The Fruits of Summer

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:48 am

P'list heard the other weyrling threaten the healer, and winced. He knew that the bluerider wouldn't injure a hatchling, the thought was ridiculous. Was he so upset by his dragon's injury that he wasn't thinking clearly? Didn't he WANT a healer to make certain his dragon was okay? Her name is Shireth, Elahrairath supplied, chewing on his most recent piece of meat. and she already told him not to worry.

P'list nodded, but resolved to remember that the other weyrling didn't deal with stress well. He hadn't blamed....Issworent? I'ent, his dragon corrected, for the death of the mouse, it had been an accident. As if he realized that P'list was thinking his name, Mouse tightened his tail around the boy's neck. His humming had become silent now that the three of them left the Hatching Sands, but his chest continued to vibrate against P'list's cheek. But, even though I'ent hadn't stepped on the mouse on purpose, P'list was starting to worry that I'ent was a little more aggressive than he was really comfortable with.

You probably want to avoid my larger sisters, then, Elah observed, still eating. They are both very...forceful.

I guess the next few turns will be interesting, then, P'list thought. Maybe he would be lucky, and none of these older, aggressive weyrlings would pay any attention to him.
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He watched the eggs as they hatched. Watching the garnet of all else. He was concerned for the green with a hurt wing. Drive to help the dragon made him take a few steps towards then. Would no one help the green. Her wing looked hurt and he'd not see a dragon get hurt. He'd missed a few things as the hatching went on. He was about to walk to the green when a man with ride knots walked over to the pair. Sighing he hoped for the best. Then he saw the garnet again. She broke shell and egg that spilled a green. The creature was small and look almost unhealthy. He felt his face pale. He was tired and knew as things became more aware he was going to remember the night vary well.

The green slowly made her way to her bond and looking horrible he again felt himself take a step. He knew there had to be more dragon Healers and ones that were more experienced then himself. The garnet had his attention as she dripped across the sands. He wasn't sure if he was gonna make staying in place work. The pain the creature had to be going through. She had to be in pain. Shaking himself he looked away for a moment and looked back. He counted the eggs and blinked a few times.

Feeling the night was getting to him he started to wonder. Could he be seeing things. Seeing double. Had 13 eggs hatched and five dragonet's remain or was he finally going made. Shaking his head he blamed the long night and the hours he was awake. Looking at the sands again he wondered. Was he going blind.
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Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:14 am


Tag - Aesidhe, I'ent and Sid'nis briefly, P'list

The action of the young garnet were quickly forgiven as she hissed at him, and the rider half even apologized for her, but the brownrider just shook his head. There was no need to apologize for a youngling who was just startled, he knew they were sensitive and quite touchy at this stage, so perhaps it was he that should be apologizing. However, the young lady took the offered bucket and showed interest in meeting the other Garnetrider, remembering her name from before. Had she been at the Hatching in Walled then? He couldn't quite place her face, but then again he was not an assistant in the candidate barracks so wouldn't know them nearly as well as others might. "Well, I'm sure I can put in a good word for you with Kunati and you two are bound to meet soon enough." V'an said with a smile as he straightened up a bit more and gave the new weyrling pair a little space to feed and eat.

"Ah, oiling. Of course. Everything is already set up for you in the barracks. No use oiling here where the sand will just keep coming back, but we've got baths and oils a plenty for everyone before bed." The brownrider replied happily. He couldn't help but think his cozy bed then, and the zultaniterider that kept it warm from him while he was away working. As much as he enjoyed Hatchings and greeting the new weyrlings, he would be quite content to slip back between the furs with his weyrmate once this was over. Coming back to reality, he gave the new garnetrider another dashing smile before turning to look back at the Hatching eggs. "Well, I shall leave you two to it, but if you need anything, I wont be far. Just holler for V'an and I'll come running, promise." The brownrider added with a friendly wink for the weyrling and gave them each another quick nod of respect before taking his leave to continue his work.

There were a few others that had joined their ranks while V'an had been otherwise occupied, but that was one of the reasons there were Assistants like himself, so no one person was overwhelmed during moments like this. Hatchlings were breaking shell left and right, some Impressing right away, others lingering for a while, and there were many watchful eyes on them and eager riders ready to greet them. One little green in particular held her wing at a slightly odd angle and as V'an got a closer look at her bonded, he had to do a double take. Last he knew the bronzerider had gone back to Walled with Charmaine, so what in the name of Faranth was D'ran doing here, on the Sands again? No, wait... it couldn't be him. Surely V'an would have heard if D'ran was back in the Weyr and dragonless. The moment of confusion past though as he looked back to the injured green, worry beginning to settle in instead. Before the brownrider was able to help, he saw another familiar face closing in on the lad and his green, and V'an knew the weyrling was good hands. Sid'nis would take care of that wing, and even take care of the lad as well as he would have, so the weyrlingmasters' assistant stepped back to the let the dragonhealer take the lead on that one.

There were a few others that began to move their way, another green, a blue and even a pewter, but it seemed that there was already someone lining up to greet them, so V'an looked out over the Hatching and settled his gaze on a beautiful klah colored brown and the young boy he was talking to. Ah, but V'an had a soft spot for the browns, and he could feel his very own brown beast warble happily at the appearance of the hatchling. I take it you like him already? The man asked, receiving a rumble in response. What's not to like in a fellow brown? The rider half gave a smirk and chuckle, knowing that as good of an answer as any, and giving a quick glance around saw all of the other assistants were busy, so the new brownrider was his to greet.

"Congratulations!" V'an said as the young boy and his brown found a seat, moving over to meet them with another bucket in hand for the hungry hatchling. "He is quite the handsome brown indeed...and that's saying something when I have one of my own!" The assistant couldn't help tease a little, his smile growing wider for the lad and his dragonet. He moved to sit beside them then, and intended to make sure the new weyrling pair were comfortable and cared for.

He couldn't help but notice the dark flitter that adorned the lad's shoulder and though he cast a slightly disapproving gaze at the flit, he knew there was no harm meant and the smile on his lips never wavered. "You might want to be careful with your flit there. He could get mistaken as a snack by a hungry hatchling." The brownrider started, offering the bucket of meat over to the lad when he was seated and ready for it. "Not saying your brown will...just saying. Is there someone who can watch him for ya for a while? You're going to have your hands full with this big guy for a while, and it might be easier if someone else were to take care of your flit for a bit." V'an continued on in a friendly enough manner, though he hoped it was getting through to the lad that typically pets weren't allowed in the weyrling barracks for the first few months, not until the routines all got a little easier and the hatchlings were a little more grown and settled.


Tag ~ Keetin

She had only been trying to help her friend, but it seemed that what she'd come up with had not been a very good answer at all and the bluerider seemed to balk a little as Keetin reacted. As soon as he started, Elys could sense the tension in him, the stress that he'd already been feeling all along was uncoiling, only to snap back into place as his voice rose loud enough to garner a few glances. The zultaniterider seemed to catch himself though, apologized to those he'd disturbed and then looked back at her with a little calm and control over himself again. Elys couldn't stop herself from reaching out to her friend as he apologized to her directly, and she gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. He continued on a little quieter this time, but the worry and tension was still quite clear in his voice and she wanted her friend to know that she was listening and just trying to help.

"Keetin, stop. There's nothing wrong with you and Lauruth, and you know that." She started, giving his hand a slightly reprimanding shake before settling it back into his lap. There was a moment that passed though as the bluerider tried to think of what to say next, to make sure he understood what she was trying to tell him, without having to get too personal here in the midst of their leadership and a Hatching. "You said you were ready for this, willing to do what needed to be done for Lauruth....but there's more to it than just what you can read in the records. I can't speak for the female half of things, but Flights are pretty...intense sometimes." The femme bluerider said, her hand in his starting to feel rather clammy and warm, so she slowly took her hand back, but gave his thigh a friendly pat before retreating to herself again.

Elys had only participated in a couple of Kelpieth's flights, but so far she'd only had the one experience thus far, with a female greenrider and even that memory was cloudy, but she knew essentially what had happened between them. It was actually something she wished she could remember better, had other experiences even, but she was not that sort of girl to go flaunting around asking for sex from just anyone, so Elys was still relatively innocent as well...but she knew a bit more than Keetin did. "Keetin, you've never been with anyone before, have you?...Do you really want a Flight to be your first? ... Does Lauruth want that for you? It would just be a faded memory, a haze and confusion, and you'd never really know what it was like...You don't want that, trust me." Elysia continued, her voice as soft of a whisper as she could yet knowing he could still hear her well enough. At the slight admission to what her first time was like, there was the slightest hint of a blush on the young woman's cheek, but she did her best not to notice or bring much attention to that sensation.

Up on the ledges, the dragon halves seemed not to recognize the personal conversation their riders were having, and instead were more intent on the Hatching itself. Afterall, that was why they were here in the late hours of the night instead of asleep in their pavilions. Kelpieth seemed to understand that that particular subject was something that Lauruth was not to keen to speak of, or at least tell Keetin directly - which by even telling Kelpieth what it was, would be telling Elysia, which would essentially be telling Keetin. So the watery blue was quite content to share the ledge with the zultanite and just enjoy the hatching below, keeping their comments away from the touchy subject and instead focusing on the hatchlings and their interactions, or the choices they made in their bondeds. Every now and then though, Kelpie couldn't help but tease or nuzzle the zultanite though, feeling perhaps some of his riders' emotions surfacing so he couldn't help it really.

Tag ~ X'aden

For the most part, the femme brownrider had been enjoying the company of the young queenrider and they had remarked quite a bit on the hatchlings, and their pride for the parents of such spirited babes. Ay'li had grown fond of Rhianwen, despite her reputation, and the brownrider seemed to understand that there was more under the diplomatic demeanor she always portrayed. It had been quite the Hatching so far, plenty of beautiful and strong babies to be proud of, though she felt Norieth was practically beaming with pride at the sight of the second garnet he'd sired.

A masculine voice behind her though caught her attentions, calling her name and the femme brownrider spun around to see who it might be. Upon seeing the man standing at the ledge of the Stands, there was a moment of confusion on her features, though as the face came back from an old memory, Ay'li own face seemed to light up. "Xaidenos...What in the name of...? What are you doing in Atricis?" The woman asked after excusing herself from Rhianwen's side and moved a little closer to the Stands. The last time she'd seen the young man was back in Ista, before the storm of upheaval sent her to Atricis. Had he escaped with everyone else? Had he been in Atricis all this time, right under her nose without her knowing? So many questions flickered through her mind, but she held her tongue for know, letting him answer the first one foremost.

The jungle green dipped her head low even as Isiana assured her that everything was okay, and she ducked even further as her garnet sister reprimanded her. With another soft warble and lingering look at the girl candidate she'd smacked with her tail, she carefully stepped away from them and hurried off into the crowd of candidates. She knew she needed to find her bonded soon, she was getting so hungry and the smell of meat was hanging so tantalizingly in the air. Giving a few sniffs, the young green followed her nose for a while, moving further into the rows of candidates and she wasn't really watching where she was going until she ran nearly head long into the legs of a candidate.

Oh gosh...There I go again. The striped green warbled softly as she backed up hastily and gave the candidate a quick look to see if she'd hurt them or not. As that faceted gaze traveled upward though, the hatchling got a feeling from this white robed girl, and the moment their eyes met, the dragonet knew that she was the one. Oh my Dellan, I'm so sorry for running into you. I am just so hungry, and I can smell the food. Will you take me there? Please Dellan? The little green crooned up at the young woman, the rainbow facets regarding her chosen before stepping forward again and nudging against the candidate, perhaps a little too hard and eager. I am your Messuath, and you are my Dellan. You are so perfect for me! The jungle green nearly trumpted with delight before taking the sleeve of her robe between sharp teeth and tugged on the woman, the pangs of hunger still quite evident despite how happy she was.

The Wilderness Weyrling

-:- Impressed to -:-
Dellan (Caerbutt)
-:- Color Codes -:-
#217527, #1AA423, #074D09
-:- Personality -:-
Whimsical, Intrepid, Astute, Selfish, Gullible
-:- Final Size -:-
28 ft.

There were only three eggs left now, two of them of nearly equal in size while the third was a bit smaller than those. As everyone continued to watch, there was a lull that seemed to wash over the three, at if they knew that all eyes were on them now. No longer were there any dragonets looking to find their bondeds, or chatting with any of the candidates, everyone had found their match and moved on so that only the three eggs were left to watch and wait for. One of the larger eggs did not want to disappoint it's onlookers though, and soon began with shake and wobble in it's wallow, heavy kicks heard from within the shell.

Thud! Thud! Thud-CRACK!

A huge chunk of egg shell broke off and was sent flying away to nearly the far side of the clutch and lean hind legs poked out where the shard used to be. It was hard to tell with just a few limbs showing, but it was already clear that whatever was hatching was a definite green color as the olive toned legs scrambled around to gain purchase on the lip of the hole they'd created. Once they had leverage, the dark green legs gave another solid kick and sent another piece of egg flying away, making just enough room for the hatchling to slip out now. Adjusting slightly, it was a moment later that the hatchling emerged from the mostly intact shell, a dainty creature as she picked her way carefully out of her prison.

Well, that's a relief to be free...It was starting to get a bit stuffy in there. The hatchling warbled at the offending shell, giving it another tentative sniff, before snorting and turning tail on the remnants and not even giving them a second thought. As she stretched and began to move now, her marking became more clear. What seemed like smudges or dirt on all of her feet were actually the patterns of her hide, joined by dark olive green patches on her tail, lower jaw and the elbows of her wings. Most of her body was a sage green though, a subdued yet gorgeous color on her, brightened by coins of a bright chartreuse green all along her neck and back, and dappling the sail edge of her wings. As the wetness of the egg goop began to dry, some of that shine seemed to fade away, but as the green hatchling moved to inspect the last two eggs, there was still a shimmer along her hide. Where the light touched, she had almost a pale gold sheen, yet where the shadows crept over her that shimmer took on a more bronze tone. It soon became quite clear to many then that this was not just a large green that hatched, but she was in fact something much more special, a zultanite.

Come out, come out you two. There are many here waiting to meet you, and you mustn't keep them any longer. The spotted hatchling crooned to the last two eggs, nosing gently against the smaller one, though she fully intended to take her own advice. I know I waited almost too long, so I shant dally any longer trying to coax you, but you best be right behind me. The zultanite added with a curious flick of her darkened tail and began to move away from the unhatched eggs then and looked out over the many white robed candidates. The dragonet could already feel their minds, full of hope and wonder as she regarded them, and many of them wishing that she would belong to them. However, there could be only one of her, and she had already known who it would be from the moment they walked onto the Sands.

There was a worry and sadness that tugged at her heart though, made her steps quicken that much more to be near to her chosen, to ease that worry and make sure there was no more sadness in that caring heart ever again. Do not fret my darling, I am coming. The spotted zultanite said as she plucked her way carefully up to a rather dejected looking young man. She could feel him pining for someone else, someone who'd just walked away with on of her sisters and left him standing there, but Villeforth had every intention of making him see he had just waiting for her instead. There is no need to mope my darling Bastian. You will be together again and will be stronger with your Villeforth by your side, and Danteth by hers. But right now, I need your love, your support, so we can grow into what we were meant to be together. The hatchling crooned softly, moving in a little closer to the young man and nosing against him gently. There was a glance at the area beyond them where her garnet sister was already feeding and the slightest hint of jealousy arose at the sight of Finn, the woman who'd already taken her bonded's heart, but she was determined to love him all the fiercer to prove she was just as worthy as that woman, if not more so. Together, we will fly my dear Bastian, soar into the great yonder and see all there is to see. The zulatnite remarked, perhaps a bit haughtily as she thought to herself that surely this Finn couldn't offer him the same thing.

The Vengeful Prisoner Weyrling

-:- Impressed to -:-
Bastian (Parker)
-:- Color Codes -:-
#536F29, #7E9552, #A4CA3F
-:- Personality -:-
Tenacious, Shrewd, Dignified, Loving, Eloquent
-:- Final Size -:-
48 ft.

Mutation Note: Upon closer inspection, it will be noted that behind her jaw there are several small slits, like gills that will allow her to breath under water. As the hatchling ages, one will also note that her head knobs will grow much longer than any of her kin.
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Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:16 pm

While Isiana was indeed happy for her friend, and she gave her another smile as Finn and her new garnet headed off to get a bath and get fed. A smile played on her lips as she watched them. She could imagine how happy her friend was, because Isiana knew exactly how excited and happy she would be when she got her young dragon. Or well, she assumed she knew anyway. She honestly felt a little conceited thinking that she knew how she was going to feel.

Dark eyes quickly found the young green dragon that had hit her in the leg with its tail, and she was pleasantly surprised to find that she had found her bonded. It was a young woman whom she had never met, but either way, she was glad for the new pair. Everyone deserved to find theirs if they were candidates. At least, that's how she felt anyway.

Another egg hatched, and that left two unhatched. Now, those thoughts slowly crept into her mind again, and this time, Isiana had a bit of trouble pushing them again. No, she had to stay positive, until the very end. No matter how hard it was, Her attention turned back to the newest dragon, and her eyes were fixed on it. It was not a green as she had first thought. Now that she looked at it a little closer, it was most certainly a Zultanite.

Her breath caught it her throat as it started walking towards them, and her face fell a bit when it talked to Bast instead of her. It only lasted a second though, and then she was smiling again. "She's beautiful Bastian! Congratulations!" No matter how much she was getting nervous, both of her friends impressed, and somehow, that gave her a bit of hope for herself. "I'll see you in a little bit..." While she hoped that was true, she knew she would see him and Finn at some point later anyway.
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Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:22 pm

Outside of hatchings, Nali was generally a pretty social person, but during hatchings, she wasn't as quick to start conversation. For one, not everyone wanted a conversation, and it was a distraction after all. She hated the idea of missing out on her dragon because she was distracted and the dragonet thought she didn't want them. So it was that Nali paid complete attention to the rocking eggs as they hatched, looking more focused than she ever normally did.

She watched as the eggs hatched, and hoped with each hatchling that perhaps they would be hers. She knew chances were she would Impress a green, them being one of the few female colors, and the most common all around. However, she didn't discredit any other color either, not even the browns. After all, females had Impressed browns before, a female brownrider had even been Weyrleader for a while! What a thought that was, to possibly Impress a brown and be Weyrleader one day. The thought brought an amused grin to her face, that she would be the one of her siblings to possibly fill that role that her father once held instead of her brothers. Of course, that was if a brown Impressed her, and so far, none of the hatchlings had really paid her any mind.

One after another, eggs hatched, hatchlings interacted, and all eventually Impressed, each one overlooking Nali, even the ones that took their time and lurked among the candidates longer than usual. In fact, quite a few hatchlings this time were taking their sweet time, seeming to be less concerned with Impressing than they should be, which seemed odd to Nali. Perhaps it was best then that none Impressed her here, she couldn't help but think, since so many of them seemed so flighty. She knew she would love any dragon that chose her of course, but she had imagined herself with a more focused dragon.

Soon though, she regretted even thinking it was better to not Impress some of these dragons. The clutch number dwindled, and while she perked up again at a few particular hatchlings, such as one of the greens, a second garnet, and the zultanite. She even eyed the pewter in hopes he would be hers, but alas, none of them chose her, and when the zultanite Impressed to one of the male candidates instead, Nali lowered her head for just a moment in disappointment. She didn't need to look up to know how many eggs were left , she had been keeping track, and now the number left was small. Too small for how many candidates still stood.

Of course, Nali had already felt this before, been in this situation of too few eggs for the number of candidates, and she knew where it most likely led. She would most likely be standing. Even so, she wasn't giving up so soon, there were still eggs left after all, even if it was only a few. She still had a chance, so she couldn't get dejected just yet, not until the last shell broke and the last Impression made. Until then, she would stay confident.
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Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:29 pm

Livened by the confirmation of his assumptions, X’aden warmly received the evidence with grace — enough that it shifted his facial expression from an amused grin to that of a coy simper, reflecting the sheer pleasure within his eyes. Ay’li — the person whom had given him the strength to persevere all those turns ago, into and out of the strife at Ista was in fact well and alive. Here — in Atricis; a far different fate than he had expected, yet no less fitting of which she deserved if her presence by the goldrider earlier had given any inclination to her status.

Questions smothered his mental faculties, none of which he ratified into the appropriate category. It was neither the time, nor the place to volley them at her, much as he might have wished, and instead relinquished his control over the situation to let his own emotions take over naturally. A flush dashed across his brow, eventually formulating into a wink as his visage finally embraced the hints of an oncoming beam.

With but a tender extension of his palm upwards, the trailblazing bluerider motioned towards the ceiling of the hollow. Although nearly pointed directly upwards from where they had been standing, his finger had been inclined ever so slightly to indicate one of the ledges of which his companion had been perched. The colossus of a blue, nudging his head in crooning motions, and attempting not to smack it into the upper limits due to the limited space, and his own size. Traces of an innocent smirk tugged at the pathfinder’s lips, briskly fading as he spoke. “Just visiting. I found one of your patrols early this morning injured in our territory. Figured it would be the neighborly thing to do to help the lost find their way home,” he suggested, once more returning his hand to rest gently upon the banister of which he had been keenly leaning upon.


[Tag Ay'li]
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Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:25 pm

Tag ~ I'ent
<You can look at my wing, it still stings but don't worry about hurting me, I am tough and I have food to keep me distracted.>

"Oh, I have no doubt that you are tough." Sid said with a dimpled green. While he hated for any weyrling to be injured he loved working with the young dragons. They were so spry and energetic and unless they were very badly injured they tended to hardly pay attention to the injury. He remembered when Iolith first hatched, the main thing on a baby dragon's mind was their newly bonded and food.

"Guess it's ok for you to look at her wing...she cut it there, near that wing finger. If you hurt her though I'll punch you flat."

There was a first time for everything and Sid honestly couldn't remember ever being threatened by someone newly impressed. Not that he took it personally, of course. If anything he was a tiny bit amused by it. Granted he wouldn't be amused if the lad actually did punch him. "Trust me, I'm not in the business of hurting dragons. Though, I can't promise that it won't hurt a little when I'm fixing her up, but hopefully not too bad." Sid's main priority had been Shireth, but now that he took a moment to look at her rider he realized he looked uncannily like someone else. He knew it couldn't be D'ran, but he looked like him. Sid didn't know D'ran personally, but he knew that he had helped Locke to rescue V'an during that whole fiasco. Sid had, by that time, already been sold into slavery. The mark of which was hidden by a different tattoo now.

"Alright, lovely lady, I'm going to get some numbweed on the wound first and then I'm going to wrap your wing. It seems like a minor sprain, but better to be careful with it and make sure it heals." Sid'nis explained as he examined her wing before slathering some numbweed on it.
Tag ~ Isiana/Finn
Lorcan watched excitedly and nervously as the garnet continued to sit with Finn, Bast, and Isiana. He hoped one of them would get her, but so far it seemed content to just sit there. Then a green joined them and went right up to Bast. He could see his kind hearted brother on a sweet green, but the green turned away, accidentally slapping Isiana with her tail. Lorcan's protectiveness flared up, but she didn't seem like she was hurt. Then the garnet walked away. That was disappointing....until he saw what she was doing. For as intimidating as she looked she apparently had a soft side. Then she came back towards Bast, Finn, and Isiana. A moment of disappoint washed over him as Isiana and Bast was left, but he was more than thrilled for Finn. He cheered and hollered for her and her new garnet. Congratulations to you both! Welcome to the world, little one. Hydranth said excitedly to them.

That left only three eggs. One of the larger ones hatched to reveal a green. A very large green, wait...she was a zultanite. The shine gave it away. Like her garnet sister she seemed to encourage the two eggs that's left. Lorcan watched from the edge of his seat as she neared Bast and Isiana. He cheered loudly as Bast won the zultanite's impression, but his heart sank for his girlfriend. We knew you had it in you, Bast! Can't wait to meet you face to face Villeforth. You are already loved by many people. Hydranth spoke for him and Lor. Hang in there, Isiana. You know you'll always have me and Lorcan.
Tag ~ Isiana/Finn
Bastian's heart lit up with pride as he watched the woman he loved impress to the stunning garnet. His heart hadn't stopped beating fast since he thought the green might be choosing him, but now it beat fast for another reason. "Congratulations, hunny. She's absolutely gorgeous." He told Finn before giving her a quick hug. He smiled softly as he watched the two of them head off the sands and tried to not let the disappointed and worry drag him down. "Guess, it's just us now, Isi." He said to his friend.

They watched then as one of the remaining three eggs hatched and sent a piece of shell a good distance away. That was quite the explosive entrance. Finally the baby was able to free herself and step out of her shell. Bast was like everyone else and thought the hatchling was a green until she began to move around the last two eggs to encourage them to hatch and find theirs as well. While he wanted to give the last eggs his attention, he couldn't help but feel like maybe he was going to be left again. That thought was sorrowful, not just because no candidate liked being left, but because it would mean that he would not get to go through weyrlinghood with Finn. He wasn't worried about their relationship, he knew that they would make it through anything, but it was still depressing.

He was thinking about himself and Finn and not watching the zultanite so he was rather startled when suddenly she was in front of him. There is no need to mope my darling Bastian. You will be together again and will be stronger with your Villeforth by your side, and Danteth by hers. But right now, I need your love, your support, so we can grow into what we were meant to be together. Bastian could only stare at her with shock. Was this really happening? Together, we will fly my dear Bastian, soar into the great yonder and see all there is to see. "I...I...mean...are you...yes. Yes, of course, Villeforth." It took him a moment to find his voice as he reached out to wrap arms around her neck. "Of course I love you. How could I not? You're the most amazing thing I've ever laid eyes on." The excitement of the moment was slowly starting to kick in. He'd done it. He'd impressed! And to a zultanite! He had never imagine that a zultanite would pick him! He thought maybe a blue, but more than likely a green. He would have been happy with any color, but he knew that Villeforth was the only one for him. "As excited as I am to fly with you, I think the first thing we need to do is get you fed. There's a hole where your stomach should be." Bast looked over at Isiana and gave her a small smile. "I'm sure you'll join us soon, Isi." He tried to be hopeful for her. How nice of you to notice, darling. Food would indeed be wonderful. Villeforth stated with a draconic chuckle as they headed over to where the others were.

Bast looked up to the stands and waved happily at Lorcan. "That's my brother's dragon, Hydranth. You'll get to meet both of them later, but Hydra is right. You're already a very loved dragon." He explained to her. Thank you Hydranth. I look forward to meeting you as well. She responded back to the blue. They made it over to the sands and Bast got a bucket of meat for Villeforth to eat. "FINN!! We did it! Can you believe it?" He said full of happiness. "This is Villeforth, isn't she perfect?" He said introducing his dragon. Hello Finn. And hello dear sister. Glad to see you hatched well. Apparently our riders are rather close. I guess this means that we should be close as well. The zultanite said in a cheerful voice before Bast began to feed her. "Remember to chew, please." He reminded her as she practically swallowed the first piece he gave her. Very well...I'll chew, but you can tell how hungry I am. She said and turned her head to look back at her unhatched siblings. That movement made him notice something he hadn't noticed before. "What the....Villeforth? What is this?" He asked as he reached out to touch the slits that had been hidden on the upper part of her neck. What? Oh...those. She opened the slits then to reveal what they were....gills. Does not all dragons have them? Bastian's eyes widen "No, dragons don't normally have gills. But you most certainly do." He stated with amusement. Villeforth was turning out to be far more amazing than he could have ever hoped for in a dragon.
That left two eggs. With all the encouragement from two sisters, it was obvious that these last two were listening. The smallest of the eggs managed to hatch first, but it's hatching was over shadowed by the fact the larger of the two eggs managed to roll over onto its side and then began rolling. While it should have stopped, it kept going thanks to momentum. The smaller egg, however, was fully hatched now to reveal a very striking looking blue. Dark blue marks decorated his back and face, but his stomach was a very very pale blue. His legs also sported rather intricate looking lines that didn't seem to form any sort of pattern. He didn't waste any time running after the egg and managed to stop it. Whoa there. You probably want to get out of your shell before you go find yours. Otherwise you might roll over them. He stated with a bit of a chuckle.

The large egg split straight down the center then to reveal another brown. Thank you, brother. Damn, I'm really dizzy now. The brown stated as he got to wobbly feet and almost fell back over. Thankfully the blue managed to give him a shoulder before he did that. Thank you again. Looks like it's just us two left. Shall we not dilly dally any longer then?

That is a good idea, dear brother. You sure you can walk straight? Or walk at all? The blue asked with concern. He didn't want his brown brother to hurt himself if he could help it.

I'll be fine. I'll be even better when I get some food in me. I'll see you over there. We can enjoy our first meal together. He stated and then with careful stepping he made his way to the one person he knew he wanted. You are the one for me. Forgive me for being a little out of sorts. That ride I took in my shell left me pretty dizzy.
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The blue waited for a moment so he could watch and make sure his brother wasn't going to hurt himself. Then he began looking at the candidates. He made an excited chirp sound as he found the one that was perfect for him, but before he could reach him the sorrow from someone near him made him stop to address her. I'm sorry none of us were the right one for you. Don't give up though. I can tell you are a strong person. Keep your chin up, okay? He said to Isiana before he pranced over to his bonded. I know I have kept you waiting, but I hope you will be happy with me none the less. The blue said as he moved up to Farnan and sat down. A few licks was given to the man's face before he nuzzled against him. We are so perfect for each other, Fr'an. We both care about others and together I know you and me, Mihnoth, will make Pern a better place. First things first though...I'm not going to be much help to anyone unless I get some food in me. Would you mind it if I ate with my brother, Quovadith?
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tag Sig'nis, P'list

I'ent didn't know how serious he really was with his threat, normally he wasn't the type to do such a thing. Shifting on the hot stands he simply nodded when Sid'nis assured him he wouldn't hurt Shireth though she may fell some pain while he treated him. He was about to look away when he caught a look from Sid'nis which reminded him of how Locke had at first mistaken him for some other man. Clearly Sid'nis must be seeing the same thing. Will all his encounters with dragonriders from now on be like this?

"I'm not him," I'ent said just to clear the air on that issue.

<How about some food? He can take care of my wing but I need food, do you have any idea what it's like to not have any food and have to break out of an egg?>

"Oh yes, of course," I'ent looked away from Sid'nis and offered another piece of meat to Shireth who hummed happily. He felt her twitch sightly when the Healer took the opportunity to see to her wing. Immediately I'ent turned to look at Sid'nis, seeing him carefully applying a salve onto Shireth's wing. Immediately he felt her relief as the numbweed did its work and he also sighed.

"Thanks, she feels much better now," I'ent told him. "Sorry about the early threat, I don't normally do that."

Shireth listened to Sid'nis's instructions and nodded. >You do that, as long as I can still eat I won't argue with you.>

I'ent handed another piece of meat to Shireth before the green could ask for another piece. He still felt rather disoriented by the fact he Impressed a dragon but he wasn't so distracted he missed the brown dragon who was being fed by the boy who's mouse he had stepped on accidentally. He never did talk to him much since but he didn't take to many of his fellow Candidates. Maybe he should make some effort to change that.

>Having friends is good, that's my brother Elahrairath. He had a kind heart I am sure you'll like him.>

"That's a nice brown you got Pellist," I'ent called out.

>His name is P'list now silly,> Shireth told her rider.

"Well excuse me, I am not used to this whole new name thing dragonriders get."

<Time to get used to it, more meat. Or just put the bucket down i can get the chunks myself.>

"You'll eat too much..." I'ent countered, turning his attention fully on his green, already forgetting about P'list for the moment.
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P'list smiled up at the older rider. "His name is Elahrairath," he said, proudly. He could already tell he was going to be saying variations on that phrase for the next several days until he stopped being amazed that he actually had a dragon. "I didn't want to admit it, because I wouldn't have been upset if Elahrairath had been blue, or pyrite, or something, but I really wanted a brown," he added, looking fondly at his hatchling.

You really wanted me, Elahrairath clarified. And I'm a brown. A hungry brown, he added, opening his mouth for more meat.

He gave the hungry brown another bite, before wincing at V'an's comment on the flitter. "I did send him to sit with Zosima in the stands, and he stayed up with her until he got excited when I Impressed," P'list said, worried. Since Elah's mouth was full, he reached up and scratched the flitt's head, then said, "Back to Zosima, Mouse, I need to feed Elahrairath."

Mouse chittered a little bit, probably annoyed, before popping off to return to the girl. P'list pressed his lips together. "We did say we'd help each other if we Impressed or bonded," he thought aloud. "I'll ask if Zosima can help me out with Mouse for a while." He shouldn't hope that her bonding would take long enough that he'd have more time on his hands. However, he didn't think there were any wher eggs right now, so it should be at least a few sevendays before she had a chance at bonding.
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Dark eyes watched her other friend slowly walk away from her with his new dragon. Isiana was happy for Finn, and for Bastian. Truly she was. There was just part of her that wished It would have been her. Honestly, she felt terrible even thinking like that, but she knew she was running out of time. There were only two eggs left, and she didn't know how many more Hatchings she had left before she would have to stop being considered a candidate. What would happen if she didn't get a dragon? Had moving here just been foolish? Sure, she had made friends, and she was happy about that, but at the same time, she had come here to try and improve her chances of finding her dragon.

For a few moments, she was able to push those thoughts aside as she heard Hydranth's voice. Thanks Hydranth...I know you guys will be there for me. I appreciate it. It made her feel a bit better, but not as good as it probably should have.

The last two dragons hatched, and revealed a brown and a blue. Once again, Isiana held her breath, closing her eyes and pretty much trying to will one of the dragons to pick her. It was not to be so though. They both found their bondeds, and that was that, the Hatching was over. A frown came to her face, the disappointment coming in full force now. A single tear made its way down her cheek, but she quickly reached up and wiped it away. No, she would not let it show.

Isiana didn't know how long she could put up the brave face, but hopefully enough to make it back to her room. People were leaving now, and instead of waiting, Isiana quickly filed out with the rest, her head held high. Finn and Bast would be a while, and Lor probably had other things to do. Right now, it would probably be best if she was alone, at least for a little bit anyway. She would allow herself just a little time to be sad, but everything had to go on. She had Lor, and her friends, what more could she ask for if being a candidate didn't work? Finally, that thought made her smile just a bit, the weight of her disappointment lessening just a bit.
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