Fit for a Queen - Dragon Candidates

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:26 am

The dark haired candidate had remained silent until more candidates began to show up. A small smile played on her lips as she saw her friend Bastian come in. She moved her hand to cover her mouth as she tried to stop the chuckle. Usually, Bastian's hair was wild anyway, but today, it looked exceptionally wild, and for some reason, she found it funny, but she didn't want to embarrass him or anything by letting him see her trying not to laugh. Although honestly, she didn't feel very put together either, and she knew he would be sure to point that out. Lor and Bast were two of a kind. They always liked to joke around, and even though she was a bit worried about Bast seeing her laugh, she knew he would probably just tease her right back and not let it bother him.

As he walked up to her, she laughed a bit and shook her head. "Nope, trust me, you are not the only one who thinks its way to early. Other than that though, how have you been Bastian?" It was just then that their friend (and Bastian's girlfriend), Finn came up to them, leaning against Bastian. Isiana chuckled again and said, "You'll be happy to know you're not the only one who feels like that Finn..."

Before they could finish talking, the assistant candidate master was talking. Dark eyes looked at him, showing him she was paying attention. When he left them to go about it, she sighed a bit. Just great, more physical labor. Although, she guessed it was all worth it to make sure everything was the best it could be for the clutch that was coming.

She picked up a rake and bucket and quickly went to her own spot, making sure that she would at least be close to Finn and Bastian. Isiana knew that they would probably be happier working with each other. She started doing her work, waiting a few minutes to start talking. At least then none of them would get in trouble. So she hoped anyway.
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It didn't take long for other Candidates to filter in, including the younger boy who had been so upset when Issworent accidentally stepped on a mouse in front of him. He glanced his way when he heard Pellist hiss something which sounded like 'behave' and was about to protest he was behaving when he realized Pellist wasn't talking to him but the flit on his shoulder. Rising his eyes slightly he looked at the miniature dragon a moment before turning away to glance towards Isiana before dropping his gaze to the sand at his feet.

When Bastien asked quite boldly if he was the only one who thought it was too early for a lesson, Issworent stayed silent. In his experience, when the boss told you to be somewhere immediately you didn't argue. In this case the boss was Candidatemaster K'rios and if he wanted them here this early then Issworent wasn't going to complain. 'Keep your head down, stay out of trouble, don't be noticed and you'll do fine,' was something his father told him many times.

Some may think Issworent was a coward, or shy or even too slow to amount to much but he was bright observant and definitely not afraid to stand his ground when he needed to. He just didn't go out of his way to draw attention to himself and thus bring bad things down on his head. It of course was likely to have good things miss out but so far that didn't seem to be the case. He did avoid being marked as a slave and forced to work hard labour at some farm when it was raided just as he was arriving. He also avoided starving to death by the timely aid of The Reaper after his father died and now he was here as a Candidate, having been found lost in the jungle after he ran from the raiders. As far as Issworent was concerned his father's teaching was keeping him alive so far and with decent luck to come along to improve his lot.

By the time the rest of the Candidates arrived, Issworent was feeling rather bored just standing there and was contemplating moving off towards the stacks of items he could see the Candiatemaster setting up. Before he could do that, K'rios finished and addressed them all. Though he didn't look directly at the pewterrider, Issworent listened intently. Once he explained what he expected them all to do Issworent frowned.

"Cleaning sand?" he said rather surprised. It never occured to him they would need to clean the hatching grounds. He just assumed the sands were what they were, dirt. Something you either lived with or got rid of, not clean. But clearly like many things he was learning, things were different here at the Weyr compared to his life in The Bottoms. Not wanting to seem he was questioning the Candidatemaster's orders, Issworent moved towards the gear he would need to do his part.

He paused to let Isiana claim her gear first before stepping forward to pick up a rake and bucket for himself. However he moved off to find a spot off to the side of most of the larger groups so he could work away from the women who always made him nervous and distracted. Once satisfied with his spot he began to run the rake through the sand. Almost immediately he dredged up a clump of dirt, goo and what looked like dried blood. Bending down he scooped it up and plopped it into the bucket without any thought as to its' contents. He wasn't used to seeing blood, dried or otherwise but he wasn't squeamish. He used to be a bit unsettled by such things but events in his past had him move past it just to survive.
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Farnan yawned a little loud for a moment as the others finally gathered on the sands. Shaking himself to try and wake fully he watched the dragonrider for signs of what they were doing. Not sure what else to do he simply waited until the man began talking. As he talked about the sands and thir Jon today Farnan came to life a little more. To clean the sands for the next gold to lay her eggs. He smiled. Hearing a purr beside him he chuckled as they were informed they could keep the flitts with them.

"If you two stay, you'd best be working" He snickered. Flash seemed to come to life as he was informed of work. Something similar to determination or something made his body coil and Farnan had a feeling he was going to be a handful. Spots circled her claws on his ears as they walked to grab a rake. Once the Rake was in his hands he snatched up a bucket. Seeing others taking placing or gather around one another he spotted another who broke from the group and wondered off. Sighing he didn't want his flitts to be stepped on and needed to consintrate. Pulling from the group he followed his eyes and found himself in a far corner from the other. Quickly getting to work he watched as flash seemed to speed off and dive into the sand. He was slowly collecting what he could find.

With a little work and effort he tried to have spots help but she seemed more worried about the other lizards so he sent her to stay on the sands. She seemed a good eye when she was paying attention but he knew he was going to have to put effort in keeping her away from the males.
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At the instructions about pets, Pellist nodded. "You can stay on my shoulder or go take a nap," he told Mouse firmly. He knew that the flitter would prefer to stay and have a chance at drawing attention to himself, so he wasn't surprised when the weight on his shoulder was distributed a little more evenly. Instead of perching in an alert pose, Mouse was more draped around his boy's shoulders, and Pellist felt more comfortable immediately as he went to get a bucket and rake.

Really, the candidates should consider themselves lucky they were doing this after a long delay, instead of the day after a Hatching. "Fluids," as the candidate master had called them, wouldn't be terribly recognizable at this point. There was probably dried human blood in the sands, though, along with the fluid from inside eggs. He wouldn't even be surprised if some of the candidates from previous Hatchings had....embarrassed themselves a tense moments on the sands.

Farnan was putting his two flitts to work helping the candidates, and Pellist wished for a moment that Mouse was that well trained. However, he wasn't that many sevendays old yet, and Pellist wasn't even certain that the flitts would be substantial help at this task. It might be more like when the aunties gave the littlest children small tasks to keep them out of trouble, and still had to follow behind them and redo whatever the job was. Either way, if Pellist asked Mouse to do something like that, the flitter would undoubtedly try to attract some attention to himself instead, and get Pellist in trouble for not controlling him.

Pellist was actually finding more tiny pieces of eggshell than dried fluid in the row he started in, and he was quickly filling the little bucket. At the beginning of the task, Mouse was vaguely interested, and watching everything Pellist did, but by the time the bottom of the bucket was covered, the flitt was dozing on Pellist's shoulders, and the candidate had slightly adjusted his stance to keep the flitter balanced. Even with Mouse asleep, it was nice to have a little bit of constant company.
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