Midnight Babies - 52nd Dragon Clutch (PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:05 pm

Tanthus was trying so very, very hard to regain himself, and was finding it a struggle to do so. Exacerbating the problem was the shame he felt for being this susceptible to such an episode. He thought he had come far enough in his life, in his healing, to not break down in front of a crowd of revelers enjoying a hatching, and yet here he was, fighting against a darkness that threatened to control him again. However, even with his eyes clenched shut and darkness all around him, he could feel something else there. He knew it was from outside, and desperately he did his best to cling to that presence.

A couple of shaking gasps and a abrupt opening of his eyes would tell Kimina that he was finally snapping out of the horror that the void within him had spawned. He realized that she was holding tight onto him, that he was holding tight onto her, that his eyes burned with emotion and that he had made Kimina's outfit wet with his tears in the process. Tanthus's panicked breathing became slower and deeper as he used his mental energy to root himself in that very moment, another technique that had been taught to him turns ago. He was here, Kimina was with him, he was not alone, and, most importantly, he was safe. He would be okay.

Tanthus finally managed to let go of Kimina, his breathing mostly normal, when she pointed out the unusually colored dragon that had hatched. It really was... nothing he had never seen before, and, just like the blue before it, knew very quickly who it wanted and broke through the Candidates and guards to get into the stands. Again... he'd have to watch another Stands Impression but... but, no, he was fine now. He had seen them during Phoenith's clutch at Walled, he could handle them now, too.

He never could have expected who the unusual hatchling would pick, and his gasp was audible when he saw the strange hatchling rubbing itself up against Ari. Was... was he really seeing this? Ari, who he had reached out to as a fellow dragonless... had Impressed? Tanthus was stunned as he struggled to process what he was witnessing. He did remember one time transcribing a record that spoke of such an event, a reImpression, even in recent Turns, but he had always assumed that it was something that was incalculably rare, something that he would never see in his life. And yet, now he was witnessing another Dragonless Impress, and immediately two feelings presented themselves to him. The first was an odd, serene sense of happiness, of seeing Ari's life become complete again. The second was an almost physically painful jealousy, the darkness within him envious of its counterpart in Ari becoming filled with unconditional, unending love. He'd never feel that again. Tanthus gave a shuddering sigh, and, with mental force, made himself feel the happiness more than the other emotions. He couldn't let himself be a miserable, spiteful wretch, not now.

Finally mostly calm, Tanthus finally looked Kimina in the eye, and, after wiping his nose and eyes with his sleeve, he wrote to her.

Now I'm more grateful than anything that you were here with me. Thank you. I honestly do not know how to repay you, and I'm not sure I can.

His heartfelt message written, he remembered his duty for the day. That blue, he didn't know the name of the man that had almost refused his blue, and still seemed to accept it begrudgingly, so he left that space blank before writing Ari's name underneath, noting the unusual hide of the hatchling that had chosen her.
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:35 pm

The eggs didn't seem to care much about what was going on outside, and to be fair, they never truly did. It was mere moments after the hatching of the strange little female that the next, another one of the mid to large sized eggs, began to rock fervently. though whether people truly paid attention between the ebbing drama of the near Impression rejection and the strange color upon the sands that Impressed the upset dragonless woman, that was another story. Either way this egg was eager to hatch, though it took erratically, as if the hatchling within couldn't decide which would be the best way to hatch. Cracks appeared though, here and there, on different sides of the egg almost at the exact same time. People began to wonder a bit, as that was very unusual to see, and right as some began to speculate, the reason for it was revealed.

All at once the egg broke, two holes opening up on either side of the egg and depositing two hatchlings onto the sands at the same time, leaving the rest of the shell to fall away into small pieces as the little twins' limbs and legs detangled from one another as they plopped onto the sands together. Each one took their breaths of air, heads raising to look around at everything around them. Things were... not calm, they could both tell, something had happened it had seemed, but for each of them, there were far more important things.

Are you ok my brother? The little pale opal asked her darker, mottled sibling, nuzzling at his neck and snuffling at him. He crooned to her.

Very well. Come on, let's get up and go. It seemed, like many Pyrites, this one was ready to get up and go, and so together the twins got to their small, wobbly feet, and together they headed to the candidates. However, midway there, the Pyrite stopped in his tracks, making his sister give pause and warble at him questioningly.

I'm sorry, sister, but... I don't think mine is there. I feel a pull... somewhere else! He sounded almost excited by this prospect. I must go this way instead. I hope that is ok with you. He began to turn away from the candidates, and his sister padded over to him, nuzzling him once more.

Then this way we shall go. I shall be with you until you find yours. They warbled happily to one another, then set off, directly to the stands instead of the candidates. Some groans and frustrations from the group could definitely be heard, but the twins cared not as they made their way where the pyrite led.

Yes! Here! He bayed happily when he felt he was on the right track when they came to the edge of the stands. The opal crooned to him and nuzzled him onward once more.

Go on, I will wait here until you find the one you are looking for. Mine is not in there, but I want to see you happy. The pyrite turned his head to his twin.

Are you sure? I do not want to keep mine waiting, but what about yours?

Worry not. Mine is here, over there, and I know they will wait. As soon as you find yours, I will find mine, and we will meet again afterward, all together.

With a final pair of warbles and croons and a headbump shared between them, the twins separated, the Pyrite climbing up into the stands and the opal standing back and waiting, not paying any mind to the people standing anywhere near her.

The Pyrite made his way through the crowd, weaving his small body among the legs. It was easier as people got out of the way, no one wanting to be in the way of the hatchling on a mission.

Don't worry! I'm on my way to you! I will find you I just know it! He called as he moved along, not long after finding the one he had been looking for. He looked up to the scribing lad and warbled at him to get his full attention.

Look, see? I found you just like I said! You don't have to feel so bad anymore, because I'm here now and I'll help you feel better! I promise! He took a step closer to the lad, to Tanthus. Things will be great now, I can feel it! As soon as I get food, of course.
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Back outside of the stands, the young opal crooned happily as soon as she saw her brother stop before his. Feeling all would be right after that, she made her own way from there, not wishing to keep hers waiting any longer. She headed back to the candidates.

I'm sorry for the wait. She called out as she made her way back to the candidates who watched her eagerly. She made her way into the group, and it was clear she already had hers in mind, she just needed to find them. Unfortunately, with these white shifty things, these candidates all looked mostly the same, and it made it hard to truly locate hers. She soon would though, after more weaving and stepping around some impatient candidates who tried to get in her way. She was a bit too small to really hurt them, not that she wished to do so anyways.

I'm sorry, but getting in my way will not stop me. I already know who I want. She walked just a little more, and finally felt that affirming pull at her mind to tell her she was right. She crooned happily.

At last! I'm sorry for making you wait. She stepped closer and nuzzled the girl's hand she had chosen. I did not wish to be away from you so long, but I wanted to see my brother safe as well. I hope you can forgive me.
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:42 pm

Chara of Pewter Rientath
Tag: Ari and Rosasith, Hydranth
Admittedly, they'd been too distracted to notice the brown until his new rider was walking over there with him. A hatching was still going on, and they tried to focus on it as well as feeding their own dragon. After all, this would be the group that they'd be entering weyrlinghood with, so they wanted to have a bit of an idea about who the others were. And so, they managed to split their attention between feeding Rientath and glancing over at the hatching.

And they almost wished that they hadn't. The next dragon to hatch was an adorable blue who didn't seem interested in any of the candidates. Instead, he ran over to the stands. From what they'd heard around, stands impressions weren't actually to uncommon. It definitely wasn't unheard of, anyway, and they'd still been smiling as they watched the man leave and lead- No, they realized, he wasn't leading the blue over, though the dragon was trailing behind him, and then someone started yelling and from what they could hear it. . . really wasn't a good situation.

Chara, what's going on over there? Is it something we should be worried about? The hatchling crooned anxiously at them. He could hear some of what was being said, but-

It'll be fine, don't worry. But I don't think we should get involved. They distracted him with another piece of meat, meat that was rapidly beginning to vanish. There wasn't really that much left, and Rientath was starting to eat slower too. They supposed that was a good thing, it meant he was getting full. Still, they kept half an eye on the situation as they continued to feed the dragon and offer him reassurances that everything would be okay.

The next dragon to hatch was a- Frankly, they weren't sure. There was blues there, and also purples and reds, and a large amount of white. A new color entirely, perhaps? Or one of the mysterious anomalies that seemed to crop up around New Atricis? Either way, they were relieved to see the strange hatchling and the pale blue hatchling both finally successfully impressing. They breathed a sigh of relief. Well, that disaster was avoided, at least. Rientath gave a far more happy croon and looked at his two newest siblings.

Hello Hydranth, I'm glad that your rider finally saw sense. Rosasith, is your rider alright? He had calmed down easily enough, and Chara grinned and turned back to the hatching just in time to see the pyrite and opal twins hatch. Well, hopefully these two would go a lot smoother then the last two had.

Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:19 am

T’thus of Pyrite Vandath
Tag Kimina, Ari, Kalico

The dark inside of him still burned, but at least Tanthus could breathe again, could feel free again. He was back, but the emotion was still there. He could probably make it through this hatching just fine, but there was enough emotion there… maybe he’d need to release them later, away from prying eyes. He’d already likely garnered enough attention from the nearly complete breakdown he had just experienced, and he didn’t want to have people see that again. For now, he was content with Kimina’s presence.

With Ari and her unusual, beautiful dragon being led off the sands and the situation with the unwilling Weyrling and his poor blue seeming to have reached his end, Tanthus watched as another egg hatched, revealing one of those little twin pairs, an opal and pyrite. He didn’t know why, but there was something about the pyrite that Tanthus found very attractive, and he could only envy the person who that pretty little pyrite would choose. It was as the twins started to move that Tanthus could feel a buzzing in his head. It reminded him of the vibrations that came from loud humming of dragons, except it felt like the buzzing was in his head, like an insect had taken residence, like something was there.

Don't worry! I'm on my way to you! I will find you I just know it!

That… that was more than a buzzing. Someone was talking to him! Tanthus quickly looked at Kimina, entirely perplexed by the voice, as he realized that the voice he had heard sounded nothing like Kimina… or anything he had ever heard, save for one… Sarutath. It reminded him of Sarutath.

Oh no, he was going mad. He was going mad and imagining Sarutath’s voice in his head as if he were still alive to talk to him. He thought he had overcome his grief, but maybe he was only sinking in deeper… and yet he didn’t feel the same grief that he had.

The little sound of a warble interrupted his confused introspection. At first he assumed that it had been one of his little lizards, but instead he now saw that, right in front of him, the crowd had split in two in the stands, and, in the place of the other people watching, stood the pyrite that had just hatched, and it was staring at him.

What? What is…

Look, see? I found you just like I said! You don't have to feel so bad anymore, because I'm here now and I'll help you feel better! I promise!

Was this… was this actually happening? Maybe… maybe he was dreaming… but… he was right there. Vandath was right there. He shuddered as emotions and feelings he had long thought were gone and forgotten suddenly manifested, nearly choking him with their intensity.

Things will be great now, I can feel it! As soon as I get food, of course.

All he could do was stare in wonder and confusion as turbulent emotions stormed in his mind. He managed to give Kimina a look, one that spoke of uncertainty and confusion, before looking back at Vandath, still not entirely sure if this was really real or not. So he tried reaching out with his mind. You… promise? Does that mean… does that mean you’ll be with me… forever? You’ll never leave me? I’ll never be without you? He could feel the pyrite’s intense, unconditional love, and the part of him that had lost Sarutath was reaching out to Vandath all on its own, even if such a thing truly seemed sacrilegious to the memory of Sarutath. He had no idea… that this could truly happen.

I would never lie to you, my T'thus. Your Vandath will never leave you.

All at once, the Impression was complete. Even though he was still seated, Vandath was close enough now that he could reach around the hatchling’s neck to hold the head close to him, sobbing into the soft hide of the youngling’s neck. He knew Vandath was hungry, but the emotions... the emotions were too intense for him to ignore, so he had to give in.

But there were certain things that could certainly interrupt such emotions, and this time it came when he was hit with a wall of hunger that was both Vandath’s and his own. He gasped at the sensation and stood straight up. I’m sorry! I didn’t’ mean to make you wait! Just.. um.. Hold on a second, please? He begged of Vandath, before writing his own name down on the scirbing sheet he had been working with and, after a brief confusion juggling the things he had had on his lap, he ended up just leaving the parchment in his seat, not willing to carry everything with him, not with Vandath’s hunger. T’thus looked at Kimina now, and, though his look was apologetic about having to leave her, the smile was much livelier than it had been in a long time. The feast would come eventually… he’d just have to see her then… oh!

Vandath, can… can you tell… Maatina.. Up there… that I hope to see Kimina at the feast? It truly felt weird… having a dragon talk for him again. He’d have to get used to it again.

Of course I can! Vandath cheerily promised, and passed along his rider’s message to Maatina… but they couldn’t wait any longer, so T’thus gave Kimina a courteous bow and made his way down to where the other new Weyrlings were waiting. He couldn’t bring himself to look at the people in the crowd, even though he wondered how those closest to him were reacting. It was almost embarrassing to think about, so he just kept his eyes on Vandath… not that it wasn’t already hard to take his eyes off of Vandath anyways.

Eventually, he made it down, and Vandath trilled enthusiastically when he saw his twin sister. Meriath, oh I'm so happy we found ours! None of us will ever be alone again.

T’thus smiled at his very happy dragon as he finally managed to grab a bucket of meat for the little pyrite. He realized that Ari was very close to him, and, even as he fed the eager Vandath piece by piece, he had the little pyrite reach out to the dragon of the woman who had once shared the same pain as him, now made whole again on same day as him.

Rosasith! My T'thus is very happy for you and yours, and is happy that we're going to be in the same class!
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Wed Jul 20, 2016 5:57 pm

There were only three eggs left now, two on the larger side and the last small egg, to which all three were showing vibrant signs of life so while it may have been a small clutch for the golden mother, all her children would hatch hale and hearty, no shell left unbroken. One of the larger eggs was the next to crack, a splintering sound heard as dark lines began to appear upon the mottled surface. The egg twitched to and fro, the cracks widening further and further until finally, Pop!, the shell gave way and the pieces began to crumble away from the hatchling.

A rather decidedly green body could be seen under the shards, hunkered down against the barrage of the egg pieces falling down around her, but a moment later those glistening wings spread wide to display her sage coloring. Shaking herself, the hatchling tried her best to get rid of the pieces that clung to her sticky hide, but there were a few reluctant shards that stuck to her hip and shoulder, even a few small pieces against her neck. As she continued to fluster, and turned this way and that to reach the offending egg shell, it soon became quite apparent that it was more than her wet hide that was shimmering in the light, and instead this little hatchling sported the same gleam as many of her metallic kin and many whispers of 'zultanite' traveled through the crowds.

The hatchling paid little attention to the color of her hide, or the shine that she gave off, all she wanted was these darn pieces of shell to get off. She managed to nip at the piece on her hip and made it fall off, but the ones on her shoulder and neck were harder to reach. Stubborn little....I'll get you! The zultanite growled under her breath as she gave her head another good shake to see if that might help. Unfortunately though, she was still rather unsteady on her feet, and the flail of her head only served to knock her off balance and she tumbled into her siblings' egg, taking the smaller egg with her down into the Sands.

There was a definitive cracking sound as the hatchling and egg rolled and quickly enough the shell gave way, collapsing around the inhabitant and making the confines suddenly much smaller. Oh dear me! Came a voice from inside the collapsed egg, and the shards rippled with the motion of the hatchling within.

Sister! I am sorry! Let me help. The zultanite bleated, startled into forgetting about her own egg pieces and instead worked hard to get her feet under her once more and moved to inspect the deflated egg shell. Picking at the largest piece she could find, she clamped down with her baby teeth and pulled with all her might, though the shard still seemed connected to those around it by the membrane of the egg. I got this, don't worry. She rumbled assuredly, as she tried again, giving the shell a good hard yank and tugged and pulled until finally that piece snapped off, tearing the membrane and pulling off many more pieces with it until it was like a string of shell that led right to the pale little green who'd been ensconced by the egg.

Oh my, thank you big sister...I wasn't sure how to get out of there. The little green said, trilling happily to her larger green colored sibling. Slowly and daintily, the newest hatchling stepped out from the collapsed egg, even giving one of the pieces a kick for good measure before standing proudly outside her confines. Is there anything I can do to repay you? She asked, looking to the zultanite as the pale green wings spread slightly to let them dry.

Actually, yes...I have a few pieces of shell sticking to me, and I'd love to get them off, but I can't reach. The larger of the two said, turning to look at the offending egg shell, but still unable to do much about it other than huff in indignation. The little green caught on quickly though and stepped up to her sisters side and with a gentle touch, a dainty nip or two, she was able to pluck off the remaining pieces that clung to the zultanites' neck and shoulders. Once free the zultie gave another good shake, this time her footing much more stable, and showed her relief with a contented sigh. Thank you sister, you are most kind. The sage green colored hatchling bespoke, nuzzling up against the smaller and paler green.

You helped me, so I helped you...That's the way it should be. The little green stated rather matter-of-factly and with a returning nuzzle to her sister, she then turned to the rows of white candidates, feeling their eagerness and knowing that one among them was calling out to her. We should go...There is more we have to do.

Agreed. I can already tell which one I belong to... The sage green zultanite said, nosing against her sister once more, and nudging her toward the candidates. Since she'd already made up her mind, she encouraged her sibling to take the first few steps to find hers as well.

I know where mine is too...Come along then! The smaller green said with a happy trumpet as she began to move away from the last egg standing, and toward the sea of white robes, feeling and knowing there was one in particular that already called to her, that matched her lady like demeanor so perfectly, they were meant for each other. Once she'd gotten past the first row, it didn't much longer and she quickly hurried toward a young girl who was already eyeing her with such admiration. You...Yes you. Don't be so surprised my love, your Amaryth knew exactly where to find you. The pale green bespoke, nuzzling up against her chosen and then nipping softly at the edge of the robe. I am very hungry...can we go now?
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As the little green was finding her bonded, the zultanite had stayed back just a few steps, watching her sibling and making sure that she found her chosen one. Once the green sister was safe in the arms of the young girl, the sage green colored hatchling turned then, only walking a few steps before she stopped before a young boy. There was a moment that she just watched him, her mind reaching out to him and looking over everything she saw in him, though the hatchling could tell that she was not the one he was hoping for. Heart of my heart... She started, the voice soft in Keetin's mind as the hatchling inched just a little closer to the lad. My hide may be shiny, but I know it's not the gleam you were looking for. The hatchling mewled softly, attempting to nose against the white robe if he let her. I believe we will be better than any gold though, stronger, faster...We will work toward wonderful things together, make history together. The zultanite continued, crooning softly and practically stepping up into the young boys' arms. With your Lauruth, we can go far Keetin...As far and as high as you want.
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Wed Jul 20, 2016 8:40 pm

Weyrbrat Nali & Bronzerider I'li
After the pewter had hatched, there was another lull in the eggs. Of course, it wasn't to last, and soon the first brown cracked shell and tumbled out onto the sands. He was beautiful in color, Nali thought, but all dragons were beautiful as far as she was concerned honestly. He had wonderful chocolate and cinnamon coloring. His hatching had been amusing as he'd tried to escape his shell, and soon after, he found his rider on the sands as happy as could be. Nali smiled, even if she felt envious of all those that had Impressed so far. She'd get her chance one day though, as her father kept reminding her as she grew more and more impatient for her twelfth nameday.

Soon after another egg hatched and a blue was revealed, beautiful in his pale coloring and subtle color differences. Nali bounced in place at the blue, excited to see him hatch and find his. However, her rocking slowed when the blue didn't seem to be able to find his in the candidates. Did that mean this one would...? She hoped not. Nali had never seen a hatchling not find its bonded, but she had heard of it happening before. She didn't want today to be that day she saw it for the first time, however, it seemed it wouldn't. Instead, she'd get to see a stands Impression! For a moment she hoped it would be her, but the hatchling went to a different stands section in the hatching than where Nali and I'li were, but at least the hatchling would find someone!

Or so it seemed at first, as things quickly went sour as a man left the stands, yelling at the blue that followed pathetically after him. She couldn't make out any of his words, but it didn't sound good, and some of the dragons were already keening at the rejection the blue was facing. Nali's mouth dropped open in shock. How would anyone ever do that!? She didn't understand, didn't even consider someone would ever reject a dragon! Her father, meanwhile, put his hands on her shoulders to make sure she didn't try to run off or something as he got a stern expression but said nothing on the matter. He'd personally never seen it, but he knew there was that chance for a hatchling to be rejected. Though rare, there were stories of it happening. As the yelling of another woman entered the fray, he looked to see it was the dragonless Ari, the woman that had been bonded to a deaf and blind opal that had died in Flight because of her disabilities. He had no idea why the woman had been anywhere near the hatching, and his brow furrowed at her, even if he couldn't make out precisely what was being said by her, he was sure he could guess and questioned if it would make the situation better or worse.

It seemed the situation was taken under control, or as under control as it could, when V'an got involved. They didn't get far though, and Nali's gasp distracted I'li from the scene, making him look over to see what she was gasping over.

"Look at that dragon!! Look! It's, it's so different! Look at the white, and the purple! What is it!?" Nali was looking back and forth between the dragonet and her father, but I'li was pretty stumped as well and could only give his daughter a shrug.

"I do not know, I've never seen a dragon like that," he admitted, which only fueled Nali's excitement. They watched as the dragonet bolted, and skidded to a stop before the dragonless woman and the guard that had started to lead her out of the sands. It was obvious before long what had happened, as the dragonless woman embraced the dragonet. Whatever this little one was, it had Impressed to a dragonless woman. He thought it interesting, but soon remembered hte poor blue's plight and looked over. Nothing had happened it looked like, the blue was still there, and soon the man was storming off with the blue at his heels. So perhaps, things would be ok for now for the blue. However, I'li couldn't help but crack a smile when Ari and her strange dragonet came into his view again, thinking about his own longterm Weyrmate Eloine. She had reImpressed too, and it had helped to give her a new life. Hopefully Ari would find the same.

Not long after that Nali was pointing out a set of twins and bouncing all over again. He chuckled as she watched with excitement. AGain though, this dragonet seemed to bypass the candidates. I'li could only imagine how frustrated they were feeling, being bypassed three times in a row now, but the dragons wanted what they wanted. He wondered though if they needed to improve their Search endeavors as a Weyr, with how often these stands Impressions were happening. That was for a different time though, and he hadn't been Weyrleader in a long time so it wasn't his place to make that decision.

Another dragonless was the one to Impress, the lad Tanthus that had lost his blue a few turns ago in Thread. I'li remembered that. Nali though went back to watching the opal that had started off back toward the candidates, finding one of the girls in the group.

"Three eggs left," Nali pointed out, sounding a little sad there were only a few eggs left. They watched as two more eggs hatched, a Zultanite, also to Nali's excitement, and a green that hatched with her sister's help. Soon the pair was off, and Impressed to candidates in the group, though the Zultanite had chosen a male. It had been quite some time since he'd seen that happen, but he remembered that one of the first Zultanites had Impressed a male, and one of their offspring had done the same later as well. It seemed it was just few and far between, but it did happen.

"Just one more egg," I'li told Nali, and she nodded, though now she began to yawn as much as she tried to hide it. The large bronzerider chuckled, but let her stay long enough to watch the last egg hatch. He had a feeling he'd be carrying her out of the sands half asleep.
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Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:47 am

On the whole this had turned out to be a pretty eventful Hatching-and it wasn't even over yet! There were still a few eggs left, a few more dragons Keetin had to try and avoid. And while a lot had happened things were thankfully beginning to settle somewhat. The upset woman, who he was pretty sure was one of the dragonless, had Impressed and calmed down, the young man had somewhat accepted his blue, at least enough that the poor thing wouldn't go between, and now-ah...

Now another of the larger eggs was...was...what was it doing? Keetin was among those watching it curiously. Something in the way it moved didn't seem quite right. Was that hatchling thrashing about in there with its head as well as its tail or what? How was it doing that? It almost looked as if there were two dragons...two dragons! Just as a light bulb went on in Keetin's head the egg hatched into exactly that: twins. Not just any twins either but a pyrite and an opal. Both were unusual in their coloring though. Keetin couldn't recall seeing any sort of yellow hues on opals before but this one sported such and the pyrite...wow. His spotted hide made him look like a wild feline!

Even though neither one was a gold Keetin couldn't help but follow their progress as they crossed the sands together. Did they want the same person or two people near one another? It seemed odd that they were walking together towards...the stands...oh dear. Now they had Keetin's full attention. One or both was going to Impress to those in the stands. The last time that happened... His gaze drifted slightly to where the powdered blue was before snapping back to the twins. Wait what were they doing now? The opal stopped at the edge of the sands and seemed to be waiting while her pyrite brother kept right on going. Who he bonded to Keetin couldn't quite see from where he was-after all the stands were designed to give those seated in them a good view of the sands not the other way around. Soon enough though the pyrite was coming back with-was that Tanthus?!

In his quest to be the first male goldrider and thus a model goldrider Keetin had made a point of learning all he could about Atricis and those who lived in the Weyr. Though he still had a long way to go Keetin knew all the bronze and gold riders plus all the authority figures...and the dragonless. So now two had re-Impressed at the same Hatching! He couldn't help but stare at the latest pair as they went over to the feeding area, completely missing the opal's Impression.

What he could hardly fail to miss however was the hatching of the next pair of eggs. The telltale pop of a shell being discarded caught his attention first. Which of the three eggs was it? One of the larger ones it looked like. The shell crumbled instead of splitting so that the poor hatchling was covered in little shards that drove her nuts. She cleaned off what she could but eventually could not reach the rest. And when she was out of the shadows...ah a zultanite.

The whole thing was kind of cute, up until the zultanite shook her head a little too vigorously and threw herself off balance, falling into the smaller of the two remaining eggs. Both went rolling and something cracked. The smaller egg...deflated? It hadn't actually cracked, was together a little rough for wear, but it seemed like the sac inside had collapsed. Not good, even without the sudden cry of the hatchling inside. It was still moving-or rather she, the voice sounded feminine, so probably a green-so there was that. Although the dragonet was startled she didn't sound in pain. She wasn't alone in working to get out either; her zultanite sister was quick to start working to bite pieces of the shell away. That was the intent anyway Keetin was pretty sure. Instead the shell sort of...unwrapped from around the other dragonet, which was revealed to be a bright if pale green. She was also revealed to be unharmed which was a very welcome sight. She even trilled at her larger sister and after a moment began picking off the pieces of eggshell the zultanite couldn't reach. What a pair they made!

And a pair they remained as they began to move towards the candidates. This pair it seemed would not be Impressing to those in the stands...for a change. Quite the Hatching when almost as many in the stands Impressed as those actually Standing! At the candidates though...the pair separated. Once again one seemed to stand back and wait while the other made her choice, Impressing to one of the girls.

Only once the green was Impressed did the zultanite move from her silent observation...in the wrong direction. Though she stopped after a few steps she was far too close to Keetin for comfort...and she was looking at him. Staring almost. Inspecting. No. Nonono. Go find your actual rider, he urged silently, taking a step away from the dragonet. She was not a gold and he could not let her steal him from the gold that would want him.

The zultanite did not seem to take the hint though, speaking to him. "Heart of my heart?!" Oh shards no... Keetin edged a little further away. He didn't like that, not one bit. His dragon was supposed to call him something like that, not this zultanite. They were almost fake golds in the way they could clutch but not as large a clutch (and no golds) plus only had a golden sheen to their hides. A real gold though-

She was not giving up, mewling and nosing at him while she continued to speak. If she knew full well that she wasn't what he wanted then why was she even looking at him? She had to know he was saving himself for his one true dragon and that was not her, could not be her. She was the wrong color! But she would not stop either, continuing to press into him even when he took another step away. His Lauruth? Oh no...no this could not be happening. The dragonet was not pushing at least, beyond practically climbing into his arms. She insisted they would be better than a gold together, could go far together...but how could they? Golds were the queens of the Weyr, not zultanites. And even if they were they had and continued to accept male riders. How could he prove to the golds that a male was worthy if he was taken? How could he show Pern that it was possible, that just because it had never happened before didn't mean it never would?

"No..." he finally managed to croak out loud. This wasn't right, would not work. She could not be his dragon!

Still Lauruth did not give up, pressing closer and crooning at him once more. There are other ways to show them, prove the impossible is possible. Better than any gold Keetin; they don't think such a thing is possible do they? But you can believe it and together we can prove it to them.

Keetin opened his mouth to object but no sound came out. What did he even say to that? He'd dreamed of Impressing to a gold for so long though; he couldn't give it all up now!

The zultanite hummed and nuzzled him. You're not giving up. You have been saving yourself for your Lauruth and I am here now. I know I am not the color you have been dreaming of but that does not make us any less perfect for one another. It does not stop us from doing wonderful things together. When he didn't react she whimpered and tried to crawl further into his arms. Please Keetin.

He shuddered and stepped away-only to catch a glimpse of a pale blue, powdery hide on the far side of the sands. Keetin froze as he saw the blue from earlier. This had happened before...a rider who did not want the dragon that chose them. That dragon had almost fled between from the rejection, heartbroken and alone. How could anyone reject such love, he had wondered. Now he was doing the same. The dragon always knows... With a shiver Keetin took a step back, away from the blue that had come so close to the unthinkable. The back of his hand met a soft nose as the sage colored dragonet whined.

You're upset. What's wrong? I-have I hurt you? I did not mean to!

Keetin shook his head dazedly. Lauruth...she didn't deserve that anymore than the sweet blue. But...his dream...

Confused and growing more distressed by her chosen rider's emotions and lack of response Lauruth slowly stepped around Keetin, folding her sage colored body around him. The zultanite crooned and tried to cuddle against him but still he didn't react. She keened softly before backing away-and Keetin jumped as if startled out of a dream.

A dream...but dreams were fleeting. They came and went, could change from one moment to the next. The dragonet in front of him was real and quietly crying out to love and be loved by him. She insisted he was the perfect one for her, that they would be great together... No she was no gold but perhaps, in a way, she was better. Would a gold that wasn't perfect for him really be better? Zultanites could clutch and if they did were nearly equal in rank to the golds-so far. As he looked at the dragonet Keetin began to get an idea, a spark of hope from the ruins of his dream. He swallowed and took a breath before finally finding his voice. "Great together...better than any gold...you promise Lauruth?" he asked quietly.

The zultanite hummed and stepped back to press into him again. I promise...because I know. We will be great together Keetin. No gold will be better than us. With a hopeful croon Lauruth began to crawl into his arms once more-

-only for Keetin to stop her. "You're going to knock me over," he rebuked her gently.

Despite his words though the zultanite hatchling began to hum happily, even as she backed off. She could feel him opening up to her, accepting her. And she most certainly did not want to knock him over. In fact... Um...Keetin...can we please get some food into me? she asked, sounding a little sheepish.

The boy rolled his eyes. "Nooooo, you have to starve because you're not a gold." And just in case anyone (especially Lauruth) couldn't pick up on the joke Keetin turned on his heel and very deliberately started walking over to the feeding area. Whatever anyone else thought, Lauruth knew and followed after him with a happy trill.
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She watched at the next dragons hatched from their eggs. Her heart going out to the Dragonless woman who had impressed the strange purple looking dragon. She didn't know what to think, it being just the clutch in wallad claiming a Garnet and this weyr having a Garnet. It was strange to her. She didn't know what to think about all of these new colors. She saw the twins that hatched next, her eyes looking at them and taking in their color's, they were such pretty colors of dragon, she wasn't sure what to think about it. Looking around her, she wasn't sure where they were going, heading towards the stands. But she figured they were both headed to their bonded ones and she couldn't blame them, she watched as others looked around, taking in the dragons and then the sight of the gold and what was going on with them. Her mind wondering back to the opal and her twin. Finally she gave up when they reached the stands and looked back towards the clutch.

Back outside of the stands, the young opal crooned happily as soon as she saw her brother stop before his. Feeling all would be right after that, she made her own way from there, not wishing to keep hers waiting any longer. She headed back to the candidates.

I'm sorry for the wait. She called out as she made her way back to the candidates who watched her eagerly. She made her way into the group, and it was clear she already had hers in mind, she just needed to find them. Unfortunately, with these white shifty things, these candidates all looked mostly the same, and it made it hard to truly locate hers. She soon would though, after more weaving and stepping around some impatient candidates who tried to get in her way. She was a bit too small to really hurt them, not that she wished to do so anyways.

I'm sorry, but getting in my way will not stop me. I already know who I want. She walked just a little more, and finally felt that affirming pull at her mind to tell her she was right. She crooned happily.

At last! I'm sorry for making you wait. She stepped closer and nuzzled the girl's hand she had chosen. I did not wish to be away from you so long, but I wanted to see my brother safe as well. I hope you can forgive me.

Kalico felt the mind link with her's, she felt that bond connect and all but fell over herself to get to the dragon before her. The opal so beautiful in her eyes, not caring, as she understood that she had taken care of her brother, ensuring that he had found his. "I love you and do understand, i could wait forever to have you with me Meriath." She said with so much joy that she tripped a little and found her arms around the neck. Her hands going tight for just a moment before letting go and standing up. Tears streamed down her face as she looked with love at the dragon before her. Finally she pulled herself to her feet and started with her bonded, her bonded to the feeding area. She looked around and saw that the twin had already made it to the feeding area. Her smile filling her face and her eyes, she knew now why the others could smile like this, the love she could feel for the other she couldn't explain. And now, she knew she could feel herself open for it.

Vandath I too am happy to have mine and that you also found yours. I hope he is everything that you need or want. She said looking at her twin and cooing to him. She looked up at her bonded and gave her a nudge.

Looking at the man she waved and blushed a little. "Looks like we got a twin." She wasn't sure what else to say, so she just smiled and took a bucket to start feeding her dragon.It's good for you to talk with others, lets get me some food and we may talk with my brother a little more.

Kalico gulped and started cutting up the meat smaller for her's to eat and be able to swallow with no problem.
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Bastian and Lorcan with Hydranth
Tag ~ Ari, Elias, V'an, Finn, Rientath
Bastian gave a very deep sigh as he watched his brother storm off. His own emotions were a stormy mess as the healers continued to work on his wound. The pain did not help matters much. Despite the numbweed they used the wound was deep enough that the numbweed didn't reach all of it. His attention turned back to the sands for a moment, his eyes looking for Finn to see if she was having any better luck than he was. While she wasn't injured, she hadn't impressed yet either. Perhaps her luck would change. As for himself...not even his optimistic attitude could make him feel better. He knew he wasn't going to impress this time...if ever. Perhaps that was a bitter way of looking at it, but after Lorcan impressing and then acting the way he did...Bast simply didn't have the heart to see things positively. It didn't help matters that he was angry at Lorcan, not just for his attitude but simply because he had taken away the one thing that he would have had that his brothers didn't. He knew it was childish to feel that way, but he couldn't help it. The bleeding wasn't wanting to stop, so the healers eventually told him they'd have to take him to the infirmary. That was, of course, the final nail in the coffin on the chance of him impressing this time. Giving a sad nod, he agreed to let them take him off of the sands.

"Excuse me. I wanted to apologize to you directly. I did not act and do my job as I should have, and things escalated in a way they shouldn't have. You deserve apology for my inaction as a guard of New Atricis Weyr."

Lorcan whirled on the man, but didn't immediately snap at him. It was obvious he wasn't in the mood to be talked to though. "Look, buddy, I have bigger issues to think of than if you did your job or not." He said gruffly. Is it really necessary to be so angry with him? He's trying to apologize. Hydranth asked, the sorrow of earlier still in his voice. The little blue knew his rider still wasn't happy with him...even if he did accept the bond. This wasn't at all what he thought his first day out of the shell would be like, but he knew he made the right decision. Lorcan just needed to see it was the right decision. Lorcan glared down at the little blue and huffed, but then turned back to the man. "Don't worry about it, okay."

"I am sorry too. You can feed your dragon over there," she said to him an attempt to help him a little, pointing over to where other Weyrlings were feeding. "I'm sure they'll let you sit by yourself if you want,"

Lorcan couldn't help but raise a confused brow at the woman who had so recently yelled at him. Next to her was a baby dragon as well, an oddly colored one at that. He didn't say anything to her, not trusting himself to snap again. The anger was still boiling in his veins, though he was calming down considerably. Brown eyes looked over to there the others were feeding their dragons and nodded. What else could he do? He was forever trapped as a rider now and rather he liked it or not yet, he was responsible for Hydranth. Feeling the hunger, mixed with the sorrow too of course, Lorcan began to head that way. For now he was trying to not think about anything other than feeding the blue and keeping his anger in check. He'd made an ass of himself already, he didn't want to make the situation worse.

Rosasith, would you eat with me? He asked the sport softly, a little worried that Lorcan would tell him she couldn't. While the man did give a small growl he didn't protest. "I've already got one shadow. I don't mind if you and your dragon eat with him if that's what he wants." Lorcan pointed back at V'an who was walking behind him. "Should I expect you to follow me for the rest of the day?" He asked the brownrider gruffly.

Once they got to the feeding area, Lorcan took the bucket of meat and moved as far from the group as he could. Hydranth returned the greeting to Rientath. Thank you, brother. He's still not happy with me though. He hurried up after Lorcan while making sure Rosasith was going to follow them.
There was only one egg left on the sands that hadn't hatched, but it didn't take long for it to start rocking back and forth harder. Suddenly and without warning the shell exploded outwards. In the carnage of the shell pieces stood a brown. Despite already having just been hatched he seemed very steady on his feet as he shook his wings to rid himself of the fragments. He didn't seem in too much of a hurry, though, as he looked around himself at the candidates, the stands, his siblings, and everything in between. The drama of earlier didn't seem to bother him either, no doubt because he had missed all of it.

Moving slowly, likely to keep the appearance of being steadier on his feet than what he really was, the brown began to move through the candidates. He stopped at a few of them, sniffing them or merely circling them a few times before moving on. He stopped in front of Finn and gave her a bump with his head. You're smart and strong. Keep your chin up. I'm sure your dragon will find you before too long, but it is not to be this time. Sorry. He spoke to her before moving on. It wasn't long before the brown gave an excited chirp and pranced up to another candidate. You are perfect for me. I am Larixth. Together we are going to do some amazing things. First things first though. I'm hungry.
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THAT CONCLUDES THE HATCHING! Congratulations to all who impressed and if you didn't, do worry there is always next time. The feast will be put up shortly.
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Finn was in a state of shock for the remainder of the hatching. Her hands and robes were stained with blood, blood she wouldn't be able to wash away until all was said and done. And if she Impressed, there would be that wait as well. She looked down at her fingers and winced, wishing she could have done more for Bastian than she had. Then again, had she not acted the way she had, perhaps he wouldn't have survived beyond where he was now with the rest of the healers. She had done a good thing, she assured herself, running her hands once again over her robes. The blood had never bothered her, but if she continued to wear it on her fingers, that's all she would focus on. She had already missed the hatching and Impressions of a couple of dragonets, she had missed the drama of the denial and the reImpression of the dragonless woman Ari

She looked up at the remaining eggs, tried to count how many were left, and saw they were dwindling fast. An opal and pyrite were on the sands, and she wondered if one of them would pick her. Instead, the male went to the sands, the female to another of the girls standing nearby. Kalico was her name, if she wasn't mistaken, and she lifted a hand in the other woman's direction. "Congratulations, Kalico. She's beautiful." The opal was indeed, and Finn would be lying to herself if she didn't admit to the small fit of jealousy she felt over seeing the bond solidify. She wanted that, she could admit to it now, but the way it looked... this wasn't going to the time or the place.

Perhaps she could find Ferghas later, see if he wanted to get drunk. She knew alcohol was against the rules, but there were ways of sneaking it around, and he seemed like the type that would indulge her if she wanted to forget for a little while. But if she did that, she wouldn't get to enjoy the feast and the food involved, and she wouldn't be available if she was needed in the infirmary. And she knew she wanted to check and see how Bastian was doing. At least she had options, she mused to herself, watching as the last egg hatched to reveal a handsome looking brown. It didn't even give her a second look, and without waiting to see who he bonded to, she turned to leave.

She liked to think she was bigger than this, but she was disappointed by the results. She had hoped she would Impress this time around, the first time she'd stood in a long time. There was always next hatching, and the one after that, and the one after that... fuck, she had plenty of chances before she could no longer be a candidate. Even if she didn't manage to bond, that didn't mean her options were no where to be found. She could turn to healing full time, and her ambition could lead her to great things in the craft.

Then she spotted Bastian, and she decided to stop and see how he was doing. Soon enough he would be led to the infirmary, so she was going to say hello to him while she could. "Behave for the other healers now.' She tapped his nose and grinned. Wanting to slip into healing mode, she had to tell herself not to look him over, knowing he was already in good hands. "I'll come and visit you after I've had the chance to change and bathe and eat. I'll sneak you something later during my shift."

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