The Fruits of Summer

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Tag: Mouse
The hematite was such a well behaved little thing. Zosima was, if she were honest, rather impressed. Pellist must have been working hard to train him since bonding to him, and it showed. She would have to compliment him when she saw him next, which would hopefully be soon, after he'd Impressed of course. She held out hope for him, and that wasn't going to change. Her friend was so young, and she knew that. But she also knew it wasn't unheard of for someone his age to find their dragon partner on the sands at the age he was. She saw the lone blue on the sands moving, and leaned forward, almost dislodging Jessie from his perch.

But alas, this one was not for Pellist, and when she turned to look at him, he was stood there waiting. "Show him I send him luck." She told Mouse, before her attention was taken away by Issworent's Impression of the green. She was sassy, and had an attitude much like her mother, so she'd heard of Lennoth - she recalled the hatching, and her only memories were of how happy she'd been that Lennoth had gone to someone from Atricis. "Another person I'm happy to see Impress has his dragon. A green. See how pretty she is? I'll have to say hello to him after I see to your boy. Yes, Pellist will come first, don't worry about that, little one."

Tag: Bast, Isiana
There was the blue! The one that had hatched along with the first green! Finn was so happy to see him that she tugged on both Isiana, and Bast's, sleeves. She pointed him out to them and smiled as he made his bond, and she felt such relief that she had to place a hand over her heart to try and still it from beating straight out of her chest. She'd been worried he wouldn't Impress, that he would meet a fate few felt on hatching day. But that wasn't to be the case. He'd simply been taken his time, and she'd worked herself up over nothing. That was good to know, and even better to see him walk away to get his first meal.

"That's a relief." She realized she was still holding onto sleeves that weren't her own and let go of them with an apologetic look for them both. Then she dipped her head and looked away, just in time to see, and hear, the little green chase the pewter away from Issworent. She hadn't expected that, and now she wondered what the pewter was going to do. She turned to look at Bast in concern. "I wonder if he healers are going to be busy because of that one." She lifted her chin in the dragonet's direction before following him for a moment. There was no telling what might happen with this clutch - it was certainly proving to produce a few characters so far.

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Tag: Norieth, Elysia/Kelpieth
It didn't take long for Lauruth to get herself happily ensconced on the ledge she'd landed on. If she said so herself she had chosen the perfect spot, able to relax without being crowded and yet have a great view of the sands below, specifically the clutch. She could also see the parents of the magnificent clutch, who she had congratulated as they deserved. With so many paying their respects, candidates filing in, and the eggs in the process of hatching she hardly expected either one to answer but they would hopefully hear her and that was what counted. As such she was pleasantly surprised to hear Norieth answer her, humming a little louder at him.

Soon yes, but tonight it is your clutch, she trilled happily to the sandy brown. I look forward to meeting them all! She meant it too; Lauruth was very excited. She loved to watch Hatchings and was eager for her own clutches-yet for all her excitement and eagerness the zultanite seemed to be in no rush to Rise, a fact that was beginning to concern her rider more and more as of late.

Wingbeats sounded nearby, drawing her curious attention. Who wasn't settled by now? Aha. A very familiar blue with fish-like markings had landed near her. And only after he had landed did he ask if he could share? Though she kept humming for the eggs below when Lauruth spoke there was a definite rumbling undertone to her voice.

Yes, hello to you too Pushieth, she teased the blue. How nice of you to ask after already joining me.

The zultanite made no move to try and get rid of him though, more amused by his entrance than anything. She knew Kelpieth well enough to enjoy watching a Hatching with him in fact. Their riders were good friends and by extension so were they. The blue was a lot of fun! Right then however he would have to settle for her company and chatting be cause Lauruth had every intention of seeing the Hatching through to its end. After that...well it was past her sleeptime, but it was worth staying up late to greet Lennoth's and Norieth's little ones.

Another male telling her she would be down there soon. Lauruth looked at Kelpieth, snorting softly. Were they that eager to Chase her or did they think she needed the reassurance? Her rider was the one fretting over the fact she had yet to Rise.

Yes, I am very sure it will be my clutch down there Hatching in due time. Until then nothing is stopping me enjoying the Hatching of another's clutch. As for how good a mother I am...we will have to wait and see. Though she had no doubt she would be a great mother. She would fly as high as possible, push herself as long as she could, choose the best mate so that she would do right by her future children, give them the best possible start. Even once they were clutched she would continue to monitor and care for them very carefully, right up until they hatched. All that was in the future though. For now she contented herself with the current clutch. There were quite a few lovely dragonets that had hatched already and they were all proving quite spirited!

In much the same manner as Lauruth had been joined by her friend, so did Keetin find himself joined by his own. Someone tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned to look who should he find but Elysia. An easy grin flashed across his face as the bluerider joined him, teasing him of course.

"Oh I don't know El," he said with a tease in his voice, "Could it be the big shiny dragon that makes me a queenrider and the queenriders are usually found here? Except the one whose queen's clutch it is of course." He leaned in to whisper mischievously in Elysia's ear: "That's why we can relax and get a bit of peace this time. No prickly Rhianwen up here!"

But Elysia's attention was drawn to the hatching eggs and Keetin could hardly blame her. He allowed himself a quiet grin as he too watched. Right from the start beauties were spilling from the shells. Keetin couldn't help but find the dark green striking, especially with the light green speckles that almost seemed to glow. She was like a giant green starlizard...and ouch that bark of hers! The saying was "their bark was worse than their bite" but with this lot their bark was plenty bad already!

" can tell who their mother is," Keetin mused. "They have her...spirit." He tried not to say anything bad about Lennoth but the gold tended to come off rather cold and arrogant, much like her rider. A prickly pair indeed. The other goldriders and their golds rarely gave off that vibe-usually only during Flights if at all. What giant sticks were shoved up Rhianwen's and Lennoth's behinds?

Ah, but how many would think that of you dear heart? Lauruth asked him. In your strive to be perfect you can be a...what is it...oh yes stick in the mud.

Aw come on Lauruth, that's not fair, Keetin replied. At least I'm fun some of the time and I'm not mean to people even if I try to follow the rules.

Both were startled as Elysia cried out next to Keetin. What was that for? Keetin looked at her curiously, about to ask who'd stepped on her foot, but already his friend was apologizing and going back to watching. Okay then... he thought, puzzled. Easier to let the matter drop and watch-ooo a garnet! Atricis had another garnet! And...hey wait now...Lennoth was Anitath's sister.

Wow could garnets run in their bloodline? he asked Lauruth, astonished.

Possible, but could also be simple chance, the zultanite answered-though a part of her hoped it was a bloodline type of thing. If so she might produce another unique color that only those descended from her could make. What a mark on Pern that would be! Of course she had Rise and be Flown first...and the zultanite winced as she felt that familiar worry flare up in her rider. Oh great, here they went again.

Keetin knew of course that Elysia was making small talk and meant nothing really with her question but that did not stop the sting that came with it. When would it be him and Lauruth down there on the sands? Keetin knew as well as anyone that the zultanite was old enough to Fly and yet she showed no sign of even getting close. Whenever he fretted she always assured him it wouldn't be long, that she would Rise when the time was right-well when would the time be right?! It was taking far too long to reach that time for Keetin's comfort. Couldn't Lauruth at least show some sign that she would Rise? He was beginning to worry she was sterile...except even sterile dragons had Flights. So what was holding her back?

Lauruth knew, but she also knew this was neither the time nor the place to let Keetin know, if there ever was a time and a place for it. He would take the news badly and who knew what he might try to fix what was not broken? He needed to be patient, that was all. When the time was right Lauruth would Fly and not a moment before.

"I don't know..." came the soft answer finally, Keetin staring out at the sands but not really seeing the Hatching. "I really wish I had a clue..."
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Pellist, Dragon Candidate

Pellist definitely felt some relief when the blue hatchling finally tracked down his person. There hadn't been MUCH reason to worry before that, but the possibility that a dragonet could go between.....

It was horrible to think about, and would turn the wonderful Hatching into something sad. Dud eggs were nowhere near as painful as hatchlings that couldn't find their person. Pellist stopped trying to watch the blue again, now that there wasn't any chance of that, and returned his focus to the eggs just as he heard a dragonet bugle. The little green had landed on her back while breaking out, but easily righted herself. Then, she chased her pewter brother away from Issworent....Is'rent maybe, or I'rent? Pellist would find out soon.

That meant the pewter was still looking for his rider, but he was much more assertive than the little blue had been, so Pellist wasn't concerned. He was more amused at the green's Impression, since the older candidate had always been awkward around women. The weyrlingmasters would have to make sure he didn't let her run roughshod over him just because of her gender. Pellist smiled in his general direction, trying to meet his eyes. That green was going to be a handful, he was sure.

Again, Pellist returned his attention to the eggs. 11 still hadn't hatched, and any one of those could choose him. There was still plenty of time left in his first Hatching. And plenty of turns left if he was left standing this time. There was nothing to worry about. He got a vague sense of positive thoughts from Mouse, and smiled. The fancy flitt obviously knew that a Hatching was happening, but he probably didn't understand how significant this was for Pellist. But he was staying where Pellist sent him, and obviously watching, even if he didn't think it was important. Zosima must be taking good care of him for the hematite to be willing to obey so well.
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Isiana chuckled at what Bast said, not being able to help herself. "Yes, I do believe you are right, although maybe they won't have such an attitude with their new riders? I guess that even if they still do have a bit of an attitude, the new pairs will figure it out eventually." It was then that Isiana found herself wondering what she would do if the dragon she Impressed had an attitude. Once she impressed, it didn't matter. She would just have to take it day by day. The young woman knew if the dragon had an attitude, it might be difficult for her since she was a person who didn't really have an attitude, or like confrontation, but together, the two of them would learn to get along.

A small sigh of relief was given as the young dragons (especially the blue one) finally began Impressing. The young green Impressed to a young man that Isiana recognized, but had never really met before, and she clapped and cheered for him as well. After that, her eyes went back to the eggs, watching them closely for any signs that another one was about to hatch. Unfortunately, there was no such luck.

Taking a deep breath, she told herself to remain patient, calm, and positive. This time, she was going to impress. She just had a great feeling about it, and she was trying not to get discouraged. There were still plenty of eggs on the sands. Plenty of time.
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Tag ~ Keetin

The watery blue gave a hissing sort of chuckle sound as Lauruth quipped back at him with the nickname, yet she did not seem to mind sharing her ledge either way, so Keplieth made himself comfortable beside the zultanite. Well, I couldn't risk you saying no... The blue teased her back as he pinned wings to his side and turned toward the sands below. His words about her being down there next were met with a soft snort, and for a moment Kelpie thought he'd said something wrong by encouraging her. The zulties' response could have been a bit chiding, but there was a warmth in her tone as well and it seemed to settle the watery blue so he warbled softly in return. I can't imagine you being bad at anything you do, clutching will be no exception. Kelpieth complimented her once more, a faceted gaze cast her way for a moment before returning to the Sands to watch Norieth's children break shell. The watery blue was only all too happy to croon and hum delightedly as he watched all the myriad of colors emerge, strengthening an already strong Weyr.

In the Stands, Elysia had realized her mistake shortly after she asked about it, and she saw some of that enthusiasm, his delight, seep out of her friend at even the mere mention of Lauruth on the Sands. Keetin turned back to the Hatching, but she could tell that he wasn't really watching it as his mind went everywhere else but at the babies breaking shell. Elysia hadn't meant to turn the tables so suddenly. One minute they were teasing each other casually and even poking a little fun at the prickly Rhianwen, when the next moment all the fun seemed to disappear and things got serious. Keetin looked worried more than anything, and the bluerider strained to hear what he said over the hustle of the cavern.

"I don't know...I really wish I had a clue."

"Oh..." came the soft reply, the first thing out of her mouth that she couldn't stop. For a moment she was still, just watching her friend while the whisper of voices continued in her head as the Hatching continued all around them, but right now it felt like her friend needed her attention more. Norieth would understand if she missed a few babies hatch while taking time to comfort her friend. "I'm sure it'll be alright...She's old enough, she could Rise any minute. Maybe she's waiting to fit between the queens' schedules?" Elys asked, coming up with a logical sort of reason that she knew Keetin could think about, maybe even settle his mind. "And she might be old enough, but technically you're not even old enough to fight Thread." The young woman went on, her tone adding a bit of cheer to tease her friend and lighten the mood, although what she said seemed to spark a light inside her mind and her eyes widened slightly.

"Hey wait.... if you can't even.... maybe that's it." The bluerider whispered softly, not wanting to upset her friend, or bring in too many people into what could be a very private conversation. "Lauruth might be ready.... but are you?" Elys asked, leaning in a little closer to the zultaniterider to keep the talk just between them. Hazel eyes fluttered up to catch Keetin's, and for a moment she really looked at her friend, the young boy she'd met on the lake side all those Turns ago. Only, it wasn't a boy sitting beside her, but a growing young man, and she hadn't even noticed the changes really, but Keetin was filling out, training as a dragonrider bulking up his teenage frame and she could barely even see the boy in his features anymore. The bluerider could feel a bit of heat coming to her cheeks, the slightest blush threatening, so she had to look away again and thankfully had an honest distraction in the Hatching eggs below for a moment.

The pewter stared up at the young man for a while as he could sense Issworent through that brush of their minds as the lad cycled through all the regular answers before finally thinking up something to say. "I can offer you who I am, for I am different from everybody here..." Another breath passed between them as the hatchling continued to stare up at the candidate, until suddenly he released a bark of laughter at nearly the same time his sister cried out. Really? That's what you decide to offer? Of course you're different, everyone is different. What makes you so especially different from all the others? The pewter asked, stepping up a little closer to the young man, talons sinking into the fine sand under foot. He had already decided this was not to be his chosen, knew that whoever he picked would have be to a little more clever than that, and the reds of his facets deepened for a moment while staring up at Issworent.

The next moment however, a pudgy little green body was smacking into him and nudging him aside, all the while berating him with a filthy mouth and dishonorable words. The pewter snorted indignantly at his sibling and her crass behaviour, pawing at the sands as he was shoved aside so rudely and then tossed away and forgotten as she turned toward the wet rag of a young man. You can have him, he's as dull as a sack of rocks. The faded pewter added with an irritated flick of his tail and a shifting of the shaded wings along his back. Not another moment was wasted on these two then and the hatchling turned tail and left them behind to their sappy reunion while he continued to seek out the right mind for him.

For a while he meandered through the candidates, pausing every once in a while to give a potential a closer look, ask them the same question he'd asked Issworent. In front of one lad in particular, he stayed the longest and it seemed they were having quite the conversation with each other, though no one else around them was privy to it. In the end, it seemed the pewter had made his choice and the multitude of colors swirled through his eyes as he moved in a little closer to nuzzle that pristine pale head against the white robed stomach of his chosen. Yes, yes it's you. I should have known all along, but I had to make sure. Your Dorayth will be good to you, kind to you, and you shall want for nothing more. Come, feed me first, and then we will continue our conversation.
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While the pewter had taken his sweet time, the Hatching had not paused around them. In the middle of the clutch there was more movement from one of the larger eggs and it wasn't long before cracks appeared and the shards began to fall away. A klah brown foot broke through first and as the egg weakened around the hatchling, more and more brown limbs appeared. When the wings finally broke free, the egg was no match for the brown hatchling within and the rest crumbled quite easily. He stood proudly over the carnage of his escape, snorting at the pieces of egg that still clung to him, but the stunning brown baby didn't seem too bothered by the shards stuck to him. Instead, his attentions turned to the smaller egg beside him, having heard something from within.

Hello? He asked of the egg, which gave a shudder and then stilled.

You don't have to be shy sister, they want to meet you. The brown hatchling responded, as clearly as if the egg had spoken to him. The egg gave another slight wobble before quieting again.

Oh come now, that's silly. I bet you're gorgeous, just like our mother! The hatchling remarked, the white tip of his tail twitching happily as he turned to regard their golden mother nearby and her darkened points against the brilliant pale hide were certainly worthy of note. He knew he couldn't compare to their mother, or the mottled hue of his proud father, but with those genes, he knew he was a handsome creature in his own right. The base color of his hide was a creamy smooth brown like milk chocolate, yet all along the edges of his frame there was a lighter tone that gave him a dignified outline, with a soft spiral against his hip. Nearly half of his tail though was a faded white and seemed to have a mind of it's own as it swayed back and forth.

Out with you now. Let us see for ourselves. The brown added with a gentle paw at the smaller egg before he took a few careful steps backward to give his sibling some space.

For a breath or two, the egg didn't move, but just before worry could set in there was a wriggle and shake, along with a tip and tap against the shell from within as the hatchling made an effort to break free now. The brown brother nearby encouraged the little one, hummed to her and crooned all the while the egg shuddered and snapped. One large piece broke first and flopped out away from the egg and left a hole large enough for the dragonet to slither out from. Emerging quietly, a rather drab looking green sidled up against her handsome brown brother. Are you sure they will think I'm pretty? She asked, looking up at him with a sage green head that faded into a mossy green body with just a tad brighter color on her points. To some, she may not be much to look at, but to the right one she would be hands down the most beautiful dragon ever to be.

How could they not? You are stunning my dear. The brown said with another soft croon for his shy sibling and nosed against her gently, while side stepping and prying her off him to go do what they were born to do. And the one who's jaw you just dropped surely can't wait to meet you. He added for good measure and encouraged his green sister to strike out on her own and find the one who thought she was everything and more.

If you say so brother. I don't think there's anyone out there for m-...Wait! The drab green started and began to slowly slink away from her brother, faceted gaze turning toward the candidates rather demurely...until she spotted someone. They were so perfect! The little green gave a bleat of surprise as she picked up her feet a little faster now, though unused feet didn't always work the way you wanted them too and the hatchling took a tumble into the sand. Before any could worry for her though, one of the candidates broke rank and ran toward her, calling out her name as they neared. The sage green crooned lovingly from the sands and for a moment they just lingered there in the awe of Impression, before together they got back to their feet and moved off the Sands to join the others.
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There, see? I knew she would find someone. The brown hatchling commented, to no one in particular but to himself as he looked on proudly as his sister Impressed to a fine candidate and knew they would be happy together. Suppose that means it's my turn then, wouldn't it? He chuckled, once again more to himself than anyone and lifted his gaze to drift over the sea of white robes before him.

Carefully, the distinguished brown stepped around the rest of the eggs and out into the open of the Sands, watching to make sure he did not repeat his sisters' tumble. As he neared the first line of candidates, there was a brief glance given to a trio that seemed rather tight knit and close, particularly the young woman in the middle, but the browns' head swiveled away and he continued on his path. A moment later, he was passing by a young boy with a short crop of mussed up hair and a face full of freckles and he couldn't help but pause to regard the lad. Couldn't even run a hand through that mop of hair for us? The brown bespoke to Pellist, his tone nothing but cheerful and teasing for the lad as he snuffled against the sleeve of the robe. His mind brushed against the candidates', wondering a little more about the lad and couldn't help but curious about something he found in there. What's this story about a mouse? It seems like a sad, but happy memory. I'm curious now. The dragonet asked as he sat back on those spiraled haunches and pinned those outlined wings back against his sides to listen to the young man explain.
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Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:57 pm

Finn was glad she'd had the soles of her sandals thickened the last time they'd been brought in for repairs. The hatching wasn't going by slowly by any means of the word, but the sands weren't exactly cool to the touch and her feet were thanking her. She looked down for a moment to make sure the laces were still in place and when she saw one loose, she knelt down quickly to fix it up. That's when the pewter Impressed, and she didn't even realize it until she heard someone gasp from nearby. She wasn't sure if she was sorry or not to have missed the moment, considering her early set of thoughts about the dragonet, but she supposed she was happy for its new rider.

Brushing aside the sand that had taken passage on her robes when she stood, she was able to see the next egg hatch, and out came a marvelous looking brown. She smiled in his direction, and even more so when she heard him speak to his sister still bound in her shell. That was quite sweet of him, and she wondered two things in that moment - who would be the lucky person to be granted such a beautiful creature, and what was inside the egg that he'd spoken to. Obviously it would be a female dragon, if his speech was taken into consideration, and-- they didn't need to wait that long, after all. Soon enough a rather drab looking green appeared, but where some might see a Plain Jane, Finn saw something extraordinary and adorable.

So she was happy when the little green found her mind match, her hand hovering over her fluttering heart because the brown had waited to see her off. He started to move once his sister had found her own, and when he finally made a stop, it was in front of one of the younger candidates. Pellist, if she remembered correctly. She didn't know if this would be the moment for the boy, but of what she knew off him, she knew the match would be a good one. She waited and watched, though some of her attention was removed by the rest of the eggs, not wanting to miss the next one that would hatch. She had missed an Impression, she didn't want to miss much else if it could be helped.

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Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:06 pm

Open; Tagging Farnan

It had been a nice, long day, and Dellan had certainly felt like she had earned her sleep. However, the impending hatching was weighing on her mind, and, having stood for several already, the idea of this hatching finally being the one to end her waiting was enough to keep her awake longer than it should have. Of course, it was just as she was about to fall asleep that Lennoth’s voice woke her from her slumber. “Shaffit, now?!” Dellan exclaimed with a yawn as she hurriedly dressed into her robe, and taking just enough time to make sure that her hair was at least somewhat tidy; sure, a hatchling wouldn’t judge her bedhead if it actually wanted her for a rider, but she didn’t really want to look like a disheveled mess to the observers, either.

Once onto the sands, Dellan managed to catch up with her little brother, just as Roth’s voice boomed into their heads to wish both of them luck. Vorokell, however, looked cranky and impatient as hell, and scurried off to one side. She snorted back at him. It seemed as if Vorokell didn’t want to be there, and honestly, it seemed Vorokell only remained a Candidate out of sheer stubbornness at this point. Dellan really needed to find a way to make him lighten up! Hmm…

Her plotting was interrupted when the eggs started to hatch. Dellan kept a close eye on the dragons as they hatched, awed into momentary silence as she watched the dragons come into the world and Impress. Every now and again, she looked over to Vorokell, who still looked a little sour that he had been called to the sands straight from bed, to make sure that he wasn’t hurt. She couldn’t help but worry about him on days like this, or their bronzeriding brother for that matter.

As a brown seemed to chitchat to one of the Candidates, though not yet seeming to Impress, Dellan spied a boy a little younger than her hanging out. She believed his name was Farnan? Maybe she could see what’s up, maybe he was nervous. “Hey, Farnan,” she called over as she took a couple steps closer to him, though being careful that she wasn’t about to get in the way of a charging hatchling. “You hangin in there, buddy?”

Open; Mentioning Pellist

If he were being perfectly honest, Vorokell just wanted this damn hatching to end so that he could go back to bed. What a stupid time to hatch. Of course, it wasn’t as if growing dragons would obey the sleep schedule their riders preferred, so Candidates had to be flexible responding to things such as hatchings in the dead of night, but it was still annoying.

Being a Candidate in general was a bit annoying as well, and sometimes he felt a bit out of place, but he refused to chicken out of Candidacy; it was too late for that. N’rev was already a full dragonrider, and so Vorokell felt that he needed to be there with him someday.

That said, the hatchlings that came didn’t seem to have a lick of interest in him. What was interesting was that some of these hatchlings seemed to have a thing for talking to specific Candidates, even ones that weren’t their riders, such as that pewter who was chased off by a green who wanted the boy he was talking to. It happened again as a brown approached another lad, Pellist, and seemed to be interacting with him, though not yet displaying the swirling rainbow eyes of Impression. Vorokell didn’t get closer, but he was paying very good attention to them, wondering if he could glean something from whatever the brown was talking about.
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Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:46 pm

Isiana smiled a bit as she continued to watch the eggs Hatch. Everything seemed to be going by a bit quicker now, and she wasn't as worried about the young dragons not impressing. It seemed that now all the young ones, with the exception of the Pewter for the moment, seemed to be Impressing as quickly as could be expected really. It was almost a relief to know, and she truly was happy for everyone that was Impressing, but she could feel the doubt starting to grow more and more. Sure, there will still enough eggs on the sand, but for some reason, she couldn't shake it.

She watched the Pewter finally impress, and honestly, she felt kind of bad for the young person, but then again, the two of them would get to know each other better and would learn to get along. A chuckle escaped her as the young brown made fun of the one young man who she had met that night in the candidate barracks with the mouse incident.

Dark eyes turned back to the eggs once again, willing them to hatch. She didn't want to be kept in suspense any longer, and tried (continuously) to push her doubts aside. She knew for her and Finn, this was getting close to their last Turn of standing. She was sure Finn was just as anxious as she was, so she just tried to stay quiet and not say too much.

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This didn't feel like reality anymore. Everything felt airy, surreal, abnormal. The world shifted, and it took Aesidhe a moment before she realized that something had made her sight blur; perhaps it had just been the heated sands, or the exhaustion of impression, but regardless the weyrling sagged against her dragon's side with a concerned croon rumbling in the garnet's throat. Rontuaruth did not appreciate the change in her human, but she supposed it could not be helped. A quick search of the surrounding area told the young dragon that the dazed expression and stumbling movement was to be expected, and she sighed as her paws shuffled in front of her with a faceted gaze trained on the ground between them. It was not until someone approached that the garnet tilted her head back with a sharp and startled hiss, only to drop it just as quickly when the unknown man turned out to be friendly and agreeable.

Please tell him I am sorry. Rontuaruth pressed tightly against her rider's side as Aesidhe looked down at the dragonet with a steadying hand placed over the blunt ridges. "She, uh, she's sorry. I don't think she realized you were so close." The reason behind why announced itself as another loud rumble bellowed from the garnet's stomach, and she shuffled in embarrassment for the sound which had interrupted the two humans. "The other... oh that's right. Kunati ended up here. That's her name I think. I heard about it back home." Everyone had known the names of the gold, garnet, and zultanite riders. They had been whispered in the streets, rumors passed between heads tilted together, and she had remembered seeing their distant forms as everything had unfurled in the hatching's chaos. "I'd like to meet the other Garnetrider, and I guess I just need to feed her now?"

A cautious look was thrown over to where the garnet was waiting, and then to the bucket of meat which had been cut already. They had told the candidates that the buckets were measured out to what an average dragonet of their color would want, so she assumed that it would be enough; it looked like a bottomless pit right now, but she supposed that would be accurate for the starvation she felt radiating off of her dragon. Hers. It still surprised her to think of Rontuaruth in that way, but it was true. She was hers, and Aesidhe was Rontuaruth's. A croon of agreement echoed the thought before the female opened her jaws to reveal sharp fangs, and Aesidhe nodded while fingers grasped at the slices of meat without much care for how blood pooled between them and covered her palm in a sticky coat of red. "This will make you feel a lot better, now open up, and then chew. Don't just swallow it down."

I will be less likely to swallow it whole if you feed me sooner rather than later. It would seem that the longer she was made to wait, the more the chunk of muscle became appetizing, and the question of if she could fit the whole bucket into her mouth became a favorite pastime. All too happy to oblige the demand, Aesidhe passed the piece of meat into the garnet's open jaws, and she held the rest back behind her knees until she was satisfied with how it had been chewed; her gaze falling for a moment as Oleander joined them with an intrigued flick of his twin tails. If the ruby felt no animosity toward the garnet, neither did he feel instantaneous love, but Aesidhe was happy enough to let them stand near each other with an agreement to ignore the other's presence rather than fight. Besides, she had another piece of meat to fish out of the bucket and put into the garnet's mouth, though her head turned once more to V'an with a soft question. "Can I get some oil or something to wash the sand off when she's done eating? I can feel it bothering her hide."
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He watched the grey dragon cross the sands. Taking its time to find a bond. Looking at the other eggs he wasn't sure if he should be worried or not. The gray was a strange color and he'd yet to figure out these new colors. He'd seen the few he could get close to. Colors that were common it seemed around pern now but the south they were uncommon until this weyr came here. Once the grey found his bond Farnan noticed a brown sneaking around the eggs. He was a handsome brown and he was looking at some eggs.

Once he saw the cute green he smirked. The green looked so shy with her head so low. He couldn't figure out why a green or even a dragon would be shy. The dragons were beast of creatures. Large animals with razor sharp teeth and steel like claws. Shaking his head he was a little more confident in the brown then the green. He saw the green park up and seem to run to a candidate. Bonding quickly he chuckled and looked at the brown.

The brown was now looking at a small candidate. A younger boy. Farnan frowned. He felt jealousy for the boy. It was wrong for Farnan to feel such an emotion no matter the outcome. But being raised a caravan boy it wasn't all that bad. He looked away at the rest of the eggs and hoped beyond hope he could keep this jealous emotion at bay and push for favor by faranth.

Yawning again he rubbed his eyes and heard a voice call out his name. Looking around he spotted a girl looking at him. He smiled and stepped closer so she could hear him. "I'm gonna make it. Latè for a hatching but I think it's worth it." He glanced back at the eggs. "He are you."
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