Rebirth (68th Dragon Hatching, PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:32 am

Lyndah finally heaved a soft sigh, it was definitely an action packed hatching but now it was over and everyone was filtering out. The babies were getting fed, those needing healing were getting healing, and bonding was happening between people and hatchlings. She was able to take a moment to glance back over the sands that were littered with egg shells and shards with distinct blood and ichor spots. No dead egg but a surprising amount of unique looking dragons or having some kind of mutation in them. However she had seen both their gold and bronze parents so it didn't honestly surprise her, at least the bronze looked far different from normal so there would normally be more different ones.

Glancing back over at all the hatchlings gave her a sense of pride, a smile spreading over her face. Sure Kinarth wasn't the father and she in no way had a hand in them but... ~You are happy they are alive and mostly healthy and found their bounded. They fought for life and found happiness, no dead no between.~ Inwardly she couldn't help but laugh. {Yeah you're right, do you ever wish to sire a clutch?} Kinarth was silent for several moments before giving a little shrug. ~Who knows, most I can't catch and there are plenty of males willing. Besides we just got here so let me rest more~ Giving a little snort, a gentle smile spread on Lyndah's face though with her faraway look. It only seemed like yesterday she had impressed Kinarth, the turns have passed by so fast and she was growing older with him.
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:28 pm

Mentions Cataren, Ah'lan
All told, that was a satisfying Hatching. Oh, they could certainly have done without the injuries, or the scare those two hatchlings had given them all when they had trouble finding the right person. But no candidates died, no hatchlings betweened and there were actually twenty-two weyrlings out of twenty eggs. The candidates who were left behind were probably disappointed, but that was always a problem, and the candidate master would surely be finding ways to distract them over the next few days.

And two of the new weyrlings had been Searched by Elahrairath! Fra.nkly, P'list was feeling pretty smug, but he knew better than to boast about his good luck and Elah's fantastic senses. He needed to find someone who was just as excited about those two, or at least one of them, Impressing, as he was. Ah'lan's parents....and there they were, ready to drop off in exhaustion. They were mostly pleased, and probably wanted a moment with their son before P'list took them home. He didn't know if they'd be returning for the Feast in two days, but if they were, he would be happy to be their ride to and from again. After that it would be several months before they saw their son, when he and his dragon were old enough for trips between, so if they were able to come, he would make it possible.

And there in the stands was Cataren, P'list would have to talk to him soon, too. Now that Niomi had Impressed, he would surely be relieved. P'list also wanted to claim a dance with both of *his* weyrlings at the Feast (though Ah'lan might be awkward about that who knew?) so P'list wanted to make sure the crafter didn't think P'list was trying to steal his girl.

Mentions Cataren
Well, that had been lovely. Of course, now Strimian needed to go back to her apartment and try to write down what she could remember before she went back to sleep. Assuming that there wouldn't be a certain brownrider in her quarters waiting to keep her up even later. Well, if he was there, he would be disappointed, because she wasn't even sure she would have the energy to write.

"I'll see you at the Feast in a few days," she told Cataran, hoping he was feeling more optimistic about his future with that sweet new green weyrling. "Don't spend the entire time dancing with Niomi, save a few dances for the rest of us, huh?" she teased him, walking away to get her ink-soaked papers. Even though Strimian would have to spend the next few days making a new record of the Hatching (and at least all three people to Impress from the stands had been Weyr residents, so their information would be easy to track down), she was feeling pretty good about the night. Such pretty, exotic looking babies. She was sure they were all destined for great things.

tag: Laikanu/Lanni
Galana snorted at the young man's comment about last chances. Not at New Atricis, she was pretty sure that one of the people who Impressed from the stands had been a candidate until she was too old. "No such thing as last chances," she muttered, working with others to transfer the young man to the back board. She grimaced at his dejected tone. That was the worst thing about candidacy, that it built up all these hopes to center around such brief, overwhelming events as Hatchings. Not that she could think of any better way to do things.

"There's plenty of things to do with your life that aren't riding dragons," she said sharply, aware that depression could be as dangerous to the injured as their physical problems, "and plenty more dragons that haven't hatched yet." And plenty of options that weren't dragons, too. Her motion sickness had made flying a nightmare, but she couldn't imagine that she would be happier with some flying, fire-breathing giant of a beast than with her sweet Gask and grumbly Galask.

But she patted his hand kindly when they had him situated. "Your friends might be busy for a while, but they aren't abandoning you, and you'll probably join them soon enough," she said gently "But don't 'chin up,'" she continued, "no matter who was telling you that. It's a bad idea on a back board."

Aranrod smiled at Mila worrying over Zenith, "Yes, she's hungry," she said, "But she knows that will be taken care of soon. Don't worry so much, she's willing to wait a little extra time so that her sister gets fed, too." Zenith's agreement was a solid feeling in the back of Aranrod's mind, though the hunger was creeping along the bottom of her spine, and up into her belly. She thought the best proof that it was Zenith's hunger and not her own, though, was that if she ever got this ridiculously famished, there was always an edge of nausea along with it. With Zenith's borrowed hunger, she at least wasn't getting that.

When the Snake Tracks Egg hatched, she was delighted to see another zultanite. She had suspected that at the Touching, though mostly based on the size, and probably that other hatchling was a bit larger than Zenith, but she wasn't half as lovely, and Aranrod couldn't imagine that she would be any happier if Zenith had been golden. She completely missed the drama of the other zultanite Impressing from the stands, especially as it was much less dramatic than the previous two stands Impressions had been. Though, three? In one Hatching?

Aranrod thought she recognized the older woman from the camping trip....hadn't she had younger siblings who were candidates? She smiled a bit at the thought. Hopefully they would be happy for their older sister, and probably still had a few chances before they were too old to Stand. Then the blue hatched, and didn't choose Laikanu, and she sighed. She had hoped a bit, that even on the backboard, he would be coming to the weyrling barracks with them. Mila had probably hoped more, but Aranrod was trying not to think about how bad the injury might actually be. There was a good chance he wouldn't have recovered in time for the Feast, but if he did, she would make sure he felt included. She had been rather cool to him at first, but he would never have let himself be hurt for another if he were manipulative like her oldest brother.

Still, even without Laikanu coming with them, there'd been no dud eggs at this Hatching, no dragonets gone between because they couldn't find theirs, no candidates dead. And she had Zenith. The most beautiful, perfect, dragon to ever hatch. She just hoped they didn't fall asleep there on the sands as soon as Zenith's belly was full.
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Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:15 pm

Weyrwoman Second Rhianwen & Gold Lennoth
Conversation picked up and lulled consistently between Rhianwen and Chiomi, with Lord Seneca joining in so often when that conversation swung towards the events on the sand.

"It doesn't help the candidates were woken in the middle of the night," Rhianwen mentioned after a garnet left a particularly nasty trail of injuries in her wake. "Or the audience," she added when the garnet impressed from the stands.

"You impressed from the stands," Seneca asked, "Is there a sign people should pay attention to?"

"Do you plan to look out for it yourself, sir?" Rhianwen asked and Chiomi laughed.

"I'd hardly be the best person to ask, however, as my experience was quite particular," she explained, "My ability to hear dragons was mostly dormant at the time, but coming back as I spent more time in the Weyr. It left me with paralyzing migraines. I couldn't think beyond the pain until Lennoth came to my aid."

Their conversation diverted at that point as a sport broke shell with vibrant sunset colors on wings attached to a pure white body. It was followed almost immediately by a darker toned creature with far cooler coloration. Size was hard to tell at this stage, but there was enough evidence to suggest about what rank the two dragons may find themselves. "Maybe about a brown? Neither is too far apart in size," Rhianwen suggested.

The next shell broke, the largest yet, and the metallic green bespoke exactly what color it had held.

"That's gonna be one large zultanite," Chiomi pointed out.

"Possibly as large as some of the golds Atricis has housed," Rhianwen agreed but silenced and zeroed in on the creature as she walked past the candidates.

She had just filed away a mental note to see if there was a way to catch more of these stands impressions for candidacy when her brain blanked completely.

She stood, looked down to the sands where the zultanite sat and then followed her line of sight, searching, searching until she finally found her.


"A friend?" Chiomi asked.

"I...yes..." Rhianwen finally answered and sat back down, attempting to keep her face straight through her embarrassment at such a strong reaction, "A friend."

Do you wish me to pass along your congratulations?[/b] Lennoth asked, entertained at how flustered her rider always became over Dirce.

I'll congratulate her myself at the feast, Rhianwen decided, She has enough to keep her busy the next few days.

Rhianwen didn't even notice the rest of the hatching, standing and seeing Seneca and Chiomi off only when those around her stood, as well. Hopefully her faux pas would be overlooked this once. Who could blame her? If Dirce kept her dragon from chewing, they could both be queenriders!
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Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:53 am

Raevin watched that final egg, hope for this hatching riding on that final shell. Raevin knew he was not the only one, but it didn't stop him from hoping. And so while, when the egg hatched into a blue, there was that little bit of disappointment that the last egg didn't hold another surprise, he still hoped. No, it wasn't a bronze, but deep down Raevin would truly be happy should this final blue choose him. Especially since this blue's colors were quite stunning.

The little hatchling made his way through the candidates, stopping at Laikanu but moving along, before coming over to Raevin.

And you too! Just because my hide doesn't shine doesn't mean I couldn't be the one for you. Raevin's breath caught in his chest, and for a moment he thought... but no, it wasn't meant to be as the hatchling pulled away and spoke to him again. Who am I kidding, keep the dream alive kid! Maybe one day, you'll surprise them all. Wont that be a kick?

Raevin was left standing there, disappointed to be standing again, however, chuckling to himself. With words like that he couldn't really leave this hatching feeling bitter. No, he hadn't Impressed once again, but he had other chances, and this hatching had held a few affirming moments for Raevin, allowing him to leave the sands with his head held high and a happiness in his heart and mind. Yes, it was disappointing to return to his room in the barracks, but he wasn't fully alone, as Toren returned to him quickly, the bronze firelizard his ever loyal companion.
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Sun Jun 17, 2018 6:25 pm

Why anybody would be disappointed to see the last egg hatch out a blue Zilelmos had no idea because to him the last blue was amazing. Despite not wanting to get his hopes up he will Impress he couldn't stop the surge of anticipation and hope that filled him at seeing the blue. If any blue could remind one of the sea this one certainly did. Zil could recall moments when he saw waves crashing down in curls much like the pattern on the blue's wing or the stripped exotic fish similar in pattern running down his head and face. No, Zilelmos wouldn't be at all disappointed if the blue chose him.

Admiration however didn't gain him the blue and he watched in disappointment as the blue Impressed another boy and the two headed off the Sands. Exhaling slowly he saw not a single egg was left standing but there were still plenty of Candidates left alone among the shattered shell fragments. He exhaled slowly then gave his shoulders a shrug. It had still seemed strange to him to not be able to do anything but stand around waiting to take the first step in becoming a dragonrider. He was used to achieving goals by working hard and he may have worked hard doing chores and everything else expected of Candidates but since stepping on the Hatching Sands with only a 'stay alert, and let the hatchlings approach' as instructions, he felt a bit lost. Maybe he should be more active, even though no other Candidate tried to rush the hatchlings or stood too close to the eggs. The one girl who did step towards a hatching ended up being bitten. Maybe the work was just avoiding being injured?

Zilelmos sighed then turned and headed out of the Hatching Grounds. There wasn't anything else for him to do here so there was no point in wasting time standing around. He had no intention of given up however, one thing Chinolth said made perfect sense to Zilelmos, 'keep the dream alive,' sounded like good advice and he wasn't about to give up yet. Besides, he had several Turns to try his luck and plenty of Candidates didn't Impress their first time around. Unlike some however he still had time for try again before he aged out.

<<exit Zilelmos>>
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