An Old Hand at This - 54th Hatching NPC

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Eavan had to admit that she was more than happy that the Leadership flight this last time had gone according to schedule. There'd been no fights, no injuries, and the winner and new Weyrleader had been accepted without question. L'van was an experienced rider, even if he was newer to New Atricis, and had plenty of turns of leadership under his belt. Eavan found the man to be easy to work with and so far things were running smoothly. The rumors and stories about the beasts attacking trading ships going from north to south was disturbing and was the current conundrum that, not just New Atricis, but most of Pern was currently working on. These attacks could not afford to keep happening, but it was hard to figure out when and where the beasts would attack. Let alone know where they were coming from. Currently she and L'van, along with the other Weyrleaders of Pern, was corresponding to figure out the best next course of action, one that would have as few of casualties as possible.

With the worry of that whole situation, Eavan was more than pleased when Paiseantath had laid a healthy clutch of 21 eggs. No queen egg, but that was perfectly fine considering their numbers now. Life was rather uneventful in the weeks to follow the clutching. Eavan was pleased to get a visit from her love, Ar'vis, but other than that nothing exciting happened. Which was good since the last thing anyone wanted at this point was to hear that another ship had been attacked.

It was mid-morning, just as Eavan was checking with the Headwoman on their stores when she got the familiar sensation through her bond with Paiseantath. "Excuse me, darling, but I believe the hatching is about to start." She said to the older woman before taking her leave. She'd always wanted to ask Safryn if Soquilith did the same, but Pai before she officially declared her children was hatching would give a sensation of giddiness through their bond. It was like she was sharing a secret with her rider before letting the rest of the weyr know what was happening. A half-breath later the call was given out to all the weyr. My children are hatching! Come to the sands to meet your future all those willing. The queen called out loudly with a happy bugle.

"It's always over so fast, isn't it?" Eavan commented to L'van after the hatching was over. Pieces of shells littered about the sands where new lives had started. Those that were left standing were no doubt disappointed, but there was always the next clutch. "Zenjarth should be proud of himself. Three bronzes, the weyr could certainly use more of them." After a bit more small talk with her Weyrleader, Eavan took her leave to make sure planning for the upcoming Feast was started and underway.

3 Bronzes
3 Browns
6 Blues
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Dragon Candidate Nali
Nali actually hadn't been a dragon candidate that long. Perhaps a few sevendays really. Such a short time that the lackluster chores and lessons had yet to bring her down from her high of finally being a dragon candidate. Perhaps what kept her excitement running though had been the clutch on the sands, not far from hatching. At times she had stolen peeks into the sands, carefully peering around the large ground entrance into the sands to get a look at the clutch and the mother guarding them. She never actually entered the sands though, knowing better, and always keeping her little stolen glances brief so as not to alert the mother or get yelled at for seemingly trying to sneak onto the sands. She just couldn't wait for those eggs to break and hatch into perfect little dragonets.

It was still morning when the call from the Queen mother Paiseantath rang out to the Weyr and candidates, and Nali was among some in the group to quickly inhale the rest of her food. Luckily, she had nearly been done with breakfast, so there was only so much to finish before she abandoned the breakfast table to rush back to the barracks. Already the Candidatemaster was in the commons of the barracks, telling candidates to get their robes and to meet back up at the entrance to the sands, but to not enter until she brought them in herself. Nali almost didn't hear the woman's words as she rushed back to her room.

Skidding into the room, she yanked her candidacy robe from her clothes chest, and stripped out of her normal clothes and yanked on the robe as fast as she could manage, nearly tripping over her slacks and shoes as she threw the robe on. Within minutes all around, she was out of her room, and rushing out of the barracks and to the hatching sands. Already, there was a group of other candidates gathering, and Candidatemaster Bellatrix was waiting for the rest of the candidates to appear. It didn't take long of course, and soon they were given the rundown of how to behave on the sands, before being led out by Bellatrix. She only took them so far though, and after that, the group was expected to find their place on their own to stand before the clutch. Nali excitedly followed the group and found herself a place to stand and watch, making sure none of the older, taller candidates got in her way. She wasn't going to spend her first official hatching staring at someone's back.

It didn't take long, and the eggs began to hatch, making Nali bounce on her feet eagerly. Perhaps the very first dragon would be hers, she thought with excitement. How great would that be? Being a new candidate and Impressing to the first dragon? That didn't happen though, but she wasn't discouraged. Not even after the second, third, or even the tenth dragon. She still had about half the clutch by that point, so she still had plenty of chances, even if there were more candidates left than eggs. Nali was surprisingly optimistic, and didn't start to feel a fall in that optimism until only three eggs were left. Three wasn't very many, and there were still so many candidates left, older candidates, ones that had been here longer.

The next egg hatched, and Impressed to a candidate that wasn't her, and for the first time, she frowned and looked back. Two left. Maybe the next one then, she hoped desperately. The next one didn't hear her hopes though, hatching and Impressing to another as well. The last shell intact had her last hope for this hatching, and like every egg before it, the hatchling broke shell and chose another that was not her. Even Nali couldn't help the pang of disappointment, hoping that she would be special and be one of those candidates that Impressed the first time. It wasn't to be though, and she was soon shuffled off the sands with the others left standing. A few were obviously more disappointed than she was, and one other candidate she was sure had been crying. If she remembered, that candidate had been standing for a long time.

On the way back to the barracks, Nali thought on that. The candidate who had been standing for turns now, who couldn't help but cry as they left the sands. Who was she to be so disappointed that her very first hatching didn't pan out when there were those that were nearing the end of the candidacy that still hadn't Impressed? She realized she was in no position to be so sad over it. She had turns ahead of her, countless hatchings left. It made it easier for her to accept the rejection and just look forward to the next hatching.
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