Moments Like This -- {53rd Dragon Clutch}

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Soquilith's last flight had been...different, for them both. It was the first time that Safryn had not felt that same sense of freedom as her queen, the willingness to flirt and tease her suitors, to tempt them even more knowing such lusts that burned in their veins. Many times before, she'd relished in the sensations, the liberating feeling that called to her soul...however, this time she remained grounded, was even slightly afraid of what would come when the gold found her mate. The woman gave everything of herself to that Flight though, she did want to disappoint her queen or her Weyr by succumbing to that weakness, but she couldn't hide that her smile for the suitors never quite reached her eyes. There was only one among them that would understand, and her sapphire gaze settled on him many times, and yet she couldn't linger as much as she wanted to, for she was at the whim of her dark queen.

The dappled gold could feel it, had known that her rider wasn't entirely prepared for this, but Soquilith had stalled as long as she could. There came a time, and she knew that Safryn was strong enough to over come this, no matter the outcome, so the gold had taken to the Skies, claiming her right to them. She felt her rider hesitate at first, but there was nothing to stop her and soon enough, duty overcame her riders' apprehensions and she felt the redheaded woman gave herself over to their bond. Safryn still clung to a part of herself though, the part that was fearful, that piece of her heart that was in love and wanted to be with only one person in that room, the one person she knew would understand why she was afraid. At first, Soquilith tried to pry her rider away from the notion, to lead her back into that freedom of choice, of experimenting with other men, of choosing to flirt and tease as she'd done before...yet it soon became clear to the queen that this time would be different.

In the end, the dark queen had chosen the middle ground for them, choosing the brown Gastoneth as a young and strong buck for herself, and mostly because his rider had not presented himself, so someone more familiar could take his place for her dear Safryn. The gold could feel the wash of relief that flowed through their bond as pale arms wrapped around H'tai's neck instead of that of some other man, and Soquilith rumbled pleasantly as she twined tightly around her new mate, the handsome brown proving to be quite the competent flier. As the redhead woman clung fiercely to her love, she decided then, that maybe next time...she'd make sure only he could have her in the end.


The sevendays passed, and the dappled queen began to grow heavy with eggs...which always made the dark queen quite proddy and full of herself. So it was no surprise that she made a point to be noticed as she sunned herself, or waddled around the Weyr to be remarked upon, but it was not long before the Sands called to her. She took to the cavern in the middle of the day, giving a triumphant trumpet into the Yard when she felt the subtle changes, the need to burrow into the heated sands, and she made sure that everyone knew it was time for her eggs to be lain. Very few were allowed to enter the cavern once she was inside, but she knew there would be plenty of whispers and peeking gazes while she worked with the sands until they were just right.

Safryn was slightly surprised by the middle of the day timing, but she also knew that Soquilith could be quite brazen when she wanted to be. She spent the afternoon in the Hatching cavern then, admiring her queen and the whole laying process, but also trying to keep up with the stacks of hides and papers that had piled up on her desk while she had the down time. In the end, the dappled gold and her gentlemanly brown mate had produced a decent clutch of seventeen eggs to be fawned over by their mother for the next few sevendays while the shells hardened. Gastoneth was a worthy mate, watching over her while she slept, offering to bring her a wherry or beast whenever she felt the hunger creeping in, and Soqi even allowed him to nose against a few of the eggs - though she put them back in their proper place when he was done.

Finally, the day came when the eggs began to wiggle in their wallows, the sharp taps against the shell heard from inside, and the dark and dappled queen mother gave a bugle to the Weyr, rousing them away from their evening meals or pastimes. Her children were far more important than anything that could be going on tonight, and so they would all gather around and greet her beautiful children into this world, watch them bond to their soulmates and start their own lives. It was a magical moment, and one that neither the gold nor rider would ever tire of watching.

It was a darling chocolate colored brown that hatched first, bleating his surprise to the world as he tumbled onto the sands. He was quick to right himself though, and gave several more croons and chirrups as he glanced about. A talkative one this little brown, and Soquilith crooned back to him lovingly in return, nosing gently against the hatchling to find his bonded. With a pitched bugle, the chocolate dragonet scampered away toward the candidates and slowed before he reached them, so he could move carefully among them until he flopped at the foot of his chosen. The first Impression was made, and there were sixteen more to come, each of them inspiring, loving and tender, sometimes silly and the crowd would chuckle, though there were the fair share of gasps as well intermingled through the joyous moments.

A stunning petwer was the last to hatch, creeling softly as he waded through the candidates, dark head turning to and fro as he inspected each of the white robes once, twice, three times. The hatchling moved through them for what looked like the last time, his brilliant hide already beginning to dull the longer he looked for his chosen, and his head begun to hang lower to the sands, nearly brushing his nose against them. As he reached the end of the row, he flopped back onto his haunches and let out a low keen tilting his head back. The sounds seemed to rouse whoever's name it carried and startled into action by the inevitable if they did not move, a figure soon appeared beside the pewter hatchling, eyes wide in disbelief. Arms soon wrapped around the dragonet, and the shade of silver on it's hide began to brighten once more and the crowd erupted into cheers for the last pair of this Hatching.

Safryn let out the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, but was soon clapping with all the others, a bright smile finding it's way to her lips. Seventeen eggs lain, seventeen new weyrlings for the Weyr. They had done well, despite any set backs during the Flight, and the redhead moved closer to her dark queen, reaching out to stroke against the pale muzzle and up into the bronzed head knobs. "You did good my love. Your children are always strong and wonderful." She said softly, leaning against the large head and kissing the dragons' smooth hide. Soquilith rumbled deep in her chest that the woman could feel through the sands at her feet. They always will be... The queen crooned as she nosed against her rider. Come now, I need a good long soak in the lake. This sand gets everywhere and I wont be able to sleep until I feel as though every grain is gone. The dappled beauty said as she rose carefully to her feet, and without a second glance or another word, she sauntered out of the cavern and exactly where she said she would.

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