Noon Tidings -- {66th Dragon Hatching NPC}

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Fuzzytimed to late summer

The problem with a mid-spring flight was the mid-summer clutching and late summer hatching. It was something Rhianwen was sure she'd never quite acclimatize to, but at the very least Lennoth seemed to be more and more comfortable with Rhianwen spending less of her time on the sands with her. The humidity always made the paper and parchment curl or tear and Rhianwen had been given more and more diplomatic meetings and trips and while anything overnight could be put off until after Lennoth's clutch hatched, day trips were still viable and necessary.

It was why she missed Lennoth's clutching, having been on a day-trip for meetings with leadership at Southern Seahold. Lennoth had been huffy, but just as huffy over Rhianwen's absence as she was over her clutch. Sometimes Lennoth's disappointment made Rhianwen wonder if she could do something about it. If only she would open her door during flights. But no matter how she thought about it, it was impossible to go through with it. She did not want a man's touch. She would never want a man's touch. And there was no way to confirm a man would not win even if Lennoth had shown a preference over the turns for Norieth.

The Weyr will be very happy to see all of your children, she soothed, instead. And when Soquilith grew more egg heavy than Lennoth did and her clutch date came close to bordering with Lennoth's hatch date, Rhianwen put aside any meetings that took her away from the Weyr.

It was hot and noon when Lennoth cast her call out. Rhianwen walked in just as Soquilith left from one of her nesting trips that had become more and more frequent. A part of Rhianwen wondered if Lennoth had waited for Soquilith's arrival to chase her out as some sort of current claim on the sands, though it was fully possible Lennoth had simply waited for the gold to finish her visit. Most of Rhianwen, however, was just glad they would not be sharing the sands this turn. Things were always tense the few times that had been the case.

Whether or not the timing was purposeful or just that coincidental, and despite the fact that the air was thick and hot enough to not even require dipping a toe into the natural sprints to leave the cavern drenched, the stands filled, the sands filled, and Rhianwen watched as the next 15 dragonriders found their pairs on Atricis sands. "Look, there's even another zultanite daughter for you," Rhianwen pointed out as the creature found her partner. It wasn't until the very end, when things were beginning to wind down, that Rhianwen remembered something Dirce had said when she'd given the woman her tour of the grounds. Rhianwen closed her eyes and took a deep breath in before letting it out slowly. She stepped out a bit from Lennoth's protective mindshield. The sound of dragon voices flooded her and the heat of the sands burned through her shoes.

Would it have been like this? she asked Lennoth, If you had found me on the sands, instead?

What does it matter? Lennoth asked, We could not be more perfect than we already are.

The last egg hatched and a green waddled up to its rider and Rhianwen smiled. Lennoth was right. As much of a mess as their bonding had been and as much of a mess as it had caused in the fallout, that moment when Rhianwen looked into rainbow eyes and saw everything she could ever need fulfilled would be worth any experience.

15 Eggs
6 Greens
1 Pewter
4 Blues
1 Zultanite
2 Browns
1 Bronze
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