The Fruits of Summer

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Tag: Mouse, Pellist
To Zosima, it didn't seem to matter that there were other things taking place on the sands. She wasn't aware of the garnet still settle by the three candidates, nor of any eggs that were releasing dragonets from their delicate confines. Her gaze was firm on Pellist and the brown, which hadn't moved from his side ever since it had approached him. "I wonder if this will be it." She whispered to Mouse, as she scooted closer and closer to the edge of her seat. Riona, who had known her long enough, took that as a sign to cling more tightly to her human's shoulder, while Jessie burrowed into the pocket he'd taken refuge in. Fingers crossed and Faranth, if she could, arms and legs and toes would have crossed as well. Oh, how she wanted this for her friend, how she wanted him to--

There was no doubt in her mind what was starting to happen, when it happened, and she stood up with her hands in the air, uncaring of how it would look to those that watched around her. To Mouse, who would have been dislodged from his place with her, she laughed and gathered up, hugging him before releasing him to the air. "Go to your boy!" She knew the little hematite would want to be with him in that moment, she just knew it, or at least suspected he would. She would be joining them soon enough, but for now, the pair of them would have a few moments before she bombarded Pellist - she wondered what he would be called now - with happy congratulations.

She sat back down, finally, and tried to force the starch of patience into her spine. She started by performing a little trick a mindhealer had taught her once - counting backwards from a high number until her nerves settled down to the point where she felt more in control of herself. She chose the number one hundred, and by the time she reached thirty-seven, she was able to breathe again, and the world wasn't spinning quite as quickly. Oh, she was still happy, and excited at that, but now it wasn't quite so overwhelming, and she was able to take it at more manageable doses.

To continue the trend, she decided she needed to force her focus on something other than her friend, which inevitably meant trying to push her thoughts away from him and his brown. She'd missed the Impression of the blue, which was a shame because from what glimpse she'd managed to catch of him, he was a rather fetching sight to see. There was still the garnet to look at, and the little green that wasn't far from where she was, and she couldn't help but wonder if that little cluster off candidates had a little beacon tucked away in some fold in their robes somewhere. If another dragonet approached them, then Zosima would be certain they were gathering them like insects to sweets.

"They should have all the candidates surround the three of them, Riona..." Shaking her head, she gave the furry little creature a kiss in apology for getting so jumpy. All the while she tried to count how many eggs had hatched, and how many were left, but it was hard to do so with all the remains of shells scattered on the sands, and the candidates even more haphazardly stood about them. "This almost makes me wish I'd remained standing for dragons." There was almost a wistful sound to her voice as she continued to whisper absently to her pets, even if she knew she'd made the right decision for herself.

Tag: Bast, Isiana
Finn had wondered whether or not something would take place between the brown and the boy, Pellist. She had wondered because of how long they stood chatting with one another, and then there was no need for her to continue to contemplate it. Even from where she was stood, she could see the swirl of rainbows in the brown's eyes, and knew that the two of them had been bonded together. She smiled for them, thinking they would be the youngest member of the class, and perhaps the one that would have to work the hardest to get ahead during training. "If we Impress," she commented absently to Isiana and Bast, because they were at the point in the hatching where it was time to start being a realist. At least in her opinion it was. "I'll have a difficult time not keeping an eye out for him."

He might not want the extra watch on his back, but it was bound to happen, if not by Finn, than by another. She couldn't very well go up to him and tell him that, not when he was sharing an extra special moment with his dragon. She kept it to herself for now, especially since there was that if gnawing at her thoughts. Instead of focusing on it - or, at least, she tried not to focus on it - she turned back to the eggs even though doing so caused her to count how many were left, and then do so again when two more of them hatched at around the same time. The first to crack shell was a blue, a rather smokey looking fellow with a hide that almost appeared to be alive.

For a moment, it was enough to capture her attention to the point that she missed a good chunk of the conversation that took place between brother and sister once the little green made her way into the world. In fact, she wasn't altogether certain she was seeing the green until it was bounding over to the little group that was composed of herself, Isiana, Bast, and the little garnet. "And then there were five." It made her stomach twist in knots for some reason, having so many dragons surrounding them all of a sudden. There was nothing wrong with being around them, it just felt as though Faranth herself was somehow teasing them by plucking them from between and placing them in the right place at the wrong time.

Which was strange, considering what her mindset had been not long before this moment. She'd been so thrilled by the garnet's presence, but then the green had bounded over, and licked Bast, knocked into Isiana, and there was just this feeling like they were all suddenly being teased. It was hard to focus on the rest of the hatching when there were other dragons right there, but Finn forced herself to do exactly that, counting the eggs as many times as it took until she was certain she had the correct number that remained lodged deep within her skull. Less than five. There were less than five eggs remaining on the sands. Unless Lennoth had cleverly hidden some somewhere, this hatching would almost certainly be over before too long.
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Farnan Candidate
He wasn't sure who to think anymore. As he glanced to the Garnet that sat watching he also seemed to state at the brown. What was going on with this hatching. The eggs seemed to hatch and take thir time at impresing. Was this a common thing. It's rather strange to think that these creatures or dragons would be so inconsiderate of their bonds and play. He sighed as he found he couldn't truly be harsh on the subject. They were only babies. The garnet seemed determined to make sure the others impressed before she did. He was happy about that.

When he looked back to see the brown hope for him fell. Now the brown was impressed and he turned back. A green broke shell. Oh she was adorable and another blue it seemed. The blue was dark and looked almost like the night sky. Watching the blue his heart leaped until the dragon impressed. He scanned the remaining eggs. The gree and garnet weren't impressed and there were only a handful of eggs left. Unsure what to think he shook his head. It was like the candidates were be teased. Oh Faranth why would you tease us.
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tag Locke/Wraith

With Shireth in pain, I'ent found it difficult to focus on anything but her and it rather irked him nobody had ran up to help. What did he know about healing a dragon? He was still reeling from the realization he just Impressed a dragon and now all the empty spaces within his heart and mind was filled with her presence.

"Just let me look, I am sure I can tell how bad it is," I'ent told her, trying to sound more confident than he felt.

>I think I will just leave my wing where it is for now, it doesn't hut that much anymore anyway,> Shireth replied, not liking the lack of confidence she was getting from I'ent. <I am rather hungry, lets eat first.>

I'ent couldn't argue with that, he could feel her hunger as strongly if not more so now as she did. It made him wish he had some meat rolls or something to snack on. Unfortunately the Candidate robe didn't have pockets and he didn't think to grab anything in his haste to get here. Then he heard Wraith in his mind relaying a message from Locke. How different his voice sounded compared to Shireth's.

Shireth didn't like hearing the chimera in her boy's mind and reared up, jeweled eyes whirling red as she picked out the intruder among all the other dragons watching the hatching. >HEY stay out of my boy's head. You got something to say to him you say it to me!>

"Oh," I'ent exclaimed, surprised at how quickly Shireth reacted to Wraith's voice in his head. She wasn't impressed and definitely saw it as an intrusion. "It's alright Shireth, that's just Wraith congratulating me on behalf of his own rider, Locke. He's a friend." I'ent liked to think Locke was a friend or as much of a friend as anybody could be. "If you want, you can tell Wraith to tell Locke I say thanks."

Shireth didn't feel inclined to relay that message but was at least mollified enough to know she told that Wraith who was her boy's dragon now. <He should have told me then I could have told you. It's not like I am speaking to his rider over his head.>

"Ah, guess that's a point." I'ent relented. "Lets go over there, they have some food for you."
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Pellist, Dragon Candidate
Pellist didn’t notice the dragonets playing tag in the sands, or the second garnet to hatch from this clutch. He was too focused on his story, and on the brown hatchling in front of him. He didn’t seem to be judging Pellist harshly, and in fact pushed his head against the boy’s hand. Almost without thinking, Pellist started scratching the dragonet’s eye ridge, staring into his eyes as they took on more colors. Those poor mice...but it was very kind of you to take care of those that are smaller than you. Those who cannot take care of themselves. Elahrairath told him, and P’list might have forgotten to breathe for a moment. It was not a mistake though, merely a lesson that life had to teach...You have a very caring soul P'list, I like that. Together you and your Elahrairath will make sure that not even the littlest of mouse goes unnoticed.

P'list just stared for a long moment, having trouble believing that Elahrairath was really his dragon. Then Mouse popped into the air above his head just after Elahrairath complained of hunger. P'list blinked, then tapped his shoulder firmly. The flitt dropped in for a landing, and his boy looked up at the stands where Zosima was celebrating. He grinned, probably the biggest grin of his life, showing all his teeth and making his cheeks flush a little pink with his excitement. He led Elahrairath to the food, the grin not leaving his face. Is that Mouse? Elahrairath asked, looking up at the flitt as he ate the first bite. Why wasn't he with you on the sands?

"Sometimes hatchlings are clumsy," P'list started to answer out loud, before remembering he didn't have to. I might have needed to dodge, and that would be harder with him on my shoulder. Or he might have thought a hatchling was going to hurt me. So I sent him to sit with my friend Zosima. He had promised to introduce her to his dragon, too, but he rather thought that would have to wait for another day. Hatchling usually passed out almost as soon as they'd had their first meal after all. I'd be happy to meet your friend,
Elah agreed. As soon as I am full and can stay awake. Right now my belly is empty, though.

P'list gave his dragonet another piece of meat, though he still insisted on a certain amount of chewing. This was just one of many tasks that would be easier for people with smaller dragons, but P'list wouldn't trade a square inch of Elah's hide.
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As the brown Impressed to the young man whom they had all met only a short time ago, Isiana found herself clapping along with everyone else, but at the same time, it was more than that. For some reason, more than anyone else, besides Finn, Bastain and herself, she had wanted to see this young man find his. Pellist was very quiet, even more so than Isiana, so hopefully having a dragon of his own now would bring him out of her shell. The young woman had always hoped the same thing about herself, but it seemed that was mostly already taken care of.

Hearing Finn's voice, the dark haired young lady reached out and gently took her hand, trying to be reassuring. "We will Impress...don't worry." They continued to watch as a blue and green hatched. The blue was unlike one she had ever seen. The green one was a beautiful one as well, and Isiana could not take her eyes off of either of them. The blue went and found his, and the green came over near their small group to talk to the Garnet. Isiana smiled as it licked Bastian's hand, and watched as it talked to her sister.

The next thing she knew, she felt a pain in her thigh and her leg gave way just a little. She couldn't help but gasp and say "Ow!" Immediately the young green was apologizing and Isiana just gave it a smile. "It's ok. It's not really that bad. You will learn to control your tail. I know you will. I promise, I'm ok though..."

Rubbing her leg, she took a deep breath and then let her dark eyes wander back to the eggs, wondering excitedly when the next one was going to hatch. Would it be hers? There were less eggs now, and that gnawing doubt came back, but Isiana quickly squashed it, trying to remain as positive as she could.
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Tag ~ Isiana/Finn
"I would say it is likely something in the blood, but I do believe you might be onto something, love." Bastian agreed as they watched the garnet scold her brothers for playing around. Whoever ended up with her would no doubt have their hands full, but as Finn had pointed out that was the way of most of the dragons of this clutch. He watched as the flame-kissed garnet came over to them and decided to join their little group to...apparently keep an eye on the others. Bast held his breath hoping that the garnet was going to pick Finn or Isiana. So far, the few garnets that had hatched had impressed to women, so he didn't consider that the garnet might want to impress to him.

Soon enough there were plenty of hatched dragons on the sands, but none of them seemed to be in a hurry to impress. The brown that had hatched a bit ago finally decided to pick Pellist. Bastian grinned at the pairing, happy for the younger boy. Two more eggs had hatched, another blue and a green. The blue was very handsome and the green was simply darling as she took after her mother in looks. His eyes widened as he watched the green approach them now and speak to her garnet sister. Then, the darling green came up to him and licked his hand. Was this it? Was this the moment? If it was then the moment was taking its dear sweet time. "I know what you mean, but I think he and his brown will do just fine." He reached over and gave her shoulder a soft squeeze. He could tell that Finn was beginning to lose hope, but there were five left...surely there was still a chance.
Tag ~ I'ent/Shireth
Sid'nis was generally on call for hatchings. It was his specialty after all, plus he had such fond memories of the first hatching he had attended as a healer...the day that Iolith had found him. His bright blue eyes kept a close watch from his spot on the sands just in case any injuries happened. There were a handful of other healers as well since they never knew when someone would accidentally or purposefully got mauled. Sid hated those times, but they did happen and him along with the rest of the healers were always prepared for the worst possible scenario. So far, this hatching, while stock full of attitude, was free of injuries and maulings.

Granted, that injury free record did not last long as one of the newly hatched greens managed to trip over her wing in her scramble to get to the one she wanted. Sid'nis could tell by the way she called out in pain that she had managed to injure herself. He grabbed his medical bag and began to head towards her and her new rider. Unfortunately he had been situated on the other side of the sands from where the two were now headed, so he had to walk around the edge of the sands to get to them.

"Hi there! I'm Sid'nis, dragon healer. Congratulations by the way." Sid said in his normal kind and warm tone of voice as he knelt down to be more at the green's level. "I believe you tweaked your wing pretty good. Would you mind if I take a look at it while your rider continues to feed you?" He asked politely.
The garnet seemed to largely ignore Bast, Finn, and Isiana as she continued to watch the others. A huff of approval was given as her brown brother finally impressed to the young boy he'd been talking to. I'm sure they would disagree about me hatching with them, but a little common sense goes a long way. Sadly, common sense is about as common as a bronze laying a clutch for some. The garnet respond with a bit of a joking tone to her voice. Until I find my own? She asked with some amusement before her attention was stolen by her garnet sister. I will not miss out on mine, this I can assure you. Get your belly full, sister, I will join you soon. Her attention was stolen back to her unhatched siblings as two of the other eggs hatched. She watched cautiously as her brother and sister managed to awkwardly and clumsily bump and smack into each other. Granted, none of them could claim they were graceful right out of the shell. They were not the ones she was waiting on, though the green was determined to join their little group as well.

Eat them? Really sister? Why would I ever eat them? Yes, I am hungry, but I must wait a little longer. The garnet explained as her eyes went back to watching the eggs. If any of those near her were paying attention they would realize she was staring at one egg in particular. Another sigh was given as her green sister managed to slap one of the candidates near them. Do be careful, sister. It doesn't look so good on us if we hurt those we're suppose to bond to. She said once again in a slightly bossy tone.

Suddenly the garnet's attention was captured by one of the smallest eggs on the sands. Excuse me. She said as she moved towards the small egg. So far this hatching that egg had not moved at all, but now it gave a few almost imperceptible rocks before falling still again. The garnet approached and circled it a few times. If she spoke to it at all no one could hear her. Then, without warning, the larger garnet was raising up on hind legs to smash down on the shell of the small egg. The first smash caused a crack, but she did it again and again until finally a piece of the shell broke and she was able to start pawing at the edges to break it open more. The sharp edges managed to cut her, but she didn't stop until finally she was gently pulling from the egg a pale green hide. Just breathe little sister. You're going to be fine. The garnet said as she nuzzled against the smaller green.

The little green was obviously exhausted as she laid on her side and just breathed for a few moments. Finally, she began to stir more and managed to raise up. Thank you, sister. You didn't have to do that. That shell was so tough I could not break through. The green spoke in a soft voice. Anyone who would inspect her shell later would see how much thicker it was than the others. I could feel your distress when I walked by you before. I wanted to give you a chance to free yourself, but the weyr does not benefit from you perishing...especially if I could do something about it. The weyr prospered in many ways, but number was one of those and what was best for the weyr came first to her. I owe you still. I can manage my way to find mine. Thank you again. The small green said as she got to her feet and on wobbly legs made her way to her chose one. You and I owe her a lot, but for right now I need to gain my strength again and eat.
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The garnet watched to make sure she impressed before getting to her feet again. Ichor coated the sand where she limped back the way she had come from. Most would call what she did loving and noble, she would say that it was simply the right thing to do. Hunger was now gnawing at her belly and all she wished was to finally claim hers without the worry of her sister's fate hanging over her head. And then there were three, you mean. She spoke to the one that had been her choice from the moment she had broken her own shell. Really, my dear and silly Finn, did you really think you were not always the perfect one for me? She said as she moved to nuzzle her skull-shaded head against Finn's stomach. I am sorry I made you wait so long, but I know that you know it was for the best. My name is Danteth and right now all I wish to do is get food in my stomach, visit my garnet sister, and get these cuts taken care of. I know you will make sure all of that happens.
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Tag Sid'nis

He was just starting to feed Shireth when one of the Healers made it over. I'ent looked over at him suspiciously even though the man sounded kind and well-meaning. In his experience those who spoke kindly often hide a far darker side. When Shireth leaned against him for a moment and looked up at the stranger herself, he sensed no fear from her, instead just curiosity.

<Don't fret my Precious, this one knows what he's doing. I am sure he'll fix my wing just fine.> Shireth told I'ent. She then looked intently at Sid'nis. <You can look at my wing, it still stings but don't worry about hurting me, I am tough and I have food to keep me distracted.>

"Guess it's ok for you to look at her wing...she cut it there, near that wing finger," I'ent pointed out. He could see the dark ichor staining the area but it wasn't bleeding anymore. To him it didn't look like more than a scrap but the hide was torn enough it'll leave a small scar. "If you hurt her though I'll punch you flat." There was enough firmness in the words it was clear I'ent was serious but he looked far too distracted to likely would do such a thing unless Sid'nis intentionally hurt Shireth.

<That's telling him but you're worrying for nothing. Now give me more meat, I am starving!> Shireth insisted and I'ent found himself complying without hesitation. It occurred to him he just ended up the slave to his precious green and he found he didn't mind. He felt like he had never felt before, no longer alone.
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Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:41 am

Isiana's dark eyes scanned the sands again, and then she looked up to find Lor. For some reason she just needed to see his face, try and help herself keep thinking positive. By now, most of the young dragons had already hatched. There were only four eggs left on the sand, and the young garnet sitting near them, and witih each one that hatched, Isiana found herself fighting more and more to keep positive thoughts in her head. While her friend didn't say it, Isiana knew Finn was probably having the same feelings she was. The two of them really did not have much longer to Impress. Once they turned 22, they would be not be able to be candidates anymore. This was one of their last hopes of becoming a full fledged dragon rider.

Just then one of the eggs began to stir a bit, but it looked like the young dragon inside might be having some difficulty getting the shell to break. A small gasp escaped Isiana as the young garnet who had been standing guard walked over and reared up on her hind legs. The red dragon got the egg to crack enough so that she could get in there and dig to get the crack to expand. When a green hide appeared and stood up (although shakily it seemed), Isiana put her hand on her chest and breathed a sigh of relief. Good, the dragon had survived. The candidate was sad to see though that in the process, the other young dragon had hurt itself. It didn't seem to bad, but Isiana knew she still get looked at.

Before she could say anything though, the Garnet was once again talking, and telling Finn that she was the right person for her. Isiana's jaw dropped and she couldn't help but grab Finn and swing her around a time or two. "You did it! Congratulations Finn!"
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Tag: Isiana, Bastian, mentioned Aesidhe
Slow... everything was suddenly moving at such a slow pace. None of it even felt real. Finn curled her fingers at her thighs, and pressed them into her flesh, tried to use the sensation to anchor herself to the world. It was almost impossible to do so. There was this feeling, a tug at her brain, like she was being pulled in a certain direction. She wouldn't be able to explain it later, she wouldn't even remember it later once further events started to sink in. But in the moment, she was trying to focus on what it was, and why it was trying to pull so fiercely at her everything. There was no panic, only a certain measure of peace that didn't usually come with hatchings, which she found likewise unusual. What was going on? Had she somehow hit her head? Did a dragonet mistake her for a walking mat and shred the shit out of her stomach? That was it, wasn't it? She was on her death's bed and in a state of twilight she would never be able to escape.

I swear, if I didn't love you, if I didn't need to eat...


There wasn't much more that was able to be said in the moment. The next thing she knew, Isiana was drawing her in her arms and spinning her 'round, and Finn was suddenly pulled out off her post-Impression daze. It was so strange, having another mind pressed to her own. It didn't overpower her thoughts, not even close. But it was strong, and it was trying so hard to overtake her own. A frown tugged at her lips as she regarded the dark red garnet, and she placed her hands on the creature's wedge shaped head, tilted it back and crouched down until they were eye to eye. "We are now one, you and I. But I will not let you walk all over me." And it was as if that acceptance settled it for her. She had Impressed, and when she stood she was smiling, happy and turning towards Bast. Surely he had bonded as well.

Only he was still there, he was without. She put a hand over her mouth, as Danteth snorted at her side. The nerve of her rider, treating her as if she had designs beyond a partnership. We do not have time for this. You and I have other things we must tend to. Would you prefer I bleed all over these sands? She nudged Finn, in the direction of the scent of food and medicine, and when she didn't move, she lifted herself up, and placed her ichor stained paws on Finn's hip. Catching the hint at last, Finn took a step away, touching her lover's wrist and mouthing a quick "I love you" before stepping away. Next time, don't make me wait. We have certain things we need to achieve. I don't intend for us to fall behind, Finn. The garnet filtered a out a few things from her rider's mind and latched onto something that delighted her to no end. Oh, how precious. You don't like to be called Serafina. Do I get to call you that?

"Not even my mother gets to call me that, and she's the one that named me." Finn grabbed food for Danteth, then set her down to eat, making that the priority over seeing to her paws. "You on the other hand... you're just cute enough that I might let you get away with it. Maybe. I haven't quite decided." She started to pull bits of egg remaining on the garnet's hide away from her as she started to eat her first bites of food. As the second servings came around, she started to check on Danteth's paws. They aren't too bad. But it was noble what you did. Kind even. Your sister might become your shadow, you know. She sat back on her heels and looked out on the sands, in Bast's direction, which didn't seem to please Danteth at all. The garnet started to nudge at her. "What?"

He'll either follow us, or get left behind. There will be no in between.

"He's better than you think, Danteth. Be gentle. I will push back when it comes to Bast." She tapped the muzzle of her dragon and received a show off teeth in response. It made her grin, and she shook her head, knowing full well the young beast would never do her harm. It was still a funny image, not that Danteth agreed; the garnet took one look at the image in her mind and resumed her meal, telling her rider they still had to meet her garnet sister. But I will not do so on an empty stomach, or with my feet spreading ichor from one end of the Weyr to the other. In fact... we should wait for her to come to me. It's only natural, is it not? I'm the one that might lead her one day.

Finn lifted a brow. Don't you mean "We"?

There is no me without you. It should be obvious already.

Shaking her head, Finn finished the bandaging, even if it meant pushing Danteth around a little bit. The young garnet didn't seem to appreciate it very much, but she took it with the understanding that there would be more food if she behaved. The word behave, once fed to her, was treated as an insult, and she insisted it never be used to describe an action by her again. It made Finn wonder what other words her dragon might object to in the future. She sat back on her heels again, this time to watch as the eating became a slower thing. I'm starting to wonder if I should carry around a pack of hides and a writing stick. Keep track of all the things I'm not allowed to say or do around you. Wondering if any other eggs had hatched - were there any left? - she looked up towards the grounds once again. You're going to be a challenge. I will not go into this relationship with you unprepared.

She nudged the meat away once she decided she was finished, and looked at Finn in an expectant manner. I must meet my sister now. Make sure I'm clean for when she arrives. And no, I don't think I'm being too bossy or domineering. I'm only being logical and prepared. She had a mouth on her, regardless of what she wanted to call it. Finn shook her head and started to do just that, sighing as she sent Aesidhe an apologetic look. This was going to take some time before she was able to push Danteth into moving towards the other garnet weyrling; she would not make the other pair bow before the more domineering of the two.
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Perched from the symbolic rafters, Verikath cast a pleased gaze onto his rider, delightfully emitting a low rumble of his own. A tune of appreciation flooded into the rider’s mind, both tranquil and charming as X’aden continued to eagerly observe the hatching. He sent off pleasant thoughts of his own towards his dragon, no later applauding the younglings that scattered across the warm sands below. Weyrlings taking their first steps into a brand new adventure — life, a tide of welcome of which he remembered all too keenly, and cherished the opportunity as did many others about weyrs.

The newly hatched brown caught his partner’s focus initially, quickly flickering his tail in gentle excitement as a soft croon washed into X’aden’s mind. “A strong bond of parents this group had. I perceive much spirit within them,” the blue shot quietly in assessment, his study enraptured by the duo of eggs wobbling in sync. A petite navy claw emerged from within the inner layer, reaching out into the light of its first steps. “Such an entrancing ingress, that stormy one. Spritefully spellbinding.” Verikath was enjoying himself, far more than was typical — something had him in an exceptional mood, a hint of which X’aden attributed to the good tidings of their own arrival, and the hatching itself. “A fine dragon that blue will make mark my words,” the far larger beast approved, thrumming a flash of green within his eye facets.

Chuckling, quite amused with his own bond, X’aden passively rested his back against the wall of the stands, a vast beam of a grin imprinted upon his own visage. “I’m beginning to wonder if you’re growing attached,” he suggested. “Not ten minutes after set down and you’re already in one of the best moods I’ve seen in sevendays.” It was something to think on. Ivory had been home for the two for so long, that it had been engrained into to their own beings. A welcome change from the iron grips of Ista — that was a past he’d long wished to forget, but was too deep a part of him.

And none too important, given what the bluerider spotted next. The old face of which had given him inspiration and hope during his late adolescence and early adulthood. Although it was unfair to say they were peers, with she holding a fair grasp of years ahead of him, and a brown of her own no less. Something to respect and thank, no doubt. Edging slowly towards one of the banisters, to lean for a closer look onto the sands, yet also not intrude X’aden paused. It was her. “Ay’li. Fancy seeing you here,” he soothing admired, “A fine group Atricis has this hatching.


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