Midnight Babies - 52nd Dragon Clutch (PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Weyrbrat Nali & Bronzerider I'li
Nali continued her pouting for a few more minutes once she and her father found a good place to watch the hatching from. She did notice one of the candidates looking at her, and soon recognized them as they waved to her briefly. It didn't do much to change her mood. Luckily, the first egg hatching did. Nali instantly forgot her upset at being caught by her father and watched the first egg with excitement. So much she could barely stand still. Luckily, people gave I'li space, partly out of respect as an ex-Weyrleader and partly because of his size, so Nali had room to wiggle around as the first egg hatched a decidedly orange-ish colored dragon.

"Daddy, daddy, look look! Is that something new? Is it a gold? Look at that color, it's so pretty, I want it," she yammered on in excitement, earning chuckles from I'li before it was revealed by the dragonet himself that he was indeed a bronze. Quite the amazing color, Nali thought, her eyes sparkling with admiration for the pretty beast. He chose his soon enough though, and she couldn't help feel a little disappointed that he hadn't even looked to her in the stands. After all, stands impressions happened before, Solai had Impressed when she was younger then her now! So why couldn't Nali Impress early too?

The next egg hatched soon after, and Nali oooh'ed at the pretty blue, not seeming to really care about his antics as much as some others. He really wasn't so forgetful, he just had trouble making up his mind, but he was still great and pretty like any other dragon, and found his soon enough.

"What's gunna hatch next? Oooh, I bet it'll be a green! Greens hatch the most, but they come in so many shades." Nali really didn't seem to discriminate against hide color, liking all dragons equally as she wiggled where she stood, bouncing on her feet, eager to see more.

The first egg hatched a lot faster than Ari thought. She had considered just taking a look, and leaving before the first egg had hatched, but before she new it, the first one popped open and an interestingly colored bronze emerged, revealed to be a bronze by the dragonet himself. However, hearing the dragon project, including her since she was in the vicinity, made Ari close her eyes tightly. Sure, the voice was masculine, stronger, and louder than Myth's had ever been, but it was hard to handle. She hadn't had a dragon touch her mind since Myth's death, even just to bespeak her. She almost turned and left right at that moment, but her two firelizards crooning and soothing her kept her in place.

By the time she opened her eyes again, she saw the bronze was being led away, and felt the swell of the crowd, the bulk of the people near her hiding place pleased with the beginning of the hatching. She was curious, what the new impressor felt, her own Impression having been different even if perfect to her mind. However, she was too far to feel anything from the candidates or the newly Impressed, and she wasn't going to venture away from her hiding place just yet, even as the second egg hatched, a blue this time. He seemed charming in his own way, and found his way and chosen soon enough. Again though, Ari didn't watch the actual Impression, closing her eyes tightly and opening them after the blue was being led away by his chosen.

What was she doing here though, she thought to herself as her gaze went down for a few moments in thought, no longer watching the eggs or candidates as she questioned her actions and motives. Should she really be here? Was she trying to torment herself, or find some sort of solace in new life and bonds? She... didn't know really. She hadn't thought about this, she had just... come here and now was trying to watch from the empty entrance to the lower caverns. She didn't know why she was doing this.
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Tag ~ H'tai, Eavan, Ar'vis, R'sin, Rhianwen

Shortly after they'd settle into their seats near the Weyrwomans' chair, Safryn had whispered her wonder to her H'tai, but her blue eyes were watching all around them as more and more of her fellows in Leadership began to join them. Listening to the brown riders' answer though brought a smirk to her lips and she turned to him with a teasing smile and another squeeze to his hand, "Oh, you're no fun... You're not supposed to guess like that." The goldrider said, her lips curling pleasantly as she shook her head and red hair bounced around her shoulders. Fine, if he wanted to play the game like that, then maybe she just didn't want to play, that'll show him. So instead of saying anything else, the woman just leaned against the brownrider, playfully ignoring him now as she turned to the rest of the arrivals.

Ar'vis was given a pleasant smile of acknowledgement. It was always good to see the bronzerider, his ties to Eavan still remaining close and she had an inkling he was likely to show up for such an event. R'sin was next, another smile greeting the new Weyrleader and though she was only just getting to know the bronzerider, she thought he was capable enough to tough it out for the next Turn. She could tell that he held the Weyr above all, even with his own lack of experience in the position, so he would not fail the Weyr so long as it was within his power and she admired that. However, R'sin still needed a few lessons in diplomacy, and it seemed that Ar'vis may have been too literal and perhaps quick to jump to conclusions about what was said.

Part of the goldrider wanted to roll her eyes at the interaction, R'sin having to defend the words he'd meant in jest, yet the candidates arrived on schedule, before the first egg hatched and that was all that mattered. Really, men sometimes. It was far too early in the morning to be so uptight over nothing. She was glad then for the next distraction of the newest goldrider, Rhianwen, and patted the seat beside her for the young woman to join them. "Morning." Safryn offered simply with a smile, as the lady seated herself. While the goldrider was still just a weyrling, they had reached a turn and more and more time was spent among the other queenriders and so far Rhianwen and Safryn had seemed to get along well enough. The weyrling could be stubborn when she had her points to make and the diplomacy to argue that point, and the Weyrwoman Second was thinking she'd make a fine candidate for negotiations with other Weyrs and Holds.

However, at the first sound of a shell cracking, all thoughts of politics was pushed away and sapphire orbs turned back to the Sands. They were here for the Hatching and that's what should matter most right now. Her hand tightened a little in H'tais as the first dragonet broke free, the crowds stunned for a moment in confusion, yet Safryn knew without a doubt that it was bronze standing before them, for he was not the first of his kind to sport a golden hued hide and indeed her eyes did look for the sunny hides of Cyniath and Akoth as well to confirm.

"Well, that is certainly a good sign." The goldrider mused aloud, her smiling widening as the young bronze made his way toward his candidate of choice, strong and confident. "Congratulations to Pionath and Pai...They have a beautiful son." Safryn said, grinning over at Eavan and R'sin. That bronze would certainly be a highlight of the Feast to come, the Weyr buzzing with the good omen coming from a relatively small clutch. Hopefully that would mean the rest would be just as strong as their brother who broke shell first.

I will have two beautiful sons. came the resolute voice of her queen, the dappled gold perched on the highest ridge of the cliff's outside that she could find. While Paiseantath was on spotlight inside the cavern, the dark queen was staking her claim just outside, spreading those bronzed wings wide. Her throat hummed though, soothing and calm despite her display as the summons of the sands was too strong to ignore.

Of course you will love, and many more to come. Safryn soothed, yet she knew without a doubt now that Soquilith wouldn't be waiting for too much longer. The hand in H'tai's fidgeted slightly, but she covered it up with a smile for the brownrider and was pleasantly distracted by the hatching of the next egg.

Tag - Revanne, Healers

Just as always, the Weyrhealer was among the many present in that Hatching cavern that early morning. Roman had always been a light sleeper, his job called for it and he never failed to answer the call of duty. Giocosoman was the one who took a little convincing that morning, but in the end the two toned blood wher padded into the cavern alongside the healer. As soon as they arrived, the Weyrhealer assembled the small team, making sure everyone had a job to do and had what they needed. Once everyone was set up, all they could really do was watch and wait to see if their skills would be needed today or not. Roman never really enjoyed Hatchings for that reason, the waiting for one of those hatchlings to maul someone and knowing that those clumsy claws could cause some serious damage.

When he felt the tug on his sleeve, dark eyes fluttered to see one of his healers standing near. At Revanne's request, the Weyrhealer glanced over to the tall man she gestured at, recognizing the Weyrlingmasters' assistant who was always present for these affairs as well. Roman did quirk a brow slightly at the femme brownrider and V'an being siblings, but another glance showed him the resemblance and a soft smile crossed those broad lips. "Yes, quite. Just stay alert, and at the first sign, I'll need you back here." The healer said with a nod, knowing the woman wouldn't let him down if anything did happen to the candidates. Until then, she was welcome to pass the time with her brother.

'Cosoman padded up beside the man after the young woman left, a subtle rumble given and a nudge against his side prompted Roman to lift his hand to the daywhers withers and give a little scratch there. "Keep your eyes open mate, early mornings can lead to mistakes..." The Weyrhealer said aloud to his wher, but pointedly caught the eye of a nearby journeyman, making sure the man was staying on his toes as well. They know, just as well as I do. You have taught them well. The blood wher assured his bonded, nosing the man once more. They would be ready if they were needed, and until then should be able to enjoy the show.

Tag - Ryarin, Revanne, weyrlings

As per usual, anytime the queens called, V'an and Arigoth were among the many who prepared themselves for their jobs instead of just getting to spectate. There was a little bit of grumbling from the brownrider as he rolled out of his comfortable bed with his weyrmate, only to have to don real clothes, put on a belt and boots. Splashing some water on his face, brushing a comb through his hair, the man made himself as presentable as possible for this awkwardly early morning. He loved his job despite the odd hours, and he'd never fail to answer the call of the queens, be on the Sands to greet the newest weyrlings into their new life.

The tri-toned brown lumbered into the cavern after his rider, but he was content to take up a place just inside the entrance and laid submissively onto the sands. Arigoth would never dream of imposing on the dame and sire, but he wouldn't try to fly in a confined space like this either, yet the brown wanted to hum, to sing his song and encourage the babies out of their shells with his brethren. His one eye flickered open from time to time, hoping to catch a glimpse of the new babies, to see what colors they were made of with his own eyes. A little brown bump on the top of the dragons head began to stir and the flitter gave a sleepy chirrup at the gentle prod from the dragon. Cooper diligently then obeyed the subtle command and perched himself steady between the brown head knobs and allowed the dragon to borrow his sight instead. It wasn't the same, but at least Arigoth would be able to see more details than his own eye would allow, so he contently closed that eye and continued to hum even louder now that he could watch the event properly.

Comfy bud? V'an teased his dragon as he moved toward his post.

Quite. Thanks for asking. The hound colored brown trilled after the man, watching him go through Coopers' eyes and happs as can be.

The brownrider couldn't help the chuckle as the enthusiasm from his dragon. Enjoy the show, you'll get to greet them all when it's over and then we'll tuck them all back into bed. The man added with a soft smile, and he could feel Arigoths' anticipation overflowing onto him as well, the moment when they would receive new charges, new weyrlings to watch over.

V'an had to work first, greeting the other assistants, making sure there were enough buckets of meat to go around for the hungry dragonets and knew the beast crafters would likely have more on hand if needed. His weyrmate was usually close by in case she was needed, but he wanted to let her enjoy the spectacle, so at least one of them could. Yet, if the zultanite rider was persistent, as she could be, she was more than welcome to take names of the weyrlings or anything else she could think of to help, it was appreciated. A glance to the healers told him that Roman was set up and ready for the wait, so V'an realized there wasn't much else to do except exactly that...wait.

Soon enough though, a pleasant distraction arrived in the form of his sister, a broad smile greeting the female brownrider. "Really wish these babies would have better timing..." The man said with a slight yawn. "After breakfast would have been nice." V'an continued with a grin for Reva, giving his empty belly a little rub, empathizing with those hatchlings right now. However, after a moment, it seemed that his sister had eyes for a someone in the stands, and someone on the sands, so V'an couldn't help but curious...especially at that look she had in her eyes whenever she looked up into the stands. "Got someone you're here to encourage?" He asked slyly, the wryest smile greeting his lips, choosing to address the someone in the sands first and yet letting his sister know that there was obviously more than that.


Tag ~ R'sin, Eavan, Ar'vis, Rhianwen, Safryn, H'tai

The femme brownrider had woken with the call, the familiar golds voice interrupting her sleep as much as Norieths'. The sandy brown still pined for Paiseantath and was very much at her beck and call, so that even if they weren't his children on those sands again, they were Hers, and he would be there to encourage the gold. Not to mention that the newly appointed Weyrleader had bestowed Ay'li with the honor of being his Weyrsecond, so the brownrider wouldn't miss an appearance whenever she was needed.

In all honesty, she was not taken by surprise at the offer from R'sin and had been his Wingsecond long enough to know the man and how he operated, knew his faults and where she could easily step in to ease them. Her Turn at Weyrleadership gave her at least a little more experience than R'sin, so she could prepare him for some of what's to come. Ay'li was very honored though when he held out those knots, and she swore to R'sin that she would not let him down, would do whatever she could to help him Lead through this Turn, advise him to the best of her abilities and fight beside him valiantly in Threadfall.

Sometimes, that meant you had to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to make an appearance for a Hatching...especially the Senior Golds'.

After making ready, the brownrider pulled open the door of her apartment, only to be greeted by the face of her daughter, Elysias' hand held up as though she were just about to knock.

"Oh good you're up...Now lets go!" The bluerider said, grabbing onto her mothers' arm and practically dragging the woman out to their waiting dragons.

Ay'li wanted to argue, but what was the point? So surprise soon gave way to practicality and she moved to Norieth's side of her own accord. The girls enthusiastic behavior was not uncommon at all, especially for Hatchings, and in fact it was even a little infectious so that a smile began to creep onto the woman's lips as she mounted up onto her brown.

Water and sand flew through the air toward the cavern, mother and daughter mounted astride their dragons, who dismounted expertly the moment they touched down outside. Ay'li moved toward the bluerider as they moved through the entrance. Ay'li's gaze moved about the stands looking for the familiar faces of the Leadership, though she heard the girl at her side groan loudly in despair.

"We're laaaate!" Elys huffed, standing on her tiptoes to see this golden bronze that she heard whispers of. "A bronze already hatched...You're too slow Mom." The femme bluerider teased as she tugged once more on the woman's arm to get moving.

The brownrider gave her own huff as she took her arm back and strode forward confidently, having spotted the golden and ember locks of the Weyrwomen among the crowd and made her way toward them. "You can sit where ever you like then Elle." She said, glancing over her shoulder at her daughter, but the young woman had an impish grin on her face.

"Oh no, I'm not missing this chance." Elysia said with a cheeky twinkle in her eye for her Weyrsecond mother, the access to see what it's like when sitting with the Leaders of the Weyr, what goes down during an event like this that's different from anyone elses. Curiosity always got the best of Elys and she wanted to experience it for herself, so why not now?

Ay'li gave a small shake of her head as they approached. "Mind your manners young lady, and you can stay." The brownrider said under her breath, though she was all smiles for anyone to notice them nearing.

"Yes mother." Elle teased back, clasping her hands demurely behind her back. Don't we always? The blue chimed in, causing the girls' lips to curl mischievously.

The Weyrsecond looked to R'sin first, greeting him with a nod of acknowledgement. "Pardon my tardiness, my daughter decided to surprise me this morning as well as the eggs. I hope you don't mind if she joins us?" Ay'li asked, a quick glance to the others before gesturing for Elys to take a seat once it seemed okay.

The bluerider promptly chose to climb up a tier and sat closer to a fellow wingrider amongst the heavy knots, though it looked liked the brownrider was quite involved with the Weyrwoman Second the way their hands were twined and rest on his thigh. A sly smirk was given to H'tai then, as Elys took her seat beside him. "Morning to ya." The young woman said with a nod of her head and the smile extended to the goldrider at his side. "And a lovely morning to you m'lady." Elys added congenially, to which Safryn smiled in return and wished a good morning as well.

"Eavan, you look as lovely as ever, even in these awful morning hours, you are a ray of sunshine." The brownrider complimented the Weyrwoman with a charming smile, and mossy green eyes traveled to the man at her side, the ever steady Ar'vis. Her old Wingleader was a Weyrholder now, and she hoped it was everything he'd wanted it to be, the title and prestige he'd worked so hard for. "Ar'vis, it's good to see you again. I hope you're staying until the Feast at least, I'd love to hear more about how things are going in Evanoria." Ay'li said with a smile for the bronzerider, one she'd hoped was still an old friend of sorts.

"And good morning my lady Rhianwen." The femme brownrider added with a nod of acquiesce for the weyrling goldrider. "I hope the rest of your day is as joyous as this event." Ay'li added and gave the young woman a smile. She wasn't sure how much she'd be working with the woman when she was graduated, but it was always best to compliment and create good impressions whenever possible. Another greeting was given to the redheaded beauty that was the Weyrwoman second and her companion, before the femme brownrider felt comfortable enough to relax now that pleasantries had been taken care of. Her eyes flickered to the Hatching then, noting the two discarded shells now, so it was best she pay closer attention to this new group of weyrlings.

A bronze and blue so far...Now please, focus, I want to see them hatch, not just hear about them. The brown informed her before scolding her, and Ay'li would swear that she could hear Elys chuckle softly behind her.

Shortly after the dark blue had made his choice among the candidates, all eyes turned back to the wobbling egg only to see that another had begun to crack while they were looking away. The splinters were faint, but the egg was shaking quite actively while the hatchling inside struggled against it's shell. Slowly but surely, the cracks darkened along the pale shell, widening and webbing out further and further over the surface. The egg shook with a fervor now, so close, the hatchling could feel the shell starting to give way, any one of these kicks and pushes could be the last one!


The sound echoed in the cavern as all eyes trained on the shaking egg and watched as the top half nearly exploded away from the hatchling within, revealing a vivid green set of legs flailing in the air, all four legs clearly used to push against the confines of her shell. The moment she was free however, the flailing stopped and the hatchling began to work on turning herself right side up, rolling in the bottom half of the shell until her feet were under her. The wobble of the rounded shell wasn't helping though, and the green dragonet gave an annoyed huff at the offending motion and deciding to take a step out of it onto more stable ground instead. The moment she stepped onto the sands and her feet firmly under her, the little green exuded such confidence in herself, holding herself proudly as she fanned those marbled wings wide and took a good look around the cavern.

There. That's better. The small green dragonet warbled as she glanced around, and her gaze settled on the rows of white robed people standing before her. I feel that I have to choose one of you...But which of you would be worthy enough for me? The hatchling said with a snort and pawed at the sand under her foot. There was a slight toss of her head to look upwards to the large gold and bronze that looked on, and for a moment the little green wished that she could just choose one of them, because she knew they were worthy of her love, but she felt the pull of something else calling out to her.

Before the hatchling could move those, the egg nearest to her gave a wobble and then sharp tapping could be heard coming from inside. Curious, the green youngling crept toward the egg, listening closer, though the egg continued to rock in it's wallow, a crack appearing on the side hidden from the green. The dragonet gave a sniff to the egg, daring to scoot even closer until one of the kicks from within bumped the egg right into her snout. How dare you! Accosted, the green snorted and huffed as she shook her head, and then growled at the offending egg and sibling within. With another huff, the youngling batted at the shell before her, knowing she wouldn't do that much damage, but would at least fulfill that need to retaliate, so she knocked at the shell and gave another growl.

The hatchling within the shell though, chirruped back at her, the sound of the knock encouraging and the egg began to shake in earnest now, the crack spreading and webbing until finally even the green could see the signs. Quickly taking a few steps back, the dragonet was just able to scramble far enough away that when the shell came crumbling apart, she was free of the debris. The eager hatchling kicked a wide hole in to the shell first, and then the rest came falling down around him until there was nothing left but shards and a starkly colored blue dragonet standing in it's place.

Sister! came the babes first cry, already starting to walk toward the marbled green on wobbly feet. It is good to see you sister. You are very pretty indeed, I thought you would be. The mostly pale blue continued as he strode forward to nuzzle his sibling, but the little green kept edging just a little further out of reach until he stumbled over of bright blue feet and tripped on the sands. He didn't seem distressed though and instead just picked himself back up again, though he took a moment to stand there and make sure everything was working proper again. Such a contrast of colors marked his hide, from the deep blue wings that lightened toward the starkly pale, nearly white, body of the blue, the same blend of colors apparent on his head as well, and each of his points bathed in brilliant blue. Perhaps the most striking features were the stripes down his side though, standing out against an otherwise flawlessly pale hide.

I'm okay...nothing hurts. The blue said, glancing up to assure his marbled sibling.

I didn't ask. She retorted, snorting softly once more, though she'd lingered just long enough to make sure he was okay, before turning tail toward the candidates. I've already wasted enough time...

I'll come with you! I need to find Mine too, so we can go together! The young blue cried, bounding after his sister and trilling happily as he looked over the rows of people in white robes, all the potentials just for them.

I don't need help.

I didn't say you did.

I'm not helping you either.

I haven't asked for it.

Instead of responding, the green just huffed at her blue brother and looked ahead to the candidates, trying to ignore him now as she looked over the first few potentials she encountered. None of them seemed to match up to her expectations though and she brushed past them with an annoyed grumble, though the young blue that followed was much more polite as he too walked past them, apologizing for his sisters' behavior.

The marbled green stopped in front of a young woman, and gave Finn a rather scrutinizing look, even leaned in closer for a sniff of the robe and sat back on her haunches for a moment of thought. Behind her, the blue dragonet ruffled his wings in anticipation, hoping that maybe he'd get to watch his sister Impress before he found his own. Yet, at the last moment, the green rose up once more and stalked away, slapping her tail against the woman's thigh.

If she doesn't have what it takes, I doubt any of you do.

She doesn't mean that. You're all wonderful.

I do mean it...Most of them are too stupid for their own good. The green continued, moving through the candidates with no hesitation to talk about them as if they weren't there. Watch this. The dragonet added before suddenly stepping down right onto a bare foot, searing it into the hot sands while claws dug into the soft skin. The candidate cried out, and the green hatchling moved on, the point made and damage done. See? Didn't even get out of the way. The youngling snorted as she carried on, leaving her blue brother to tend to the fallen candidate.

You are not stupid like she says, you didn't move because you saw me, I know why. The little blue crooned to the young man, nosing up against him gently and offering to help steady him and take the weight off the injured foot. I am sorry she hurt you, she should not have done that. My sister does not love you like I do, I will never hurt you. Your Violath loves you very much. The stark blue crooned again, looking upon the man with the rainbow facets of Impression, letting his sister find her chosen on her own because he had found his.
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It didn't take much longer after that episode that the green hatchling seemed to have found someone to be interested in. There was a moment or two of pushing and pulling at the potential mind, checking for flaws and seemingly finding none for the vivid hatchling finally showed an ounce of affection as she nudged into her chosens' leg. If I really have to chose someone...I choose you. Now come along, I'm hungry and you must feed your Epipreth before I get even more angry. The green conceded, taking the white robe between her teeth and tugging on her newly bonded to do exactly as she said, and feed her.
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Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:24 am

Mehemuth loved hatchings. It did not matter if the eggs started to rock while he was asleep, he'd wake up in a heartbeat and start squalling excitedly until his beast of a rider roused himself out of bed. Paiseantath's clutch hatching just before dawn was no exception; in just a moment, he went from sleeping to standing on all fours and bugling excitedly, his little green firelizard flapping quickly, chittering anxiously at the dragon's behavior before settling back down on his headknobs, unwilling to stray too far from him.

Those eggs just hatch whenever they want, eh? G'rak thought to his dragon.

I love these things, I'd wake up for them even if every single one of them were in the middle of the night! Mehemuth chittered back, hurriedly heading towards the hatching grounds so that he wouldn't miss the first egg hatching. He'd never miss that! G'rak would manage to make his way to watch the hatching eventually, though he was quite a bit slower to get himself ready than Mehemuth was.

With Kari, his little green lizard, settled on his headknobs, Mehemuth trilled a greeting to to the happy pair of dragons whose special day it was.

Hello! Paiseantath and Pionath! Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing your children, especially the blue ones! Mehemuth, as any proper dragon would, paid his respects to the clutchparents, even if his were a little bit overbearing and hyperactive. He didn't care. He we was always like this, so why should he change, right?

And then the eggs started hatching! Ooh, a big bronze, followed by a couple of blues and a green! Mehemuth chattered happy greetings specifically to the blues, always happy to see more blues being born in the Weyr. Blues were the best, after all!
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Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:46 am

Tag: Open
A rather pretty looking blue was next to hatch after his bronze brother. If Finn wasn't mistaken, it appeared as though the young creature had burst patterns on his back. It was possible she was wrong, considering her distance from him, but it was something she had noticed. Not that it mattered. What was important was that the newly hatched dragon had found the one it wanted, and she smiled as Impression was made. It wasn't her own bonding, but she could still be happy for someone else; her time would come. Maybe not at this hatching, but there would always be more clutches and always new dragons in need of their perfect one. She still had a few Turns left in her, and... She was getting ahead of herself and fast. There were still plenty of eggs on the sands.

Two of which contained beautiful baby dragons, a green that looked like she'd been chiseled from hued marble, and a blue that appeared to have some interesting markings of his own. The young woman watched their progression through the sands, and even smirked at the "conversation" they were having with one another. Children they were, and children they would remain for several more months. She shook her head, thinking the green - pretty though she was - was a piece of work. She would feel sorry for whomever was unfortunate enough to Impress her. And for a moment, she started to bite her mental tongue when the green stopped in front of her.

She was being scrutinized within moments, and stood stock still as the green started to inspect her. Was it going to happen? Was this her moment? Sure, she and the green would likely butt heads more often than not, but it would be a challenge, and an interesting one at that. Unfortunately for her - or maybe fortunately, all things considering - the green got up and walked away. Not before leaving behind a present of course.

It had't even been that hard of a slap in the first place, but it had been enough to push Finn on her ass. She snarled in the green's direction before picking herself up, grimacing over the fact that now she had sand clinging to her legs and arms. A scowl appeared on her face, though very little of that irritation sloughed off at the green's pseudo-compliment. Thank you too, Brat.. She worked on brushing sand from her skin and robes, missing out on the green purposefully stepping on the foot of a fellow candidate. It wasn't until she heard a yelp that she knew anything was wrong, and by then the green had moved on.

Out of instinct, Finn stepped forward to help, only to stop when she saw the sweet little blue with the person in question, his obvious chosen candidate. Her scowl melted into a pleasant enough smile, happy for the little guy. That didn't mean she was happy for Brat.

Faranth help that poor rider.
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H'tai bit back a laugh at Safryn's reaction to his guess. The way he'd phrased it he could hardly be wrong. No one could know for sure what would come out of a given egg-except golden eggs. Those always held golds and only they held golds. Bets were never taken on golden eggs. The rest were a surprise, new color or not. By not guessing a color H'tai pretty much copped out of the game...or rather took it to another level. He thought his answer was pretty clever actually and if it brought such a smile to his love's lips it was worth it.

The pouty words and silence afterwards were taken in stride by the brownrider. Maybe Safryn was trying to tease or punish him but H'tai enjoyed the contact of her leaning against him too much to care. He let the silence stretch between them, only breaking it to greet others as they arrived. First was, surprisingly, Ar'vis. H'tai would have expected the Weyrleader to be there first...and how did the rider turned weyrholder even know of the Hatching? He didn't live in New Atricis anymore. None of his questions were given voice as H'tai nodded respectfully to the older bronzerider.

Not long after him came R'sin and-Rhianwen? She was Atricis' newest goldrider but still a weyrling. Were they really expected to start attending Hatchings before graduation? Then again they might as well learn...over the course of their lives they would attend many, many more, including several Hatchings of their own golds' clutches. "Good morning Rhianwen," he greeted her politely...quietly. Though he was here with Safryn, H'tai was well aware of the fact that he himself held no power in the Weyr. He was not, had never been, so much as a wingthird even though he had been a full rider for a few turns now. With his, ah, lack of certain social graces H'tai doubted he ever would be in any sort of leadership position unless Ifrith Flew Paiseantath-something he dearly hoped never happened. No offense to her or Eavan of course, but they could probably agree he was ill-suited to being Weyrleader. Eavan would not have the support she deserved and in fact might have more work cleaning up the brownrider's bumbles. Much better that he remain one of many wingriders. Still, that meant he had to take care to not overstep around the leadership. Being Safryn's lover meant he was able to join her at certain affairs but he had no right to disrupt them or act disgracefully. H'tai was always mindful of his manners, refusing to cause trouble for Safryn. She had enough to deal with.

Finally she broke the silence to comment on the handsome bronze that had hatched and fooled so many into thinking he was a gold. H'tai grinned widely and turned to look at the Weyrleaders as well. "That they do," he agreed, "with a personality just as vibrant."

His attention was stolen away from them when he felt the hand in his fidget a bit. Though Safryn smiled at him H'tai wondered if she really felt that smile. A soft smile answered hers before he leaned in to murmur to her, words for her ears alone. "Why don't we have breakfast at home after this? I would love to enjoy it at our own pace, perhaps on the couch together?" More eggs began to crack and hatch. "In the meantime...why don't I see if I can run up a debt to you hm? I bet there's another bronze hiding in that clutch somewhere."

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Tanthus was definitely way too cute when he got all flustered, which happened quite often as of late. Kimina couldn't help a happy giggle while the young man collected himself enough to write on his slate again. She contented herself with watching the lively, gold-colored bronze. Whatever color he was under that hide he was quite the looker! Such a handsome fellow with a beautiful hide and, from what little of himself he'd revealed to the crowd, a rather delightful personality. His rider was very lucky indeed to have been chosen by him!

The slate message was soon finished and Kimina read it quickly, humming as she thought about it. "I don't know...not sure if anyone really knows for sure. It probably varies some from dragon to dragon even of the same color. I mean look at that bronze for example: he seems pretty friendly but remember Barath? He was a mean one, breaking another dragon's foot just because it hatched first. Didn't even Impress first! And-yes there, that green. She's a bit of a mean one too but there are so many sweet ones about as well. That green though...I bet bonding her is a lot like bonding a gold when it comes to force."

While she had been babbling Tanthus added something yet it was Maatina who saw and replied. Yes, day whers are different, as are whers. The only way to really test it though is to be bonded to-oh. You know Tanthus if you're really curious you could probably ask any of the wherhandlers that have two whers, especially if someone has two of the same color. They have bonded twice to two different whers. If there's a difference bet they could tell you. It might be from the perspective of someone bonded to whers not day whers or dragons, but close enough to help make educated guesses right?

The sound of her day wher's voice got Kimina's attention. A quick glance at the slate got her on the same page as the others. Right away Kimina turned to her day wher, beaming. "I think that's a great idea-if any of us daytimers can catch them when they're awake and off-duty. What do you think Tanth?"
There was something about the dragons in this clutch...they seemed determined to give Keetin more and more to puzzle over. First one almost chose the wrong person as his rider, now another had injured a candidate destined for yet another blue. Mauling happened sure but it was usually because hatchlings were clumsy and someone hadn't gotten out of the way, or some crazy stunt like how he'd heard some tried to stop Lennoth from choosing who she wanted. Walled had made every effort to tell that gold who to choose and she had showed them she would not listen.

This though, this was something new, at least to Keetin. The new blue weyrling had an injured foot through no fault of his own. He hadn't been in the way, hadn't provoked the green dragonet in any way...no one had in fact. If anything it was her blue brother who provoked the action by trying to soothe any hurt feelings from his sister's tart words. Apparently the green had to prove she was right-even though really she was wrong. Just because all but one was not her rider that did not make them stupid. What was it with dragonets and feet anyway? There'd been that bronze who crushed his blue brother's foot a couple turns ago and now this green cut and burned a candidate's foot! The greatest offense in both cases, at least to Keetin, was that the dragonets in question were making a point and allowed to do so. If his gold had been born by now, if she was here, she would-but wait. There was a gold here: the green's mother. And her father was a bronze...why did neither one correct her?

Puzzled all the more Keetin glanced at Paiseantath and Pionath. They couldn't possibly approve of their daughter's behavior! Hurting a candidate because she thought them all stupid? That wasn't right. That was mean and unacceptable. This once could maybe be excused as the dragon being young but how was she to learn if everyone let it slide?!

No one else seemed to react either, aside from the blue who Impressed and then helped support his new rider on the side with the injured foot. Keetin tried giving the pair a subtle wave as they moved off, wanting to give some form of support and congrats but not wanting to make himself too noticeable. After all there were still nine eggs left and he didn't want to be noticed by any of them.
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Even as he wrote, Kimina giggled, and, not for the first time, Tanthus got the feeling that the dayhandler liked it when he got all blushy and stuff. How embarrassing! Well, at least Kimina was certainly a calming presence for him, along with the his lizards that had tagged along with him this time, now perched on one shoulder and his head.

Tanthus looked to Kimina as she spoke, seeing just enough of a break in the action after the hatching and Impression of the second blue and first green to give her his eye contact. She mentioned the green, and Tanthus couldn't help but give an exaggerated roll of the eyes as he thought about the green that had just hatched, along with that bronze Barath that had hatched quite some time ago. He remembered that bronze, and again he felt sorry for that poor little blue who had to live with a mangled foot right from the get go.

Maatina suddenly spoke to him directly, which surprised him a bit, considering that dragons didn't talk to people other than their riders very often. Were day whers different in that regard, or was he just special? The green day wher did give some insight to his pondering. He wrote back to her, I can only assume it's somewhat different between all three, but the differences might be too difficult to grasp when you're bonded to one. I find the wherhandlers with two whers very odd. Definitely wouldn't happen with dragons, they wouldn't allow it. He looked back to the hatching, saw there was still a lull, and wrote to Kimina again. It is strange watching these hatchings, but I'm strong enough to watch them now, though I really do appreciate your presence. He had lost his Sarutath over two Turns ago now, and he hadn't even been able to watch a hatching for over a year, but he had come so far recovering mentally. That pain, that darkness, would never go away, but all this time and he had refused to give into it. He was upholding his promise quite well.

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It really wasn't until the next two dragons hatched that they managed to get themself back under control and calm. They opened their eyes and studied the green and blue. Both dragons looked lovely, the green with her somewhat speckled hide and the blue with the stark differences between his dark blue wings and paws and the much paler, for the most part, torso. Of course, looks were hardly everything. The green's somewhat harsh words towards the candidate's didn't help the self doubt they were feeling, and they winced in sympathy when she outright injured a candidate, just to prove a point. Did that happen often? Either way, the made a mental note to take a step back if any of the babies got too close.

The bright side was the blue. He was a cheerful and bubbly little creature, and he reassured them all that they weren't as useless as his sister had made them out to be, and when he impressed to the now injured candidate, well, they figured that at least something good had happened to the poor guy. The left nine. They were starting to get close to the half way point, and that was assuming that all the eggs were going to hatch anyway. Though they did also feel a bit bad for the newly impressed green weyrling. Then again, if the green had impressed to them, they'd be able to handle her, right? Still, they mentally wished the two luck.

"I've never really seen a dragon hurt a candidate on purpose before," they spoke to the candidate next to them, the boy they recalled that seemed dead set on impressing a gold. Well. . . more power to him, they supposed. If he managed it, everyone would be fairly surprised, regardless of the impossibility. Stranger things had happened, after all. "Do you think many more will hatch with that sort of attitude?"
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Four eggs had hatched without much incident, leaving nine eggs left on the sands still rocking and beginning to crack. The green's attitude had not been nearly as palpable as the two blues and bronze that had hatched first, but it wasn't as if all hatchings could and would go perfectly. Paiseantath was proud of her children so far, yes even the green, and she was sure that the rest would be just as wonderful and healthy. While it generally seemed like things normally picked up during this time of the hatching, this time things seemed to slow down. All of the eggs were rocking to some varying degree, but one in particular started rocking harder.

It seemed to jerk itself from side to side in its attempt to escape the shell. Jerk. Jerk. Jerk....but yet no cracks appeared in the shell. Jerk. Jerk.....Jerk. The egg stilled then, the jerking motions stopped. Most people's attention was on the mottled shell, waiting to see if it would keep moving or if the inhabitant inside had given up. Perhaps it just needed a break. Whatever the problem was, the attention was stolen by another another egg giving a quick shudder and then exploding outwards. The once shell of the egg was decimated, save for one piece that stuck on the top of the what was obviously a green's head. A bark of concern and irritation echoed from within as she shook her head from side to side to try and dislodge the piece. While she did so, her movements made her stumble back and directly into the egg that had been jerking hard. Out of my way! Really now, how rude.

Her action of crashing into the egg caused it to fall over, the impact enough to cause it's shell to finally break in half with a crack. What spilled onto the sands from the egg was the silvery hide of a light colored pewter. It took a moment, honestly longer than was necessary, for the pewter to get up to his feet. The entire time he was whining pitifully, though to be fair he did seem wore out and if one took a closer look at it's shell they would notice it was thicker than normal. I didn't think I would ever be free of the confines of my prison. My sincerest gratitude sister for giving me a hand. The pewter stated as he steadied himself on his four legs.

Keep your gratitude. I just want this piece of... The green said as she continued to back up and shake her head to try and dislodge the shell. The green's path had her backing up almost directly into Finn, but another candidate, Bastian, was quick to act and pushed her out of the way. However, this didn't stop him from being a victim of the young dragonet's frantic movement. The green backed completely into Bast, knocking him onto the sand harshly, though she continued to back up for a moment before realizing what was going on. Get out of my way silly creatures. How can you expect me to avoid you when I can't see? She said as finally the shell piece was flung off wildly. She huffed as she looked down at the person she'd ran over. You're not suppose to be down there. She stated before moving off of Bastian, her claws dug into his side and hip where her foot had been. Blood immediately begin to spread on the white robe.

Seemingly to not care about the wound she'd just inflicted the green moved away from the man on the ground and to the other side of the sands where others were standing. There you are! Sorry that took me so long. Your Digitath is here now. Let's get some food before we explore the rest of this place. The inside of my shell began to get very boring there towards the end.
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While that happened with the green, the pewter was taking his sweet time trying to find the one that was perfect for him. He stepped with purpose, his footing exact so as to make sure the way he walked was dignified and looked...well, good. While he was walking, one of the eggs he was walking passed gave a hard enough rock to almost knock into him. The pewter gave a startled bark and side hopped aside. Careful! It appears as if none of my siblings have the grace it takes to not run into things. I will not be so clumsy though. He said as he sniffed at his siblings shell. You can do it, sibling. Just a few hard rocks and that is all you need. He said kindly to whoever was in that shell. Then he moved on, anxious to be with his.

Eyes whirled curiously as he approached several candidates, though one in particular caught his curiosity the most. The spotted pewter moved up to the young boy trying to make himself as unnoticeable as possible and huffed. For someone with so much ambition it seems a little odd that you're trying to hide almost. He spoke to Keetin with a huff. For a second he seemed to consider him closely and then moved away. A far too excited trill of happiness escaped the little pewter as he practically pranced up to another candidate. You! Yes, oh glorious day, how perfect you are for me! Chara, Chara...do you not think I am as equally as perfect as you are? The imagination between the two of us...oh...there is nothing in this world that will get in our way, is there? Allow me to introduce myself to you, Chara. I am Rientath.
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"But of course. I can always make time for a hatching of Paiseantath's clutch-Cyniath is displeased though. I can hear him grumbling about how he did better. He misses the old days. What can I say? He's a bronze."

Eavan couldn't help but grin widely at the man's words. How she loved him, even if they were not what most would call a normal couple. She honestly liked that they weren't normal as it seemed normal did not work for either of them. "Oh, I'm sure. Paiseantath still considers him one of the best even if she doesn't like the fact he no longer chases her." Eavan stated with a grin. A hand squeezed his thigh as he questioned R'sin about his statement. Eavan didn't comment anything because there was nothing to comment. Ar'vis would always be critical of any and all Leadership, that was merely who he was and she wasn't about to change it. R'sin was learning fast and doing a fine job, but he did still lack the diplomacy Leadership often times needed. She, however, just wanted to watch the hatching in peace.

"Yes, this clutch is turning out well." She addressed to those around her as she watched the next few eggs to hatch, revealing two blues, two greens, and a pewter. "Oh ouch...and here I was hoping there'd be no injuries. Brave of that boy to knock the girl out of the way, but stupid as well. I wonder if he'll still get to stand." Eavan asked curiously.
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Bastian waved back excitedly to Reva before turning his attention to the eggs. A bronze hatched, a good sign, he knew immediately that it wouldn't be for him and clapped with the orangish-bronze did impress and walked off the sands. The next was a dark blue and for a moment he could imagine himself with such a beast, clumsy or not. Once again though, no such luck.The next to hatch was a pair, a blue and green. It was obvious the green had some attitude. He honestly couldn't say that he would like to be impressed to a creature so...aggressive, but it seemed as if the green might want Finn. Bast turned to tell her congratulations, but then the green was smacking her with her tail and walking off in a different direction. "Hey!" He said in indignation for Finn and then walked over to help her up. "That was rude. You alright?" He asked. Only when he knew she wasn't that hurt, did he move back to his other spot.

Next to hatch was another green, who comically got a piece of shell stuck on her head. Her frantic movements caused her to crash into one of the other eggs and helped it to hatch and reveal a pewter. What happened with the pewter he would not get to see as all he realized was that the flailing and somewhat panicked green was not heading their way and right towards Finn whose attention was drawn by the injured candidate and his newly impressed blue. Bast acted without thinking and managed to give Finn enough of a shove to get her out of the way. However, that put him directly in the way.

The world whooshed by as he ended up on his back on the burning sands, the heavy body of a green directly on top of him. Get out of my way silly creatures. How can you expect me to avoid you when I can't see? Bastian didn't answer her, afraid to move in case he ended up getting hurt. You're not suppose to be down there. She stated with annoyance almost. "Maybe you shouldn't walk when you can't see." He was just irritated enough to snap back at her. Annoyance was quickly replaced by pain as the green moved off of him, the claws of one foot ripping into the flesh of his side and hip. White hot sparks lit his eyes at the pain as he cried out, a hand moving to the wound automatically. Blood began to coat the white fabric even out from under his hand. He didn't panic, but his eyes did look over at Finn seeking help. "She got me good, I think." He stated with a pained chuckle, but didn't move.

Tag ~ Reva
Lorcan was more than a little startled when Morgan suddenly appeared on his shoulder. "Dammit, Morgan...little warning next time." He growled at her. Granted he realized that Reva likely sent her to him to give him some company, which he did appreciate, but it really wasn't necessary. His eyes found hers and gave her a small smile and a wave before she walked over to her brother. "Alright, fine, you can stay. Just don't squawk in my ear." He grumbled to the fancy flit. However much he seemed irritated by Morgan a hand reached up to stroke her neck.

He watched as several eggs hatched, got a little excited as a green approached near him and the girl he stood next to, though apparently neither of them was what she wanted. What happened next made him get up from his seat in in a hurry. He watched in horror and anger as the second green ran over him, unseeming to care that she had. He watched as red began to coat his robe. Sands or not, Lorcan was going to get down there to help his little brother. However, he only got so far as to step foot on the sands before someone stopped him. They assured him the healers would take care of him, but Lorcan didn't like it. He continued to stand on the edge of the sands...his eyes looking at Bastian and then looking at Reva, hoping she would go help him.
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Every so often Kimina glanced at the list, making sure Tanthus didn't miss anything because she was talking to him. Maatina was speaking with him as well but the clutch on the sands was hardly going to wait until they were done chatting. Ironically Kimina was grateful Tanthus kept looking away for his task-it gave her a chance to do the same. Not that she minded looking at him (how could she when he was so cute?) but Kimina too was keeping mental notes. She refused to get Tanthus in trouble. It helped that she had Maatina and Cobei to help keep an eye on things. Cobei's attention had been riveted on the eggs from the moment she finished greeting everyone and the iolite fancy flit had enough of an attention span and memory to track a handful of dragons. She made sure to flash images of them as they hatched so that Kimina knew she needed to look and where.

The trio were quite the team, such that one or the other could afford to be distracted briefly to talk to Tanthus and read his responses. Maatina rumbled. Oh yes...I don't know of any day wher that would share either. It is very strange that whers do that. I can't imagine how it works.

"They find a way," Kimina murmured with a shrug. She frowned then as one of the eggs seemed to be trying so very hard to hatch...but didn't. That worried her. How had the shell held up against such an assault? The egg stilled, likely from the hatchling inside being too tired to keep at it. Silently she willed someone to help the poor dear.

This time it was Maatina who mentally nudged her, for Tanthus had written something else while Kimina had been so focused on the egg that seemed to be struggling to hatch. A quick glance was given so she could read what was on the slate before her eyes returned to the sands...only to slowly travel back to the slate, re-reading the sentence there. "Oh Tanth..." she murmured softly. Then out of the blue (careful of his flits of course) Kimina wrapped him in a tight hug, nuzzling into him a bit. "You are very strong but all the same I'm glad I could be here for you this time."

Me too! Maatina trilled firmly.

Tag: Chara
Keetin had to admit to having surprisingly good luck so far. The dragons that had hatched never so much as looked his way. He might as well not exist for all the notice they took of him-even the rather nasty green that hurt someone's foot just to prove a point.

As if they could somehow magically read his thoughts one of his fellow candidates spoke next to him, asking about the green. Keetin turned to see Chara and frowned. "Neither have I," he said, voice full of disapproval for what had just happened. "I mean...I suppose I've sort of heard of it, like the Hatching in Walled with the gold...but then what can you expect if you try to force a dragon away from the one they want? This is the first time I've seen a deliberate, unprovoked injury to a candidate though. I can only hope the rest of the clutch is nothing like her and that her rider is able to rein her in somehow." He paused then, considering the second question before shaking his head. "Honestly I don't think there's any way of knowing what other sorts of personalities will hatch until they're out of the shells. Maybe you'll get lucky though and a real sweet dragon like that latest blue will find you and get you off the sands before any other mean dragons hatch...if there are anymore in this clutch."

Later he would swear the dragons at least read his mind and sought to correct him as another green hatched...and proceeded to be almost as bad as her sister. To be fair she did have a shell stuck on her head and could not see but crashing into one of her siblings' eggs and then a candidate? Plus partly walking over the poor guy before stopping and getting the shell off. She didn't seem to care one bit who or what she crashed into. And they were the silly ones? He didn't think so. Keetin shook his head as the green found her rider and walked off. "Then again maybe luck is a fickle friend. She's right in that no one should have been behind her when she clearly can't see...although the one she injured was only there because another didn't move fast enough." He sighed. "I hope everyone else stays out of the way because this clutch's greens all seem to be prickly."

A huff near his feet coupled with a new dragon's voice made Keetin jump. Where? Oh yeah the egg that the spotted green had run into. Keetin answered the pewter's huff with one of his own. "Well how would you like it if your rider got stolen by someone else?" he countered. "I'm making sure no one steals me from my dragon." Who could not be in this clutch, not when there was no gold egg. For a second the pewter actually seemed to consider him and Keetin edged away-just as the dragonet turned and with a happy trill Impressed to Chara. A small smile tugged at Keetin's lips at that. "Well there you have it Chara: you're safe now. Impressed to a very striking dragon and one that's not so mean...and now you both get to leave the sands before any other mean ones hatch."
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Sun Jul 17, 2016 9:31 pm

The idea of being bonded to two large dragonkin still rattled in Tanthus's mind a little bit as he watched another egg hatch, revealing another green. There were several eggs rocking with vigor, though, as usual, some were taking their sweet time to hatch. Part of him wouldn't have minded getting out of there sooner, with as weird as he still felt at hatchings, but honestly if it went too quick he wouldn't be able to keep up with his notes, especially since he was juggling his slate and a pair of lizards to boot!

Kimina's comment went unnoticed by Tanthus as he kept a very close eye on the new green and the pewter that had just hatched. He winced when the green bowled someone over, leaving bloody gashes in her wake. Another spirited green, so it would seem. The green would find hers, and the pewter soon after. He recalled the names of the Candidates quickly so that he could write their names down, and once they did, he had been planning on turning his attention back to the hatching... only Kimina wrapped her arms around him, completely catching him by surprise (though his lizards didn't seem quite as taken aback as he was). Tanthus immediately turned a bright red, completely flustered by the sudden show of affection. Tanthus did feel encouraged by her words, but he couldn't bring himself to write anything, as flustered as he had become. He blushed and wrung his hands a bit, seeing if another egg would hatch, but, seeing that there was a bit of a lull, he eventually managed to write out a little something to Kimina.

Kimina, I thank you and Maatina. I'm glad you're here, too.
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