The Fruits of Summer

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Those last two eggs weren't going to make them wait long, it seemed, both hatching at near the same time, the smaller egg hatching first into a stunningly bright blue, but quickly nearly forgotten when the larger egg began to roll across the sands thanks to momentum. For a moment, Nali wondered if the candidates were going to have to get out of the way, but the blue managed to intercept the egg and allow his sibling to hatch, revealing a brown from that final egg. Like so many others, Nali silently hoped her chance was among one of these final two. She shifted her weight back and forth between her feet eagerly, feeling the buzz of nerves hitting her. Maybe, just maybe, one of these two would be hers, and she admittedly couldn't help but eye the brown a little more, wondering how the life of a female brownrider would be.

Alas, neither would be for her, both finding their bondeds among others. The hatching was over, and the candidates that remained likely all felt the pang of disappointment. Nali couldn't help but feel rejected outright. She had been so confident, so self assured. Surely she should have Impressed in her first or second hatching, right? She was a Weyrbrat, her father a bronzerider who had even been Weyrleader for a time, and her mother a greenrider with a strong will, perhaps the strongest will Nali ever knew. Surely her parentage meant she was destined to impress, both a dragon and the Weyr, right? But here she was, now her third hatching, and still no dragon to show for it. Somehow, this third time hit her a little harder than her first two times.

"Don't worry, you have turns left to find your dragon," people would no doubt say, but that didn't make her feel better right now as the candidates left behind began to file off the sands. Could she really do this for turns? She knew she was young, had all that time, but could she truly handle having to try and try and try? It was one thing to try something and fail, but standing was a different sort of try and fail. It felt far more like rejection, and Nali didn't like that part of it at all, perhaps because rejection wasn't something she had much experience with in her young life.

Nali shuffled off the sands with the others, hiding in the group left behind until they arrived to the barracks, where she hid in her room for a while, as did a number of others. Surely she would be back to her old self in no time, but right now she felt rejected and embarassed, as she was never shy about her confidence at her chances of Impressing. Was she just making a fool of herself being so confident, only to come out with nothing to show for it? She wasn't really sure right now, she was young, and still figuring the world, and herself, out. In time she would learn this experience would only serve to strengthen her, and teach her, but for now she just saw the disappointment she felt.
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Blue Rider Fr'an
He saw as the last few eggs began to hatch. The green fell from her egg and quickly seeming to walk to her candidates. What startled him was the Zultanite that hatched next. He was still getting used to the idea of these strange colors and realized there were many of them. He saw her walk the line even watched as she came close to the men and his jaw dropped as he saw she impressed to a boy. Startled he thought back to his lessons. Zultanite's were female. Greens impressed and gender and that was okay. There were blue female riders yes but never such higher ranking male riders of females. He knew of another who impressed last hatching to the same color but this was his first. Shaking himself he saw a blue hatched. Smiling as he watched the blue seem to incourage the other egg he almost pranced in his seat. Two left

When the eggs hatched he closed his eyes for a moemnt. Almost willing them to choose him. His mind wanting the brown to come closer but as he opened his eyes the brown was walking away with another. He saw the blue seem to pause at one of the girl candidates. Sighing he was ready to leave as he thought the creature impressed but when the blue walked to him he all but jumped with joy. Unsure for a moment it wasn't until the blue spoke he grinned. The links to his face had him chuckling and a little startled to have that much teeth near his face. But he couldn't help that he'd been so bold to do that.

"Mihnoth your perfect just the way you are. We can follow your brother and eat with him. I know we will go far." He stated as he reached for his dragon. Shaking himself a little he whispered his new name. "Fr'an, I like it." Giving the blue his full attention they walked together to fill the blues belly with food.

I'm happy we can eat beside my brother. I want to be big and strong to make sure we can be good for others. Your not upset I'm a blue are you. He said a little sad.

"Not at all." In fact he wasnt.he was happy he had been chosen. The joy was almost overwhelming. To be honored to ride a dragon. Now he had a plan he needed to set in motion. What to do about his father and sister. And could he further his craft in healing. He would have to ask the Weyrling master.
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Touch, a hand that twined with his and gave his hand a squeeze, snapped Keetin out of his reverie enough that he blinked and followed the arm to the shoulder and then face of his friend. Elysia...trying to help him. He wasn't so wrapped up in his problems as to not see that. Which made him feel all the worse honestly. That outburst hadn't really been aimed at her but would Elysia know that? It was stress, simple as that. He had lost control of himself for a moment and she sadly was on the receiving end. Quickly Keetin returned the squeeze of her hand, trying to reassure her in turn. This was not her fault, none of it, and he refused to make her feel bad for his own failings.

Even so Elysia let go of his hand, placing it on his lap and giving his leg a pat before withdrawing. "No, wait," he began, trailing off when Elysia continued. Her words were a nasty shock, one that sent his mind reeling. His first? What Lauruth wanted? Could that be it? Did he need...experience...for his beauty to Rise? No, that couldn't be right. He would not be the first rider to have their first experience from a Flight. Not even the first rider of a female dragon to be as much a maiden as his dragon. Did that matter though? Lauruth was as much an individual as he was. What if she was holding off because he had never been with someone? Did he need to find someone? That...that could work. Elysia was telling him he didn't want his first time to be during a Flight so maybe if he arranged his first with someone that hurdle would be overcome. Who though?

It's time to go dear heart, Lauruth chimed in, calling Keetin's attention to the fact the Hatching was over. He had been so lost in thought he hadn't noticed as the remaining eggs hatched and Impressed.

Keetin stared at the emptying sands for a moment, blinking, before standing. "Right then...we should both get to bed." He turned and managed a smile for his friend. "Good night Elysia. I'll see you tomorrow, promise, and I'll have had time to think over all you've said. If our schedules conspire to keep us apart then I will see you at the Feast. Sound good?"

On the ledges above Lauruth stood and stretched. Good night Kelpieth, she crooned to the blue, nuzzling him before dropping down to collect her rider.
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Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:58 am


Tag ~ Keetin

For a long time after she'd spoken, her friend was quiet and Elys sat beside him on pins and needles. While she hadn't been that obvious about it, there was a part of her that was hoping he would turn to her then, to ask her to be his first, and even just the thought of it made that blush on her cheeks redden. She had to look away for a moment, and thankfully the Hatching was a good distraction, but the longer Keetin was quiet, the more she began to squirm as thoughts ran rampant in her mind. What would it be like? To cross that barrier with her friend, to take it a step further? Would it just make everything better between them? They already had so much fun together just talking and hanging out, or the occasional adventure she would drag him on, that she hoped it would only add to it. But she'd also heard that friendships never come back once you cross that line, and did she want to risk it with Keetin? He was her best friend, her confidant and go-to for just about everything, if this all went wrong, could she afford to lose that?

Lifting a hand, Elysia began to nibble on her fingernail, an absent habit, but the bouncing back and forth of her mind added an anxiousness to her that made her feeling like she had to do something. And still the zultaniterider was silent in his own contemplation, though her gaze flickered toward him once or twice, but she could never linger too long now that she could see the young man he was instead of the boy she remembered. Oh, what if he did ask her? Oh my. Would he ask her that here? Now? ....what would she say? She knew what she wanted to say, but should she?

You do realize, you missed most of the Hatching, don't you? Came the interrupting voice of her bonded and Elys realized that while she'd been staring down into the Sands, she'd barely watched any of it, she had barely even eaves dropped on the Hatchlings and their names or anything like she usually did. Shards and shells...and they were Norieth's babes too. The bluerider reprimanded herself mentally, even while glancing at her friend as he seemed to stir as well. Catch me up on all of it tonight? She asked of her dragon, and he rumbled softly and she felt his promise more than words could say.

"Right then...we should both get to bed." Keetin said first, and for a fluttering moment Elysia's heart stopped. "Good night Elysia. I'll see you tomorrow, promise, and I'll have had time to think over all you've said. If our schedules conspire to keep us apart then I will see you at the Feast. Sound good?"

The young woman was actually quite proud of herself for how well she schooled her features as her heart dropped into her stomach in disappointment for a moment. The next she was fine though, it was okay, it didn't have to be said right here, right now, maybe tomorrow then. Would she hope for that? "RIght, bed....Um yeah, tomorrow then, or the Feast, either way. I'm sure you'll be busy with Eavan and the others...Night Keetin." Elys replied with a bit of a sheepish grin for her friend, though she sounded pleasant enough as they bid farewell...almost awkwardly.

Kelpieth happily returned the nuzzle from the zultanite and rumbled softly to her. Good night Lauruth, sleep well. The watery blue replied, giving the sage green the lead and letting her off the ledge first while he hung back a bit much like his rider until the crowds had dispersed a little more. Elysia had to go and congratulate her mother and Norieth after all, even though she wouldn't admit to having missed most of it.

Tag ~ X'aden

Too many questions ran through her mind. How had he gotten here? What happened to him in Ista? How did he escape? ...If there was one thing she regretted about choosing to flee to Atricis, was that she had left behind a lot of good people, people like Xaidenos, a young man who hadn't deserved to be forced into fate. She knew most of them had fled to build their own sanctuary, Ivory Tower... Had Xaidenos found escape with them? Those sorts of questions would have to wait though, not here, not now.

In answer to her own though, the young man gave her a wink and smile before gesturing up into the ledges above and her gaze lifted to follow where he was pointing to. It was hard to miss the gigantic blue, who took up nearly a whole ledge to himself much like a bronze, and practically doubled the size of Kelpieth beside him. Ay'li couldn't quite hide the way her eyes widened at the sight of the blue dragon, for his was indeed quite remarkable and like nothing she'd seen before. She'd seen some giant bronzes, but never a blue. The woman barely even registered what he was saying about an injured patrol, or being neighborly, though something seemed to click that he had indeed found safety with Maeva and the rest at Ivory Tower.

Turning back to the bluerider, she took a moment to formulate a response, yet lips were curled rather coyly as she looked up at the young man. "I see you've done well for yourself then. When this is over, you, me, drinks." The femme brownrider said rather matter-of-factly. "You're going to tell me everything, and catch me up on everyone and what's happened." Ay'li added and then flashed him a charming smile, though had to glance back at the commotion of the eggs. It was too bad he hadn't arrived sooner, or maybe even later, but if he had, would they have seen each other?

"You're staying for the Feast then, right?" The brownrider added, hoping to ensnare the man to stay in Atricis a little bit longer then. He seemed to give it a little contemplation, but in the end replied that he might be able to convince his grumpy other half into sticking around a few more days to enjoy the festivities. Ay'li flashed him another bright smile then, though she had to excuse herself and pry away from Xaid--what would his name be now? There was bit of reluctance as she turned and began to move away though, another glance or two shot over her shoulder, the surprise still echoing throughout her at seeing him again, alive and well, here in Atricis, bonded to a giant of a blue and she wanted to know all about what's happened.

The rest of the Hatching seemed to fly by then, her thoughts wandering, but she was still focused as she could be for Norieth. It was only his second clutch, and the sandy brown was quite pleased with himself, and he had every right to be as not one, but two garnets and a zultanite were Hatched. When the last brown and blue broke shell, Ay'li was right there to congratulate her handsome dragon, and the beautiful golden mother, while also teasing Rhianwen a bit that perhaps their dragons were meant to be in order to bring more strong willed females into the world.


Tag - P'list, New Weyrlings

The brownrider smiled brightly when the lad introduced the young brown, and went on to say that he'd love him no matter what color of his hide, but that he had really wanted a brown. V'an couldn't fault the lad there. "Nothing to be ashamed of lad! I might be a bit biased, but browns are the best." The assistant said, and then leaned in for his slight admission, with a wink toward the new weyrling. Of course he was biased, he wouldn't trade Arigoth for any bronze out there now, but he remembered when he was so sure he'd Impress a bronze like his father and uncle,

At the young boy's slight wince, the brownrider felt a little guilty for having to be the one to say something. He wasn't trying to chastise the lad, merely inform and educate him about his flitter, but it was good to hear there was someone who could care for the pet while the boy had his hands full with Elahrairath. If he hadn't, V'an knew of a few people who were happy to foster a pet for a while, and would have offered, but it's always better when a trusted friend can take them instead. "I'm sure Mouse will be well taken care of then. And it's not like he can't visit you still...and trust me, those months are going to go by quicker than you realize and you'll have him back at your side in no time at all." The brownrider added with a charming smile for the new brownrider.

With a brief glance back to the eggs, it was becoming clear that the Hatching was coming to an end and there were still a few weyrling he wanted to check in with before they all moved back to the barracks. With a promise to be within reach should the lad ever need help, V'an excused himself from the brown weyrling and gave them time to feed and bond. The assistant made a point to talk to as many of the weyrlings as he could while they were seated and feeding their dragonets, and he introduced himself as one of their new teachers, happy to lend a hand anytime they needed it. To the other garnetrider, he extended the same offer he gave Aesidhe, about meeting the first garnetrider if she'd like to, and he planned to make good on that promise for them too. It was going to be wonderful to watch the two new garnets grow up and they could learn if Anitath was the rule or the exception of her kind.

Once all the Hatchlings were fed and satiated, it was time to get everyone situated in the weyrlings barracks then into their waiting rooms. A good bath and oiling came before sleep though, and the assistants were all on hand to help the sleepy weyrlings, and V'an was practically there to tuck them each into bed as well. It was hard to leave them when everything was so fresh, and he was sure they were full of questions even in their dreams, though the exhaustion of Impression would keep them asleep for quite some time and it was pointless to linger much longer. The thought of Ryarin back in their apartment though was enough to pry him away for now, the Weyrlingmaster himself staying up to keep watch over them, and V'an promised to relieve him in the morning.
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