The Fruits of Summer

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Date: Carenat 16
Time: Mid-afternoon

As spring progressed, the rains began to slow, the ground solidified and new growth took root where it had once been drowned out. Likewise, under the warm eye of Rukbat, Lennoth grew egg-heavy, her belly growing further and further as the season progressed with what people were already assuring her looked to be a sizable clutch for Lennoth's first. The gold preened under her mate's care and the Weyr's attention and, as early spring turned into late spring, Rhianwen found herself rubbing oil into Lennoth's hide as often as she had done when the gold was still growing.

It was in early summer that Soquilith began to posture and prepare to rise and Lennoth snorted at the gold's peacocking. After all, who was it who was egg heavy with what the entire Weyr already knew was a good clutch? Rhianwen groaned as she listened to Lennoth's picking away at the other gold's appearance, character and age with backhanded compliments which, while true about Soquilith's strengths, poked precise holes at everything else.

The day of the flight was particularly bad as Lennoth was grounded with her swollen girth and remained in the Weyr for the flight's duration, growling and grumbling as Soquilith threatened what Lennoth felt was her current claim on the Weyr and its residents. Driven by competition and jealousy over the sands, even while Rhianwen promised it would be months before Soquilith required their use, Lennoth took to the Hatching Cavern and begun scratching around, hunting for the perfect location each day and taking the very center so that no others could squeeze themselves alongside.

She grew grumpy then for having left her place on the Weyr's ledge where she had enjoyed spending each day soaking up the warm rays and Soquilith was, once again, blamed.

It was nearly a week after the flight that Rhianwen, buried in some paperwork she had been assigned by Eavan, began to experience pain in her stomach and first wondered if her lunch had soured. Her stomach rolled and she bore down on it, raising her hand to her abdomen in confusion until Lennoth reached out for her in a pained voice, I need you, Rhianwen.

Rhianwen's response was instantaneous as she abandoned her incomplete work and waved down the rider on elevator duty to take her down to the Weyr floor before rushing into the Hatching Cavern where Lennoth squatted over the sand and shivered through each contraction. Astarin flew beside her the entire way, settling on the younger gold dragon and trilling support for a process she had been through multiple times before.

"You are doing so well," Rhianwen cooed as she brushed her hands along Lennoth's jaw and scratched at her browridges and rubbed behind her headknobs. The heat and humidity of the cavern was horrible, but the heat of summer made it more bearable than it tended to be in the winter season, for example, and while Rhianwen felt sweat dampen her body and hair, she ignored the feeling as she continued to support her dragon through the hours of her egg laying. Even as the contractions subsided and Lennoth, exhausted, wrapped herself around her bounty, Rhianwen focused on her dragon first, making sure she had some rest and even filling a large container with bucketfuls of cool water from outside so she could drink.

When Lennoth complained of hunger, as well, Rhianwen smiled and took it as the sign she was waiting for that Lennoth was appropriately recovered. "I bet Norieth would be happy to bring you a meal if you requested it," she suggested with a final pat before adding, "Ay'li will also likely come. Do you want me to stay."

Yes, you must, Lennoth replied and Rhianwen gave the tired dragon an indulgent smile and nod before walking around to where her wing covered the clutch.

"I need to send a message to Eavan," she said, "Could you let me see the eggs so I may count them?"

The tightening of the muscles within the wing was enough of an answer and Rhianwen pursed her lips and sighed before trying again. "I promise not to touch them; I know better than that. I only wish to see. Don't you want to check on them, as well? To know how many there are? I looked up previous clutches with browns to see what the average size would be; don't you want to know how yours compares? You can gloat if this is bigger than Soquilith's."

That seemed to catch the gold's interest and Lennoth raised her head to look backwards while raising her wing back just enough to display the glistening soft shells, still damp from the laying process. Rhianwen's count was quick and she even took the time granted her two count a second time to confirm before smiling proudly back up at Lennoth and waving for Astarin while grabbing a quick sheet of paper and charcoal pencil from a pouch she had prepared for this moment knowing she might be stuck in the Caverns quite a bit. "Eighteen eggs, Lennoth," she reported to the gold while writing the count and sending it off to Eavan with Astarin, "That is indeed larger than any of Soquilith's past clutches with browns. You must take after your granddam, Lilith. She had large clutches, too."

Lennoth hummed with pride as she looked once more at her eggs, pressed some sand up and over those peeking out too far, and lowered her wing back over the pile.

I am hungry, she said once more and Rhianwen smiled and shook her head at the gold's clear exhaustion.

"Then call out to Norieth," she suggested once more, "You can brag to him about how great you two flew together."

Lennoth huffed in annoyance but turned her head towards the entrance and reached out to her mate. Norieth, come see that which we have created together, she called out, pride infecting her every syllable. I wish to eat, as well, she added, knowing the brown would take it as the request it was.
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Fir 22
Time: Late Night

While not the peak of the year's heat, the days of midsummer hung heavy in the Weyr. Rhianwen barely even noticed, instead finding reprieve in the outside heat when she managed to pull away for breaks from her watch on the Sands. It was not unusual, she was told, for golds to be particular, to require their rider's close presence. Especially on their first clutch.

Rhianwen just missed her own bed.

Instead, Lennoth had so constantly demanded Rhianwen's presence in the Sands that it had simply been easier to move her in temporarily with a cot and small workstation. While Lennoth had approved of this decision, Rhianwen had not, swearing up and down that this was the only time she would do this.

The heat of the Sands and the steam of the hot spring made it difficult to sleep, but Lennoth almost seemed to prefer it, having a partner in her caring of her offspring. As the shells hardened, Lennoth allowed Rhianwen closer, even requesting her assistance in shifting Sands around some of the eggs her small hands could easier work with. At night, they watched over the eggs and Sands together, sometimes joined by Norieth and sometimes simply just spending time together.

It was exhausting; it was uncomfortable; it was undignified. Secretly, when her back didn't hurt from the cot, Rhianwen liked it.

Tonight, however, with her hair sticking damp to her forehead as she tossed and turned on the cot, Rhianwen just wished the eggs would hatch. She was just about to fall asleep, hitting that precipice where her limbs were too heavy to move and her awareness of the world was no larger than the very cot she now slept on, when a humming started.

Ready to sleep, no matter the background noise, Rhianwen rolled over in her cot in search of a new comfortable position, let the haze of sleep tug her under once more and could feel herself slipping beneath the waves of sleep when, Rhianwen. They hatch.

The directed message jerked her awake and she sat up with a yawn and an annoyed shake of her head, not even having processed the words.

Rhianwen. The eggs.

What about them? she groaned, realizing this likely meant she wouldn't be getting to sleep immediately.

They're hatching.

This time the meaning clicked, as did the humming of a growing number of firelizards. “What?” Rhianwen asked, tearing herself out of bed and onto the heated Sands to see shells beginning to shiver and shake and rock. She sucked in a breath of surprised air as joy and excitement not wholly her dragons ballooned in her chest.

Call the candidates, she called as she ran back off the heated sands and to her small living area. She would look a mess no matter what, but at least she'd look a half-put together mess for this Hatching.

It was only after she had changed into a nice dress she had tucked into her things specifically for this moment that Rhianwen realized Lennoth still had not made the call.

Lennoth, she pressed and the gold shook her head.

They will take my children from me.

Rhianwen sighed, her hair falling about her shoulders in waves after pulling it out of its sleep-mussed braid. You will see your children every day. Without riders, however, they will be lost. Just imagine if I had not been there when you broke out of your shell. It hurt to imagine, the loss of this bond and Rhianwen caught on to the string of distress that Lennoth felt at the thought, as well.

But you are mine as I am yours, Lennoth argued, We are meant to be as one.

Just as each of your offspring must find their own fated riders, Rhianwen pressed, Besides, don't you want to show off your beautiful children? The whole Weyr will come to see that which you have created and protected so carefully. They want to celebrate with you. The Candidates even cleaned the Sands for you before you took to them.

That seemed to cause the gold pause as she stared at the eggs—one already beginning to spiderweb—and huffed in surrender.

Candidates! she called out into the night and minds of those also just on the edge of sleep, Do not delay, for that which you have waited for has come to pass. Come greet my children, as they have been waiting to greet you.

“Very well done,” Rhianwen complimented as she took to the Sands once more—this time in her wherhide boots, staving off the worst of the heat. “And Norieth?” she pressed and the reminder of the brown seemed to ease some of the tension in her golden mate.

Norieth, our children hatch, she called directly to the brown, You and your rider are welcome to join me and mine on the Sands.

And then, before Rhianwen could suggest anything else, Lennoth turned once more to her offspring, fussing with the spacing of a few eggs as she hummed her song of greeting. Rhianwen, doing what she could to protect Lennoth, the eggs and the Candidates, made sure to tell the entering Candidatemaster and Assistants that Lennoth was experiencing some anxiety, despite her excitement to share this moment with everyone, and it would be safest for all to make sure the Candidates maintained as wide a berth as possible. Her message received, Rhianwen returned to Lennoth's side to greet Norieth and Ay'li.

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There was no accurate way to describe the ache of anxiety which had settled deep into the candidate's chest the longer the hopeful rider-to-be waited for some sign that this fated day would come. Aesidhe had never considered how much she had cared -- too wrapped up in her own doubt and determination to not become attached to an ephemeral idea that seemed little more than a child's dream. It was a fantasy, and although it had been a song woven with words like, 'freedom' and 'love', she had always been quite certain that the end of the day would mark her as unfit. In a way, it was as much a blessing as it was a curse to have to wait. With each passing day she began to realize how much she wanted this, how much she craved the opportunity, and with each passing day, the girl also tried fervently to push that desire away behind a colder exterior that had attempted to pass itself off as aloof.

Oleander snaked around his sleeping human as her mind churned with nightmares of attacked candidates, blood soaked sands that would have to be cleaned up one day by someone else who would find better luck than she, and the agony of feeling left alone while others moved on with their lives. It had become a familiar acquaintance during her tossed nights, but no matter how she turned in her sleep, or how she had tried to chase the thoughts away upon waking, Aesidhe could feel it wearing on her to wonder; was she meant for this? What would happen if she stood come hatching day and felt nothing for the creeling hatchlings that stumbled over the hot sands to find their lifemates? What would happen if she felt everything, and what would she do if somehow the Fates smiled down on her and allowed her the sweetness of finding her own future in that chaos? Some days, Aesidhe wasn't sure if it was more terrifying to entertain those thoughts, or to simply wait with baited breath while jumping out of her skin at every hum-like sound a firelizard made.

Somewhere in the distance of her sleep, the girl could feel the subtle vibration as her firelizard's throat began to move with an age-old sound hidden in his instincts, and even the ruby had to chirp in quiet confusion at how he knew exactly what to do. Still, that instinct bade him to make that hatching song louder, and the male began to nip at his girl; the ends of her hair, and the hidden curve of her earlobe being the most frequent targets, until finally she batted at his head with a low groan. "What are you--" a single blue eye opened with a narrowed glare for the ruby who had woken her up so soon after she had finally settled into a dreamless slumber, but that expression softened when she saw the whorling colors of his anxious eyes. The shards of yellow which combined in a flurry of orange and excited green began to draw her attention to how something was no quite right with the young male, and as her fingers traced the blood-hued slope of his smooth neck, Aesidhe finally felt the pieces click into place within her conscious mind.

It didn't hurt that the gold's voice rang so clearly in addition to that understanding, or that it had put everything into a finite and clear purpose. She had expected fear to take her breath; to still it in her lungs with a cold, iron grip; for the pulse of hear heart to fly against her ribcage, but what actually happened shocked Aesidhe as much as it calmed her. There was no terror. No concern. Not a single thought of how she would fail, or what would happen if this or that were to occur crossed her mind. Instead, a singular emotion flickered from deep within her heart where she had thought it had been extinguished long ago by the stamp of cruelty, and the sting of rejection. Hope. It burned warmly inside of her in a way that she had almost forgotten, and almost afraid to clutch it in a metaphorical grasp of timid fingers formed by accepting thoughts, the girl - the candidate - took a shuddering breath as she stepped onto the chilled floor. Did it flare inside of her from that lingering cinder, inciting a spark that threatened to roar into a fire to burn away the remainder of doubt?

She didn't want to say yes, but the comfort in which she slid out of her sleep clothes, donned the pale robe that had been timeless tradition of the Weyrs, slipped her feet steadily into the sandals despite how she knew they served little protection against the burning sands, made her feel that whether she had wanted to be or not, she was ready. The Fates had it in their hands now, and if all those longing nights looking up at the trail of stars had somehow let them see how the dream had glittered in her eyes as brightly as those specks of light, then maybe it had carved a path different from the one that she had been on before. Or, perhaps this had been it all along, and the walls of her old home had done more than obscure the view of the distant horizon. A deep breath came more easily this time as she pulled long, dark hair back into a cord to keep out of her face, and Oleander was given an affectionate nuzzle as he landed onto his human's shoulder with a crooning purr. It broke comfortingly through the hatching song that he hummed fervently now, and for some reason, it eased whatever worry that peeked out from behind the serenity which had blanketed the girl that night.

The trip to the hatching sands, shuffled in the midst of other candidates, was taken with a minor caution to not be jostled by other excited weyrfolk, and vaguely she wondered if there would be anyone watching from the sands for her, even though she knew that it was a small chance. She had not done much to extend her reach, or to gain allies in friendships and acquaintances as she would have back in Walled Hold. It had been so unlike her; the bristling exterior of someone too frightened to let anyone in, but it had been easier than to let herself be swept away into the swift change that the move had brought on. If it had been the right decision, however, was anyone's guess. There was little more that the girl could do now other than accept whatever consequences had come of it, and move forward with whatever lesson's the past had given. The heat of the sands stifled any further thought regardless, and the warning that the Candidatemaster and Goldrider gave was taken into consideration with an intrigued tip of her head before Aesidhe stared wide-eyed in wonder at the gold that rose over the sands like a monument to the tales she had been told as a child.

Lennoth was beautiful, and the radiance of motherhood shined in the golden metallic of her hide, but also the protective and anxious pass of her gaze on the candidates. Oh, how Aesidhe wanted to comfort the queen in that moment; to express the gratitude that fluttered in her heart, which swelled in her eyes until tears threatened to spill over despite how she also hated how it made her seem weak. A breathless gasp was taken instead, and as she swept down into a respectful bow in a jerk of realization that there was action she should take, the candidate swallowed against the dry passage of her throat. "Lennoth - I... thank you." Her voice was not as steady as she would have liked, and as the previous concerns that had been absent upon waking began to flood in with the humble reverence that she had for the gold, Aesidhe had to take a small moment to calm herself before she could find the words she had wanted to say all along. "Thank you," she repeated softer again, "I don't know if I'm worthy of your children, but if one finds me today, please, know that they will be loved."

Had she said too much? Had it been enough? Aesidhe ducked her head down as she stepped lightly to a place on the sands, and let the question die in the wake of how her gaze fixated on the spiderweb cracks surfacing along the mottled shells.
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Sleep was not an option, not tonight at least. If it wasn't the heat that was getting to Finn, it was the subtle tension that seemed to linger in the air. She wasn't sure what it was from, whether it had to do with the sudden decrease in shifts in the infirmary, or Belladonna preparing for her first mating flight. Whatever the cause, it clamored for a place in her belly, next to what little food she'd been able to eat at dinner. She would make an attempt at sleep, for what else was she going to do past curfew, but no matter how she tossed or turned, the only darkness that came to her was due to the closure of her eyes. She frowned and sat up, felt a trace of annoyance from Belladonna who had taken to the empty cot on the other side of the room. Oleander, who had started to learn when to leave her alone, was curled up at the end of Finn's bed, asleep despite the movements of his mistress. "I'm not happy about this either." She told the gold, who was glaring at her with eyes funneling traces of red and orange.

The two remained steady as they were, staring one another down, and Finn waited to see what she might do. Was this going to be the moment? Would Belladonna take to the air in her first flight? She felt her already tense stomach twist a few extra knots and she placed a hand over it, certain she was about to be sick. She didn't need this right now, she just wanted to sleep, to escape whatever was taking place, to maybe dream of Bast and the comfort he could bring her if he was there with her now. Granted, if this was the moment for Belladonna, she wouldn't feel much - maybe an annoyance, like an itch, at best. But it would be unsettling, or so her mind told her. "If you're going to do it," she said to her. "You might as well do it now. I'm not going to stop you." But Belladonna didn't move, and instead of doing so, she shared images with Finn. Can't, they alluded to. Too dark out. That was true, and Finn would much rather have her friend err on the side of caution then not, even if there were plenty of wide open spaces in which she could fly hard and fast.

Sighing, and knowing that the tension coming from the gold was going to last up until morning, Finn flopped back in her bed and glanced over at Oleander, still peacefully asleep as though nothing were going on around him. She wasn't sure how he was doing it, and she envied him for his obliviousness to it all. Reaching out, she stroked the little piebald blue, and smiled when he leaned into her touch, searching for more of the sensation even in his rest. At least he was a bit of a distraction, for now, but the longer she stroked his hide, the more her thoughts started to wander. It was welcomed, an even further distraction from the gold settled across from her. Thoughts of their hatchings, the happy memories of their eggs cracking open, lead to thoughts of the much larger shells that rested with their mother on the hatching sands. Soon enough, those eggs would call out to the Weyr, and like the last few hatchings, Finn would don her robes and sandals and step onto the hot ground, hoping that she'd walk off with a bond of her own.

She was so enmeshed within thinking about it all that she didn't hear the humming at first. Both Belladonna, who felt it along with her mating instinct, and a now awake Oleander, were singing their birthing song and wondering why she wasn't responding to it. While she was thinking about pretty shells with delicate spiderweb cracks, it was in the process of taking place and she wasn't responding. There wasn't worry from either fancy flitt or firelizard, but that didn't stop the former from nipping at the fingers of their friend. The pressure wasn't hard, just enough to attract attention, and when it did, he chirped happily, the sound coming out a garbled mess thanks to the hum he refused to abandon for it. As soon as she realized what was happening, Finn sat up and laughed. "Lost in thought about hatchings and eggs, and it's actually has started!" She combed her fingers through her hair, then decided this situation called for pulling it back in a messy braid. It had grown so long in the past few months, and she was contemplating trimming it short again. She'd have to see what Bast thought, even if the decision was hers to make in the end. Thinking of her boyfriend made her smile, thinking of the eggs made her smile, Faranth even thinking of Belladonna's mating flight tomorrow made her smile.

With her hair taken care of, she pulled on her robe, smoothed out the wrinkles, then came the sandals. She'd been smart over the Turns, having been on the sands off and on since she was twelve. These were as thickly soled as she could make them, and while they wouldn't knock out the heat completely, it would make things a pinch more comfortable. There was no telling how long she would be standing there, she wanted to be prepared. After that she was ready, but before leaving she turned to look at them. "You can come with, but stay away from the eggs. There's no telling how Lennoth will take to having little creatures so close to her children." While it varied from queen to queen, she didn't want to take any chances of upsetting her, especially since this was her first clutch. Finn had been around long enough to know that they could be at their most sensitive the first time around. Not to her surprise, Oleander blinked between to the sands, while Belladonna remained where she was. That was probably for the best. Tiny though she was, as lacking of a threat as she would make, the little gold wasn't in the mood to be around another with her hide.

Her mind on the eggs, and fully taken from sleep, Finn jogged to the entrance of the sands where they were met by the Candidatemaster. Soon after, they were allowed in, and she felt her breath catch in her chest, bob around like a body in water. She placed a hand over her fluttering heart, and she recognized the reaction for what it was - seeing the beauty that was a queen mother hovering over her children. It happened every time she stepped on the sands, she'd just never connected the dots until this very moment. She wasn't sure why, and there was no real time to think about it now. She had to keep her wits about her. Not only might she be needed as a healer, if someone near her became injured, but she didn't want to miss out on seeing her dragon, should it be in this clutch. She approached, at a safe distance, and bowed before Lennoth. "Thank you for this chance, Lennoth. Your children are going to be beautiful, loved, and well tended." She found a place to stand, a place that would hold space for Bast and Isiana if they chose to stand next to her, and then her eyes went to the eggs.

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Pellist, Dragon Candidate
Mouse liked to sleep on Pellist's pillow, or sometimes draped over the back of the boy's head when he was curled up on his side. Pellist usually didn't mind, but tonight the flitt had been slow to settle, and Pellist had finally let Mouse have the entire pillow, sleeping with his blanket rolled up under his head, since he hardly needed it on such a hot night. It didn't seem long after he finally fell asleep that Pellist heard the great golden voice in his mind, and rolled off the bed without being completely conscious. Feeling his knees hit the floor woke him the rest of the way, however, and Mouse was also wide awake, sitting up on Pellist's pillow. Mouse was humming now, and Pellist was feeling a little silly that he hadn't realized earlier that the flitt's restlessness was probably related to the hardening eggs.

He pulled on the white robe, and decided that his hair could just look wild and unkempt while he stood on the Sands. After all, he would only look like he had rolled out of bed because the eggs decided to Hatch in the middle of the night. He certainly didn't envy those few female candidates who still had long hair. Maybe they'd been braiding it before sleep, though, so it couldn't get too messy. Mouse hopped up to his usual position on Pellist's shoulder for the walk to the eggs, though the candidate intended to tell his flitt to perch on the railing of the stands once they got there.

As the candidates were all herded to the Hatching ground, Pellist tried to stay to the edges of all the older, and taller ones. He hoped to be up front, since otherwise, a hatchling would never see him. Idly, he wondered if his father P'char had decided to visit from his Weyr for this hatching, since his son was standing, but they didn't exactly have much of a relationship, so it was unlikely. He did hope Zosima would be watching for him, though. It would be nice to have someone in the stands specifically hoping for him to Impress. Even his old foster mother would be more focused on her current charge.

He wasn't terribly surprised at the warning that Lennoth was irritable. She had made her rider sleep near the sands, he couldn't imagine she would be more relaxed when the egg were actually hatching. Pellist couldn't afford to hang back, though, if he wanted to be seen. He looked at the great golden dragon as they entered the sands, mentally commanding Mouse to go to the stands. The flitt resisted for a moment, and Pellist changed his command to go to Zosima, picturing the wher candidate's face in his mind, and hoping that she was actually there. Otherwise, she'd be startled by the appearance of a hematite flitt looking for her. She'd probably be startled anyway.

He looked up at Lennoth again,thinking hard. I know it's hard to let them go, he thought at her, reminded uncomfortably of the baby mice they had released into the woods. I promise whomever they Impress to will take good care of them, though. He hoped one of them Impressed to him. Honestly, he did. 'But it's okay if none of them want me,' Pellist reminded himself. 'I still have until I turn 22.' He stared at the rocking eggs, especially at the one nearest him with a fine spiderwebbing of cracks. 'It's ok, I'll be fine if it takes a few turns to Impress.'
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Dark eyes glanced around the room, and an approving nod was given. Well, at least this hadn't been a total waste. Isiana had managed to get all of her laundry done, which was a blessing in itself to her to begin with. The young woman completely loathed doing laundry, at all. She knew it was part of being an adult, and having responsibilities though, so she did it and just got it over with. She had also managed to tidy everything up on top of doing the laundry. Shockingly, it hadn't taken her as long as she thought it might have. Now that it was done though, it felt good to have accomplished something. Isiana had meant to do that for days honestly, but she had also been busy with her candidate lessons and duties, and her craft duties, and trying to find some time to spend with Lorcan.

A picture of the blue rider was quickly conjured in her mind, and a small smile played on her lips. Ever since their first few dates, she had been eager to spend more time with him. Unfortunately, their schedules did not afford either of them much free time, but they still sat together with Finn and Bastian in the Dining Hall as much as they could, at least they could be together that way. Grabbing a book out of one of her drawers, the candidate pushed Lor to the back of her mind for the time being. Now, it was time to relax a bit, and thinking about him was probably not the best way, although she always had to fight not to.

Propping up some pillows, she quickly sat down on her bed, removing the bookmark from between the pages she had left off on the last time she had been able to read. It didn't take her long to get sucked into the book, considering it was a romance book. As much as she wouldn't admit it to anyone, she was kind of a romantic. Although, she would read any genre of book she could get her hands on, romances tended to be her favorites. Page after page she turned, getting deeper and deeper into the book. By the time she tore herself away, the candidate knew it was later than she had wanted.

She closed her book, setting it on the table next to her bed, and then crawled under her covers, yawning a little as she did. It didn't take long for the candidate to closer her eyes and begin to fall asleep. Before sleep could overtake her though, she heard the call. Instantly, her eyes were wide open and she pretty much jumped out of bed, her feet barely touching the ground as she grabbed the attire she knew she was supposed to wear for the Hatchings. Isiana then gave herself one last look in the mirror before she was out the door.

It did not take her long at all to reach the Hatching Sands. She bowed to the Queen. "Thank you for allowing me to be here Lennoth. I'm sure your children will be beautiful, and will be well cared for by their new bondeds." Once she was allowed in, she just stood there, her dark eyes taking in the eggs and then slowly looking around. She spotted Finn and quickly made her way over. "Finn! Can you believe it? The Hatching is finally happening!" Eyes danced happily as she looked at her friend before her eyes moved back to the eggs.
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It hadn't taken him too long to get into the daily routine of being a Candidate. Issworent was not making any huge progress on making friends but he at last learning a little about his fellow Candidates. Most seemed far more social than he was and already had friends among the other Candidates. Overall he didn't mind, he wasn't used to friends to begin with and more than content staying on the sidelines for the time being.

He still was leery about the female Candidates, any female in fact and stuck to avoiding them whenever he could without drawing any attention. When he couldn't avoid them he stayed respectful and knew his place with them. He didn't trust any of their motives and so far none treated him poorly but trust was not easily earned with him.

Sleep came to him easily enough once he went to bed though as always his sleep was light. Living mostly in hovels and wherever he could find shelter in The Bottoms even during the time he was a Messenger, kept him from truly sleeping deeply. Sometimes people would steal your stuff if they could get away with it, others will just take it from you unless you can fight them off or at the very least intimidate them away. Issworent wasn't a skilled fighter but he could be intimidating if he wanted to be. He also rarely had anything of value but that didn't mean he wanted to sleep through somebody pilfering his stuff.

Despite this, when a dragon called out in his mind he jerked awake like he was dosed with ice water. At first he thought somebody was in his room and he glanced around quickly, ready to fight off any intruders. When sleep fell away enough for him to realize what woke him was a dragon's voice, calling all Candidates. Blinking he wondered why they were having yet another lesson so early when he realized just what the dragon was saying.

"The eggs," he muttered to himself, sliding off his cot and quick rooted through his trunk to find the white robes he was told he had to wear at the Hatching. Once the robe was pulled over his body, Issworent slipped his feet in the sandals which were also required. Running a hand through his messy hair he headed for the door, uncaring if he looked like something the feline dragged in. He doubted looking his best would matter to the baby dragons when they hatched, if one of them wanted him.

Once he was out in the hall he heard the noise of other Candidates rushing towards where the Candidatemasters waited to lead them to the Hatching Grounds. Issworent shuffled along with the mass, doing his best to stay a respectful distance from any female, falling back to let them go first when he noticed he was ahead of one.

The amount of people in roughly the same direction was unnerving to Issworent, normally he avoided such crowds, preferring to flit from shadow to shadow and not draw attention to himself. Unfortunately with all the glows out to light the way to the Hatching Grounds and wearing white robes, he stood out quite clearly, his only real cover was among his fellow Candidates. The focus wasn't on him at all however, but the coming hatching so his worries were pointless.

He watched as other Candidates thanked the great gold upon the sands, appaerntly the gold was nervous about having them around. Issworent felt rather nervious around her, she was huge, and so beautiful he wasn't sure if it was her size or beauty that made him hesitate. Though he was a quiet person and tended not to draw attention to himself, Issworent wasn't a coward. He stepped forward after a few other Candidates had already paid their respect to the gold and looked up at the large beauty.

"Ah, thanks for letting me be here," Issworent told her, clueless on what he should say. Hoping this was enough, he dropped his gaze to the sand at his feet and shuffled on past, ready to bolt should the gold not be pleased with his poorly phrased appreciation.

When it was clear he wasn't going to be the gold's late night snack, Issworent moved off to stand not too far from some eggs. He didn't stand too close but not so far away he would be hidden from view from the inhabitants of the eggs once they hatched.

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For as little sleep as Bastian got being a candidate and a healer, he'd learned how to fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He'd always been a deep sleeper, so it was not surprising that he missed the call from Lennoth that it was time for them to meet her children. Instead, he was dreaming about a bittersweet future that probably never would be. A mess of curls as bouncy as and unruly as his own came running towards him calling out 'daddy'. He swept the little boy up in his arms and spun him around before the two of them would turn towards Finn for a loving hug. Bastian had had this dream a few times before and while the thought made him happy, according to Finn it would never come true. Bast loved her too much though, if they could never have children then that was the way it would be. As long as he had her that was all he needed.

Mel, however, was not as deeper a sleeper and as soon as he heard the announcement he began trying to get Bastian awake. Finally, a well placed bite on the nose did the trick. "What the fuck, Mel!" Bastian exclaimed as he shot up with a start. The sport firelizard squawked at him and finally what was happening hit the candidate. "Shit." He said as he shot out of bed and quickly got himself dressed. The white robe was donned and he quickly wet his hands in the wash basin to run through his hair and try to tame the curls some. Once that was done he headed towards the hatching grounds with the other candidates.

Bastian tried to not hop from foot to foot as the heat of the sand burned the bottoms of his feet. He paused in front of Lennoth and gave her a respectful bow. "Thank you for giving me this chance with your children." He said and then moved to join in the circle that was formed around the clutch. Bast hoped that this time would go better than the first hatching he had attended. For one thing, he didn't have to worry about his brother impressing before him again. Granted, that was water under the bridge, but he had been rather salty about it at the time. Now his biggest worry was him and Finn not impressing together. While it would suck to have to put their relationship on hold longer than if both of them impressed together, he knew that they would make it work. He moved to stand next to Finn, a wide smile on his face. "Good luck, sweetie. I hope today is a good day for you, me, and Isiana." Bast said as he waved at the dark haired woman who'd managed to capture his brother's eye.
Tag ~ Isiana/Finn
Lorcan. Wake up. Lorcan...the eggs are hatching....LORCAN! Hydranth had to yell to get his rider to wake up. What? Why...Hydranth. I swear to Faranth... Lorcan said angrily as he tried to readjust in his myriad of pillows on his bed. Ash was asleep at the foot, belly upside down with his rather large paws curled down, but sticking upwards. So you'd rather not go see your brother, girlfriend, and good friend possibly impress? The blue asked, though he was rather amused by his rider.

Once the realization of what Hydranth had said sunk in, Lor's eyes opened wide and he jumped from his bed to get dressed. Dammit, Hydranth. Why didn't you just say the eggs were hatching? He scolded his blue as he pulled on a pair of pants. I did tell you exactly that. Hurry up and get dressed so we can go. Lorcan huffed, but didn't argue. He put on a fresh tunic and his boots before taking the time to give Ash several moments of rubs and cuddles before he left. It didn't take long for them to get to the hatching ground. Lorcan found himself a seat and settled down. He wasn't surprised when Mel found him and rested on his shoulder. Hydranth, wish those three good luck for us will ya. Lorcan asked as he spotted Bastian, Isiana, and Finn on the sands. Bast, Isiana, and Finn. We want to wish you the best of luck. We know you have it in you.
Tag ~ Issworent/Aesidhe
Do we have to go? You've never cared about this sort of thing before. Wraith bellyached as Locke mounted onto him so they could, like most others, head towards the hatching grounds. Yes, but normally there isn't two street rats I happen to like standing either. Locke explained. Wraith huffed, but he didn't argue...for once. The chimera knew that Locke felt slightly protective of those two and in his own way he supposed he did too. Not that he'd ever voice that...not even to Locke.

Wraith moved to one of the ledges to watch from above once he had dropped Locke off. Locke found himself a seat that wasn't too crowded with other people. It was a little hard to spot those two in the sea of white robed candidates, but eventually he managed to pick them out. Wraith, wish them my best, please. Wraith acted as if that was the worst possible thing his rider could have asked of him, but he was just being surly because it was late. Issworent, Locke is watching you from the stands. He says good luck. Wraith spoke to the young man. You....Aesi...Asid...whatever your name is. Damn, you should pick an easier name. Locke wants to wish you good luck. So good luck I guess. Wraith said in a bored voice.
The eggs had been slowly rocking to a rhythm known only to those that occupied the hardened shells. Excitement buzzed in the air, not just from the candidates hoping to impress or those cheering on their loved ones, but from the eggs themselves. This had already been a journey, growing strong and healthy within mottled shells, but now the real journey was to begin. How could they all not be excited about that? However, there appeared to be two eggs that wanted out more than any of the others. Sitting side by side, the two shells crashed and hit each other with sharp cracking sounds. After a few moments it almost began to seem as if the two were purposely hitting each other. It wasn't long before the clashing against each other caused the hard shells to crack and split.

One more hard hit between the two of them and pieces of shell flew away from those within it. Unfortunately that meant the protectiveness of the tough shell was gone. A dark head managed to connect to a lighter colored body, causing the large sibling to bugle in pain and surprise. What was that for? The blue asked with irritation as he moved away from his sister.

Well, obviously I didn't mean to. Was it really necessary for you to keep bumping your egg into mine? The green snapped back as she shook her head. Besides, it's not like that didn't hurt me too.

You're the one who started it. Why should I have not return the favor? Besides, I'm pretty sure your thick head can take it. The blue said as he flared his wings to keep his balance a little better. He wasn't the most graceful on his legs yet.

I started it? Oh no. I would never start something so petty. How about you just apologize so we can be about our ways. She suggested as she began to test her own footing and took a few steps. Her hide was dark, but the spots that decorated it were a bright, almost glowing color. However, the most stunning feature of her was the inside of her wings. Bright and dark greens mingled together in a cloud-like pattern.

Her brother was a light shade of blue. His legs, face, and wings were delightfully speckled with lighter and darker shades. Three points decorated his neck and lighter, wave-like swirls decorated his tail. Why should I apologize?! You should apologize. You're the one that head butted me. He snarked back to her with anger.

The green stuck her nose up in the air and huffed. I will not apologize and that is that. Hopefully whoever you pick will be able to work on that attitude of yours. To prove that she was done with his attitude and lack of manners, the green turned her back on him and began to walk towards the candidates. She didn't have time for his shenanigans. If he couldn't admit his wrong doings then she didn't want anything to do with him. Besides, she could feel hers waiting. The pull strong and loud in her mind as she walked towards the one she knew was to be hers.

There you are, my darling. I'm sorry that dimglow of a brother of mine made me keep you waiting, but we are together now and we will be together for always. Doesn't that make you happy? My name is Nahumth.
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Sprawled on his bed, his companion for the night was sleeping deeply beside him, R'mia was in a half dose, content to bask in the afterglow of a fine evening of lovemaking. Once he had finished getting his new home set up as well as he could with what quality stuff he could find in the stores, R'mia didn't waste time entertaining in it. Rarely was there a night when he went to be alone and rarely did he take the same one twice in the same Sevenday. Male and females graced his sheets and occasionally he had more than one. Tonight however he just had a single woman, a lady he bumped into down in the kitchens who was eager to spend the night with him instead of scrubbing pans late into the night.

<R'mia, wake up!> Siorbheth called out again, this time more insistent. Normally he would never bother his rider while he was enjoying his companion of the night but this was important. >Lennoth's eggs hatch, I for one don't want to miss the first hatching in our new home.>

Leave off Shar! R'mia complained, then sat up abruptly when his blue explained why he was being disturbed this late at night.

"Hey, wake up, the eggs are hatching!" he called out to his companion who's name was escaping him at the moment. "Come on, I expect they'll need you in the kitchens and I have a Hatching to watch."

<Her name is Britchia,> Siorbheth supplied with a mental sigh. If he didn't keep track of R'mia's lovers, at least for a few days, he doubted R'mia will ever know who he was with the following morning. <And don't be rude, you enjoyed her quite a bit after all.>

R'mia ignored Siorbheth and got out of bed instead. Britchia rolled over and muttered something which sounded like a curse and fell back to sleep. Smirking, R'mia left her where she was. He doubted she will sleep long once the humming really started and reached their apartment. Even now he could feel the deep base vibrating up from the floor. Heading for the bath he quickly washed up and threw on a lose thin material tunic with short sleeves and form fitting trousers. Next came thick soled boots and a belt to keep his trousers from falling, an unlikely event given how snugly they hugged his hips.

A short time later Siorbheth was gliding over to the Hatching Grounds and dropping off his rider at the stands before finding a more comfortable place to view the hatching. Once on his feet again R'mia scanned the area and spotted a good spot to sit which should give him a decent view of the Hatching.

He barely settled into place when two eggs smacked into each other with enough force to shatter both shells. Not a typical way for a hatching to start but certainly an exciting one. A blue and green were the first to hatch, not as promising as seeing a brown or bronze. Then again if he heard correctly the sire was a brown, one can't expect too much from a brown sired clutch in his book.

"Well, those two certainly wanted to start this hatching in a unique way," R'mia spoke cheerfully to any sitting nearby. "At least they didn't fight over the same Candidate as they did about who knocked into whom while hatching."
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Tag: Pellist
This had to be one of the worst chores to do in the history of doing chores. Cleaning out the empty pots that had once contained numbweed. Zosima didn't care what anyone said - she would rather make the shit when it stunk to the heavens than take up the venture she was on now. She was almost up to her shoulders in redwort, it was hot out, and Jessie kept trying to lick and bite at her ear which was making her feel a little bit loopy. She was frustrated and she wanted this to end, and she planned to head straight to the bathing pools when this was all over. She'd jump in clothes and all, too.

But she still had something like twenty pots left to take care of, and she wanted to die, and please Faranth just make it end now-- Jessie was in her ear again, only this time he was trying to make a sound that she'd come to associate with one event in the Weyr. She paused, just to make certain there weren't any ladies in the infirmary having babies tonight, and when she saw that there weren't, she pumped her fist in the air. Her thoughts were being looked over after all! "We get to go watch Pellist, Jessie!" She hadn't forgotten her promise to the younger dragon candidate, but she wasn't going to go see him after looking the mess that she did.

She made sure the pots were set aside - she would have to finish them later, she knew that, but maybe Roman would understand if she explained the situation? - then cleaned up before rushing from the infirmary to get herself put together. This time she decided to bring Jessie and Riona with, to introduce them to her friend, and once she was on the sands, she started to watch out for him. She had to work her way down a little when it became almost impossible to see from the position she was in, but eventually she had a good and mostly unobstructed view. She hadn't seen him yet, but it was at that point that Mouse appeared, and Riona made to paw at the fancy flitt.

"Why hello there!" She smiled at the creature, captured a glimpse of who it belonged to, and smiled. "Will you please let Pellist know I'm here to watch him?" Again her attention was drawn to the hatching grounds, and when she saw her friend, she lifted her arm to wave at him in excitement. If only it wouldn't be seen as rude to yell at him, but if she did that, it might upset Lennoth, and she didn't want to risk ruining this for Pellist. Knowing flitts didn't talk, she figured they could at least pass along thoughts and feelings, so she tried to send it thoughts of good luck, and hoped it would know to pass them along to Pellist.

Tag: Lennoth, Open

The man didn't want to be bothered. At present, he was being entertained by a man and his weyrmate, a visiting pair that would soon return North and had wanted to experience all that the South had to offer. He was just doing his job and being a good little rider, providing them certain delights. Of course, it would be easier to enjoy it more thoroughly if that damn ringing in his ears would quick, and that annoying buzz in his head would just stop.

He was in the process of things taking a rather enticing turn when he heard that buzz again, a familiar buzz he attributed to Ikomith. That's because it is me. Idiot. Now get out of bed and get dressed. Whether you're drunk or not, you have work to do right now.

If the barracks aren't burning--

The ringing in your ears? That's humming, drunk moron. Get out of bed and hurry it up before I tell Bellatrix you can't do your damn job.


He fell out off bed and paid his guests his most sincerest of apologies. "There's uh... a thing about to go on. A--" He snapped his fingers, trying to think of the word as he tried to force thoughts through the haze of alcohol in his head. "Hatching! A hatching. A nice thing if you haven't seen... oh, you have? Well, then you've never seen a hatching like a Southern hatching before." But it was clear to him that the interest was gone and he was cursing his damn luck as he pulled himself together. They were gone before he had the chance to try and make a case, and he cursed all the way to the hatching grounds, certain his socks were mismatched and his boots weren't properly laced.


Oh, this is priceless. I wish I could remember this forever. Just don't throw up on Lennoth's sands. She'll eat you, then where will I be?

Fuck off. He smiled in Bellatrix's direction, but hoped the Candidatemaster wouldn't want to talk to him. He could do this, his job. Just because he was... a little... tipsy didn't mean he couldn't do his work. This wouldn't be the first time he'd shown up to candidate classes with a hangover of some type.

This would be a hatching first though. Showing up with your pants around your ass practically. Yeah, good idea checking them now. Oh, enough of this, I'm going to congratulate Lennoth. He turned to the young queen and bowed low. Congratulations on a most beautiful clutch, Lennoth. Your children... and ah, the first two! They are absolutely beautiful, as each and every one of them will surely be.

Tag: Isiana/Bast/Lor/Hydranth
Finn was so excited, she was almost to the point of jumping up and down with Isiana. But there would be time for that later, after they had Impressed and they weren't trying to make good with Lennoth and her children. She did reach for her friend's hand, and gave it a squeeze, smiling in her direction before glancing out at the eggs. "We've waited so long for this. It's going to be amazing for all of us." All of us meaning her, Isiana, and Bast of course. There would be no hatching without Bast. For a moment, she wondered what she would do if Bast didn't Impress, or if she didn't, or if Isiana didn't. She would be crushed in any of those scenarios. She wanted it so bad for all of them, because they had all waited, because Isiana deserved to have that for herself.

She spotted Bast and let go of Isiana to reach out and squeeze his hand this time, the only chance she would have to touch him again, perhaps, for a long time. It would be difficult keeping apart like that, but it would be worth it for a dragon. "Good luck to you, Bast, darling. And to you too, Isiana. I forgot to say that." She knew her friend wouldn't be upset about it, but she didn't want her to think she'd been forgotten. She never would, and Finn would make sure of that. Of course, it would be difficult for her friend too, should she Impress. There would be no being near Lor for a while. Oh, she needed to stop thinking like this, it wouldn't do her any good, and she knew how important it was to think as positively as possible during a hatching.

It helped knowing that someone had faith in you at least, and so when she heard Hydranth, it bolstered Finn's own esteem of the event and made her stand just a bit straighter. She looked toward the stands, where Lor was seated, and she lifted a hand to wave back at her other friend. She wasn't sure if he would see her or not, or even if Hydranth would pass along a message to his rider for her. But she would try. Thank your rider for me, Hydranth. And thank you as well. I'll try to do my part to make you both proud today. Anything else she might have wanted to say was made quiet as the first two dragonets broke shell, and she turned again to the eggs.

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