Rebirth (68th Dragon Hatching, PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Three months ago, Isiana would have said that she was excited about the fact that Andromedath was now going to have a clutch of her own. Now though, with the Gold likely to lay her eggs any day, Isiana was starting to feel more nervous than anything. Pride would not allow her to voice her concerns to anyone, except for her dragon. Honestly, there was nothing that she could ever keep form her, and the rider knew it. Part of Isiana was excited because everyone was excited about the prospect of another Clutch. Honestly, anytime there was a Clutch, it was always exciting. But then the other part of her was the nervous part. The part that wondered if something would go wrong and Andromedath would get hurt. Or, the Clutch would not be big, or be a complete failure.

As much as she tried to keep these thoughts out of her mind, they kept coming back. Lor and Finn had done a good job trying to keep her calm and be positive. They both kept telling her how her Gold would be fine, and they often tried to find things to do to keep her mind off of it. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. It always made her feel better though when one of them was around. Even to forget her worries for just a little while was a great thing. Although, when they weren't there, Andro always made sure to throw her two cents in, telling her rider that she was worrying to much and the likes. Isiana wasn't sure how that made her feel better, but it did. The young Gold was confident in herself, so Isiana knew that she should have more confidence in her. Everything would go great, and everything would be fine.

One particular day, Isiana was out with Lor, just walking back to the apartment after having been out for a bit, getting some fresh air and just being together. Just about the time they got back to their apartment, Andromedath was calling for her rider. Isiana, it's time. You need to meet me at the Hatching Sands as soon as you can. The eggs are on their way and I know you want to be here, and I want you here.

It took Isiana a moment to figure out exactly what was going on, to process it. Giving Lor a quick kiss on the cheek, she made her way as quick as she could. Andro needed her there, or wanted her there. By the time she arrived, a few of the eggs had already been laid, and the young woman could tell it was already taking its toll on the Gold. Andromedath still seemed to have plenty of energy though, even with all the work she was having to do. By the time everything was said and done, the Gold had laid 20 eggs, not a bad clutch at all.

While she was recovering she called to her mate. Shardamakath, you should come see what we have produced. I'm sure you'll be proud.

While they waited for the bronze, Isiana just kind of sat there, petting Andromedath, telling her what a great job she had done. In turn, the Gold crooned her thanks back to her rider, and the two of them kept watch over the eggs, knowing eventually they would hatch and find their own riders, and that was the best thing to come out of this

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Date: Milat 20
Time: Midnight

Green eyes concentrated on the sands, as they had for the past few seven days. The Queen was always attentive to her Clutch, and had been dutifully watching over them. When she wasn't here, Shardamakath and Isiana had been by the visit her often. The Gold was anxiously awaiting the day her eggs would hatch, and reveal the baby dragons inside.

Andromedath was not the only one eager to meet her children. Everyone was talking about it, especially since the eggs were already on the ground. The Weyr was abuzz with discussion of when the eggs would Hatch, especially amongst the candidates. When Isiana was not one the Sands with her dragon, that was all she heard about. It made her feel very proud of her dragon, but also, nerves began to creep up on her once again. What if the clutch did not live up to the expectations, the hype? As she ate, the rider tried to push those thoughts out of her mind as quickly as she could.

Once she was done eating, she headed to bed. Andromedath would be fine on her own for the night, and Isiana would go back there in the morning and stay the day with her again. Once she got cleaned up, she picked up a good pick for a few moments before she found herself closing her eyes as she was reading. Putting the book away, she put her head on the pillow and was out within moments.

Isiana, you need to come back to the Sands, it is time for my babies to show themselves.

Dark eyes flew open, and as quickly as she could, Isiana was out of bed, trying to wake up as she was going. Looking around, she saw it was still dark out. It was still the middle of the night? How long had she been asleep? Finally she was dressed and making her way to the Sands once again. Congratulations Andromedath. I hope they are as beautiful as we both have imagined."

Andromedath rumbled agreeably before calling out to her mate. Shardamakath, you and Mar'lus should come and join us at the Hatching Grounds. Our children are beginning to hatch.

As the eggs began to rock even more it seemed, the Gold called out to the candidates. Candidates! Wake up! The babies are making their way to us! Get to the Hatching Grounds on the double!

As soon as she was done with the announcements Isiana took her spot next to her dragon, and waited for everyone to get there, and wait for the baby dragons to make their debut.

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Ahlanour hadn't been able to sleep.

That is to say, he hadn't been able to sleep for several days. He'd never admit it, but the approaching Hatching kept him wide awake.

And he hated wasting time. So every night, he had snuck to the forge. Many crafts had been made in this time - Dragons of every shape, size, and color. Many Candidates would awaken that morning to find a delicately crafted glass Dragon sitting outside of their door.

For fear of being late to the Hatching, he had taken to keeping his robes and sandals in the forge. So when he heard the Golden's voice echoing across the Weyr, and he had unfrozen, he was quick to dress. His supplies were put away as fast as he could manage it. With one arm in a sling, it was rather hard, but he hurried and did it.

Tossing his clothes into an empty barrel, he hurried outside. Before anyone could see him, however, he slowed his run to a walk, and joined the crowd of Candidates filtering onto the sands. Despite himself, he felt his heart thundering in his chest. What if one of those Eggs contained his life partner? The chance of Impressing on his first time Standing was minimal, but there was still a chance.

Image When he leaves his barracks, Varren will find this outside of his door

Image When she leaves her barracks, Aranrod will find this outside of her door

Image When he leaves his barracks, Tyran will find this outside of his door

Image When she leaves her barracks, Daela will find this outside of her door

Image When he leaves his barracks, Verric will find this outside of his door

Image When she leaves her barracks, Niomi will find this outside of her door

Image When she leaves her barracks, Fyrnella will find this outside of her door

Image When he leaves his barracks, Lai will find this outside of his door

Image When she leaves her barracks, Mila will find this outside of her door

Image When she leaves her room, Galana will find this outside of her door

Image When he leaves his barracks, Raevin will find this outside of his door

Image When he leaves his barracks, Kole will find this outside of his door

Image When she leaves her barracks, Sunaia will find this outside of her door

Image When she leaves her barracks, Alassiel will find this outside of her door

Image When she leaves her barracks, Cecily will find this outside of her door
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Strimian was not a flight moth, but there was a particular rider who had a standing invitation to her quarters when a greenflight did NOT end up with him in the arms of the green’s rider. So it was no surprise when she woke up to humming and the brownrider in her bed. Of course, it was quite early, as they had only been asleep a few candlemarks, and, she remembered foggily that there hadn’t been a greenflight the night before, at least not one that his dragon participated in. He’d managed to persuade her that she shoud let him sleep in her quarters because they were closer to the Hatching Grounds.

She squirmed away, heading off to get her own nicest dress, while he complained about being jostled. She harshly uncovered the glows, and laughed a little when his complaints got more pointed. “The Hatching has started,” she said, starting to dig through her supplies. She would need to take notes, and she had better sit near the glows if the hatching was going to start so late at night, so that she could see what she was writing.

“Don’t need to go,” he mumbled, “already Impressed,” and even she heard his dragon’s humming rumble a bit….amusement? Irritation?….before he climbed out of bed and started getting dressed himself.

“You have to go retrieve spectators, don’t you?” she pointed out, then realized what she’s said, and poked him. “So what difference did it make how close my quarters are to the Hatching Grounds?” she asked, annoyed. He waved her off, pulling on a few items of clothing, and she decided not to warn him that he was wearing one of her blouses to go retrieve candidates’ family members. Served him right.

Supplies in hand, she made her way to the Grounds, following the path of weyrfolk, but getting there ahead of several white-robe clad candidates, rubbing the nighttime away from their eyes. Up into the stands, and she found a good, well-lit spot to watch the Hatching from. There were plenty of candidates for these eggs, so hopefully she wouldn’t have to chase down many unplanned weyrlings after the Hatching to update her records.

Varren had spent almost all of the past few days transplanting seedlings, and at the end of each day he had despaired of getting the soil out from under his fingernails. He was pretty sure that he smelled of topsoil, that the smell had somehow made it into his sweat, though at least it was a healthy, living sort of odor. He had been as clean as it was possible to get, though, when he finally went to sleep, and when Andromedath’s call woke him not much later, he couldn’t smell the soil anymore.

If the buildup to the Hatching had felt more routine and less overwhelming after several times left standing, this at least still felt exciting. The dragonets were hatching, and he might be a weyrling before the next time he went to sleep. Though he was excited, he made sure to leave his side of the room in some semblance of order. No matter what happened tonight, he wouldn’t want to have to come back here and clean up a mess. He pulled on the white robe as soon as he was done. It was a little shorter than he remembered, but still covered plenty. Apparently he’d grown a bit in the months since the last Hatching.

Hopefully in more ways than one. He thought about that as he hurried to the sands. Was he going to be okay if he was left standing again? He thought so, with Finn’s babies and R’fael to distract himself with. He felt needed here, even without a dragon.

The humming was pressed up against Aranrod’s head, making her skull vibrate even as she felt Andromedath’s words wake her up. Ah, yes, her two bronze boys were just as eager about this as she was, but she managed to convince them to go visit one of the more responsible children in the creche. It was a solution she had finally struck on after various ill-fated conversations with weyrbred candidates. The boy had agreed that if she Impressed, he would take care of her firelizards until she could take them back.

He was apparently planning to use this to show his foster mother how responsible he was. There was something else he wanted the woman to agree to, and Aranrod hadn’t really followed that part of the conversation. Either way, IF Aranrod Impressed and needed his help, then she would purchase him an egg of his own as soon as she could. She would have to spend some time saving up marks once she had a chance to earn them, but surely she could manage. Or she could try to find a wild clutch. He didn’t care if it was a firelizard, starlizard, fancy flitt, or hybrid, as long as it could fly and go between, so once she was able to ride out and explore on her own, she could start trying to find him an egg along with trying to buy him one.

She would have to hope she Impressed before he was old enough to stand himself, or she’d need a new plan, but for now, she was pretty sure this would work. So she sent the boys on to him, and pulled on her robe. She’d had to scrub it endlessly after the last Hatching had ended with her stumbling into another, slightly injured candidate to get away from a confused hatchling. There hadn’t been much blood, and none of it had been hers, but white stained so easily.

It was clean now, though, even if she was worried that the spot was a little more threadbare than the rest. Dragons didn’t care if your robes were ragged, did they? She made it to the entrance of the sands with several other yawning candidates, and finally noticed the dark inkstains on her right thumb. She sighed, rubbing at it. There was always one there, but this one was admittedly worse than usual. Oh well, it hadn’t stained her robe at least.
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Tyran woke with a start, looking around frantically. He tended to be a fairly deep sleeper usually. What had woken him up so suddenly? But as Tyran looked around he saw nothing out of place. Was his mind playing tricks on him again? Then again this was different. Usually a random fright happened when one was falling asleep, not once they already were asleep. Hm...

But hey, wait, there was something odd going on. The others were out of bed and getting dressed...dressed in very familiar white robes.

That was all it took for Tyran to be one hundred percent awake! He knew without a doubt what must have woken him: the eggs were Hatching! ...they sure picked a shard-blasted candlemark to do it though. Anyone who Impressed this night was going to be extra exhausted from lack of sleep. Why was this clutch hatching now? It happened but more often than not dragons hatched during the day, as did day whers. Night whers regularly hatched at night. Actually...were there day wher clutches that hatched at night? Did some night wher clutches hatch during the day? He would have to ask around at some point. Not tonight though!

With the realization that the Hatching was starting Tyran was quick to move, slipping on the required attire. This would be his seventh Hatching as a candidate. By now Tyran had a fair bit of practice getting ready and could do it very quickly. In fact...he actually practiced. It was a little thing, but he insisted on being prompt when called. His dragon would not want him late or standing on the sands in his pajamas he was pretty sure-and that was assuming the clutchparents didn't have something to say on the matter. No, better to be prepared. Thus he was quick, neat, and soon joining the other candidates to be led on in.

"Will we be allowed to sleep late tomorrow?" he could not resist asking, though he was given an eye roll and a shove to get him going. Tyran frowned for a moment at that. Soon enough though he noticed the movements of the eggs. Oh yes this was happening. Soon, very soon, they would meet the dragons behind those stunning shells. Would one be his this time? Was his soulmate out there right now, working hard to break his or her shell?
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Fyrnella had stayed up a bit late, while most of the other candidates were probably sleeping she was busy spending time with her two fancy flitters. Having bathed them earlier when she had washed, it was now time to oil them. They were all sated from dinner so this was the perfect time when she had spare time. Eventually they were coated and soothed so the female candidate had went to bed... only to be woken up at midnight by hustle and bustle and announcements from dragons.. Hatching? She couldn't help but yawn and start to rub at her eyes a little bit while rather groggy.

It wasn't that she hated baby dragons but she was just so tired it took her a few minutes before it finally processed in her mind. Quickly she jumped out and started to put on the candidate robes and stuff needed and tried to tame her mess of hair. Gemmers and Mossay were barely awake and only glanced at her while giving some soft chirps and trills. "Its okay you two, it is the hatching so you stay here alright? Sleep, not allowed to go with me." Part of her was worried they would head into the hatching due to the hubbub but the two fell fast asleep. Seems like they were used to her nervousness and antics that it didn't make them act up as much anymore... Was that a good thing?

Anyways she rushed out of the barracks and to the hatching sands, already seeing a few candidates already there but not everyone was there. This helped her to relax a little inside. She was still rather nervous due to the hatching and wondering if she would impress or not, or those others she had met over time would impress or not. The genders, colors, or ranks were not even considered in her mind.. A dragon was a dragon, if you got a large or a small one it didn't really matter the difference so long as they suited you and all that..... but inwardly she still hoped she didn't impress a queen or bronze or... wait this clutch didn't have a queen egg right? Glancing around she didn't really see one, or was that one possibly one? Quickly Fyrn shook her head and stood there with the rest of the candidates, concentrating on watching out for any lunging dragonettes and doing breathing exercises for her nerves.
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Mila had just dozed off when the familiar trills of Mavi, Minnie and Chime broke the girl out of her slumber. Groggily the teen reached out to tap one of the annoying creatures to get them all to hush up when a weight landed on her stomach. With a squeak of surprise and a flail of her hands, Hali tried to figure out who had landed on her. It wasn't until another voice joined in her trio's hums that the girl put the pieces together. "TUI!" She squealed reaching out to grab the tiny green for a hug. "Did Lai... OH!" She squealed again as the hums and Tui's appearance finally clicked into their final places. "The eggs!" She called out as she scrambled out of bed. In her haste though, the scarred young lady managed to fall completely out of her bunk and smack her head on something hard. For a moment her vision grayed and the girl wondered just what she had hit.

It took her a few moments but soon enough she was slowly tugging on her white robe as Minnie searched out the girl's worn sandals. If it hadn't been for her adopted brother's arrival in her room, Mila probably would have been struggling for another few minutes at least. "Shards, Mils! What did you do?" The fighter asked as he rushed to the girl's side. "Umm," Mila began trying to remember, "I think I hit my head?" "You think? Mils you got a good sized egg on your noggin!" Shaking his head the larger candidate gently pushed the tiny girl onto her bunk once more. "Let me put on your sandals before you fall down," Lai said softly knowing that Mila wouldn't want to be late tonight.

As soon as the girl had both sandals on her feet and her robe straightened, Laikanu broached the subject that was lingering in his mind, "Do you think you can make it little girl?" He asked running gentle fingers over the bruising knot on her forehead. "Of course!" Mila protested as she tried to stand up on her own two feet. Swaying slightly before she managed it, Mila grinned at the taller male, "See! I can.... Umph!" Her bragging was cut short was she tottered into his waiting arms. Chuckling the former guardsman swung the petite girl into his arms. "C'mon Mils. I'll carry you as far as I can," He said softly with worry tainting his tone.

Safe in her brother's arms, Mila wondered if anyone else had ever been carried to a hatching like this. A silly little giggle left the girl at that point as she tried to imagine anyone else having to be carried like a child to the Hatching Cavern. For his part Laikanurinato chuckled too as he caught onto Mila's wandering words. "Doubt it, Mils. No one could be as clumsy as you kid," He muttered as they joined the ranks of hopefuls on their way to the Sands. Just shy of the entrance though, Laikanu stopped in his path. "This is your stop, Mil. Lean on me though, kiddo and you should be okay to greet the Queen," Laikanu said as he slung a careful arm around the brunette's shoulders.
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Mentioned: Daela
The voice prompted him to wake up. But he wasn't happy with it. No, Varric wanted to swat it away and be cross with it, because it had pulled him out of the most delightful dream he'd ever had about Dancer before. Of course, he would never tell her about it, nor would he ever dare consider thinking about it around her, that would just lead to improper reactions and likely, improper words, but... Wait a moment, those words, the ones that had broken through his dreams, that had spoken to him.

They had said something about coming to the sands. It had been an unfamiliar voice, one that he hadn't heard before, well... maybe once. He glanced around, then towards the door and that's when it struck him. The vibrations and the hums that were causing them. His eyes flew wide and he suddenly knew what the voice had come from.

The eggs!

He climbed from bed and hurried into his robes, rushed to the basin and dipped his hands inside to scrub them over his face and through his hair. The sandals were next on his feet, and there was a sudden excitement in his belly that had only come during the last hatching he'd stood at. This was another chance to Impress, to join the ranks that his cousin stood with. He was eager to prove himself capable of being one of them, to have a dragon of his own. Soon enough, he was ready, but when he left the barracks, he found something curious outside his door - a little glass statue that he almost stepped on.

He picked it up and looked it over, then peered around. No one was around to have placed it there, and someone could have stepped on it, but it was honestly beautiful. He smiled and slipped back inside to place it on his bed, then hurried on out, soon finding himself in the crowd of candidates, eager to enter the sands, he looked for Daela, smiling when he spotted her, winking and mouthing Good luck before looking forward and waiting to be allowed in.

Mentioned: Niomi
Cat had been up late. Too late. He'd gone to the forge to work on a new project he'd taken up, now that his strength was finally returning to him, and it was such a relief to be working with metal again, that he'd found himself lost in the work; he'd missed the dinner he'd promised he would have with Nimmy, and by the time he remembered, it was nearing the midnight hour. He grimaced and knew it was too late to find her and apologize, so he was going to have to make it up to her some other way later on. For no, he needed to try and sleep as much as he could, rest while he as able, and wake up in the morning to enjoy the difficult work of tending to metal again.

He had just climbed into bed, just settled in with Emrys curled up in the crook of his arm. Thoughts of Nimmy being there instead were drifting into his thoughts in pre-dream... the coos from the shadow were starting to wrap around him but they were starting to sound like little hums. And the hums were growing ever louder, cascading over him like sheets of ice water and drawing him away from any thoughts of rest. He sat up, rubbed a hand over his face and looked around. It took him a while, maybe a moment too long, before he realized what it was, and he had to chuckle. "Of course they would choose this moment..."

Getting back out of bed, he was quick to put on something decent, but light. He'd been at a hatching before, so he knew to dress at least somewhat comfortably at least. He hadn't told Nimmy this, but he'd saved up, from the last moth or so of working in the stables and with beasts, to purchase something nice to wear to the feast, and he hoped she would approve when she eventually saw it. After pulling on his clothes, he combed his fingers through his hair, wished he had time for a shave, but shrugged it off and decided to go as he was. It wouldn't matter, he was just a spectator in the stands, and he was here to support Nimmy. No matter how he might feel, truly, going into this.

Finding his way to the stands, he made sure he was situated in a decent enough place, and folded his hands over his legs, then leaned forward, a fist pressing into his thigh. He was nervous about this, but he had to place his feelings aside and focus on Nimmy's first. This was her time, not his own, and regardless of how he felt... he would keep his promise to her: he would be cheering the loudest the moment she Impressed.
Dirce hadn't been able to sleep. She wasn't sure why... no, that wasn't the exact truth. She had received word from her friends at Tillek and they wanted to speak to her and Ferghas, yet she hadn't quite told him about it yet. She had to speak to him still, but she didn't quite know where to find him about the matter. Then there was the issue concerning her sister leaving for the Hall. She had just gone that morning, and ever since leaving, Dirce had been a weepy mess, as though she'd said goodbye to one of her own children. She'd spoken to a friend of hers from Atricis, and they seemed to understand - perhaps she had never truly faced the loss of her parents, despite it being well over to Turns now - and she thought that kind of made a little bit of sense. She wasn't ready to let go of those little pieces that reminded her of them.

Well, now here was her chance to to make it through another instance of having that fear of letting go - the humming startled her from the lures she was crafting, and she looked up when she nearly sliced her finger open in her surprise. The beasts around her, her lizard friends, informed her that it was the truth. She had two in this hatching this time, and she was both proud and amazed that her little heart was going to be able to tolerate the ups and downs of another hatch while wondering if the "nest was going to be empty" again. She set her things down, wiped her hands of grime, and stood. She wanted to dress in the pretty gown that candidate Sunaia had helped her find but... she decided it would be best to save that until after, when she would be able to better impress a certain goldrider...

For now, she changed into a light dress, pulled her hair back into a simple enough twist, and then checked on Inkspell and Icehide. They were comfortable, but looking at her with expectation. "You stay here, alright? Better if you stay put." They didn't seem to mind - just yawned and curled back up, with Icehide nipping at his fancy friend before going back to sleep, humming be damned. She rolled her eyes and chuckled before departing, hand over her stomach with every step that she took towards the grounds. Once in the stands, she found herself a good spot to sit, and settled in, her height giving her the advantage of being able to see over the heads of those in front of her.

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Tag ~ Isiana/Looking for Sunaia/Open
Mars was soundly sleeping in his bed. It had been a hard day of drills and then he decided to hit the sparring ring for some friendly one on one bouts with some of the other riders in his wing. No rider was weak, but he was not a small, unsubstantial man either. Therefore, it was quite shocking with a tiny, strip of a woman managed to take him down hard. Mars was not the sort to be sore about a woman beating him at anything. In fact, he’d offered to buy her a drink sometime in celebration of her thoroughly whooping his ass. However, all that activity made him very ready for bed….and very not ready to be woken up at midnight.

Isiana, you need to come back to the Sands, it is time for my babies to show themselves.

Mar'lus! My children! They are hatching! We must get to the sands. The voice of Shardamakath broke very loudly into his sleeping mind. Since Andromedath had clutched, Shardamakath had been a bit on the clingy side. Mars was proud of him though. He wasn’t one of those bronzes that chased every female that rose and since this was his first time being a sire he was extra proud of him. The bronze was honestly a bit intolerable with how happy and proud he was.

I’m up….I’m up...Give me a few minutes to get some decent clothes on. Mar’lus said as he scrubbed his face and sat up in bed. Since having his own bed, his own apartment, he’d gotten in the habit of sleeping naked and he loved it. As fast as his still groggy mind would allow he threw on clothes and headed out to meet his bronze. For the short trip to the sands he didn’t bother with straps, though he knew that he should, especially since Shardamakath decided to get there as fast as possible.

I'm here! Our children will make the weyr proud, Andromedath. You have done well. Shardamakath said to Andromedath as he landed near her. He immediately have her a nuzzle in adoration before his eyes were turned solely on the eggs of their children, ready to greet them into the world.

Mar’lus gave a respectful bow to Isiana and her significant other. ”Weyrwoman Isiana, Bluerider Lorcan. This day has long been waited for. I’m sure our dragon’s children will not disappoint.” He said with a grin plastered on his sharp face.
Perhaps it was something in the air. Maybe it was the fact spring had just sprung. Whatever it was, there was certainly an anticipation that seemed...thicker for this hatching than for others. Not that the others were not as important and grand, but there was something...everyone could feel this.

Apparently, the people weren’t the only ones to feel this either. The twenty eggs that had been lovingly nestled into the hot sands seemed to vibrate and rock harder than was normal for the beginning of a hatching. Many white clad bodies circled the intricate shells they had, not so long ago, gotten the chance to touch. The hopes and dreams of many would be met with the crushing disappointment of being left, some of them left again. As the old saying goes, though, the dragon always knows.

There were still spectators filling into the sands when the anticipation was too much for one egg to bade their time any longer. The Through the Leaves Egg brown mottled shell didn’t so much break as it exploded outward. From the carnage of that shell sat the inhabitant as if he’d been in that position the entire time, just waiting for the perfect moment to come into the world. Gasps and cheers even came from the crowd at the good omen they’d just been given. Not only was this dragon healthy looking….he was a bronze.

Well, I wasn't expecting quite that entrance, but I suppose it shall do. He said in a very proper voice as he looked around at the candidates nearest to him. He took a moment to shake the bits of shell and good still on his mottled hide before he steadily got to his feet. It was obvious in his movements that he was controlled, but the way his wings flared spoke volumes of his attitude. How wonderful. I was hoping to be the first to hatch and it appears I have beaten my brothers and sisters. Guess that means I get the first pick of you wonderful looking group of people. He went on to say with a bit of an impish snark to his voice. Honestly, he was simply excited to eat and get to watch the others hatch and impress. First things were first though.

The bronze’s tail whipped back and forth with happiness as he began to go to the male candidates that were standing around him. I must declare, you all are making this a tough decision. So many wonderful minds in all of you. Keep your chins up. I am only the first of many. He said as he stopped to nuzzle against Varren. Yes, you do have a place here, but I do not believe it is with me. He spoke to the young man before moving on. You seem to be vibrating as much as my siblings. Just remember to breathe, alright? He said to Alhanour as he brushed by him. Then, a subtle brush and the sound of a voice reached him and he just knew as all dragons did.

I'm about to change your life and you're worried about sleeping? I suppose I should apologize for the improper hour we decided to hatch, but I think you'll find it in your heart to forgive me, T'ran. The bronze said, quite smug and full of himself to boot, as he sat down and stared up at the soul that matched his perfectly. Now then, if you would be so kind as to show me where the food is. I know it looked easy breaking out of that shell, but it was not and I am quite famished. Oh you would probably like to know my name. It is Adnachielth.
Baby Only Picture

-:- Impressed To -:-
T'ran (Altreis)
-:- Personality -:-
Charming, Faithful, Competitive, Independent, Ebullient
-:- Color Codes -:-
5D2712, 836213, D5D083
-:- Final Size -:-
56 ft.
HATCHED FROM: Image ~ The Through the Leaves Egg
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Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:04 am

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Ahlanour, it seemed, had been rather early.

He was one of the first Candidates to filter onto the Sands, and it took him a moment to find a spot to stand. For the moment, the Candidates seemed rather scattered in what could barely be considered a ring around the Eggs, and so he found a spot on the boy's side where he felt comfortable. Rather away from the others, but not inappropriately so. He didn't want to risk someone bumping his bandaged arm - that would hurt!

Before long, a large amount of Candidates had arrived. The ranks filled out, a loose half-circle around the Eggs. It would've been impossible to miss the boy carrying the girl, and he raised his eyebrows, although there wasn't much of an opportunity for him to say something.

It wasn't long at all before the first Egg began to hatch. The Through the Leaves Egg began to rock a bit more violently than the others. And then, suddenly, t didn't so much as crack, as explode. The little Dragonet inside was a healthy looking bronze, and he had a very proper mind voice.

And then he was approaching them. Despite himself, Ahlanour found himself standing tall, ignoring the painful twinging in his arm. To his shock, the little beast addressed him, but there was no feel of a bond clicking into place, nor no flash of Impression. So he simply nodded at the little fellow, taking a deep breath as he watched it wander off to bond with a nearby boy.
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