The Fruits of Summer

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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The hatching was coming along quite nicely despite a few tense moments when a few argued with each other before moving off to Impress. The first blue to hatch finally got around to Impressing and it wasn't too much longer before the only pewter of the clutch found his lifemate.

Earlier he had been quite impressed with the Garnet, he had not seen very many of those and she was certainly going to one worth watching. Gorgeous pattern and color, R'mia hoped his Siorbhath took a fancy to her once she matured in about two Turns. R'mia was always looking to add more people to his list of potential good times.

"Will you look at that, our first brown. He seems to want to encourage that wee egg to hatch too," R'mia observed to his neighbor. "He'll be a real charmer that one I bet."

He watched as the green finally broke shell and clung against her brown bother before he encouraged her to seek her human. R'mia had seen prettier greens but he also seen pretty plain ones too. He was willing to bet that brown will chase her when the time came. Sure enough the green Impressed and R'mia turned his eyes to see what the brown was doing.

"Think he'll impress to that boy?" R'mia asked, watching for the telltale sign of rainbows in the hatchling's eyes. Nothing so far but sometimes they do seem to take their time.
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Pellist, Dragon Candidate
Pellist watched the pewter take his time finding a person before finally selecting a rider. He peered at several candidates, though he didn’t pause in front of Pellist as he did with a few others. His body language was quite irritable, though, and Pellist thought he was rather relieved when Dorayth chose someone else.

Then a larger egg cracked, and Pellist saw a brown foot, then the other three brown feet and the wings. He wondered again for a moment if his father had come on his own brown to see his son’s first chance at Impressing. What would it be like, to Impress a brown, from a brown’s clutch, while his father, the brownrider watched? Pellist shook his head firmly. It didn’t matter if P’char was there, when he knew for a fact that Zosima was watching and taking care of his flitt. He did smile when he saw the brown standing among the shards of his egg with a few still sticking to him. Instead of looking for a rider immediately, the brown turned to a nearby egg, that was only making tentative movements. He pawed at the egg, before it finally released a green, and the two of them almost snuggled for a moment before she Impressed...after a tumble. Pellist’s smile became a grin at the fact that THESE two siblings were actually friendly, when the other pairs had all been hostile with each other.

Finally, the brown started his own trip through the candidates, and Pellist paid close attention. He might have stopped breathing when the dragonet stopped in front of him. Couldn't even run a hand through that mop of hair for us? Pellist gasped and blushed, putting his hand up to his hair. He really hadn’t thought it was that bad. He frequently saw older men coming into the dining hall with their hair all messed up in the mornings. His didn’t look as messy as theirs, surely.

The brown snuffled at his sleeve, and Pellist opened his hand, reflexively. He didn’t quite reach for the hatchling. Any contact had to be initiated by the dragonet, not the candidates, if they wanted to avoid a mauling. I didn’t really think any dragonets would notice my hair, he thought.

Then the dragonet bespoke Pellist again, and he winced. What's this story about a mouse? It seems like a sad, but happy memory. I'm curious now. The hatchling sat back, waiting for a response, and Pellist felt himself blushing even harder, but answered him. “I rescued a litter of mice because a cat was eating their mother while they were still nursing,” he admitted in a quiet voice. “Then one of the mice died because I didn’t set them loose outside quickly enough.”

“When I got a flitt egg a few sevendays later, I named him Mouse,” Pellist continued. “I don’t know if it was in memory of the mouse that died – I didn’t bother naming them – or to remind me of my mistakes so I don’t make them again.”
tag: Zosima
When the brown approached his boy, Mouse perked up, his hum deepening a bit as the dragonet spoke to Pellist. Mouse tensed at Pellist’s moment of sadness, then chirped as the boy said his name. He tensed, but Pellist had told him to stay with the girl. He looked up at her, then down at his slightly sad boy worriedly. Pellist hadn’t been calling him, not exactly. Why did the giant flitt make him sad, though? But he wasn’t VERY sad. Mouse was torn, but stayed with the girl, waiting for a clearer sign that it was time to go back to his boy.
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Lauruth could not help rumbling softly when Kelpieth answered her. He was always fun company and tonight was no exception. Whirling blue-green eyes were turned upon him briefly before Lauruth's head surged forward, the zultanite giving him a good shove.

And what if instead I toss you onto the sands below? she challenged, still playing with him. Swiftly she turned her shove into a nuzzle, letting her friend know she wasn't serious. Lauruth rather enjoyed spending time with Kelpieth. The blue would have to do a lot worse than invite himself to the ledge she was on to truly annoy her-especially when she was in such a good mood.

A mental shrug was given at Kelpieth's assurance that she wouldn't be bad at clutching. Well you know...I don't exactly intend to be bad at anything, she replied, unconcerned amusement still radiating off her. I have every intention of being a great mother-when the time is right. The least was spoken softly, thoughtfully. Lauruth had every confidence that she would Rise soon enough. No amount of worrying would make her time come any faster.

Try telling that to Keetin though. Now that Elysia had asked the question that weighed heaviest on his mind Keetin could not help worrying more. Lauruth had hit the two turn mark. By all he had been told she was now officially old enough to start Rising to mate...but she hadn't. As Elysia said, any minute now...but Keetin had to bite back a bitter laugh at that. Among other things covered in lessons on Flights, the instructors had made the signs of Rising very clear. So far Lauruth had displayed none of them. She was her same old self. Hide no more vibrant than normal. No moodiness, no excessive flirting or much flirting at all really. She flirted more when she was the dragon equivalent of a teenager!

A prick of desperate frustration met his friend's assurances. He knew Lauruth could show signs any day now, he knew she might be waiting so that she didn't clash with the other queens' Flights...but that didn't make the waiting any easier! Even at that he wasn't sure the dragons could change their Flight schedule...they Rose when hormones dictated, right? Unless they had more control over their hormones than humans did there was no way Lauruth could be waiting all this time!

Keetin opened his mouth to argue as Elysia continued. It shouldn't matter that he wasn't technically old enough to fight Thread! What did that have to do with Lauruth Rising? The zultanite was hardly going to Rise in the middle of a Fall! His words died on his tongue though when her tone changed. Something in the way she spoke now and what she said caught his attention. Did she know something? Had he missed some detail when he was trying so hard to solve this puzzle? He listened carefully, hoping that maybe Elysia actually did know why Lauruth was late in Rising.

Suffice it to say her answer was not at all reassuring. For a minute Keetin was so flustered he couldn't even think how to answer. It didn't help that Elysia was looking so closely at him, scrutinizing him, or perhaps searching for the answer. Heat rose into his cheeks at that, Keetin puffing a bit indignantly. "How can I not be ready?" he countered. "I paid close attention during all my lessons, I have spent my entire life in one Weyr or another...I am no stranger to Flights. I know what happens during them, what I am supposed to do. I know what I must do for Lauruth's sake as well, to help her have the best clutches possible, and I am willing to do so. I've accepted it. What's left?!"

More heat came then, Keetin blushing with embarrassment as he realized his voice had steadily risen as he'd spoken. It was such a touchy subject with him though. "I...I am sorry everyone," he murmured, managing to look at the others but ducking his head as soon as their attention was on the Hatching once more. How disgraceful...he was here to watch and greet Lennoth's children and instead he was making a spectacle of himself, drawing the leadership's attention away from them. That was not good, not at all.

"Sorry," he muttered again, this time only to Elysia. "I mean it though; I have done everything right and learned everything well-I may know it better than anyone. I have even looked through old records trying to find every last tidbit. Age...shouldn't be a problem. I'm almost sixteen El; that should be plenty old enough." He fell silent for a moment, thinking, before whispering: "What if there is something wrong with me? Will she never Rise because of me? After how hard we've worked to get this far..." Keetin trailed off into silence, staring at his lap. He didn't know if he could forgive himself should that prove true. He couldn't bear it if he was holding Lauruth back, stopping her from being the magnificent queen he knew she was. If he was effectively crippling her...then what? What could he do that he wasn't already?
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Tag ~ Issworent/Aesidhe
Locke saw Aesidhe looking for him, so he waved to try and help her find him easier. He smiled when she finally caught sight of him and gave her a thumbs up. The appearance of a ruby fancy flitt startled him for a second. "Oh, hello there. Come to watch the hatching with me, have you?" He spoke to the ruby. He raised a finger for him to sniff and then gently petted his soft hide. That was when he noticed that Issworent was looking for him as well. He waved to him once he was sure the younger man was looking at him. Whether or not the lad had caught on to what he had been implying during their first meeting, Locke wasn't sure. He could use some help when it came to his plans for Walled, but obviously it was more important for the lad to hopefully impress and start a new life.

Locke watched as the first of the eggs hatched. A blue and a green. While he didn't normally come to the hatchings, but he could understand why people liked to come and watch. It was a bit thrilling to see which lucky candidates got what dragons. Another blue hatched before the first one had bothered to impress. Then, one of the new garnets hatched. Locke watched and then whooped with happiness as Aesidhe impressed to the beautiful baby. Tell her congratulations, Wraith! I knew she would do it." He asked his dragon. You know I'm not your message boy, right? He smarted off to his rider, but did as was asked anyways. Locke wants to tell you congratulations. I'm sure you two will be more than happy together.

More eggs hatched, but Locke only paid attention to them if they seemed to be interested in Issworent. A pewter hatched then and made his way up to the young man. He held his breath wondering if impression was going to happen, then a green about the same size as her brother came running up to them and literally pushed her brother away. Such attitude that one had and Locke couldn't help but chuckle when it seemed like she was the one for Issworent. Hey Wraith, can you... Yeah, I know...I know... The chimera said before he reached out to Issworent. Locke wants to tell you congratulations. Wraith was obviously rather bored with this whole thing.
Tag ~ Isiana/Finn
Lorcan watched with baited breath as eggs began to hatch and baby's began to choose who they knew was the best for them. He felt anxious, almost, for his loved ones on the sands. As bad as he had felt about impressing before Bastian, he truly hoped that luck would be with him this time. He knew that Bast was rider material....way more than what he ever had been. Granted, he'd managed to make his way, finally, and was even beginning to care about his position as a rider, but Bast would be that way from the beginning. He leaned forward and folded his hands together to rest his chin on. There had been so many times that he thought Isiana, Finn, or Bast was going to impress, but it didn't happen. "C'mon....c'mon...pick one of them." He murmured under his breath. There were still eggs left, plenty of time.
One by one the eggs were slowly dwindling in numbers on the sands. At least there had been nothing too bad to have happened other than a few smart lipped dragonets arguing with each other. That seemed to be these babies prerogative this hatching, to argue with each other. The next two eggs to hatch would prove to be different. One of the large eggs hatched suddenly and with little warning to spill forth a brown onto the sands. He shook himself as he righted himself on his feet and looked around. C'mon, brother. I know you an do it. The brown said as he moved over to one of the other rocking eggs. He nosed it a few times and spoke more words of encouragement. The smaller size egg did seem to rock harder with his words. The brown proved to be impatient and actually pushed the smaller egg over to hurry the process along. That seemed to do the trick as a large crack appeared in the shell and a moment later a blue foot broke through. There you are! Get up you lazy bones. We've been in these shells long enough. The brown stated.

The blue pushed through the shell the rest of the way and stood to his feet. Before he said word one, the blue was pouncing onto his bigger brown brother. You knocked me over. How dare you. The blue stated, but there was only playfulness in his voice as the two tumbled about on the sand. And I'm not being lazy. That shell was hard to get out of.

Excuses...excuses...You're out now. Let's play! The brown said as he rolled out from underneath the blue and began to run away from him. Catch me if you can! He said as he looked behind him to see if his brother was giving chase. An excited trill was given when he saw that the blue was running after him. This would be a fun game of tag....if it weren't for another dragon that had hatched when they weren't noticing. The brown managed to run directly into something that budged as much as a brick wall. Ow! Hey! The brown said as he shook his smarting head.

What gives, sister? We were playing chase. The blue whined as he came up to nuzzle against his brown brother.

Stop being foolish. This is no time to play. The garnet spoke harshly to the two of them. Unlike her previous sister, there was no light color that decorated her flame-licked hide. She snarled at both of them with little amusement. What would you two do if the ones meant for you happen to get picked by one of our other siblings? You just hatched your shells, do you care so little for life that you would risk it this soon?

No. The brown said in a dejected voice. He gave a soft croon to his blue brother and nuzzled against him. He knew when he'd been put in his place, so he moved off and immediately went up to the one that was perfect for him.
NPC Brown Dragon Impressed to NPC Candidate
The blue, however, didn't seem as phased by the garnet's attitude. We were just having fun, sister. You should lighten up some. He said with a huff. That did not go over too well with her though. She growled at him and took a few steps closer. I could lighten up if my brothers weren't being so idiotic. Now do what you are suppose to do and go find yours. I'm not going to tell you twice. The blue knew when to give up and this was not a fight he was going to win. To be spiteful to her though, he took his dear sweet time looking through the candidates before finally impressing to one.
NPC Blue Dragon Impressed to NPC Candidate
The garnet watched as they both made their choices and headed off the sands with their newly bondeds. She understood that there was a lot to be excited about in this new world they had hatched into, but the time to play was later. With an air of elegance the garnet moved around to the remaining eggs to inspect. To a few she gave words of encouragement and to some she scolded for not working hard enough to escape their shells and begin their new life. Once she was satisfied she had spoken to all of her unhatched siblings she found a spot to sit and watch for a spell near to Finn, Bast, and Isiana. It surprises me how some of them cannot grasp the brevity and importance of this moment. There is nothing wrong with comradely fun, but there is a place for it. That place is not here, not now. She said and then gave a long sigh. No doubt you understand the need to keep people in line. I will keep watch here for the moment, until I am sure the others are more focused on impression than those two were. She spoke to all three of them.
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Tag: Mouse
Oh, but Zosima hoped the brown went to Pellist. He looked so sad from where she was seated, and she didn't want him to be sad. She placed a hand on Mouse and felt the hematite was tense, and tried her best to try and calm and relax him, but figured that wouldn't happen until either his boy Impressed, or the brown moved on, maybe not even then. Because in that case, that would be an Impression missed, and if Zosima had been in Pellist's position, she knew she would have been disappointed by such a thing. She watched the moment between dragon and boy with great interest, head cocked slightly to the side, and when the brown eventually moved away, she felt sadness flare, rousing Jessie from his nap and causing Riona to tighten the hold she had on Zosima's hair.

"Oh, Pellist..." She placed her hand on her thighs and wished she could comfort her young friend, but that would have to wait, just a little while at least. There were still eggs, and he still had many chances left. There was still time before he either walked away empty handed or with a mind full of joy. Maybe it would be with one of the dragons that were hatching? She lost track of what was cracking out of its shell, and what was already on the sands, but she did notice a blue, and another brown, and was that a second garnet? She wasn't sure if the pretty girl would bond to a boy or not, but she sure was a stunning sight and Faranth, it was hard not to laugh from her words. She looked down at Mouse and gave him a scratch.

"I'm not laughing at your boy." She assured him. "Just your big cousin being a little bossy-boss to her siblings." She was a little bit like one of Zosima's cousins, which made her grin, and she thought her auntie would be thinking the same thing right about now, depending on where she was within the crowd. "It won't be too much longer before he's found by his dragon. Then you'll be able to go to him and share in his happiness. I'll follow, as soon as I'm able to. You'll give him an image of my smile, won't you?" She didn't know if the little creature would follow one of her soft commands, but it was worth requesting in as gentle of a voice as she could muster.

Tag: Bast, Isiana, hatchling garnet
A blue and brown on the sands, both of them at play. Finn was smiling as she watched the two of them, but there was some measure of frustration as she watched them. It wasn't that she didn't like the banter, or the babies themselves. She adored them, each and every one that came into this world. She was just eager to have a dragon, to see them Impressed to their riders, and when they joked around like this, they made it difficult for even the most patient of candidates to remain still for long. Perhaps it was wrong of her to think, and she was quick to press her thoughts to the walls of her mind, not wanting them to be let loose and launched in the wrong direction.

It was the appearance of the garnet that brought a smile to her face, or perhaps the little thing's voice that did the trick. She chuckled and relaxed a bit, if only because she seemed so much like her mother. "I wonder if Lennoth is proud of producing so many like herself." And that brought her to another thought, one that was by far different than a simple familial comparison. "I wonder if there's something in the air at Walled. Notice how Lennoth was born of Walled, and how Lennoth hatched there, and now we have garnets?" Maybe she was the only one curious about that fact, and maybe she was the only one thinking about it, but it gently poked at her thoughts, and it was better to think about then her frustrations, which were sat somewhat calmly in their places.

She lifted her shoulders, and just as the baby came to address herself, Bast, and Isiana. She glanced at her friend and her man and then back at the hatchling. She had good points, and Finn nodded, not daring to think that this might be the dragon for her. "Someone must keep them in their place. It's a good thing you've hatched with them. They'll need the direction as they grow." There, it wasn't such a bad thing to have addressed her, even if she ended up wandering off in another direction. Or so Finn thought. "Are there others like them in these shells, little one? Must you stand sentinel and look out for everyone until you find your own?"

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Dark eyes were glued to the sand as more eggs began to rock. A smile played on her face, and Isiana kept telling herself there was still time. Any of these could be hers. Who knew, maybe one of the ones hatching right now were hers. A brown hatched first, and Isiana held her breath as it walked over to the other egg, encouraging it. The young woman was glad to see that the encouragement seemed to be helping the other young dragon hatch. When the other one finally hatched, it was a blue, and Isiana let out the breath she had been holding, something she seemed to be doing a lot of tonight.

Chuckling a bit, she couldn't help but think that the two of them looked kind of cute playing together. She found herself wondering though, if that was the best thing. They could play later, right now they should be finding theirs shouldn't they? She was so busy watching them play, that she hadn't noticed that another egg had hatched. That was, until the brown ran into the other young dragon. It was another garnet, and what a beautiful one it was. Well, every single one of these babies were beautiful, but already, Isiana found herself just a tiny bit partial to the garnets. Eyes widened as the little garnet snapped at her brothers, Did she need to be that mean? isiana knew she was just worried about her brothers, but she didn't need to snap at them, or at least she didn't think she had to snap that much. The reprimand could have been, a little less severe.

Finn's words reached her ears, and gave her a moment of thought. "I don't know, maybe there is something different there? That might be a good question to ask in one of our classes. Although, I wonder if anyone would even know the answer to that..." A few moments after that, the garnet made her way over towards the three of them, and Isiana's dark eyes grew wide once again, her heart pounding. She felt her heart fall just a bit when she garnet just sat down and spoke to them. Isiana could not even find her voice, but she listened as Finn spoke to the young dragon.

All she could do was nod in agreement with what the young dragon was saying, and then she turned her eyes back to the sands, wondering what the rest of the eggs would hold. She couldn't wait to find out.

Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:15 am


Tag: Baby Garnet, mentions Locke, Open
It would seem that my siblings are going to cause trouble. A wide yawn flashed sharp fangs as Rontuaruth stretched out in front of her rider, and the weight of the newly swallowed food bulged at her sides so that she had to wobble a few steps to see the sands better. It would seem that two of her brothers had decided that it would be more fun to argue rather than find their riders, though their argument seemed as much a fun spat as anything else. The red female tipped her head to the side as she considered them both before her head snapped up suddenly at the other voice in her human's head, and a flash of alarmed orange burned at Wraith's rider in the stands as Aesidhe turned her own gaze toward her friend. "It's okay. They're just being nice. Will you tell Locke thank you?" The garnet warbled low at the suggestion, however, and it was only then that Aesidhe realized how uncomfortable the idea had made the young female. "It's okay, you don't have to."

An affectionate regard passed over the dragonet before both were preoccupied with the activity on the sands once more, and this time by the hatching of a second garnet. Rontuaruth whistled loudly in joyous delight, and as the two rogue males finally found their riders, she dipped her head to them with a flutter of dark wings. Sister, won't you join me soon? You don't want to miss out on your rider any more than our silly brothers. A playful croon followed her words as a marked tail swished from one side of the garnet's body to the other, and Aesidhe traced the raised ridge along the dragon's eyes. "She'll find her rider when she's ready. Don't distract her Tua." The reminder was a gentle chide, but one that was necessary regardless, and the bonded garnet shuffled her paws awkwardly with nose tipped toward the sands as she huffed out an impatient breath. I want to meet her, though; we belong together, she and I. Don't you think?

Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:04 am

Verikath meandered from windstream to current, his mountainous wings far stretched outwards into the horizons of the north and the south, handling his prodigious form into a gentle cascade against the wild updrafts. Far below, a hundred meters perhaps, the wandering patrol ran into gaze-sight of their home, the neighboring weyr for his rider that had since been guided from the lush wilds back into their own refuge. X’aden could see it, all of a league away, though much as the vision tore at the pathfinder’s heartstrings the man clung to his promise of aiding the lost vigil. It was only right — Atricis had been nothing short of helpful and accepting of the Ivory Weyrhold upon the fledgling community’s inauguration.

He’d been there. Every step of the journey, and scouting the contours of the feral landscapes, trailblazing a path for his eventual successors. For a dragonrider the voyage was a mere few hours by his estimate, paced between the blinks for comfort. By foot…few caravans had actually been established, the vast majority choosing to conduct their trade by sea — a luxury which the other weyr hadn’t been able to exploit in its entirety. Of course there were the other holds, a further distance, but not all were nearly as accepting of the estranged society. One based upon equality and hard work, earning your repute through diligence. An entirely foreign challenge and opportunity for the bluerider at first, now welcomed as nothing other than the accepted norm for him.

For turns he’d toiled to earn a place amongst others, failing to do so chapter after chapter in the north. Had it not been for a starling bronzerider whom broke him free of the metaphorical chains he bore, it was a life he would never have been able to embrace. And yet, like the sweet song of the metallic that had granted him his freedom there he found his own path. One of which he’d forged a place into Ivory Weyrhold as an established and reliable person. Not just him, but his dragon as well — Verikath was an oddity of his own. An eyesight to some, and spectacle to others that would not soon be forgotten. Particularly so given the fact that he was a blue unlike any other.

Amidst their descent the two shivered into the melodious call of a gold. There was no mistaking the sensation, one he’d become accustomed to over his life — most of it led into disappointment and shame. It was no longer his story, however, and but a ghost of the long-since-abandoned past. With but a bugle to announce his arrival, Verikath’s mighty landing into the yard was welcomed as a foreigner, immediately buried with questions of against both the dragon himself and the visiting rider. Happenstance as it might have been, the lost, and injured patrol wandered through the gates moments later quickly embracing the tall beastcrafter in a gesture of hospitality and thanks. One that would be remembered as a sign of goodwill between the two communities, despite their differences.

Drawn to the sands by the call once more, the blue batted his rider with a playful claw, grasping his attention. “She calls. We must attend and pay our respects,” Verikath demanded, a warm change for the oft-imperious beast. Arrogant as the creature might have been in some airy moments, a peaceful trill resonated into his mind, immediately paired with a gaze reflective of the serene ocean itself. If the flash of blue within the dragon’s eyes hadn’t indicated his contentment upon an opportune arrival, his words tore X’aden into realization of the moment they had just proverbially walked into. “Quickly now. Let us not dally, lest we be seen as ungrateful for our hosts.

Carrying to the skies ever so loftily for the barest of moments, the pair glided tranquilly into the cavern. Depositing his partner into the stands, Verikath pleasingly located a ledge of which to perch upon, not all that far from a Zultanite and another, far smaller blue. A moderately tight fight for himself, given the lack of other free mantels of which to rest upon and gaze, but it was something that the beast took with modesty, for once. After all, it would have been unappreciative for a guest to demand anything further, or wedge his way in between the other two without so much as a vague invitation.


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Farnan Candidate
Farnan noticed the dwindling number of eggs. His eyes focused on the brown as soon as he hatched. The brown was wrestling an egg when suddenly a blue came out. Now focused on those two he wondered if any would impress. They were playing and running around. Suddenly he felt a bubble of laughter and couldn't help himself as he started to chuckle. The two were playing tag on the sands. After the argument and aggression of the last dragonet's they needed the fun. It was suddenly stopped with the surprise of the garnet. Blinking a few times he couldn't belive what he saw. Another ruby dragon.

His eyes trailed the brown as he found a candidate to impress. Sighing he looked to the blue. He seemed to stand his ground for a moment until the ruby hissed and he too went straight for a candidate. Feeling a little draught he centered himself. He would or be foolish and weak. He was the son of a hard working caravan man. A child of the south. He would be strong no matter the outcome. A small push at him mind had him looking around. Then he smiled as he understood. His flitts cared about his happiness and it made him happy to know this. For creatures similar to dragons they were wise in a way.

He saw the ruby or Garnet as he learned from the whispers around him walk over to several candidates. Blinking he wondered why it seemed all those candidates suddenly faced the garnet. Surely she east Impressing all of them. Shaking his head he watched as the candidates spoke back to the dragon.
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The outlined brown looked up into the young boy's face, curious to hear this story about a mouse, and why everyone remembers him for such. As Pellist explained about the babies, with the cat and their mother, the hatchling crooned softly at the sadness of the memory. Though he didn't interrupt the lad and instead continued to listen patiently as he went on to explain it was the name of his flitter as well, and the dragonets' head cocked to the side a little. When the boy was done, the brown gave another soft warble and craned his neck to nudge against the boys' open hand.

Those poor mice...but it was very kind of you to take care of those that are smaller than you. Those who cannot take care of themselves. The brown hatchling bespoke as his tone grew a little softer for the lad, while a swirl of green and blue beginning to intermingle into the reds of hunger and need in those faceted eyes. It was not a mistake though, merely a lesson that life had to teach...You have a very caring soul P'list, I like that. The dragonet continued, standing up again in order to take a few steps closer and nudge against the candidate and nip playfully at his robe. Together you and your Elahrairath will make sure that not even the littlest of mouse goes unnoticed. The hatchling crooned once more, the white tip of his tail flickering quite happily as those facets turned back to face the young boy with a whole array of colors and the brown reached out to mentally embrace his other half. For a moment, he was content to let that love and admiration wash over them both, but there was a very real sensation growing in the pit of his stomach though, and the growling rumble seemed to break the sweetness of the moment. I suppose my stomach would like to be noticed first. Can we get something to eat now?
The Heroic Refugee Weyrling

-:- Impressed to -:-
P'list (Ainokesshou)
-:- Color Codes -:-
#7B4325, #BF9985
-:- Personality -:-
Brave, Clever, Dependable, Intuitive, Emotional
-:- Final Size -:-
43 ft.

While the garnet chose to wait and watch, there were two more eggs that seemed spurned on what what she must have said, for just as she'd passed them by, each had begun to wiggle to and fro a little faster now. The larger of the two began to crack first, the pieces of egg quickly crumbling and breaking apart at the hatchlings insistence, while the smaller egg had yet to show a webbing but was plenty active enough. Out of the first egg, a smoky blue emerged as the shards fell away, and he was a drab looking fellow with dark rolling clouds that seemed to blot out all of his navy blue hide. The more he moved, the more it seemed the smoke of the clouds on his hide moved with him and the hatchling even looked to be in motion when he was standing still.

Are you alright in there? The blue hatchling asked of the wobbling egg. Need an extra claw?

Before the male hatchling could step forward to lend said claw though, there was a loud crack and a pieces of shell came flying at him. With a bugle, the smoky blue dropped to the sands and nearly tried to bury himself, but he could feel the thuds as shards of egg bounced off of him, or stuck to his still wet hide. When the dust settled, the blue lingered just a moment longer before glancing up from his self made wallow to see one of his green sisters laying flat out as much as he was. The shell had broken all around her and the green had no choice but to flounder and ended up failing to find her feet and ended up on her stomach.

Sorry about that...didn't expect it to happen so quickly. The little green said, slowly but surely rising to her feet at the same time as her blue brother picked himself up as well. Now that one could get a good luck at her, she was a stunning green, one who seemed to share her mothers' sort of 'ivy' pattern up her legs as well as adorning the elbows of her wings. All down her neck, back and tail though were darker stripes though that gave her a fierce look, though her vulnerable tummy was a paler shade of green. All in all, this little green would blend right into the foliage of the jungle. Are you okay brother? She asked, moving closer to the smoky blue and began to look him over for any signs of injury.

The dark blue however, seemed to be a little more irritated at the embarrassing way he'd squealed and now all the sand that was sticking to his beautiful hide. He snorted and snuffled, kicking first one foot and then the other trying to shake off the shards of egg and sand. It wasn't until he flared his wings wide that one caught a glimpse of his true marking, a dual colored knotwork pattern that lay hidden under the tuck of his wing. I'm fine...just dirty now, thank you very much. The cloudy hatchling said with an added snort, though it was more at the sand stuck to his muzzle than directed at the green.

I could help if you'd like....I'm sure we could fig- The striped green said, already moving closer and extending a wing in an attempt to brush it gently across her brothers face to get rid of the sand, however she just ended up mostly slapping in the face with an ungainly wing instead.

The smoky blue gave a huff and used his own wing to bat her most unhelpful one away, narrowing his gaze at her and taking a few careful steps back and out of her range once more. I said I was fine...Just, leave me alone now. I will be clean again soon enough, once I have found my other half and had a full meal....Which you should do as well sister. The dark hatchling said, and though the words sounded brusque, his tone was more indifferent than anything and he continued to back away from the green dragonet. Once he was a safe distance, and she didn't seem intent on helping him anymore, the smoky blue hatchling began to move toward the candidates instead. The hatchling moved with purpose, even daring to nudge between two candidates, Farnan and Della and didn't seem to mind much as he brushed passed them with barely a glance to get to the one he already knew was waiting for him.

There was a soft croon for his chosen one, a gentle look passed between them as the rainbows of Impression took hold. A moment later though, the smoky blue was rubbing his muzzle against the white robe, starting to cleaning off some of the sand already even as his stomach began to grumble in earnest now. First, I must eat... secondly, your Bastith will need a bath and oiling to get all this sand off me. I feel like it's in every crevasse... The dark and cloudy blue said, nudging the candidate once more and then moving off toward the feeding area, already too impatient to wait much longer than was necessary.
The Neverending Weyrling

-:- Impressed to -:-
??? (Adoptable)
-:- Color Codes -:-
#1D3A6A, #617AA2, #1C2129
-:- Personality -:-
Imaginative, Adept, Stubborn, Impatient, Meticulous
-:- Final Size -:-
36 ft.

The little green was left to her own devices when the dark blue wandered away, and for a moment, she looked after him almost wistfully. Turning back to regard the other eggs, it seemed that no one was quite willing to break free right this instant and join her. However there was one that was still hatched and around, so the striped green gave a tiny trumpeting sound as she plucked up her feet and trotted off toward her garnet sister, the one who encouraged her out of her egg. I made it! And you're right, it's so big and wonderful out there. So much to see, and hunger. Are you hungry too? She asked of her flame licked garnet sister, and then glanced to the candidates that surrounded them. Stepping in a bit closer, she snuffled at Bastians' hand, even going so far as to give it a lick. I hope you don't plan to eat them... The hatchling added as she gave her mouth another few licks, more like she was trying to get rid of a taste in her mouth though. Sweaty hand was not exactly the most enticing thing on the menu, but she could smell something delicious close by.

Where is that coming from? The little green asked of no one in particular and turned rather quickly, enough so that her striped tail smacked hard against Isiana's thigh and the sound of the slap drew the hatchlings attention. Oh dear me! I'm so sorry! She turned back to face Isiana, though in doing so, nearly struck her tail against the garnet and quickly tucked it down between her legs instead of flailing about. I guess I haven't gotten used to having a tail yet... The jungle green added as she took a few careful steps back and away from the group so she couldn't hurt anyone else.

{V'an and Elysia to come...just wanted to give y'all a baby or two to enjoy before too long. =P}
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