Midnight Babies - 52nd Dragon Clutch (PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Sun Jul 17, 2016 10:31 pm

Tag: Revanne, Bastian
Now that she was on the sands, and there were dragons hatching and bonding, Finn felt some of her hyper-focus begin to melt away. It didn't always happen when these events took place, but she figured it was because this was her first time as a candidate in a few Turns, and it was just starting to hit her, again, that she had the potential to Impress. It wasn't just that either, though. She had issues with large crowds at times, even when on the sands, and perhaps that had come out a little too. She rubbed the back of her neck as all the sights and smells and sounds around her started to strike her at once. She became aware of the people the stood with her and up in the sands, and in one very familiar face in particular.

Her mind jogged forward to tell her that Bastian had said something to her, reminded her of it, and she flushed in response. She hadn't meant to ignore him on purpose, but even so she felt the need to apologize to her fellow healer and candidate. "I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. Kind of became lost in the moment, and there's so many people..."{/b] She was certain he would understand, even if she couldn't be certain of that fact. They had become more familiar with one another through their work, but sometimes they worked such different ships it was hard to get more than a few words in edge wise. If she could say one thing though, it was that she did enjoy his company, and it was rare when she found herself saying that about someone she was still getting to know. "Also, in response to your words, good luck to you as well. May the sands be kind to us both today."

Finn, my rider would like to offer you her support on the sands today. She hopes you will Impress, though she also ask that you not forget about the apothecary wing in the Infirmary.

She recognized the voice, but this time she knew it wasn't Bastian, or anyone else on the sands. A smile curved her lips and she looked up at the stands to lift her hand in greeting to Revanne. She liked working with the woman, and learning from her, since the woman contained such a vast amount of knowledge in her that Finn had yet to discover for herself. Morath, would you please tell your rider that I send my thanks, and reassure her that she will still see me in the apothecary. I could never be chased away from there, not even for the love of a dragon. It was the truth, at least in Finn's mind. Plants, for her, were more tolerable than people at times. She liked the feel of them, the smell of them, figuring out what they could heal or how they could harm.

It was the harming part that interested her the most at times, though she didn't dare tell anyone that, especially not Revanne. Somehow, she thought it might disappoint the woman, and she didn't want to see that happen. She was glad she wasn't project her thoughts, though on these sands, she knew she had to be more careful. One little slip in any direction... I look forward to seeing her in the gardens tomorrow. If I get the chance of course. I know the first few sevendays I'll probably be scarce. But that won't stop me from being there or in the apothecary. And her time in both places would be just the same as it was now if she didn't Impress. So either way, she had something to look forward to when waking up the next day - either tending to a dragon, or tending to her duties, chores, and hobbies as usual.

More eggs started to hatch, but her attention remained on the injured bluerider. She missed the hatching of the green, but she heard the crash of the egg that announced the arrival of the pewter. Her attention was, for a moment, drawn away to see what had happened, and she offered a smile to the pair before turning her attention back to where it had been. She really wanted to help, even if she was supposed to be a candidate and not a healer. There were others on the sands for that, Roman had made sure of it. Still, it was instinct that caused her to take a step in the direction of the new pair, something she would regret focusing so much on a moment later when she was shoved out of the way. She looked around to see who it was and saw Bastian on the sands with the green on top of him.

Instantly she froze. If she tried to get the green off, he could get hurt, and for all she knew, that could be his dragon. Some were known to be affectionate like that after hatching, perhaps this was the case as well? She remained where she was, which meant she had a front row seat to what happened next; the green finally moved off of him, and in doing so, tore at his flesh with one of her clawed feet. The blood was instantly there and so was Finn, on her knees next to Bastian. Her first instinct was to tear the sleeves of her robe from her arms. Second was to press the fabric to the torn and shredded flesh that was exposed to the sands. She would have peered underneath, but at this point she knew it would be stupid to take pressure off of the wounds.

"She got me good, I think."

Of course he would chuckle at a time like this. She supposed she would if she were in his position as well. "I think I was premature in wishing us well on the sands. Looks like they bit you pretty hard." She offered him a smile as she continued to place pressure on his side, knowing soon enough he would be taken up by another healer while she'd be forced to remain standing. This was the only fault she saw in being a candidate and a healer; wanting to help the injured whenever they happened to get so much as a scratch. "You know, if you wanted company in the infirmary, you could have asked for it. You didn't need to go and get yourself mauled first." She teased him gently, hissing when she saw the blood was starting to soak through her makeshift bandages.
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Weyrbrat Nali & Bronzerider I'li
Nali continued rocking and bouncing on her feet, and when the first green hatched she only bounced around more, so much that I'li had to reach forward and pull her back to him, as she had started to drift out of their little bubble and into other peoples' personal space. I'li apologized for the girl's excitement, but no one seemed too bothered as Nali just kept up her bouncing.

"Look! I was right! I green hatched," Nali had said in excitement, her messy hair bouncing all around her face and neck. Really it was any wonder how I'li was keeping her still in the stands instead of chasing her out to the sands. She looked like she was ready to bolt and push through the crowd at any second. She stayed put though, excited when the blue hatched next, even as the dragonets seemed to argue. However, when the green hurt one of the candidates, seemingly on purpose, she frowned.

"What a grump, maybe she'll feel better after food," Nali commented to her father, earning another chuckle from the bronzerider that she had come to that conclusion on her own.

"Perhaps. I'm sure her rider will know how to handle her well though," he assured, even if the green turned into a little bully, often, riders who impressed dragons like those had a will that allowed them to handle them better than others might. At least, that was his experience after turns of dragonriding and the many riders he'd known through Threadfighting.

For a few minutes, things seemed to slow instead of gaining the usual energy that they did by now, and Nali's continuous bouncing slowed and ceased for a bit. With no eggs hatching, there wasn't anything to keep her excited, and her eyes began to wander around. She almost missed the hatching of the next green, but her father returned her attention to the clutch in time to see the spotted green emerge and a pewter also emerge not long afterward. She bounced more.

"A pewter! Oh wow! Look look," she said, her excitement renewed with the reveal of one of the non-traditional colors in the clutch. Both dragons were pretty, and soon the green Impressed, though not before hurting a candidate accidentally in trying to get the shell off her head. Nali winced at the poor candidate who was knocked down to the sands, but luckily, he'd have help fast enough, with healers always waiting at the edges to act quickly. It wouldn't be the first time she saw a mauling.

The pewter Impressed soon, and to the person that Nali remembered from their late night adventure in finding their pet. "Oooh, they got the pewter! How cool is that?" By the end of this hatching, Nali was going to be exhausted from all her bouncing and excitement.

Two more eggs hatched close to one another, a stunningly colored blue and a beautifully marbled green. The green made Ari's heart clench though. While she was no opal like Myth, it was close enough for her to feel the pang of her loss again. Again, she couldn't watch, and missed it when the green injured a candidate on purpose and when both of them Impressed. She considered leaving then. Four hatchlings and she couldn't bring herself to watch a single one of them Impress. She didn't belong here.

She was just about to push away from the cavern wall and retreat into the lower caverns when the sounds of more hatching eggs grabbed her attention again. She couldn't help it, when she heard that sound, she wanted to see what hatched next, she wanted to see the hatchlings were hatching fine and healthy.

Another green hatched, crashing into another egg, making Ari gasp in surprise and fear for the other egg and dragonet. They both seemed fine afterward though, even if the dragonets seemed to bicker and the green ran over one of the candidates in her attempts to free herself of the last of her shell. The poor young man was sent to the sands and walked all over by sharp little green claws before she got off him to find hers. Ari couldn't help but watch the fallen candidate for several moments, until the pewter came into her view, catching her eye and returning the tightness in her chest. This time, she watched the Impression, watched as the pewter found theirs and their eyes whirled rainbow and Impression was made. Somehow, she thought she would feel happy at witnessing it, but it was the opposite.

Ari tore her gaze away from the scene across the sands, and turned to press her back against the cavern wall as she took in several deep breaths. What was she doing here? Why was she doing this? She knew even less now what she was doing this for, and the emotions of the crowd nearest her were forgotten as a well of her own took over.

Ari's eyes pricked with tears, blurring her vision as she found herself sinking to the ground until her backside plopped onto the stone floor below her. Her sandals scraped against the floor as she sat, and she pressed her hands to her face. Her two constant companions tried to soothe her, but they could only do so much as she sobbed into her hands, alone in the entrance of the lower caverns.
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Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:23 pm

Chara of Pewter Rientath
"Well, accidental maulings are one thing, and maulings like that one, but. . ." They glanced back at the eggs, watching as they continued to wiggle around and move. Nine left, then. "Yeah. Well, here's hoping. If her rider can't keep her under control, then. . . But hey, maybe she's just really grumpy because none of them have actually eaten yet. Maybe she'll be a bit calmer and nicer after a good meal and a nap. And the only way I could imagine is by seeing just how hard they're smacking into the shells, but I don't actually think that would work to well. They're all trying their hardest to get out, so. . ."

The next green made them take a small step back, even if she wasn't anywhere near the two. The sudden sight of red blood against white fabric and light sand didn't really discourage them. After all, those claws looked pretty sharp, and baby dragons weren't exactly light. They'd be amazed if the candidate escape with only the cut and some bruises, and they'd be astonished if he ended up back on the sands before the end of the hatching. Mentally, they wished him well, then nodded at Keetin and turned back to the eggs. "They do seem a bit irritable. I'm definitely not getting in the way of any of the more-" Whatever they were going to say was lost as they realized what kind of dragon was heading over their way.

They'd always admired the pewters, honestly. They thought that the silvery colored dragons were beautiful, and they hadn't really kept their desire to impress to one a secret. So seeing one coming so close, they edged back forward, just a little. There was no doubt in their mind that he was heading over their way, and he was almost there and-

For someone with so much ambition it seems a little odd that you're trying to hide almost. He was talking to Keetin, wasn't he? Perhaps because of the earlier blue, their heart plummeted almost immediately, especially since they knew that he wouldn't even want a pewter and-

The shiny dragon turned to them and pranced up as if to show himself off. They were the one to be met with the rainbow eyes of impression. You! Yes, oh glorious day, how perfect you are for me! Chara, Chara...do you not think I am as equally as perfect as you are? The imagination between the two of us...oh...there is nothing in this world that will get in our way, is there? Allow me to introduce myself to you, Chara. I am Rientath.

For a moment, all they could do was stare at the dragon with wide eyes. He was. . . theirs? And he called them perfect as if-

Of course I did! And that's because you are perfect. I am not the type of dragon to lie, am I? He gave them a small head bump as he spoke. Though I would appreciate it if we could go get some food for me. I think if you don't feed me soon, my stomach is going to try and eat the rest of me instead!

"Well there you have it Chara: you're safe now. Impressed to a very striking dragon and one that's not so mean...and now you both get to leave the sands before any other mean ones hatch." At both the other candidate's and their dragon's urging, they finally managed to get into gear and nod, reflexively. Okay, they knew what to do. This had been one of the things that all the candidates had been instructed in. Meat for their Rientath.

Eventually they managed to get a barrel for a pewter and they began to pull out pieces and feed them to the pewter, who was more then happy to gobble them all down. You know, I feel like it would be much easier on both of us if you just gave me the entire barrel. He leaned over to try and get his face into the barrel, and Chara just shook their head and scooted it back.

"No, you can't-" . . . Maybe they should try. . . No, you can't they repeated mentally. You have to let me feed you, alright? You'll get your food, don't worry.

But why? I would be able to eat much faster if you just let me- He tried to stick his head into the barrel again and made a low whining sound at his rider. They just pulled out another piece of meat and held it out to him.

You have to let me feed you because you don't know what portion control is.

Portion control?

Exactly. And so they continued to feed Rientath, who continued to whine and try to get his face into the barrel. He was already proving to be a bit of a handful, but they couldn't keep the wide grin off their face. Yes, this really was perfect.

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Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:54 am

Oh gosh she didn't realize she was going to be late like this. She shoes her little chaos off to find something to do. Got herself dressed as quickly as she could and went into a run towards the hatching grounds. Quickly she went into the sands, found herself a spot with other candidates and watched as the hatching took place. Of course she was late, how she was late was a problem. She felt so bad, tears were in her eyes, so many had hatched, how had she missed this, she had so many choirs she had tried to get done before the hatching,to be ready and here even when the call was sent, she had been so busy, that she had been late anyway. She watched as the new hatchling on the sands impressed and clapped with the rest of the crowd. What was she going to do now that she was late, of if only she could go back in time. She saw another hatch, she wasn't that late, of no, she was just late and in the back of the candidates for now. So the new dragon on the sands now was a pewter, her eyes watched the creature until it found its bond and she smiled. It was nice to see so many people impressing already. The hatching was going so fast and she blinked and new hatchlings were on the sands.

She felt the excitement in her blood fueling her body to move. She didn't pay much attention to what she was doing and suddenly she was far enough down the line of people, she was almost in front of them. At the edge of the group looking at them, the eggs, as she looked around she saw all of them, the broken shells and the shaking eggs. Oh she couldn't wait, the bronze she met had been such a great creature, what is she was the first girl to impress a bronze. How cool would that been, to be the a bronze rider. They seem like such nice creatures. Her mind spun at the thought of a dragon, what if's going on in her mind until she was just bubbling with excitement.
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Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:32 am

Tag - Rhianwen | Open
One by one the eggs began to break, yet none of the beasts appealed to Inez. After the bronze and blue hatched, another pair entered the world: a blue too kind for his own good, and a rather uncouth green. Inez cared little for the both of them and sent a glance once more across the sands.

Did she see Rhianwen make a glance to her, she could not help but vainly wonder. Before her eyes my stumble into those of the goldrider across the sands, two more eggs broke their shell.

Like the previous green, this one too seemed quite unappealing due to her sheer stupidity and carelessness. When she gored one of the newer candidates, the sweet tempered Bastian, the noble candidate felt her gut twist at the sight of blood blossoming on that white robe. She needed to turn away to regain her composure lest she lose it on the sands. The pewter, however, piqued Inez's curiosity. A rather elegant beast, she watched as the pewter moved with certainty in every step, lacking the clumsiness of his sister. But it seemed the pewter had another candidate in mind, and in disappointment she watched the pewter Impress to another.

That struck that option out, she thought with disappointment. Eyes returned to the remaining clutch as she did everything she could not to glance at Bastian not far down the sands from her, though when she finally gave against the weight of concern, she sighed in relief at arrival of the healers.
Tag - Roman | V'an | Lorcan | Bastian | Finn
"Yes, quite. Just stay alert, and at the first sign, I'll need you back here."

When Roman gave her leave with a reminder to remain alert, the young woman bounced on the balls of her feet and departed. It did not take her long to cross the rim of the sands for her brother's side, where she nudged the man with her shoulder in play.

"Really wish these babies would have better timing... After breakfast would have been nice."

"You poor thing," she teased him with a frown of sympathy before a smile brightened her face once more. Reaching over, she gave the man a hug before turning her attentions back to Lorcan- Bastian... though really her eyes could not help but continually float back to the older brother in the stands.

"Got someone you're here to encourage?"

She gave him another teasing nudge with her shoulder before she smiled back up to him. "Maybe, though maybe you shouldn't be so nosy." She would have enjoyed continuing this conversation with him, but Revanne knew she needed to return to her post. With a hug to the fells brotherly brownrider, she left his side and began to trek across the hot sands back for Roman and the other healers. On her walk back, several eggs broke shell while Morath passed on Finn's words... in summary and excluding several details. Really, the brown was horrible at the game of message.

When an injury did occur, it happened to the least expected and leas unfortunate for the brownrider. Already she announced her intent as she gathered her medical pack and crossed the sands for Bastian. Making a glance up to the stands, she already saw Lorcan up in arms. He'll be fine, Lor. I promise! she wanted to tell him, though seeing just how much blood stained against the white robes did not bode well. White robes always making everything look worse than they really are, she reminded herself as she approached her friend and unwitting patient.

"Welcome to a Hatching," she tried to make light of a rather hideous situation. She took over Finn's efforts, as the other two healers set down the stretcher to load on Bastian. "Thank you Finn, but we have it from here. Bastian's in good hands," she began to explain as she pulled out a pair of scissors to cut away at the cloth around the blood soaked press. Once she did so, she did not delay in lifting the bandage to inspect the severity of the wound. One of the healers leaned over to pour some clean water over the wound, giving the brownrider a good view of it. "Sorry Bast, I'm going to have to take you off the sands for this-" she pressed the ball of cloth against the wound once more. Reaching for a a wrap, she tied Bastian up, securing the makeshift bandage for the transport of Bastian to the outskirts of the sands. The young man would not die from the infliction, though he certainly could not remain on the sands any longer. Glancing up to the stands to Lorcan, she had Morath pass a message onto him, and begged the brown not to miss her words.

Lorcan, your brother will be fine. Revanne promises that he will survive the wound and it is not as serious as it seems.
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Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:08 am

After the last egg to hatch, there seemed to be another lull in the hatching of eggs, while all the eggs still seemed lively enough to not cause any concern, with a wiggle and a rock here and there among the remaining eggs to show everyone watching that the eggs still lived and were still eager to get going. For whatever reason though, it just seemed to be taking some time for the next egg to crack and hatch. It gave time for people to breathe and shift around as needed without worrying about missing something. It also meant though that people got a bit antsy, especially the candidates, and the usually controlled chatter of the stands and candidates increased for a few minutes, enough that very few heard the first cracking of another shell.

Another mid sized egg wobbled about, obvious cracks appearing on its surface as every egg before it. A shake this way, and another that way, and the cracks increased expontentially. Quickly people realized, and things hushed down a little more again in anticipation, the dragons' humming taking over as the primary sound once more, even if most of the Weyr's dragons couldn't watch from inside the cavern. The sound tended to permeate the stone, encouraging the hatchlings from their shells.

This egg seemed to take the encouragement, since once the stands chatter died down so the dragon humming was most prominent, the cracking of the egg became more vigorous, and in a few seconds, a hind leg had bust its way through the thick dragon egg shell, a rich, dark color as it kicked around a bit, catching more of its own shell so that another hind leg was able to escape. Soon after, more shell fell away to reveal the dragonet's full rump and tail, but he still seemed stuck.

A few creels could be just heard from inside the egg as the dragonet tried to free himself, wiggling his body about and trying to figure out how to back up. First he moved forward, sliding the front portion of his shell across the sands, making a little path before the shell bumped into another one, though leaving both shells relatively intact so that another dragonet could hatch in its own time.

More creeling and confusion, but soon the brown figured out his escape, both trying to back up and flap his wings to break the shell that was keeping his wings from just slipping out. It worked, the top of the sideways egg breaking and finally allowing him to back out and show his full body and face to the world.

He was a lovely colored brown, rich in colors and almost flame-like, though not quite that vibrant. He was almost like the color of chocolate and cinnamon, making him a fine specimen of a brown in color. As people around admired his hide, he blinked and glanced about to get his bearings. He almost looked like he was happy to just sit where he was, but generations of instinct couldn't be ignored, and soon he was up on his feet again, already he didn't seem to be the most talkative of hatchlings, but that was ok, some even said it was a good sign of a good brown as he made his way across the sands. When he came close to the candidates, he finally spoke.

Hmm, I think you all are just too far away. Look how far I have to wobble over. This earned a few chuckles, perhaps because of his choice of words as he in fact wobbled over like most other hatchlings did. But I guess it's ok in the end, now I can say I trekked far to reach you. He was making his way through the candidates, and it didn't seem to take him long at all to stop before a candidate. Won't they be impressed to hear of my vast journey to you. He sounded quite satisfied with himself as he lightly bumped the candidate's belly with his nose.

And now we will be together forever, isn't that wonderful?
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Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:55 pm

Tag ~ Finn, Reva
"I think I was premature in wishing us well on the sands. Looks like they bit you pretty hard."

Bastian managed to give a small laugh through the hiss of pain at that comment. "The day is still young. Surely things can only go up from here." He said hopefully. He could feel the warmth of his blood covering his side and hip and moving down to his back. He didn't have a weak stomach, so he gave the wound as best a look as he could. It didn't seem like she'd gotten anything vital, but it hurt too much for him to move to inspect for himself.

"You know, if you wanted company in the infirmary, you could have asked for it. You didn't need to go and get yourself mauled first."

He chuckled again, but this time the action hurt. Bastian couldn't remember ever feeling so much pain before in his life. It threatened to make him feel nauseous or wish he was merely unconscious, but he wasn't about to give in to either of those. "I'll remember that next time, thanks." He replied to her dryly, but still with a good sense of humor about the situation. The wound was refusing to stop bleeding, a fact that Bastian could feel as it seeped out of him and onto the sand.

"Welcome to a Hatching,"

Bastian was glad to see his friend there to help him. "Jeez, thanks, though I do believe a fruit basket would have sufficed as a welcome." He joked back. "Thank you, Finn." He said kindly to his fellow candidate. Then, he watched as Revanne took a better look at his wound. The blood made it difficult to see it clearly until one of the others poured water on it. That in itself my him cringe with pain, but they all got a good look. Three distinct gashes trailed starting from between belly button and hip bone to just pasted the hip bone. The middle gash was the deepest and most worrisome.

"Sorry Bast, I'm going to have to take you off the sands for this-"

His face fell in disappointment, but he knew she was right. "I figured you would." He said, not able to keep the emotion out of his voice. If he wasn't on the sands how could he impress? Though, he knew that he risked more injury or worse if he tried to insist on staying where he was. "Alright, let's get this over with. Some numbweed would be wonderful." He conceded and tried to not make a noise as the healers moved him onto the stretcher and began taking him off of the sands. "Reva, Lorcan...I'm sure he's panicking right now. Can you make sure he knows I'm alright?" He asked. He knew his brother and didn't want the man to worry too much. Yes, the wound was bad...but he knew he'd live from it...though the biggest fear once it stopped bleeding and was cleaned up was infection.
Tag ~ Reva, Open
Lorcan looked about ready to pick a fight with the person that was keeping him from getting on the sands to go to his brother's side. Didn't they know he needed him? As if seeming to realize the hostility that was being directed at them, the man readied himself to defend against the obviously upset family member, but thankfully no fight would break out. Lorcan saw Revanne approach Bastian to help, so he visibly relaxed a bit. A hard glare was given to the man that had blocked him, before turning walking a bit away to where he could see Reva and Bastian better without actually getting on the sands.

Lorcan, your brother will be fine. Revanne promises that he will survive the wound and it is not as serious as it seems.

The brown's voice did make him relax some, but still he wasn't going to feel completely better until he saw his little brother for himself. Tell her I trust her, but is there anyway I can come check on himself myself? I feel useless standing over here like an idiot and these...asshats aren't letting me through. He asked of the brown. He knew it was likely a lot to ask, but surely Reva would understand. Bast was his brother...he had to be there for him.
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Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:37 pm

Tag - V'an, Revanne mentioned
Ryarin couldn't say she was much happier than V'an had sounded about having to rise to the call of the Queen. Granted, she could have chosen to stay in bed, but she wasn't going to, even if she got going a little bit slower than V'an, shuffling out of bed while he was getting ready to go. She went to watch, but mostly to be with V'an and give him any help he needed. It had become habit for her now, and she liked offering her help here since he was normally so supportive of her job as a Wingleader.

"I'll catch up with you in a few, go on ahead," she told him as she got ready, not wanting to hold him up just because it took her a little longer to get out of bed, and took her a little longer to get ready due to having to tame her bedhead. She liked keeping her hair so short, but it also made her quite a spectacle in the mornings, something V'an had chuckled and teased her over a number of times.

She was ready soon enough though, and headed out of their shared apartment and to Cymoth who was waiting. She mounted her sunny colored Zultanite, and soon they landed outside the hatching sands so Ryarin could walk in and find V'an. It wasn't hard to find him of course, over waiting at the feeding station for the new Weyrlings as he always did. AS she approached she saw Revanne, V'an's sister, and as she approached she gave a smile to the femme brownrider. She didn't poke herself into their brief conversation, not wanting to be rude, but she did smile and five Revanne a wave when she parted from V'an, wishing her luck on her work with the healers during the hatching.

Cymoth meanwhile, had gone to find Arigoth, and carefully laid herself down with him, nuzzling his neck as she usually did as greeting to let him know she was there. While they weren't always mated through Flights, their riders' strong bond and Arigoth's poor vision made Cymoth close to him and like to be there for him, likely due to her maternal nature.

As Revanne parted from V'an, Ryarin leaned up and planted a kiss on V'an's cheek. "Looks like I haven't missed much yet. Need any help with anything," she asked, as she always did. Soon after though, the hatching really picked up and not longer after, there were a number of Weyrlings feeding their new dragonets. Sometimes Ryarin helped getting the Weyrlings the properly portioned buckets for their dragonets, especially for some of the bigger dragonets that needed the heavier buckets if their new riders couldn't handle the weight. They'd gain muscle as their training went on, much like Ryarin had arm strength from turns of dragonriding. If her help wasn't directly needed though, she stood back and watched the hatching for a little while.
In the time that Ari sobbed to herself, another dragon hatched and Impressed, but she was completely unaware of it. Her firelizards were fairly distressed by her upset and their inability to soothe her, and one of them, Folklore the blue, flitted off to get help. He went to the first group of people he could find, which were the people on the stands right next to the lower caverns entrance. Here he tried to get some people's attention, but most just waved him off, thinking he was just being a bratty little flitt. Eventually though, he came across someone who was receptive to him, a big broad shouldered man with dark hair standing among a few of the Weyr guards who had come to watch. His green fancy flitt had noticed the blue and helped him see the blue as well.

Soon, Elias was trying to get through the stands crowd carefully, following the blue firelizard that seemed so eager to have him follow. While he wanted to see the hatching, he was far more curious about what this little blue wanted, and if perhaps his help was needed somewhere. It took a little while, but he got out of the stands and followed the little blue flit into the lower caverns entrance. He didn't even make it into the mouth of the cavern before he saw the small woman curled in on herself sobbing with a green flitt trying to soothe her. Without much thought, Elias went to her, and crouched beside her.

"Hey," he spoke softly to get her attention, making Ari's head shoot up at the sudden presence and looked up at him, before lowering her face again and quickly trying to wipe her eyes and face dry. "Are you all right? Do you need help," he began to ask her, his voice gentle and as soothing as he could make it, despite how big he was. Ari shook her head at him, still sniffling and trying to get herself under control.

"Well you're crying, I may not know why, but if you're alright with it, I'll sit here with you, how does that sound," he soon presented to her, and while it took a few moments to get a response from her, the dragonless woman nodded.

"O-ok," she peeped quietly, so much he almost didn't hear it, but gently smiled anyway. Gently, he put an arm around her shoulders, giving her physical comfort if she needed it. She didn't seem to push him off or lean away, so he took it as a good thing he was doing. She cried for a few more moments before he spoke again.

"Do you need to get out of here? I can help take you anywhere you need." He just wanted to help, and that was obvious. Ari could feel how genuine he was, how kind and gentle he was, and it helped to soothe her in fact.

"N-no," she answered him with a shake of her head, wiping her eyes and face dry again now that her sobs had calmed down. "I... I need to be here. I need to prove I can do this." There it was, why Ari had come and why she tried to watch the hatching. She wanted to prove that being around dragons wasn't hurting her, and what better way to prove that than to watch hatchlings being born and Impress? Elias just took her words at face value and nodded.

"How about we get out of this dark cave here? Even if you don't want to go into the stands, there's somewhere we can sit right there," he pointed at the space of wall at the edge of the sands between the entrances to the lower caverns and the dining hall that fed into the sands. People rarely stood there since it wasn't proper standing area, so it was clear. Somehow he thought maybe getting out of the dark lower cavern entrance would help her. So when she nodded in agreement, Elias helped her to her feet, and led her over to the spot, helping her sit back down once they found it and sitting next to her.

Again, he put his arm over her shoulders, and this time, Ari leaned into him. His genuine caring and desire to help fed into her through her empathy, and helped to soothe her again. She didn't go back to watching the hatching immediately though, turning her head to press it into Elias' chest. He didn't question her actions, and just sat with his arm around her, sometimes rubbing her back comfortingly. They didn't really know each other, in fact, neither knew the other's name, but Elias was a man who liked to help those in need, and right now, she needed someone to be with her. Ari needed his support, even if she didn't know this man's name.
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Tag ~ H'tai

There was a charming smile for the femme brownrider as Ay'li and her daughter joined them, a welcoming word for both of them before she settled back against H'tai. Pleasantries aside, and all present and accounted for among the leadership now, Safryn was quite content to let the larger conversations diminish and focus on the Hatching in progress, and the handsome brownrider whispering in her ear. There was the inkling of mischief that twitched at the corner of her mouth when he mentioned having breakfast at home...on the couch, and Safryn could think of a few ways to indulge before the day truly had to begin.

That sly smile worked it's way even further as he continued on about racking up a debt to her and made his own, real guess at what lay inside the eggs. Now that he was playing the game again, she felt that she could drop the silence toward him and turned that impish smile onto the brownrider now. "Another bronze? That'll mean Soqi will want three in her clutch then." The goldrider teased softly, her hand giving his own a soft squeeze.

Perhaps I will have four bronze sons then...Or my very own daughter. The dark queen replied rather smugly, confident that the next time she would be flown, would be by the very best and strongest and surely she'd produce a golden daughter. If not, four healthy bronze son would suffice to soothe that sting, but the young gold had yet to produce an heir, and it rankled her from time to time.

One day, soon enough my love. The redheaded woman soothed the golds' growing ego, showering the dappled beauty with the love she deserved, and placating her for now to keep her from causing a scene outside if she got too worked up. "I bet..." She began, turning her attentions back to H'tai and the Hatching. "That a blue will hatch next." Safryn said, rather confidently to the brownrider. There were surely enough blues that her chances of being correct were better than not, so she grinned wide at H'tai as if she'd already won.

However...She was just off by a margin. A fiesty green was the next to hatch, but not far behind her was a fantastically colored blue, yet still, the goldrider had lost the bet. A soft sigh was given, though she watched the pair curiously, chuckling softly at their banter with each other, until quite purposefully the little green stepped on a candidates' foot. Her outrage was quickly soothed by the adorable blue though that knelt beside the injured candidate and many could tell that Impression had been made, so at least some good had come of the act. Faranth help the rider that the green eventually chose though.

"Well, that was uncalled for..." The goldrider murmured softly, but they couldn't necessarily discipline the dragonets, just keep a close eye on them through weyrlinghood and hope it was just hunger than spurned her actions this early morning. "Though, I suppose that also means I lost the bet..." Safryn said, turning to H'tai and smiling ever so softly and mischievously. "So, what does that mean?" The woman asked rather suggestively under her breath for the brownrider.

Tag - Revanne, Healers

Watching the female brownrider walk off toward her brother, Roman was once again amused that he'd never noticed before, but then again, he didn't really know V'an or Revanne all that well to even know they had siblings, let alone were each others. With a smile and shake of his head, he turned back to the Hatching and hoped that he and his healers wouldn't be needed this morning, but something told him that would not be the case.

The first incident looked to be fairly minor in the scheme of injuries that could be had. The moment the candidate cried out from his foot being stepped on, 'Cosoman gave a warning warble and took a careful step forward as if he would go to the candidate. However, the little blue that was following the green moved to the lad's side instead and the blood wher would never dare to encroach on the hatchlings, so he stayed his ground. Roman however, was free to bark the order for one of the healers to grab their gear and see to the young man, newly Impressed or not, his injury would not wait.

The next was more like what the Weyrhealer had expected to see, the stain of bright red spreading over the robes soon after the candidate was knocked down. Once again, 'Cosoman wanted to go to the lad, to help, but Roman already saw another candidate lending a hand and the female brownriding healer was headed there already. The Weyrhealer gave another order to two of nearby healers, a Journeyman and apprentice to lend a hand to Revanne for the fallen candidate. That much blood didn't bode well, and he ordered them to carry a stretcher as well, should the man need to be removed to be tended to properly. Roman would make sure to check on him later, see the depth of the injuries, though for now he trusted in his Healers to do their job and do it well.

Turning back to the Hatching, whatever came out of those eggs mattered little to the man, his eyes were on the candidates and watching to see what happened to them. The next incident would be prompted tended to, Roman would see to that.

Tag - Revanne, Ryarin, New Weyrlings (Chara)

At his sisters' tease, the brownriders' smile widened even further and yet, there was a tenderness in the embrace with the young woman as she hugged him. He was always glad that Reva had decided to come to Atricis, had even Impressed on these Sands and he'd had a chance to reconnect with his sister. It made him yearn for home though, to see more of his family like Shiak, G'lend and the kids or check up on his brother, and other sister...But at least he had Reva for now.

As the femme brownrider nudged him, he couldn't help but nudge her back with the playful tease directed her way and knowing smirk on his face. "Maybe, though maybe you shouldn't be so nosy." Came his sisters' retort, and V'an decided to look shocked and hurt at the jest. "Nosy? Me? ...Never...Just being a big brother is all." The tall man commented as that shocked look quickly dissolved into a smirk for the other brownrider. "Come on Reva...You know me, I wont cause too much trouble." He said as the woman leaned in for another hug before she had to leave back to her duties.

Shortly after she moved away though, his lovely weyrmate stepped up by his side instead and V'an felt that warmth she always gave him seep through his being. The kiss on his cheek certainly helped, and the brownrider was quick to place a delicate kiss to the zultaniteriders' forehead in return. "It's only begun...Just you wait." V'an teased softly as an arm wrapped around the slender woman and pulled her in closer, even for just a moment. "You can do whatever you like love. Sit and watch, hand out buckets, take names for me...You know the drill almost as well as I do by now." The weyrlingmasters' assistant jested with another kiss to her brow, though he held onto Ryarin for as long as he could until the first sounds of shells breaking was heard.

"Show time." The man said softly, relinquishing his hold on the zultaniterider, albeit reluctantly, but the sound of eggs hatching meant that his duties had only just begun. The first to hatch was a stunning golden bronze, who was quick to assure everyone of his male status, and even more decisive in choosing his bonded. V'an greeted the new bronzerider with pride and ushered them toward the waiting buckets of food before looking back to the eggs. Another blue, then a green and a blue hatched nearly together. For a time, it seemed that this Hatching was going to fly by rather quickly. The weyrlingmasters' assistant greeted the new bluerider, remarking on the dark blues' pale markings, but his words were cut off by the squelch of a young man who's foot had just been stepped on by the little green.

Spiced eyes sparked with worry, but he could hear Roman shout for a healer and knew that the lad would be fine...especially when the loving blue moved to the young man's side and Impression was made. He'd have to keep an eye on that green for the next few days, see if her temperment settles with the bonding or not, but first his newest charge was injured. As the healer arrived and began to help the newest blue rider off the sands, V'an moved closer to help and slipped an arm around the young man's waist to help steady him as they hobbled toward the edge of the sands where the food was waiting. "You just feed your dragon, the healers will take care of that foot for you." The brownrider said softly as he carefully deposited the young man close by, and a bucket of meat was soon offered to the young man. "I'll be back to check on you in a moment." V'an added with a confident smile and nod for the bluerider before he moved back into place to greet the rest of the newcomers.

Another green hatched, causing her own destruction before bonding, though the assistant could tell it was not on purpose much like the green before. Yet still, he felt for the young man who'd been knocked down, and moments later watched as his sister tore across the sands with her medical bag. Was that the candidate she was here to encourage? For Reva's sake, he hoped she didn't have to see her friend be mauled accidentally and be the one to patch him up. There was no time to ask now though, they each had a job to do, and V'ans was to watch over the new weyrlings while Reva tended to the injured.

There was a pewter as well, approaching them now, and in the tumult, V'an had almost missed that pale speckled hide. "He's beautiful." The man said as he moved out to meet the pair, walking with them back to the edge of the sands and made sure they too received a bucket with enough meat for the hungry pewter. "That's right, nice and easy. Small pieces. I know he's hungry, but it helps cement the bond...and so he doesn't just gorge himself." The brownrider commented with a hint of a smile as well, though it looked as though the newest pewterrider already knew what they were doing. "I'm V'an by the way, your newest instructor...pleasure to meet you and this fine young pewter." The tall man added as his smile widened just a little further.


Tag ~ R'sin, Eavan

The femme brownrider hadn't felt it at first, approaching the group with diplomacy and pleasantries, but as she settled down beside the Weyrleader, she could feel that perhaps she'd just missed something...that or it was her tardiness that created that tingling feeling along her spine. Whatever it was, didn't matter near as much as the babies that were Hatching now, and mossy green eyes fluttered away from the gold and bronze riders to the wobbling eggs. She tried to stay focused, feeling that Norieth was borrowing her sight to see what sort of babies hatched from those shells.

I would have most certainly been able to give her a bigger clutch than that. The pouting brown huffed outside, ruffling his wings with some irritation, but he continued to hum just as brightly as all the others.

If a bronze has only given her 13, I'm not sure you would have made much of a difference... The woman responded, not necessarily trying to put down her dragon, but showing him the facts and knowing that he was just moping.

Then I'll prove it next time! Our clutch was strong last time, it will be even stronger next time. Norieth shot back, indignant that his rider would even back a bronze over himself.

Next time then Love. Not much you can do about this time. Ay'li replied, chuckling softly to herself as she watched the pair of green and blue banter back and forth on the Sands. That green was certainly feisty, and proved it by harming one of the candidates rather deliberately, but the adorable blue was there to soothe the fallen candidate.

Norieth went back to sulking on his perch, though the watery blue beside him gave a trill of great happiness and nudged against the sandy brown. Nori rumbled, but did not deign to be sucked into Kelpieth's enthusiasm. Perhaps if it were his clutch on the sands, he'd have something to be happy about.

"It seems like these greens are certainly taking after their father." Ay'li said aloud, leaning in a bit closer to smirk at R'sin, as they just watched another hatchling take down a candidate. She cringed slightly when she saw the spread of the red stain on those white robes, but the healers were already moving into action and there wasn't much for them to do from here. "It was quite brave to push her out of the way...But yes, perhaps a little foolish." The femme brownrider added after Eavan's comment, though they all watched the young man being put on the stretcher and it didn't look good for his possibilities of Standing after that. "If his dragon is in there, they will find him either way..." Ay'li said, as a gesture of good faith for the lad.

{Elysia is still there, sitting close enough to the rest of them, so feel free to tag her if you want to interact...but for now, I'll skip over her.}

Many of the eggs showed vibrant signs of life, but there was only one that began to crack next. A medium sized egg toward the middle of the clutch began to rock frantically, the cracks widening rather quickly along the mottled shell, the hatchling within determined to get out. What felt like forever for the dragonet, was only seconds for the spectators before they watched as the egg split in twine, the two halves falling seamlessly away from the pale blue hatchling. For a moment, he seemed stunned, blinking those faceted eyes against the bright light of the cavern, then turning this way and that to inspect the shell and world around him.

He was a soft powder blue in color, dotted by lighter or darker patches, but even from afar he looked soft and soothing from his coloring alone. The next moment though, he felt a palpable fear and worry coming from someone close by, and despite the hunger pains that began to gnaw at his stomach, the pale blue gave a warble and stretched himself out toward the onlookers. Do not worry! I will find you...I promise! The hatchling said, pulling himself onto unsteady feet and took a few careful steps toward the candidates. He knew that whoever must so worried, was clearly in need of him, his kind and generous heart reaching out for that someone, feeling so connected to them already that it must be his chosen!

The pale blue moved toward the candidates and gave the first few of them he found a testing sniff, but he couldn't feel that sense of urgency from either of them. No, I'm sorry...You're not the one I'm looking for. The baby apologized as he bypassed yet another candidate. He could sense their confusion or hurt and he felt bad that he had to turn them down, that he kept walking past them, but he knew that his chosen needed him, and needed him now! There was so much anxiety and fear that was welling up, the blue couldn't help but feel it in himself as well and his footsteps hurried to find that person as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, as the hatchling sped up, he wasn't keenly watching where he was going anymore and nearly ran head long into a young boy standing close. At the last moment, the blue seemed to realize and tried to turn, but too little too late and his whole weight bore into Keetin and knocked them both to the ground in a flail of blue and white. Oh my! I'm sorry, I didn't... The pale blue stammered as he tried to right himself, though the attempt to get his feet under him, only served to make the situation worse as sharp claws tore through fabric and skin. Hearing the young boy cry out, made the pale blue bleat out his own surprise and hastily floundered away, doing his best to keep his claws to himself and used still wet wings to throw himself as far away from the boy as possible. Are you okay? Please be okay. I didn't mean to...I'm just in a hurry. I can feel Mine. He needs me... The blue warbled softly to the boy, scrambling back up to his feet now that he was safely away. There were bright red stains on the robe, but the hatchling didn't stay too long to find out the extent of the damage and hoped that his apology and explanation were enough.

Once he was on his feet, the pale blue dragonet was on his way again, quickly moving passed all the candidates now, heading toward the edge of the sands now. It was soon becoming obvious that he was not going to find his bonded on the Sands at all, and seemed quite determined now that he had his chosen in his sights. I'm coming! He trumpeted, practically running to the edge of the sands where there had already been some commotion of a young man trying to get through. Let me through! I have to reach him. The pale blue huffed at the ones standing closest, shielding his chosen from entering the Sands, and the people quickly gave way to the demanding dragonet. Once he could see the young man, the hatchling gave another bleat of triumph and bounded forward to greet the miner.

I feel your fear, your worry for your sibling... The blue hatchling mewled as he rubbed up against Lorcan's leg, nosing him gently and crooning softly before looking up into those brown eyes with the rainbow facets, exuding nothing but love and devotion for the once-miner. Come L'can, together we will go to him, make sure he is safe...Your Hydranth will see to it that they take very good care of him, or they'll get the tail slapping of a lifetime. The pale dragonet added resolutely, huffing softly as if anyone would dare to harm his bonded's kin. His expression and demeanor softened as he nuzzled against the young man once more though, nosing the hand that sat stunned until it was placed on his snout. Then....Then I'll need food. I am already so hungry, but I can wait just a little longer.
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Chara of Pewter Rientath
Tag: V'an
They smiled and nodded at V'an as Rientath glanced over at the man and deliberately stretched out to show off the freckling on his skin, taking a momentary break from whining for all the food as he did. The new weyrling tried to stifle a laugh at the antics as they pulled another piece of meat out and wiggle it at him, breaking him out of his pose as he bit into the piece and tried to swallow it whole.

At least try to chew, come on. "They made sure we understood exactly what we were supposed to do after we impressed, which included not letting the hatchlings eat the entire stock of meat as soon as they could, though not for want of trying." As evident by the fact that they had to nudge him away again.

I'll chew it if you just let me get to it. They gave him the best stern look they could, though it melted off pretty quickly as they pulled out a slightly smaller piece of meat and offered it to the dragon. He didn't wait long before grabbing it, thankfully pausing to bite into it a couple of times before he swallowed.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well. My name is Chara, and this is Rientath." Whatever stern appearance they still had faded as they spoke and realized again that they had actually impressed, and that the pewter in front of them, taking meat from them, was really and truly there. At the thought, he snorted and brushed against them slightly.

Are you going to think about every other thought, Chara? I already told you that we are perfect, and thus, perfect together. I ought to go yell at my blue brother for making you this skittish.

No don't, he doesn't deserve that. Just let me appreciate you a bit. The dragon gave another amused huff as he eyed the food container again.

As long as that appreciation comes with some more meat, I will be more then happy to.
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