Better The Second Time Around - 60th Dragon Hatching, NPC

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Date: Por 23
Weather: Hot, sunny, humid, no breeze
Time: Early afternoon

Late summer blanketed the Weyr, heat dripping off eves and pooling in every room, thick and cloying. Rhianwen couldn't even feel the difference between the Hatching Sands and the outside anymore. She suffered in both locations.

"Getting lost Between doesn't sound so bad right now," she grumbled, wiping at the back of her neck and her forehead with a cloth. The twenty eggs Lennoth had proudly born with Norieth's assistance lay spread on the sands their shells long since hardened. They had begun to wiggle a while ago but Lennoth held out on making her announcement until right before they were ready to hatch. The gold had been moderately easier to deal with this time around, but Rhianwen had still been summoned for the clutching and spent most of her time in the Hatching Grounds since, drinking as much fruit juice as she could to replenish the sweat from the heat, her hair up and out of the way and still feeling like a menace.

A soak does sound nice, Lennoth admitted, And seeing the sun.

"If we went up north right now, everything would be buried in snow still," Rhianwen pointed out, "The northern holds and cotholds can't even communicate with anywhere else because they end up snowed in. That is what I'm used to."

That sounds horrible, Lennoth replied matter-of-factly, It's a good thing you're here with me now.

Rhianwen sighed because dragons truly did have their own way of thinking and ran her hand through her hair, pulled up into a bun but frizzing and fraying thanks to the humidity. Lennoth fussed over an egg, huffed at another, then reached out to Norieth and to the Weyr.

My children are about to grace this world with their presence. Come if you wish to witness their radiance. Do not come if you wish to witness my ire.

The hatching occurred quickly thanks to her delay in calling. The first egg hatching a pewter who found their mate still in the process of entering the Sands. At the end of it, however, all 16 eggs had hatched to produce healthy and happily impressed dragons. Rhianwen watched as Lennoth exited the sands with Norieth for her own chance to hunt for the first time in months. With Lennoth occupied, Rhianwen began to collect her things to settle back into her own quarters and prepare for the call that would soon come for a thorough bath and oiling.

16 Eggs Total:
1 Bronze
1 Garnet
3 Browns
4 Blues
2 Pewters
4 Greens
1 Pyrite
1 Opal
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