Another Turn, Another Clutch -- {61st Dragon Hatching, NPC}

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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  • {Fuzzytimed to Autumn of 2045}
61st Dragon Hatching
Gold Soquilith x Bronze Mnenomth
20 Eggs - NPC
After nearly a decade of Flights and Clutches, the dappled gold was becoming an old hand at this. Soquilith was in her prime and she carried herself with grace and dignity as her belly began to grow with eggs. Much as the last few clutches though, the dark queen was quite sure there would be a glimmering shell among them this time, surely this time. She was older than her dame had been before her first daughter, so surely this would be the clutch to bring her that glory. The golden queen had chosen a bronze mate, specifically for that reason and as she grew, so too did her ego about having a daughter to call her own this time.

The day the dappled queen took to the sands, she made sure everyone knew about it, making a fine show of her last meal, of doting upon her bronze mate and then even giving a trimuphant trill as she stepped into the cavern. Several candlemarks later though, there was a growl of frustration that echoed within those walls, as the dark gold looked over the array of shells for the umpteenth time, hoping beyond between that one of them would shimmer back at her. Safryn did her best to assuage the flustered dragon, but only time could do that now, for the sting of regret was still too fresh in the dragon's mind.

For a while, not even Mnenomth was allowed into the cavern, only Safryn, but as the sevendays went on, that sting became more and more dull and the golden queen began to mother and nestle with her twenty eggs regardless of their less than gleaming shells. Much as before, as the shells hardened, so too did the queen once more and the lack of a daughter was forgotten, replaced instead by the excitement of seeing her children breaking shell soon and finding their bondeds and joining the Weyr. Soquilith was always happy to give back to the Weyr that gave so much to her and her rider, it was more than just her duty or obligation, it was her pride, her joy and her life to give to Atricis as many children as she could.

Finally, the time had come, the shells had begun to wobble and rock and the dark and dappled queen bellowed her announcement to the whole Weyr in the midst of the day for them to come and see her children. Only the few early comers would actually get to the see the first shell break, a hearty brown dragonet tumbling from the egg and onto the sands, nearly at the feet of the candidates that were only just beginning to line up. The next to hatch was a blue, then another brown, followed closely by two greens, and the eggs began to break faster than anyone could keep track of them, the hatchlings eager to join the real world and find their bonded, and eat their first meal. The Hatching only lasted about a candlemark, maybe less even, until the final little pewter made his match and marked the last of his clutch to Impress.

Unfortunately though, no matter how many time the golden mother nudged against the egg, there was no sign of life in one of them, the shell cold to the touch. Soquilith pawed gently at the egg, but her keen soon joined the others as the truth became known. Safryn quickly asked if F'lin and Mnenomth would do the honor of taking the unfortunate one into between and as the bronze left to do so, so too did the dappled gold escape the confines of the cavern as well into the bright light of the afternoon. There will always be more Hatchings, always more children to be had, and maybe next time there will be a golden shell amidst the others.


{I was a very bad birb, and life got me too wound up on it's coil....I totally forgot this. -.-'
I have no image, but here's the breakdown for the records.}

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