his thoughts, Laikanu tried to gently twist to see what Mils meant by twins. A few of the deeper cuts seemed to twitch as he moved but it wasn’t an unfamiliar pain. He was lucky though to catch the right moment when Nali bet her bond-mate. A painful smile came to his face then as he realized that all the ladies that had gathered around him had in fact became riders before him. “Guess I’m a lucky charm,” He muttered into the sand just moments before a group of humans joined their odd party. One Green, one Pyrite and one Zultanite made up the dragon side of their group while three of the four now seven humans were sporting some sort of injury or blood. A wry sort of smile came to his face as he realized he wasn’t outnumbered any more.

However his thoughts were distracted when a young healer came to his side to judge his wounds. With his past, Laikanu knew what words were being bantered about even if Mila, Aranrod or Nali had any clue. It took him a bit though to answer the healer, pain now lacing his tone, “A few bruises along my left side. Maybe a broken rib or two on the right, though they don’t hurt as much as the fire from the cuts…” He took a moment to hiss out a breath of pain. Closing his eyes again, Lai forced himself to continue, “Can’t say how deep the cuts go. Tried to keep moving once I knew they were safe,” He finished as he felt his cheeks heat up. Thankfully the nearby heated sand had already dried his tears, even if there were a few stubborn drop still clinging to his lashes.

From his other side Laikanu could hear his adopted sister gasp from what he guessed was shock. Well truth be told the brunet really hadn’t had a chance to let his knowledge show. After thanking his mother for her insistence that her boys learn the basics, Laikanu wondered just how many eggs were left.
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Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:03 pm

Tag: The whole cluster of people around the cluster of injured?
Aranrod relaxed again when the healers got there. The sudden return of tension when the garnet hurt two of them, followed by its absence, was about it for her, though. Once Zenith had eaten, they were likely to fall asleep there on the sands without prodding. She nodded to Laikanu, "I think they've got you taken care of," she said to him, gently. They would be taking him away from the action to treat him, and she could still hope for....her new friend?....that a dragon from one of the remaining six eggs would find him before he was completely removed from the sands.

She looked at the Master Healer coming to take care of the other two, and gave him a shaky smile. "I'm still good to support Mila over to where you need her," she said, hoping for the hatchlings' sakes (especially Zenith's) that would be the area with the food. "At my best, I'm not sure I could carry Nali, though." She wasn't weak, but she didn't practice a craft with heavy labor, either, so she didn't have that kind of muscles, and it was clear to her, at least, that the other injured weyrling should not be putting weight on that leg anytime soon.

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Gask was all bewildered questions in their bond, but Galask was actually doing his part to keep her from getting too upset, so Galana could focus on her job. Dragon hatchings were the most dangerous, and it was almost certainly because the dragons couldn't live bondless. So they were terrified and desperate if they couldn't find the right mind to link to. Fear makes even humans do horrible things, and scared babies with teeth and claws like knives were a bad equation no matter how you looked at it.

She had followed Rathiran and Alastair out to the injured group, and squatted with the other journeyman next to the young man sprawled on the ground. There had been the full weight of a hatchling on his back, so as bad as the lacerations were, she wanted to ask a couple of things. "I know you said you were moving, you mean after you were injured?" she clarified. "Can you wiggle your toes, and feel them? Can you do the same with your fingers?" Those questions were a good shortcut to determine how careful they needed to be while moving him. Did they have to keep his back straight in case there was a break, or had the garnet's weight just horribly bruised and battered him?

Fractured and broken ribs already meant they needed to be cautious moving him, but a damaged back was much worse, and a real risk in this situation. At the same time, injured back or not, they needed to get him away from other potentially marauding babies.
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The healers had sprung into action, just as they were trained to do in these situations. They might not have been needed at every hatching, but moments like these were definitely why they were at the ready at the sidelines. True to expectations, it seemed most of the attention was being given to Laikanu, given he was on the ground after being run down by a garnet hatchling, which were large even fresh out of the egg. He could be badly injured for all anyone knew, and at the very least, he was bleeding far worse than Nali was. She wouldn't bleed out from a leg wound, especially as long as she didn't try to walk on it yet.

*He'll be ok!* Vohamanath piped up happily, not at all worried whether that was a good or a bad thing in the moment. *You'll be ok too. Everyone will be ok and then we will all be able to eat until we pop!* He hopped on his front feet as he said this, while Nali couldn't quite stifle her laugh, it coming out as a snerk instead.

"It's ok, Aranrod. You and Mila can go over to the feeding area if the healers will let you help her over there. I don't know if I can walk, but I'm sure someone will be able to spare a moment to get me out of the way too. Me and Vohamanath will be fine until then. See, I'm not even bleeding that bad as long as I sit still, though I am getting pretty sweaty down here, these sands are hot." Perhaps Nali wasn't being as serious as she should have been, given poor Laikanu. She couldn't help it though, she was just so giddy from finally Impressing!
Raevin had admittedly forgotten about the green sitting with the trio of candidates and the zultanite as well, so he didn't quite realize when they had Impressed either. All he noticed was the clutch, and the excitement when it looked like the largest egg of the clutch was about to hatch. Even Raevin got excited for it, hoping that perhaps a third bronze would hatch from it. However, it was actually its smaller, but still good sized, neighbor egg that was hatching, soon revealing a garnet within.

Raevin had to admit, Garnets were beautiful, but they only Impressed to girls. He didn't think the hatchling would show him much attention, though he did try to hide among the boys a little more just to make sure, often feeling a little unsure when the dominantly female impressing dragons came around. Though he knew he was a young man, he still felt unsure of how the dragons would see him. Though the last bronze had seemed to recognize him as male, he still was nervous.

It turned out he had other reasons to be nervous about the hatchling though, as she couldn't seem to find hers among the candidates. Soon, she lashed out at candidates, started by Nali who had, perhaps foolishly, risked putting herself in front of the dragonet. A few others were hurt, and the healers leapt into action. Raevin and many of the boys were lucky to remain unscathed, though two of the male candidates who had been around females hadn't been so lucky. The injuries were being treated quickly though, and then, another egg was hatching.

First an opal tumbled out of the shell, showing it to be another twin pair. However, it was curious that the pyrite didn't also tumble out, as if he were stuck inside the egg. When the pyrite's legs found the ground through the hole in the egg, Raevin couldn't help but snort with a laugh as the egg stood on little black legs and wobbled about and smacking into the other eggs remaining in the clutch before tipping over and finding freedom. By the end of the little visual, Raevin was trying hard to stifle his laughter from being too loud, his shoulders shaking with his amusement.

The pyrite though, was pretty large, even for fresh out of the shel, and especially so when beside his twin. Usually twins matched in size, but this pyrite was obviously bigger as he moved with purpose across the sands, his twin following until he found his. Ah! He chose Nali. That was a good match, he thought, from what he knew of Nali, she would do well with a pyrite.

The opal twin went off and Impressed pretty quickly after her brother did, and soon many of the candidates were glancing in between the injured and the clutch, hoping and wondering if those injured would be ok, but not wanting to miss anything from the last eggs of the clutch. Quickly, it felt like they had gone from half the clutch left, to just a few left.
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The red blossoming on Varric's robe was a huge concern. Sunaia was grateful for the rapid response of a healer, and she clambered back from knees to standing to give the woman room to work. But she remained hovering nearby, only casting the occasional glance at the remaining eggs. There was so little she could do and it was a terrible feeling, to be powerless when a life was on the line. She saw how Daela looked at the young man and recognized that look immediately-- candidate romances were not unheard of, and most maintained the rules about them. If his wound went deep, if it had punctured anything vital, it wouldn't just be his life affected but Daela's too...

The adrenaline left her feeling tired and her eyes still sparkled with tears. It had happened so fast. Could she have done anything to prevent the garnet charging off as she had? Sunaia suspected that would be a question which remained with her.

She had to keep a brave face on, though. Riders didn't shrink and wail every time disaster struck. There wasn't anything to laugh about here, as the green had urged, but she could square her shoulders and scrub the back of her wrist over her eyes to wipe them clean. "He's going to be alright, look how skilled she is," she quietly told Daela.

She counted it a coup that she didn't sniff as she imparted this reassurance.

There was further commotion on the sands as an egg split to reveal an opal and pyrite pair. As she turned to face the clutch and hatchlings-- who seems blessedly certain of their choices, thank Faranth for small miracles-- she realized this was something she could do.

Sunaia was not very much of a barrier. But with Varric down and Lyndah still working, with Daela making it clear she'd be going nowhere without the injured man, she could plant herself before them. She wiped at her eyes again and lifted her chin, not daring to look anywhere but at the eggs which were left. If anything hatched and charged this way, she'd put herself in the way. It might mean a scar or three but better that than to have the fallen and vulnerable mauled.
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