Midnight Babies - 52nd Dragon Clutch (PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:50 pm

Lorcan's klah brown eyes watched with concern as close to the sands as he could. He saw Reva and the others working on Bastian, he could even see his brother smiling at them. That had to mean he was going to be alright, right? No, it didn't. Knowing his brother he'd smile until the last breath of air left his lungs. That was just who he was. Scowls were occasionally given to the people in front of him, blocking his way. We're they that daft? If he wanted through them he'd get through them. For now he was content watching Reva take care of his little brother. Thanks to his focus being completely on Bast, he didn't notice another blue hatching from it's shell. He was here for his brother, after all, not the dragons.

He didn't even notice when the people in front of him moved to the side. It wasn't until he felt something rub against him and then words reached his mind that he finally realized one of the hatchlings had come over this way. I feel your fear, your worry for your sibling... Brows furrowed in confusion. Why was this weyrling talking to him? "Yeah? Well good for you. At least you can go up to yours. Now do so." He said dismissively as he moved a bit away from the blue. The little blue huffed, but followed after the miner. Come L'can, together we will go to him, make sure he is safe...Your Hydranth will see to it that they take very good care of him, or they'll get the tail slapping of a lifetime. Then....Then I'll need food. I am already so hungry, but I can wait just a little longer. Another nuzzle was given to the man who now looked down agape at him.

Fear, anger, and confusion was put on pause momentarily as he stared dumbfounded at the impertinence of this little blue. His Hydranth? L'can? Oh no...Oh no no no...his was not happening. Unconsciously, Lor began to back away from the blue despite the feeling of hunger and more importantly love emanate from the creature. "You've got the wrong person. The people you want are back there." He pointed to the other white clad candidates on the sands before taking the opportunity of the distracted guards to slip onto the sand so he could go see Bast. That didn't deter Hydranth, however, who merely followed after him. I know I picked the right person. I love you, L'can. I know we will be good together. Lorcan continued to ignore him, thinking that maybe he'd leave well enough alone and go to the person he was really suppose to be bonded to.

L'can, I said I love you. Hydranth stated again with more feeling. Lorcan stopped and rounded on the little blue, angry that he could feel that love and angrier that he felt he didn't deserve it. He couldn't love anything that much. He just couldn't...even if his soul was trying to reach out he was holding it back. He'd just made several big steps with Reva but this....no, this couldn't happen. "You don't know me. You can't love me. Now fuck off and find someone else." The words bit and stung worse than claws could. He continued on making it to Reva and Bast's side. Hydranth could feel his heart break in that moment. I do know you and I do love you. Please, L'can... He keened softly as he dragged himself after his rider still. Hydranth could feel his soul breaking, but he couldn't give up on his rider...not when he thought he'd felt some of that love...even just a inkling.

Lorcan didn't even pretend to fake a smile for Bast as he neared them. "Bast, brother, that was stupid. You going to be alright?" By now his nerves were shot beyond comprehension. The lines at his mouth were pulled back into an angry scowl and his breathing was heavily controlled.

Bast took one look at his brother and realized something was wrong...something beyond him getting hurt. "Lorcan, what's wrong? What happened?" He asked with concern, moving to sit up but the pain stopped him.

"Nothing's wrong. I'm just worried about you. Are you going to be alright?" Lorcan stated firmly though he could still feel the loving bond, now mixed with extreme hurt and sorrow.

Hydranth made it to where the healer's area was and moved to sit next to Lorcan, his once rainbow eyes swirled with deep sorrow. L'can, please...I just want to make you happy. The pale blue said softly, his head hanging low...his hide beginning to gray. Lorcan snapped a little, "Dammit! Don't you get it? I am not good for you. I've told you...you need to pick someone else. Pick Bast here! He's more than worthy of you. I am not what you need." His voice cracked a little at the end, the emotions between himself and Hydranth strong enough to make the horribly stubborn man almost cry. Hydranth still sat there looking at him. It would have been bad enough, but the fact he was standing here with a dragon when it should have been his brother was not helping his emotions any.
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:28 am

Tag- Lorcan (and whoever is around Lorcan)
Considering the situation, Ari seemed to be doing fairly well sitting with Elias on the sidelines. His soothing presence calmed her, even if she wasn't ready to watch the hatching just yet. So she didn't see the next blue hatch, or see him forgo all the candidates and head to the stands. When he climbed up into the stands though and confusion began as it always did when a dragonet went rogue, she looked up to try to see what was happening. It was hard to see though, and soon, Ari left the safety of Elias' arm to stand up and get a better look at what was causing the sudden change in emotions in the crowd. She managed to get up and look in time to see a man slipping out of the stands and a blue dragonet following close on his heels. At first she thought it was just a stands Impression, and a pang of jealousy hit her, but as she continued to watch what was happening, she realized this wasn't a true Impression.

For a moment she was frozen in place as she watched the blue whine and pathetically chase after his chosen, who did nothing but turn and yell and reject the baby blue. She felt so many emotions in that moment, and before she really realized it, her feet were carrying her quickly across the sands, her skirts swaying around her ankles. Elias jumped up and quickly followed after her, but didn't stop her as she approached where the young blue was sitting dejectedly as his chosen tried to ignore him further and verbally berate the poor creature. She couldn't just sit back and watch this, and something happened no one in the Weyr who knew Ari would have ever thought would happen.

"How dare you!" she yelled unabashedly as soon as she was in earshot of the group, mostly the man from the stands. Without thought she stood beside the dejected blue and looked directly at Lorcan with eyes filled with so much anger.

"How could you do this, do you understand what you're doing to this poor innocent creature," she yelled, not caring she could be easily heard at a normal volume from where she was. Now that she'd started she couldn't stop. "You are being a selfish, ungrateful, horrible excuse for a person! You are condemning this dragon to death with your actions and words! He's going to between and be gone forever! And it will be your fault you ungrateful cloud of crackdust!" No one had ever heard Ari swear before as she stomped her foot and clenched her hands into fists, taking a step closer to the man in question.

"Why? Why!? Do you know what you're throwing away? You are throwing away a lifetime of true unconditional love and acceptance because you can't see a good thing when it's right in front of you! So what if you didn't ask for this? I didn't ask to have a dragon who couldn't hear or see, but I accepted her and took care of her for turns! She was my entire life and then she died on me and now I'm all alone! And here you are, willingly throwing this away because you can't get over whatever wherrybrained issues you have, or whatever the reason for your horrible behavior!"

At that moment Elias tried to step in, placing hands on her shoulders to try to pull her back and calm her back down, but she shoved his hands off of her and place a hand on the top of the young blue's head.

"No! I'm not done here! He needs to hear this! He needs to know how ungrateful he is and what a perfect thing he's trying to kick away! I would give anything to be back where he is! Back to the time Myth chose me and she was still alive!" Unfortunately, she was losing it now, at some point during her verbal tirade her eyes had started spilling tears, and now she was starting to sob. All the while during this, her firelizards flitted above them all, chattering in worry and unhappiness, mirroring their person's emotions.
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:58 am

The hatching was about halfway over now, and, with a brown busting out of its shell, Tanthus was starting to feel good about his attendance of the hatching. Not only did it seem to be a good hatching, and not only did he enjoy Kimina’s company, but he was proving, once again, that he wasn’t going to let his tragedy define him. Sometimes there were advantages to being more stubborn than a feisty runner, and the ability to push through and past hardships topped the list.

However, the mood of the hatching would very quickly take on a darker turn for Tanthus, and it would all start with the seemingly innocuous hatching of a cute, pale little blue. However, he could see that the blue seemed rather distressed about something, the way it was pacing amongst the gathered Candidates on the sands. Tanthus could only hope it wasn’t hurt.

Then things got ugly as the blue plowed his way past one of the youngest looking Candidates out on the sands before trying to barge its way through a crowd of people preventing onlookers from spilling onto the sands. That blue… that blue wanted a non-Candidate. For just a brief moment, he remembered Sarutath’s swirling rainbow eyes staring up back at him, and it almost hurt to think about someone else amongst the observers would get the joy of unexpectedly Impressing a blue. But it hadn’t been the first time he had seen such an Impression since he had lost Sarutath; after all, that Walled hatching he had attended had had three, and he had managed to keep his composure for the most part. Indeed, Tanthus took a couple of deep, calming, and felt himself coming back to the present. More relaxed, he smiled at Kimina and gave her a thumbs up. He knew she would be worried about the emotion on his face, so he needed to let her know that he was fine now.

However, it was then that there was a commotion, and Tanthus’s vision snapped back over to the newly-hatched blue. He couldn’t figure out what was going on at first, but then it hit him: the mysterious man who the blue had chosen from the crowd was trying to deny the blue’s loyalty. Tanthus’s leg started to jiggle as his entire body looked restless, a look of barely restrained rage blasted on his face. If he had a voice, he would certainly be letting that man have a piece of his mind, as, after all, Tanthus had never been very good at hiding his emotion, at hiding how he felt.

But in the end, someone else would take the words he wanted to say and say it for themselves. He heard a woman’s voice shrieking at the man, he knew that voice.. It was Ari! Ari had been watching the hatching too! Tanthus immediately worried for the woman, as her loss was more recent than his, and yet, it was as Ari gave her tongue lashing to the mystery man, Tanthus’s heart felt torn in place as he could feel the emotion in her words so intimately. He knew what it was like, to love a dragon and to lose it, and how unacceptable it was for someone to refuse that love in the first place. The negativity was overwhelming, and Tanthus had to look down at his lap. He started to shut out the world around him. He needed peace from the noise of the chaos of the hatching grounds and now inside his head as well. He took deep breaths as he tried to remember that technique he had learned those Turns ago. It might’ve looked odd for someone to see Tanthus wringing his hands with his knuckles white as a tear or two slowly rolled down his face , but it was his technique to deal with the darkness. He needed to fight back into calmness, into reality; he couldn’t lose now, not when he had come so far!
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 1:26 am

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When the brown broke shell next, Revanne gave a bit of delay if only for the hope the brown might have eyes for Bastian. Yes, she said she needed to take him off the sands for his injury, yes, he was going to be the surprisingly compliant patient (a rarity among healers), but that did not mean she needed to run him off the Hatching Grounds. Stranger Impressions had happened in the past after all. But the brown made his choice, thus Revanne turned her attentions back to the young man... unaware of the blue who would soon wreak unintentional havoc on every single person in her life.

The stretcher lifted and Revanne walked along side her patient, taking hold of his hand in support as they made their way for shelter at the edge of the sands, but before they could reach, Lorcan of all people came running to them.

"Bast, brother, that was stupid. You going to be alright?"

Stunned by the approach of the man, Revanne could only stare in bewilderment as the events began to unravel before her. Then the little blue showed. Initially Revanne thought that Bastian had Impressed after all, but instead of the young man speaking to the hatchling, Lorcan accosted the little beast. "Dammit! Don't you get it? I am not good for you. I've told you...you need to pick someone else. Pick Bast here! He's more than worthy of you. I am not what you need."

"Lorcan!" Revanne acted in turn, horrified by how he would treat the delicate creature...

Things only got worse when the dragonless Ari came trespassing onto the sands, berating the newly Impressed man who seemed to be suffering more from a trauma than an Impression. She needed to act quick or she knew she might very lose Lorcan, a very thought that would have made her wrench were it not for the fact she needed to act fast. "Mora! Talk to the blue! Lorcan-" She took the man by the sleeve of his shirt- "You need to calm down. Please, do this for me and Bastian." With a desperate look the healers and then a glance to her brother, pleading for help, she turned to the woman who only escalated the situation. "You!" she snarled at her before looking to the man at her side. Yet for all her tongue was sharp, she made it pierce their ears alone. "Get the fuck off these sands. You think you're helping, but you are only making matters worse and you will kill that hatchling if you don't leave. If something happens to that hatchling, I will make sure you are held responsible even more so than the man that blue just Impressed to. It's not your place to decide. You are adding to the stress, and you know nothing Ari." Eyes fastened onto the man. "Get her out of here, NOW!" With her peace made, she turned back to the hatchling and Lorcan.

Morath asked Paiseantath to let him onto the sands if only to help his rider, but the queen denied his request. Thus the brown did the next best thing. Hydranth, the brown reached to the blue. The brown wheeled down to a ledge as close to the Hatching Sands as he dared... hoping not to incur the wrath of the queen. He sent a croon to Paiseantath, assuring the gold he would not dare disobey, but he needed to act. So Lorcan too would know just what what as stake, the brown included him into the conversation. Little Hydranth, do not fret. You have just Impressed to a rather prickly man, and he can be like this at times. But rest assured he only does so because he cares in his odd little way. He does love you, as do I, and that man at his side, his brother. And so does my rider who is beside herself at the moment because she knows how we all want to keep you safe, for both you AND L'can's sake. After a glance to the newly Impressed man, leveling eyes upon him in warning, the brown turned back to Hydranth and offered his assurances through sweet dulcet croons. So for your rider, you must learn to be strong, and I know you are strong and brave for Impressing to him, and going towards the stands like that. I would have done the same for my rider.

Revanne returned to the fold, and searched for her brother. She spotted the man marching across the sands. Thank Faranth. She looked to the healers. "How about we all stay together. I know that is unconventional, but I think right now it is the safest." She looked to Lorcan. "You need to calm down for him. I know that sounds hard right now, but right now that blue has just become the centre of your world and mine, and Bastian. I know this was not expected, I know you did not want this, but right now you don't have a choice. You need to think of nothing but love for that blue. Please, for me, do this." For all she begged, she knew it was up to Lorcan now as she turned her attentions to the little blue. "Hello there sweety. Are you hungry?" She kept only the kindest thoughts for him. "How about we all make our way to a that alcove over there. Lor- L'can is going to give you a good feeding, and afterwards we'll get you all oiled, a nice wallow, and I promise you everything will be right as rain."
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:02 am

Tag: Leadership, Inez

“Thank you,” Rhianwen said to Safryn as she took the offered seat, folding her skirts carefully into place and sending a soft smile at H'tai's greetings. Here, amongst leadership and those with status, was where Rhianwen had been trained since childhood to survive. She could measure the worth of those she spoke with and those who spoke with her and knew how to interact accordingly. She knew what to look for to measure an individual's intentions and how to respond appropriately to progress her own. It was an old dance for her, though not as old as it may be for some and, at Ar'vis's greeting her attentions turned to the older man. “It is an honor to have you with us at such an early hour, Lord Ar'vis,” she greeted in turn.

The first eggs began to hatch after that, however, and the group's attention quickly shifted to the sands where a bronze broke shell, followed shortly by a blue. Rhianwen watched them impress, trying to block out the crescendo of dragon voices in her mind by resting more firmly in Lennoth's.

You will be the one on the sands someday soon, fretting over your children and whatever then shall I do? she asked the gold who offered soothing comfort from the cacophony of sounds swirling around her and also within in her own mind.

She almost missed Ay'li's greeting because of it. “Good morning to you, as well, Ay'li,” she spoke a beat or two late enough to notice before pressing on, “and with such a fortuitous beginning, I cannot see anyone's day fairing poorly, especially our esteemed Weyrleaders.” She turned then to Eavana nd R'sin, ready to assist in the conversation's flow and play her part, for as well as Rhianwen knew this dance, she was also aware that her and her dragon's youth did not impress that knowledge upon many others. She was merely a student here, her weyrling knots hung upon her shoulder and if that was her part to play for now, then she would play it and learn what she could of the others, as well. “Congratulations, Weyrwoman, Weyrleader,” she continued with her smile still firmly ensconced, “on not only a fine clutch, but a bronze hatched first, as well.”

The dragons continued to hatch: green, blue, green, pewter, brown, blue. Injuries occurred and those around her discussed the possible outcomes of those more severe with cool detachment. Rhianwen participated, as well. “With such skilled healers at hand and with such quick responses, I doubt he'll be down for long,” she spoke as healers prepared to remove the mauled candidate from the sands.

Inside, however, Rhianwen fostered her concern – not for the unknown male being carried off in a litter, but for a woman whose eyes she never quite met. She had seen injuries at the numerous hatchings she had attended since Inez and Ambrosius had first been searched and the fear of either being caught up in such maulings had not been easily brushed aside – especially, and mostly, for Inez. Inez who still stood. As with her initial promise, Rhianwen had attended now two hatchings since her impression (this being the second one to have occurred), just as she had before her impression, to cheer on the Bendenite, to watch over her. She would continue to do so until Inez impressed, aged out or chose to leave of her own accord, as well. Rhianwen did not know if she would ever not be able to watch out for her estranged lover, so accustomed to the woman's ticks as she had once been. That she could not once meet her eyes hurt the young goldrider, but Inez's drifting attention did allow Rhianwen to catch sight of two other individuals in the crowd and her spine straightened at their appearance, smile fading into concern before slipping back into place. She would have to greet the Lord and Lady of Benden before they left.
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:36 am

Tag - Chara, Revanne, Ari, Elias, Lorcan

The brownrider was pleased to make the new weyrlings' acquaintance, though he didn't want to interrupt the pair anymore than he had to. They would have plenty of chances to get to know each other better over the next Turn and a half, so V'an never pressed any of the weyrlings too hard the first day. "I'll come check on you two later and we'll make sure everyone gets to the barracks safely, then we can all go back to bed for a while." The assistant said with a smile for Chara and the speckled pewter. While the weyrlings might sleep though, V'an knew there would be very little chance he'd get the same reprieve, and instead would have to pour over papers and notes with the Weyrlingmaster and other assistants, of all the records the Candidatemaster has been keeping on those who were now going to be under their charge.

V'an gave the new pewterrider and their dragon another charming smile and nod before he left them to their moments of bonding, and resumed his post at the edge of the Sands. He'd missed one of the browns hatching, a deep chocolate and cinnamon brown, but one of the other assistants was already moving to approach the new pair, so V'an looked back to the eggs, waiting for the next to Hatch. It was a pale blue that came next, the little one already intent to find it's chosen and as the hatchling moved through the candidates, he didn't seem to be finding what he was looking for. A suspsicion rose in his gut as he watched the blue dragonet, though it quickly turned to worry as the hatchling plowed into one of the young candidates, knocking them both over and another injury was sustained as red was seen stark against the white robes. Once again he heard Roman's voice barking out an order for a healer to see to the lad, and so knowing the boy would be safe, spiced eyes followed the blue hatchling instead.

It soon became apparent the little one was heading for the Stands, and V'an tried to get a good look at whoever it was the blue had chosen. The brownrider had a fondness for those thrust into the situation, wanted to be there to help them transition as smoothly as possible, but this time it wouldn't be so easy. V'an could feel his dragon keen just before he saw the young man yell and stalk away from the small creature, moving onto the sands though and for the briefest moment the man hoped that what he'd seen had been wrong, that what Arigoth could feel was wrong. However, it didn't seem to be getting any better, and the situation quickly took a turn for the worse as the young man turned to chastise and yell at the hatchling, making it quite obvious to everyone that he was denying the Impression and the brownrider didn't waste another moment.

Marching across the Sands, V'an tried to intercept the young man, but Lorcan had already reached...his sister? No, the young man his sister was tending to. The brownrider willed his feet to move faster, but once more he caught sight of the young man berating the blue dragonet, though at least Revanne was there to call him off and he hoped that the healer might be of some help until he got there. Unfortunately, he was still not the first and instead he saw as Ari stalked out from wherever she was hiding and her voice raised to scold the young man, the emotions quite clear and evident in her tone, her whole demeanor as she shouted at the man. No no no...You'll only make it worse. He thought to himself as he hurried across the clumsy sand. Why can't they have Hatchings on stable ground that doesn't shift under each step?!

It looked as though Revanne was able to quiet the dragonless woman, her pain and sorrow doing nothing to help a conflicted young man to accept that sort of love into his heart. However, even from here, V'an could tell that his sister had not been the kindest with her words, the sharp gestures and irritated posture, not to mention the heated glare he could see from those all too familiar dual colored eyes. Oh please...Reva, don't say anything stupid. V'an muttered under his breath, for he knew full well how biting and blunt the womans' words could be and he knew that Ari was not in a very sound state of mind being present at such an event, to witness such an act as the young man had.

However, the rebuke had hit it's mark, and as V'an finally approached, he could feel the tension in the air between all of them and the brownrider quickly moved into place to help ease and dissipate any conflict, any harm that might come to the hatchling. It was already a spectacle that would have the Weyr buzzing for weeks, they didn't need to destroy the life of an innocent creature on top of it all. "Everyone please...This is not the time or place." The man said as he stepped between the two women at least, giving his own sister a bit of a warning look, knowing she too had played her part in the other woman's distress. Looking to the dragonless woman, and most importantly the man standing close to her, V'an gave the guard a nod and looked back to the entrance to the Hatching Sands. "I think it might be best if you take her someplace else where she can find herself again..." He said to the guard before looking to Ari as well. "Please Ari, I can handle it from here. I'll make sure the baby is safe. I always do." The brownrider said, placing his hands softly on the woman's shoulders if she let him and carefully trying to guide her toward the guards' arm for an escort.

He could hear Revanne behind him, speaking with the young man, and so he let her tend to him for the time being, until he was sure that Ari was ready to leave the Sands. Turning back to listen to his sister speaking with the young man, it sounded that she was rather...close with him, and apparently was a large part of his life, so much so that she used herself as leverage for the Impression. Now was not the time to play big brother, though V'an would be certain to find out more, but all that mattered now was the young blue who was waning by the young mans' side.

Arigoth? How's the hatchling doing? The brownrider asked of his dragon, seeing that the pale hide was lacking some its' luster already and he knew that time was of the essence. Morath is speaking to the little one and doing his best to help. Hydranth is hanging in there for now, but I'm not sure how much longer...The bond needs to be made V'an. The hound colored brown keened with worry. I know bud, we're working on it. The man replied, glancing between his sister and the young man once more, wondering how much she got through to him.

Arigoth for his part, sent soothing thoughts toward the young blue, encouraging croons as he shifted on the Sands as if he could get closer, but wouldn't dare attract the ire of the queen. Be strong little one, just a little longer. He will see how much you love him, and all will be well soon enough. The blinded brown needed to say something, to love the little blue even if it's just for a fleeting moment in time, but at least the hatchling would know that he was still precious to others.

At the suggestion of moving off the alcove, the brownrider gave a nod. Yes it would be good to get off to the side, somewhere just a tad more private for the blue pair to work through their differences. V'an wasn't sure what it was that had the young man denying such a wondrous thing, it was beyond him as a weyrbred boy, but Revanne seemed to be handling the situation quite well, despite her reaction to the dragonless Ari, she seemed to know this man better than he did and would know what to say to calm him down. It almost bothered him slightly, that Revanne knew this man personally, someone capable of rejecting the bond of something so pure, but V'an wasn't going to pass judgement on the man too soon. There was more beneath the surface, he could tell the much, and if this bonding ever takes place, this young man would be a bluerider under his charge, a Stands Impression that the assistant would take under his wing...though he was already proving to be a difficult case.

"Listen to the lady...please." He finally spoke up shortly after Reva quieted, stepping up a little closer to the young man, and casting a glance to the one on the stretcher beside them, presumably the brother Bastian. "Listen to your brother...Don't throw away this opportunity. Don't throw away Hydranth so easily... Listen to him." V'an said quietly, beginning to usher the small group toward the mentioned alcove slowly but surely as Revanne helped the hatchling along. "He loves you, unconditionally...And you are worthy of that love, because he chose you. Of all these people, there was only one perfect enough for him. You." The brownrider continued softly, sending along the message through Arigoth for one of the other assistants or Ryarin to bring them a bucket for the hatchling. "And I know that you can learn to love him too, though it doesn't always come so easily as others, but it's there. We all want that feeling that we belong, that we are loved so truly...and now you can have it. You just have to open up to him, to Hydranth and accept him just as he's accepted you." V'an could only hope that what he said might help to sway the young man, that he might get through to him and that they may not end up losing a hatchling this day.

Tag ~ H'tai

The progess of the Hatching seemed to just fly past them, another green, a pewter, a brown and then another blue hatched in quick succession. For the time, Safryn was content to just watch, but she also knew to keep an eye out for another bronze and see if H'tai might lose his bet as well. The redheaded woman never really enjoyed seeing the hatchlings injure the candidates, cringing slightly each time, but she saved face for the rest of those around her. She felt her own shoulder ache though, from when a hatchling had tumbled into her and Sinna on the day she'd Impressed Soquilith and while her friend would always bear the scars, Safryn was left with a phantom pain as a reminder to the dangers on the Sands.

However, the Hatching seemed to come to a stand still rather suddenly as a pale blue hatchling stumbled toward the Stands for his bond instead. Not quite unheard of, but what halted the procession was that the young man chosen, was not quite as forthcoming as most usually were. He cursed at the hatchling, stalked away and Safryn's hand in H'tais' began to tighten as she saw what was about happen. He'd better not deny that poor creature! How dare he! The redheaded woman thought to herself, huffing softly under her breath, and yet moments later heard her words come to life. For a heart beat, she thought she'd yelled it outloud, but no, movement caught her eye as Ari strode plainly out onto the Sands to confront the young man. As enraged as Safryn was, she knew better than to make it worse with yelling and tears, and yet knowing it came from a dragonless woman made it all the harsher.

Her own anger at the young man seemed insignificant compared to the voice that rang throughout most of the cavern, though Safryn knew that something had to be done before it all made even worse. Soqi, get her off the Sands! She shouldn't be out there. The goldrider ordered her queen, the gold quickly finding the minds of guards posted at the Hatchings' edge. Control the Sands. Make sure no one else gets through! The queen berated those who'd been slacking on their jobs to not only let one, but two unauthorized people onto the Sands. Even from outside, they could hear the snort of the indignant queen. Some of the guards tightened their formations then, while one of the men branched off to move toward the small group, ready to escort the dragonless woman to someplace a little safer for everyone, though deference was given to the guard already with her.

It seemed though, that between the weyrlingmasters' assistant, and one of the healers on the scene, they managed to calm the situation some, and with that little piece of resolution, so too did the goldrider calm as well. Safryn seemed to settle back into her seat some, though sapphire blue orbs never seemed to venture far from the young man and the little blue, watching, waiting to see if he would do the unspeakable. Her posture was still tense, her shoulder tight and for the time being, her hands slipped out of H'tais' grasp and settled onto the bench beside them, fingers curling tightly around the stone. Otherwise, she tried to remain as composed as she could, but the brownrider would likely know just how much she was holding back as she watched the situation on the Sands unfold.
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Kalico couldn't help but watch. She saw the new egg as it hatched and all but jumped up and down. A little brown broke shell and hits the sands. Well that was wonderful. That's what they needed more browns. They had a pewter. A couple of Blues and a few greens. Why were there no bronzes or browns. She saw that the sire of the clutch was a bronze. But she didn't see a gold egg. There wasn't many eggs to begin with and couldn't tell if there was any bronzes in the clutch. As she watched the eggs continue to hatch she saw yet another blue hatch and she started to feown. What was going on. Most clutches hat blues and greens yes. But they weren't only blue and greens.

Her frown deepened as she heard the calls of people. It sounded like a fight or something was going on. She figured the guards had it handled. When the gold turned her head and seemed to have a upset feel about her. She looked to see that the ex dragonrider who's dragon had died during flight was gere. She didn't look very happy. Why would they let her on the stands. She was dragon less and wasn't it that once your Dragon pass. You went mad. She didn't know how to feel about that.

She did grin when she saw the blue had found his bond. Impressing to a man trying to get into the sands. It seemed like once a hatching started chaos ran. Thinking of that she looked around and saw her little fur flitts had joined them. He was sitting up high on a small ledge where he could see others and be almost invisble. He yippee at her when he saw she saw him and went back to being quiet. He had calmed down. She no longer had to worry about replacing things now. Just making new toys for him.
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This is going to be a cluster fuck of a post, so I apologize now.
Tag ~ Ari, Revanne, V'an, Elias, anyone else I'm missing


Lorcan turned and looked at Revanne with exasperation. "What?!" He asked sharply, but then suddenly the whole situation got worse when some strip of a woman started yelling in his face. Brown eyes glared threateningly and angrily at her. "Who the fuck even are you lady? You have no right to talk to me like that!" Lor snapped back at her, the tension in the air becoming thicker and thicker with each passing second. "I'm not doing anything to him. He picked the wrong person. How is that my fault?" Why wouldn't they and the blue understand that? He was barely keeping himself together most days. How the hell was he suppose to be a partner for a young dragon? Hydranth wanted to tell him that together they would be fine, he would help keep him together, but he didn't have the heart to...not when his chosen hadn't accepted him yet. The woman was then finally made to start leaving the sands by harsh words, worried concern, and the kindness of another rider he didn't know.

In the midst of all this drama, stress, and fear...the other eggs did not stop rocking. One of the medium sized eggs was rocking the hardest and soon enough the shell fell to pieces at the feet of the inhabitant inside. While some gasped at its appearance, most were too focused at the other end of the sands to notice. Brightly hued wings flared and then snapped back to its side before it stood to shaky feet. Despite just breaking shell, it already could tell there was something amiss with its siblings. What is going on here? The voice was most certainly feminine. The top part of her hide was plethora of shades of red, blue, and purple. Her wing sails were certainly a purple shade, but the thing that stood out the most was how stark white the rest of her was. With a bark of concern she began to barrel towards the scene going on at the other end of the sands.

I'm coming! Please wait! I'll be there shortly. Her voice cried frantically as she moved as fast as she could. Soon she made it to the little group, her momentum almost had her barreling into V'an as she skidded to a stop. I'm here! Oh Ari, my poor Ari. Do not be sad. I am here for you, I will always be here for you. Please don't cry. The little purple and white dragoness rubbed soothingly against the sobbing woman, stopping Elias from further getting her off the sands. Come, my heart, let your Rosasith get you away from here. My brother's situation is bad, but it is not for us to deal with. My concern is only for you.
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Lorcan didn't notice the angry woman impressing to an odd colored dragon, not that he would have cared either. Bastian noticed, but considering what was happening with his brother he didn't even pause to think to congratulate her. With Reva distracted, other healers made sure to keep pressure on his wound to try and stop the flow of blood, but for now it refused to stop completely.

Hydranth only lifted his head briefly to look up at Morath who was speaking to him. Lorcan, who also was privy to the conversation did not take Morath's words well at all. "Oh shut the fuck up, Morath. You don't even like me." He snapped at the brown angrily. How dare he presume to know him or why he acted the way he did. I don't know if he loves me or not. Why does he keep pushing me away? Hydranth pleaded with the older brown. Lor just rolled his eyes and huffed. He was not good enough for the blue. He was not worthy of...what did the angry woman call it?...unconditional love. Why couldn't they get that through their heads? "Calm down? The fuck, Reva? My life has just been flipped upside down and I'm suppose to be fucking happy about it? Worse yet, I'm responsible for his life? How the hell am I suppose to be calm when I know all I'm going to do is make his life miserable if he stays with me." He snapped at her as well. Hydranth keened softly at his words. I can't pick someone else. You're the one I want. I can't live without you. The blue said pathetically to his rider. The soft words from Reva did help him, gave him some courage to hold on a little longer.

Lorcan turned to his brother, who'd been quiet this whole time. "Go on, say it...whatever the fuck it is you want to say."

Bastian glared back at his brother. He'd been silent because of several reasons. One, of course was because the pain was amazing and the blood loss was making him light headed. The rest was a little harder to pinpoint. All his life he'd been in the shadows of his brothers. Granted, he'd taken center attention when he was young thanks to his illness, but that was not the sort of attention anyone wanted. Then...he was searched, and he saw that as his chance to shine on his own, to have something no one else in his family had. Now Lorcan was the one to impress, tossing him once again into the shadows. While normally not the type to get upset about such things, he couldn't help but allow the emotions of bitterness and jealousy to wash over him. Yes, how dare Lorcan for impressing instead of him, but more so how dare he reject it. "What do you want me to say? You're being an idiot? That's obvious. You need to listen to Reva and calm down? You don't. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. However...whatever you do, please don't do it because you're afraid. That's not fair to him." That was all Bast was going to say, but he knew the mark hit home by the way Lorcan glared back at him.

V'an was then pleading with him, telling him to not throw away this opportunity. Lorcan listened to him, his soft and sincere words, but his mind kept going back to what Bast said. He wasn't acting out of fear, he was sure he wasn't...wasn't he? He wasn't sure, not a hundred percent, and that bothered him. He was not the type to back down from something because of fear. He reached out tentatively to the blue and felt how close he was to giving up. He knew that was his fault and he knew all too well the feeling of wanting to give up. Some how he had never gone through with it, finding some reason or another to keep going even though it was miserable. Things were still miserable, though the time with Reva had shown him there could still be reasons to keep going. As much as he didn't want this life, he didn't want to be the cause of the blue giving up either. If he wasn't worthy of unconditional love he was even less worthy of someone giving up their lives because of him. "Alright fine. You want me so bad you can have me. Just remember, you picked me." He stated angrily to Hydranth. However, in accepting the bond some of his walls fell and allowed the little blue to see there was love there...even if he was fighting against it. Thank you, L'can... "My name is Lorcan, not L'can." He interrupted firmly. Lorcan, I promise I'll make you happy. His hide brightened back to blue a little, but it was obvious things were not great still. However, the threat of the blue betweening didn't seem as imminent.

Lorcan, fed up with all of this, began to storm away from the others. "C'mon Hydranth." If any of the others called after them they would be met with a very firm "Fuck off".
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Though he hadn't quite meant it that way H'tai could see the hints of tease and mischief in his love. An intimate breakfast filled with cuddles and conversation suited him fine but he never could turn Safryn down when she wanted more. A slight smirk was given to her, especially when she began speaking to him again. "Mmmm, competitive is she?" he teased gently. "I think she has a greater claim to fame than any amount of bronzes and golds in a clutch. You know if it wasn't for her choosing Ifrith that time we wouldn't be here today. How many dragons can say they helped their riders find love hm?"

Ah and now Safryn was making bets with him like always. H'tai couldn't help but grin at that, watching to see if she would be right. It was a safer bet than his; after all blues and greens generally made up about half the clutch if not more. Bronzes...even in the largest clutches two or three was about it. A small clutch like this probably only had the one bronze but H'tai wasn't about to count the unhatched dragonets out yet. They could produce lots of surprises yet, proving his original bet correct.

He was distracted from theorizing though when the next egg did hatch and the baby was not a blue. So Safryn lost her bet...and wanted to know what that meant for her. Ah shards H'tai hadn't even thought of that. He mostly was betting to have fun, to enjoy her company while they watched-and for the pleasant consequences of him owing her. It had never occured to him that he needed to have a price for Safryn if she lost a bet. Now she had and was asking...what did he say? What did he want that could be a good payout for a lost bet? He wasn't even sure. Since that disastrous dinner with her he had been caring for her more than ever and that was what he wanted to do. Although sentencing her to letting him lavish attention on her hardly seemed like a loss exactly...

As the next few eggs hatched H'tai remained silent, puzzling over the question and how best to answer. Before he might have asked for breakfast in bed or some such but right now he really wanted to make her happy, help her take it easy. Dance for him, slowly-oh! A massage (or maybe more a rub so she didn't have to use as much effort) or a bath together where she had to wash him? Pleasant, not stressful, and he could always wrangle a way to return the favor once they were in the middle of-

The brownrider was startled out of his thoughts by angry shouts, anger echoed in the tightening grip around his hand. Though it was not Safryn shouting she was clearly angry at whatever was happening. Quickly he looked to the sands, only to see a truly heartbreaking (and chaotic) scene unfolding. A young blue had chosen someone from the stands-someone who was refusing to become his rider. Judging by the fading color of the blue's hide he didn't have long before he gave up. No... H'tai wimpered to himself. Not this, please no. And the shouting...it came from someone else now, someone berating the young man. No he'll just get even more upset and fight back harder! he cried silently, really fearing for the blue's life.

Others began to act though, calming the situation somewhat. At least on the sands. The woman next to him though, the kind hearted woman he loved so dearly, was no calming in the least. Every inch of her body screamed in silent tension, including the hand that had slipped from his to grip the bench tightly. H'tai couldn't bear seeing her so tense and upset but he also wasn't sure what to do. If they were alone he would not hesitate to cradle her, kiss her, soothe her...but here? They were in public and surrounded by leadership. He didn't need to act in an inappropriate manner, no matter the reason. Maybe if...

As the thought trailed off H'tai reached out, his recently dropped hand coming to rest on hers lightly. Once in position he began to rub the back of her hand with his thumb, massaging and hoping to encourage the tension to leave. Ever so slowly he leaned closer, his hand falling away so his arm could slide about her waist. The brownrider wished to be as unobtrusive as possible while he held her, humming very quietly. Focus on me Saf, he willed her silently, Listen to my voice and feel my touch. Let go.

Tag: Tanthus
As impossible as it seemed Tanthus only became cuter when she hugged him, face turning red. Kimina was sorely tempted to kiss his cheek as was her habit when he blushed so, but she checked herself. He had a job to do after all and the Hatching was not over yet-not by a long shot! Only about half of the dragons had hatched and Impressed so far leaving the other half yet to hatch and be recorded.

Still it was cute the way he blushed and fidgeted before finally writing a brief message. He even looked at the eggs as if hoping they were doing something-but no, the dragons couldn't save him from being flustered. They seemed content to rock around in their shells for now. Hm he was...thanking her and Maatina? That earned him another smile. "You're too sweet Tanth," she informed him, again pushing back to urge to give him a quick peck to the cheek. "And I'm glad you like having me here because I don't want to go anywhere."

Me neither, Maatina agreed. She too liked supporting the dragonless man, giving him comfort during a hard time. He showed a lot of strength and dedication to helping his Pack, being here watching something that was difficult for him. There were surely others who could record the new weyrlings but he took it upon himself. The green day wher approved and was all too happy to aid in his endeavor...as was her handler.

For a little while after that the Hatching progressed pretty smoothly, save for one little blue who with typical hatchling clumsiness was not quite able to stop from crashing into a candidate by the time he noticed he was headed for them. Though Kimina winced at the red stains on the candidate's robe she also felt bad for the blue and hoped the injured candidate would understand. Even without hearing his words she could tell it had been an accident the blue had tried his very best to prevent. He was distressed though, upset, even though he seemed to know exactly who he wanted. Was his to-be rider hurt or upset somehow? Both she and Maatina watched closely as the blue went past the rest of the candidates and over to where it looked like someone was being blocked from the sands. Ah, a stands Impression! Maybe the blue had called to the one he wanted and the guards didn't know any better. That thought let both relax-at least until more commotion erupted.

What is going on?! Maatina asked, craning her neck to try and see.

Kimina too looked although soon it was all too easy for them to know as the one the blue wanted started shouting and cursing at him in anger. He...he didn't want the blue? How? How could anyone not want such a beautiful, sweet dragon? And the love they all gave to their riders, even the prickly ones...who didn't want that? Oh and the poor little blue was following, crying so sadly after him. But he only shouted more at the baby, clearly rejecting him. What was he saying? Kimina couldn't quite make it out. Did it matter though? He was killing the blue with his rejection!

It does matter, Maatina broke into her thoughts sadly. I can hear what he's saying...though I do not agree with it. I knew who I wanted, who was perfect for me, and it is the same with dragons. I don't know why that one thinks he's wrong... "Not good for you"? "Not what you need?" But-

-the dragon always knows, Kimina finished, watching the scene and feeling her heart break for the pair. Why did that young man think himself so unfit for the blue? And how could he think the blue was making the wrong choice? The first blue to hatch had almost picked the wrong person but this one had been sure even as he was hatching! There had been no hesitation aside from the crash into the candidate; the blue knew exactly who his rider was. Silently Kimina willed him to accept the bond-just as a woman rushed out and began to berate him quite loudly. Ari?!! Kimina knew the former opalrider and groaned. She could all too easily guess why this was so distressing to-oh no!

Her head snapped around, eyes seeking Tanthus. All dragonless would find this painful! "Tanth...?" she asked softly. By the egg she had never seen him look so angry! She almost shrank away even though she knew none of that rage was aimed at her. Slowly though it began to fade...he began to fade, looking at his lap while his hands curled into fists. Had he even heard her?

Talk to him Kimina, help him. I'm not sure if my touch would help or further upset him but you can comfort him!

I know but... Kimina looked at Tanthus again, unsure what to do. Would he strike her if she tried touching him? Then her resolve hardened. Even if he did to help him recover it was worth it. She could take a few bruises! Slowly she began to wrap him in a warm embrace, one hand seeking his and rubbing against the fist to encourage it to relax and open while her other reached for his cheek, seeking to tuck his head against her. "It's okay Tanth, I've got you," she murmured to him. "You're not alone. You will never be alone, not if I can help it. Maatina and Cobei too; they love you. I-oh look! Look Tanthus they're moving towards the food! I think they're going to be okay...and so are you." She gave him a gentle kiss to his cheek before fingers sought to wipe away his tears. "It's okay, you're-oh wow look at that dragonet. Hey another hatched and...I've never seen such a color. Oh he or she is so beautiful! You have to see this Tanth!"
Luck was just not with Keetin this Hatching. Not only was there no gold for him to Impress but all the wrong dragons kept noticing him in all the wrong ways. First that pewter that decided to comment on how he was hiding-well why wouldn't he be? If any one of those dragons Impressed to him his dream was over. None of them were gold, the one color he wanted to Impress, dreamed of Impressing for turns now. Yes he was hiding because his ambition would be all for nothing if any one of this clutch noticed him. If it was allowed he might have asked to be excused from Standing this time but it was a candidate's duty to attend them all...and so he had to either take the chance or act in a way no gold would ever desire.

Next was a pale blue that barreled right into him. In all fairness Keetin started to move as soon as he saw it and the dragonet tried to break but neither one quite managed to get out of the other's way, ending up a sprawled mess on the sands. The air whooshed out of Keetin's lungs and he was stunned for a few seconds. Then the dragon began to get up, claws digging into arms and legs, and Keetin could not hold in a yelp of pain. An answering cry came from the blue who began to try and awkwardly hop off, chattering at Keetin in remorse. The boy got to his feet painfully and turned to say something to the distressed dragonet-only to find he had moved on. Apparently he really was in a hurry! At that Keetin sighed and looked around for a healer. As much as the cuts on his arms and legs burned he didn't think they were life-threatening, however they did need to be cleaned up. Most of the healers were busy with an earlier (and much more serious) injury but someone looked him over before sending him right back.

Inwardly Keetin heaved a sigh as he went. A part of him wished that blue had gouged him but good so that he had an excuse to not Stand until the next clutch. Now he had to hide while his arms and legs stung from the encounter with the blue dragonet. Yes he was not denying that hiding was exactly what he was doing. As far as he was concerned he had good reason to hide, to make sure he wasn't stolen from his dragon who had yet to be clutched.

No sooner had he gotten back to his place though then everyone decided to go nuts! Shouts, curses, people running about. It took some doing before Keetin saw what was going on. The blue that had run him over found the one he wanted-who did not want him. It was virtually unheard of, someone rejecting a dragonet, but it did happen...was happening. That was what everyone was so upset about. Keetin would have dearly liked to scold the man who was doing so but others already were and besides-none of the goldriders were. Clearly that was not the way to handle this, offensive as it was to watch. V'an was there now, working on ironing it out. There was little Keetin could do and he was fairly certain if he tried he would only get in the way. The best thing he could do for that little blue was keep his head down and hope V'an and the others got through to his desired rider. Whatever could make someone reject a dragon bond?
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The words spoken by both Revanne and Lorcan were harsh, but not wholly undeserved. Ari was not in the right in her actions at all, as much as she felt like she was in that moment, and later she would realize this when she calmed down. For now though she was upset, made more upset at being threatened with being made responsible for a dragonet's betweening even though she wasn't the one denying the blue in the first place. She was prepared to yell further, this time at Revanne, but the Weyrlingmaster Assistant V'an stepped in, trying to be the voice of calm in the situation just in time. His words and calm silenced Ari from further yelling, especially as he assured he would try to keep the baby safe. Elias had now stepped back forward and placed his hands on her shoulders again firmly. She didn't try to shake him off, and as the guards came up to try to help the situation, Elias nodded to them.

“I apologize for not taking control of the situation immediately,” he said to both his fellows and the group of people Ari had yelled at and gotten worked up. “Come on, let's go,” he told her, still using a gentle tone with her as his large hands led Ari to turn away from the scene and start to walk away. They made their way to the main entrance of the sands, finding it to be the closest exit and Ari slumped further and further, deflating from her anger quickly now. They didn't get more than a few steps though, before a flash of color and a dragonet skidding to a stop near the group appeared. Ari hadn't even really heard the dragonet's voice, well, she had, but she hadn't registered it, but once the strangely colored dragonet stopped and spoke to her directly, her mind could no longer block out what it was hearing, especially as Elias stopped leading her away in surprise and confusion.

I'm here! Oh Ari, my poor Ari. Do not be sad. I am here for you, I will always be here for you. Please don't cry. Ari blinked in confusion as Elias stopped and she heard that voice. Slowly her gaze moved from her feet, but her green eyes didn't need to move far before the saw the brilliantly colored hide of the little dragonet that was rubbing against her legs. Come, my heart, let your Rosasith get you away from here. My brother's situation is bad, but it is not for us to deal with. My concern is only for you.
Her eyes met with the faceted eyes of the little dragon, and for just the briefest of moments, she thought this was wrong. She was betraying Myth. But then she thought of the poor blue and the man she had just scolded, and saw the rainbow hues of those darling eyes. How much she had wanted to be here again, she had said that mere moments ago, and here it was, right in front of her, with a strangely colored dragonet trying to give her all the comfort and love in the world.

Ari felt her knees give out, them hitting the bare sand as the skirt around her legs fluttered around her knees. The sand bit into her skin, scraping her knees, but she didn't care as she was put at head level with the beautiful creature. Hands reached out to her, gently touching the still slightly damp head and cheeks of the perfect little beast, hands shaking with emotion. She felt the soft rumble of a hatchling's croon beneath her touch, and her tears sprung anew on her cheeks. For now she didn't care about what this little dragon's color was, there was only one thing she cared about now as arms wrapped around the little hatchling and she pressed her face to the hatchling's hide, her ear hearing the heartbeat of a living creature. For a minute she sat there and just sobbed against the hatchling's hide, making it damper where her tears fell, but she didn't seem to mind as Ari cried.

There, there, my sweet Ari. It will be all right now. She soothed the woman crying against her, crooning softly again as Ari's firelizards kept their distance overhead in confusion. She might have sat there crying forever, but it seemed Rosasith took it upon herself to keep that from happening.

Come along. Things will be better now, I promise. Now let's get up, chin up, and go find some food before you begin to hurt more. Her hunger was of course as great as any newborn hatchling's hunger, but she also had a delicate bonded to care for as well, so her words were soft and encouraging, sending Ari as much love as she could to her. Ari's sobbing calmed, but tears still rolled down her cheeks when she let the little hatchling go. She tried to dry her cheeks, but they only soaked with tears again, even as she stood to her feet.

"Well," Came Elias' voice who had been standing there unsure of what to do until some fellow guards told him to stand down for the moment. "I suppose congratulations are in order," he said to Ari, to which she looked to him and nodded in quiet response. He just gave her a soft smile. A moment later, he was ordered to stay with Ari for now, to ensure she didn't try to create another spectacle, though it was doubtful she would. Elias nodded in understanding.

"I understand" Ari said in response to hearing they wanted Elias to stay close, her voice already sounding remorseful of her actions a few moments ago. She had caused a scene, at least more of a scene than was truly necessary, so she couldn't blame the guards for wanting to keep one of their own with her for now, as subdued as she seemed now. Elias, meanwhile, was sure a scolding would come from one of his superiors for his lack of action when it was truly needed, but for now they left him with Ari, not truly expecting anything more to happen with her, but not wanting to risk it either. He would receive his scolding later.

They then made their way to where the food was waiting for them with the other Weyrlings and Weyrlingmaster Assistants, moving at Ari's pace for the moment. As they made their way, they saw Lorcan stalking off away from the group, possibly going off on his own, and Elias was the one that took it upon himself to go to the man quickly.

"Excuse me," he called, not deterred even if he was yelled at by the man, making his way over to him regardless. "I wanted to apologize to you directly. I did not act and do my job as I should have, and things escalated in a way they shouldn't have. You deserve apology for my inaction as a guard of New Atricis Weyr." Elias then gave a respectful bow to the man, the fresh bluerider as he saw it in his eyes currently. Ari was standing behind Elias, her gaze averted from Lorcan for the moment, not sure what to say, or if she should say anything at all after her abhorrent behavior moments ago.

If you wish to apologize, Ari, go ahead and do it now while you have the chance. The strange dragonet encouraged Ari. So the woman glanced up at Lorcan, but only briefly, unable to really meet his gaze.

"I am sorry too," she admitted, the best she could do for the moment with her conflicted emotions about everything right now. Later she would give Lorcan a much more proper apology, when things had calmed down and she had a better chance to think on her actions and how she should apologize to him properly. Again, Elias' hand found Ari's shoulder as he nodded to Lorcan.

"Good luck," Elias said to him as parting as he began to make sure Ari kept moving toward where the food for her dragon would be. But before they could walk away completely, Ari spoke up once more.

"You can feed your dragon over there," she said to him an attempt to help him a little, pointing over to where other Weyrlings were feeding. "I'm sure they'll let you sit by yourself if you want," she added, in case Lorcan didn't really want to be around anyone. After that she continued her way over that way at her subdued pace, Elias close behind her as her temporary chaperone for the moment. Rosasith trotted happily beside them both.
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