Midnight Babies - 52nd Dragon Clutch (PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:02 pm

Candidate Bastian
Tag ~ Revanne, Finn, Open
Bastian had been asleep, like most people he was sure, when the call to gather at the sands rang out through the weyr. Bast didn't waste time in getting his robe on and rushing towards the hatching grounds with the rest of his fellow candidates. He was excited, he couldn't help it. This day he had been waiting for since he was first searched and now it was here. Once he got to the sands he gave a proper bow to Paiseantath and Eavan before finding a spot around the clutch.

Once he had a spot his brown eyes looked around to find the faces of those he knew. The first face, of course, was that of his brother. Bastian waved at Lorcan, a little shocked to not see Reva with him. More searching the crowd and he finally noticed her with the other healers. That made sense. Bast waved and smiled at her once he noticed she looked at him.

He then realized that he recognized the person that was near to him. "Hey Finn. Good luck today." He said to his fellow healer with a wide smile. Being both candidates and both healers, he'd gotten to know the other woman well enough he wasn't too shy to talk to her.
Journeyman Lorcan
Tag ~ Revanne, Open
Lorcan grumbled and cursed as he rolled out of bed. He did not appreciate being woken up at this early hour...it didn't matter if it was a hatching. The only reason he got himself up and dressed was because his little brother was standing and there was no way he wouldn't be there for him during this big day. Still, he thought the sharding babies could have come at a better time.

The place was already packed when he got there, which did little to improve his mood. Dark eyes searched the stands, not just for a place to sit, but the hopes of being able to sit with Reva. He knew she would be there to watch and cheer Bastian on. He finally saw her with the other healers on duty. Strike three against this day already. It was too early, too crowded, and now he had to sit by himself. Lorcan finally found a place, surprisingly only a row up from the sand itself. However, the people around him were way too loud, too talkative women who were already making bets on the clutch.

Lor took a deep breath and tried to ignore them as looked among the candidates for his brother. He spotted him and waved back, giving him as genuine a smile as he could. This was Bastian's day after all, he had to be happy for him...or if he was left standing he had to be there to support him.
Senior Weyrwoman Eavan
Tag ~ Safryn, Ar'vis, R'sin
Eavan watched as people began to pour into the stands as the candidates circled around the rocking shells. Excitement filled her to the point of giddiness. She couldn't wait to see what came from the shells and who they would go to. She saw Safryn and H'tai come in and returned her fellow goldrider's wave of greeting. Her eyes scanned the crowd for R'sin, knowing he would be there...but instead she was surprised to be greeted by the love of her life first.

Eyes lit up just as brightly as the candidate's were as Ar'vis joined her. She couldn't resist curling against him a little as her hand rested on his thigh. "I'm happy you could make it, love." She said before placing a kiss on his cheek. She didn't care if others saw her display of affection for him.

"Thank you, R'sin. I know it will be a good day. Pionath will be proud of himself I'm sure." She said sweetly to her partner in Lead. The man was honestly doing rather well as Weyrleader. "Oh, I think the first egg is going to hatching." Eavan said excitedly as she pointed at one that was rocking harder.
The Weyrwoman was not wrong. An egg in the middle of the clutch gave an audible pop before the shell fell away into tiny fragments. For a moment there was a gasp as the dragon that had been trapped inside gave a dramatic flare of wings and an enthusiastic bark of excitement. The hide was metallic, a color that seemed to be a pale version of Paiseantath's orange hide. Well met all of you! Is this not a wonderful day to hatch? The bronzes voice was deep and decidedly male, squashing the notion that a gold had hatched from a normal shell. The reactions he was noticing from the crowd and the candidates around him gave him great amusement. No, I am no gold. I am a bronze and proud of it. His voice projected to hatching grounds at large. Paiseantath crooned to her mate, happy in the fact their first to hatch was a bronze and he was obviously confident and strong.

Good. I was trying to be the first to hatch. Not that I am selfish, but I know who it is that is perfect for me and I did not want to risk losing him to one of my siblings. He stated as he got up and began to walk among the candidates. True to his word he didn't stop to check out anyone and instead made a beeline for one male in particular. His wings he held spread as the wetness of the egg goo began to dry. His hide was most certainly different from the other bronzes of Atricis, but there was no refuting that was what he was. The large weyrling, though it would take time to see if he would rival the likes of Behemoth, sat down in front of his rider.

I know you are unsure of yourself, but trust me. Together you and I will become something great. Yes, you and your Roth. First things first, I hunger...badly. Can you not feel it as well? There are people waiting over there with food for you to feed me, so let's go. The bronze grabbed a hold of his new rider's robe and began to drag him over to where the meat was. Having a bronze hatch first was a good omen...even if he was more gold than bronze in color.
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Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:20 pm

Luckily, Tanthus was starting to bleak away the weariness as the stands became more crowded. More memory from the past few days came in as his mind allowed unfettered thought, and upon remembering he became very glad his half-awake mind had managed to pick up his scribing materials before leaving to watch the hatching. The Dragonless fumbled with his things until the hide he would use to record was comfortably on one knee, while his slate, with chalk attached, was carefully balanced on the other knee. Glowbasket, one of his little greens, popped out of nowhere and landed on his slate, and Tanthus smirked. Well, it wasn't going anywhere, but if he needed to write on his slate, then the poor little green would likely have to move again.

And sure enough, a use for his slate came. Kimina had found him! Although he tried desperately to calm himself without blushing too hard, Tanthus had never really had the ability to hide feelings, hide expressions, and some red found its way onto his cheeks anyway. He wished he knew why it did, because it was just so embarrassing to blush so much! Tanthus used one hand to gently nudge Glowbasket off of his slate; in turn, the green firelizard perched herself on top of his curly hair.

Tanthus wrote, I'm glad to see you here, please do keep me company, I'd appreciate it.

Almost as soon as he finished his message, one of the eggs popped, revealing a rather large bronze. That information was written down, as well as the lad who it had chosen, as he had already been given a rundown of the Candidates who were Standing at this clutch. He tried not to let himself linger on the sight of Impression for too long, lest his emotions get the best of him. He had a job to do, and, besides, Kimina was here too!

Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:18 pm

Dragon Candidate Chara
Sort of Tag Nali/Open
Chara had been a bit startled when they noticed one of the candidates being pulled out of- Wait, no, that wasn't a candidate. They remembered the child, the one that they'd run into back when Echo had decided to play hide and seek in the middle of the night. Between the sneaking out of the creche and sneaking into the hatch, it looked like she was a bit of a trouble maker. The candidate tried to catch the child's eye and give them a reassuring smile and a wave. After all, the child would be of candidate age soon, right? Maybe some encouragement from their end would make her feel better.

Of course, they were distracted from that by the first egg hatching. They were among the people who were somewhat confused, at first. The shell hadn't been gold, so what was- And then the words hit them. Nope, not a gold. A very pretty bronze, though. The dragon didn't pick them, but it did pass pretty close to them on his way to his chosen, and even if they didn't think they could handle a bronze, a part of them was a bit envious. He was such a lovely and happy sounding dragon. . . But, no, he wasn't for them. Someone else would be, and they'd just have to wait and see.

Glancing back at the now even dozen of eggs on the sands, they wondered how long they would have to wait. Maybe this hatching? Maybe some other one in the future? Either way, they still had a ways to go. The best thing to do would be to wait and see what happened next.
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Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:54 am

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Candidates! The time has come to meet your fate on the sands! Quickly now! My children wait for no one.

The call from the Senior Queen was enough to pull Finn from her sleep. It took her a moment or two to realize what was going on, and during that fuzzy few moments, she felt irritated. Not over the fact that there was a hatching to get to - that would come to her in a bit - but because she'd been having her first decent rest since arriving in the South. Then it dawned on her that the voice hadn't been part of a dream, and that her roommate was indeed shouting at her to get ready.

She was still moving slowly even then, but knew that she would be fine once she splashed her face with water and hit the sands. Right now though it felt as though her feet were dragging as hard as her legs, and she couldn't get them to move beyond the slow motion sensation they were slugging through. She was certain she wasn't the only one having such a difficult time waking up, despite the excitement of hatching day, but even so she didn't bother to open the door and scream at someone to help make her legs go.

Eventually she was able to get herself put together, enough so that she didn't feel that slowness anymore. It only meant she was late to the first egg breaking shell, and she stopped in her tracks when she saw a beautiful gold... No, I am no gold. I am a bronze and proud of it. So a bronze then, and a fantastically colored one at that. She didn't know either of the clutch parents very well - who was she kidding, she didn't know them at all - but they created one fine example of a dragon.

Smiling now, and feeling brighter, perhaps even hopeful, she turned her attention to the rest of the eggs now that the bronze had Impressed. Which one would hatch next and more importantly - would she be among those fortunate enough to bond this time around? She didn't think so, given her track record at hatchings, but there was always that chance and really, if she didn't, there was always the next dragon clutch.
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Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:28 am

It wasn't long at all for the next egg to hatch after the bronze had done so. The egg likely had already begun to crack while the bronze had hatched, it was just that the uniquely colored bronze had stolen the show with his positively gold colored hide. So the very beginnings of a cracking shell had gone mostly unnoticed, but not completely. The bronze Impressed, and the second egg to hatch was quickly noticed by everyone around as cracks grew in the mid sized shell, fanning out from a large starburst pattern until the pattern was no longer recognizable on the mottled shell nestled in the sands.

Finally, pieces of the shell fell away, as a dark colored set of claws popped out of the shell, scrabbled on the surface for a moment, before retreating back in to grab and push at the shell around the hole to break more away. The shell broke along its cracks bit by bit, until a new young dragonet was able to wiggle himself out of the shell and onto the sands, his nostrils flaring as he breathed in his first breaths of air. He paused halfway out of his shell for a moment, breathing in and our before he wiggled around some more, soon freeing his small hatchling wings and his hind legs soon after. His tail slipped out easily.

I suppose that wasn't too hard. He said with a satisfied snort as he found his balance on his dark blue legs. He was about to leave his egg alone, but suddenly seemed to change his mind, returning to the remainders of it and sticking his head back inside of it curiously, trilling inside as if to hear. His head bumped the egg though, enough to make more of it fall away as he stumbled a little into it.

Well excuse you! He called to the egg in faked annoyance, sticking his tongue out at it like a human child might do to something before turning his tail on it, kicking sand at it, and striding off. Though he wasn't entirely sure where he was going at first, just walking as if something in him knew what to do, but he hadn't actually thought about it. So halfway to the candidates he stopped for a moment.

Hmmmm. What was I doing? Why am I going over here? His head cocked one way, then the other as he considered it. I think... there is something... someone perfect for me there. Yes. Perfection. Seemingly happy with that statement, he continued onward, letting instinct and the pull at his mind take him onward.

He weaved through the candidates, not seeming to prefer the males or females more, giving them all a quick look or sniff before he moved along. For a moment he thought he found the person, stopping before them and crooning, but then seemed to change his mind as if he'd been mistaken. Nope, nope. Sorry, I was wrong. He said to the poor disappointed candidate, leaving them not realizing how sad he likely made them. Luckily, not long after, he found his.

There you are! Yes, the perfection I knew existed in this big world! Clumsily he ran over, for a moment even scaring people into thinking he was going to run someone over and cause injuries. Somehow he didn't, just barely stopping before the candidate in time and nearly knocking them over when he bumped into their legs.

Yes you are the one. Don't look so surprised! He crooned. He nuzzled the candidate, before nipping at their fingers lightly. But I'm hungry! Where is there food? Do you have it? You must know where it is. Show me please!
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Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:12 am

Tag: Open, Inez, Safryn, H'tai

When Rhianwen awoke hours before she was required to and with no physical provacation, at least she now knew why she was suddenly so certain of what was occurring. Astarin chirruped from where she lay pooled around Rhianwen's feet and, yes, there, Paiseantath was calling out to R'sin. Moments later, the call for candidates and an audience rang out and Rhianwen groaned at the thought of the headache she was about to endure.

You have me with you, do not fret, Lennoth crooned as Rhianwen finally sat up. When her migraines had been appropriately diagnosed as being caused by her HAD, the fellis had been taken from her, but some days the sheer volume of dragons became too much. Hatching days were the worst, but Lennoth did help make it better, giving Rhianwen a way to ground herself and another mind to sink into when her own became too crowded. I'd expect no less, Rhianwen replied before pulling out an appropriate dress and letting it hang while she washed her hands and face.

Rhianwen could hear the Weyr wake, dragon voices filling her mind even as their humming filled the air. With her hair in careful braids pinned against her head and her skirts in place, Rhianwen stepped outside of her recently settled private quarters – far superior to her room in the barracks – and found Lennoth in the nearby pavillion, waiting. In the Weyr Yard below, she could hear people calling to one another now that she was outside and knew the voices of humans would be adding to the noise around her soon enough. It made Rhianwen want to return to her apartment or fly away for the day, but she was a weyrling and unable to leave without permission or an escort, and she was a queenrider, even if she had yet to graduate, and held a certain level of responsibility towards the Weyr.

Chin up, Lennoth reminded as she bumped her nose against Rhianwen's torso, We'll show them how strong we are together. “As always,” Rhianwen smirked and took a steadying breath before mounting Lennoth for the quick trip down to the Hatching Ground's entrance.

The air was always heavy in here, not only leading to the quick gathering of perspiration on her brow, but making it difficult to breath and move, as well, as if she were underwater rather than indoors. But Rhianwen held her head tall and shoulders straight as she made her way into the stands and towards the gathering of leadership. Rhianwen may be a weyrling, but only just now and she was a queenrider all the same, so with a greeting to Safryn and her lover and others in the vicinity she took her own seat, immediately seeking out Inez's presence on the sands. As much as the women might be at odds, Rhianwen still only wished her the best and greatest success.
Tag: Open

Hatchings had always been something Rina had enjoyed watching. Wher or dragon had never mattered to her, just the formation of bonds and sheer limitless possibilities. Even now, being woken out of dead slumber after finally recovering from a debilitating migraine, the young harper had raced to dress and find a place in the stands where she would actually be able to stand without being yelled at because whenever she sat, everyone was too tall to see over.

She watched in awe as the first eggs hatched, applauding the bonding of a playful bronze and cool blue. Rina had once wondered what it would be like to impress to a dragon or a wher or a daywher, but her own physical limitations had left such ideations to mere daydreams. It was fine. As an adult, Rina was aware of her place in the Weyr and she was happy to have it: a place alongside her brother and one all her own. She wouldn't dream of anything else, really, not anymore.

She smiled fondly as the two new riders and dragons took to the sides where beastcrafters and volunteers stockpiled fresh meat alongside the weyrlingmaster and his assistants and wondered if those too old to impress still had that small burning hope that, despite knowing better, wondered maybe.
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Sat Jul 16, 2016 8:16 am

Tag - Rhianwen | Open
When the first shell broke, the gasps of astonishment hissed through the cavern followed by swell of murmurs. To Inez, however, it was obvious what what sort of dragon stood before the candidates: A bronze. The beast hatched from a normal shell, and he was not the first gold tinted bronze to grace the face of Pern. Shards, Cyniath looked like a gold by his own right, as did Akoth an orange toned bronze who looked as though he might have shared the same egg as Paiseantath herself. No, Inez did not judge this dragon strictly by his hide, and unsurprisingly he confirmed himself as the bronze she anticipated him to be.

Really? Must he elaborate? But then again, Inez always found herself amazed by the ignorance of her peers.

Disinterested in the bronze, her eyes turned back to the remainder of the eggs. Already with one egg hatched, her prospects had shrunk to twelve. Then another egg broke, this time a blue. Though a handsome creature, Inez did not care for a blue. She had come to the weyr on a gamble for power, and knew she would not find such prestige in a blue, especially one has bumbling and forgetful as that one. As the blue found his bonded, Inez wondered if Impresses worked both ways, like a handshake. If she did not possess a willingness for Impression, then could she truly Impress.

Eyes glanced to the stands once more, reminding herself of the presence of her parents. They did not sit there in support, of this she was certain. Instead, she suspected they would attempt to drag her back to Benden. She could think of no other reason.

Yet she refused to settle for any dragon. She needed the right one or else all her efforts and sacrifices over the last few Turns would be in vain.

When Rhianwen appeared, Inez could not help but look to her, letting her eyes linger on her in envy and melancholy. She missed the woman, and part of her even wondered how she felt, she had come to recognise the difficulty she often faced at Hatchings. For not she held her tongue, and when Rhainwen might look at her direction, she would see the young woman quickly avert her eyes to look upon the eggs instead.
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Lorcan certainly looked like his grouchy self, Revanne thought with a private chuckle. And then there was the standing fact it was first light, which was enough to make anyone sour if they were not prepared for the wake up call. With a whistle to Morgan, the little fancyflit shot to her side, only to be sent to Lorcan.

Keep him company, and maybe if you're sweet enough he will give you a treat. The garnet was gone in the blink of an eye and reappeared once more to perch on the man's shoulder. When Lorcan looked back to her, he would see Revanne watching him in turn between those eggs, sending him promising glances. Perhaps have the Hatching ended, they could take a nap on her couch before the day truly began. She wondered if he might like that, but kept the idea to herself for now.

When Bastian waved to her, Revanne repaid the gesture with a smile and a wink. Of course she would stand there in support for him, even if she did not sit in the stands with his brother. Of course, Revanne also hoped he would not need her skills this morning. Maulings could be a devastating business on the sands, though normally it only involved gashes, cracked bones and missing digits when she did get involved. The truly violent scenarios were a rare occurrence.

Near Bastian, Revanne saw another familiar face, though one she was not nearly as familiar with. Finn worked in the same field as Revanne, apothecary, and while Revanne wished to be greedy and hoped that after the hatching she would still have the extra set of hands in the garden and the drying rooms, she also understood the dream of dragons. Reaching through Morath, the brown willingly slipped a thought of encouragement to the fellow herbalist.

Finn, my rider would like to offer you her support on the sands today. She hopes you will Impress, though she also ask that you not forget about the apothecary wing in the Infirmary. Morath always had an easier time dealing with the fair gender.

To accompany her dragon's remark, the woman offered a wry smile to her.
Tag - Eavan | Safryn | H'tai |R'sin | Rhianwen
"I'm happy you could make it, love."

"But of course. I can always make time for a hatching of Paiseantath's clutch-" lest she miss his meaning, he gave her the faintest hint of a smirk, and kissed her cheek before she might protest- "Cyniath is displeased though. I can hear him grumbling about how he did better. He misses the old days. What can I say? He's a bronze." To the weyrholder, the worst fate for a bronze was old age and decrepitude rather than death. They were forced to live a lifetime reminiscing on what they once were and could never be again.

"Well met Ar'vis, Eavan. Here's to a good Hatching for all-if those candidates get their rears in gear."

Get their rears in gear? The Weyrholder raised a brow at the man incredulously. Even more surprising was the fact his love did not call her Weyrleader out for such an austere remark. "Have you had difficulty with this lot of candidates?" he asked, curious as to why the candidates would not be praised and supported on this auspicious morning. Though Ar'vis never claimed the rank Weyrleader, and while he himself had also been a firm Wingleader and Weyrsecond during his time in Atricis, he also knew when to support and reward his men. If one demanded too much of his men and his people, a leader could hinder the morale of his establishment.

After all, with the candidates standing at first light, promptly awaiting their fates, what more could a leader want?

"Ah, Lady Rhianwen. How good of you to join us," he welcomed the newest queenrider of Atricis.
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Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:13 pm


Tag: Ar'vis, Eavan
From approval to curiosity and perhaps a bit of shock on some level. R'sin couldn't help but be one part amused and one part concerned in the reaction his words sparked. To him it was obvious: the candidates needed to hustle so they were all present before the first egg hatched. That was all he'd said, all he'd implied. Except apparently not if Ar'vis was asking about having trouble with them. Another slip of the tongue? Yet Eavan hadn't said anything-or maybe she was used to his somewhat rough tongue by now. Things like this are exactly why I shouldn't be Weyrleader, he muttered to himself.

A shrug of one shoulder met the other bronzerider's question. "Not that I am aware of," he answered airily. "In fact here they come. Good hustle in the current lot." The only "problem" he could think of as it were was the one boy who was so determined and insistent that he would Impress a gold and become Pern's first male goldrider. R'sin was of the opinion he was delusional but he could find no fault in the boy's enthusiasm and the way he carried himself. He was learning the dance of Leadership early to be ready for his gold. While R'sin was positive he would not get a gold the boy might make a decent rider for a bronze or brown.

Pionath of course could care less what any candidate's private goals were as long as they realized how privileged they were should one of his and Paiseantath's children choose them. Any foolish enough to try and fight the bond would have him to deal with. Even a pyrite or opal produced by him and his mate would be a strong dragon that any candidate should long to have look their way!

His thoughts were only encouraged as the first egg hatched to reveal a decidedly gold-looking dragon. Yet the shell had not been golden so the beautiful hatchling before them had to be a bronze. As he corrected those silly enough to think he was a gold Pionath hummed approval of his son. This one was strong, confident, and looked like he would grow to be one of the larger bronzes in the Weyr. A very good omen that he hatched first and even better for the reason! His beautiful bronze son knew exactly who he wanted and would not let any of his siblings take the young man from him. Pionath approved quite strongly. Such a son was easily as good as any gold daughter to him! But what did his mate think?

He hadn't long to wait before Paiseantath crooned to him, obviously as pleased as he was with their son. If the rest were blues, greens, pyrites, and opals Pionath would not be disappointed. For him Roth alone was well worth it-though Pionath was certain even the lowest of colors from this clutch would be just as strong.

Almost as if to prove him wrong the next one to hatch, a striking dark blue, proved anything but strong...in character at least. Trilling into the shell he'd hatched from, kicking sand at it, forgetting what he was doing halfway to the candidates... Carefully Pionath eyed his mate out of the corner of one eye. To him such a bumbler was disappointing, especially after such a fine bronze had hatched, but he was more concerned what she thought of their latest son. At least the bumbler was a blue, a color not destined for any sort of leadership. Pionath's main concern was how the blue and his rider would fit into a wing during a Fall. Would this blue turn around and start huffing at clumps of Thread, forget that he was supposed to flame it from the sky? That could cost lives. He would have to keep a close watch on Cereuth as the blue grew...

Tag: Tanthus
Right away when he noticed her Tanthus grew a bit flustered, his cheeks dusting pink while he shooed Glowbasket off his slate. The sight was enough to draw a giggle from Kimina, right before she offered the green a brief scratch. "Sorry Glowbasket; I tried to make it a simple yes/no question he could use his head to answer instead." The apology was likely unnecessary but was lighter in tone anyway. Kimina did regret having indirectly disturbed the flit but Glowbasket didn't seem all that put-out about it. She just plopped herself on Tanthus' head instead.

Kimina had to laugh at that. "Nice hat you got there Tanthus," she teased him, smiling brightly as she read the message he'd finished writing on his slate. It had been doubtful that he would turn away but she wanted to ask anyway. It was courteous and there was a chance he did want to be alone. Maybe he'd cry having to be here as a dragonless and didn't want her to see his tears or some such. She was thrilled that that was not the case though and was quick to sit next to him-just in time!

Out on the sands the first egg hatched into a large golden dragonet. Kimina had to admit to being as puzzled as the others. Was it possible for a bronze to look that golden or a gold to hatch from a non-golden shell? Maybe it was a chimera, bronze and gold both, or some sort of new color...ah. The dragonet was happy enough to clear up any confusion, announcing himself as a bronze before going to find the one he had made sure no one else took. "I bet his rider feels very special," she commented cheerfully. "Not only is he a very golden looking bronze but he hatched first just to be sure they were there for him. Coming from any color of dragon that's pretty endearing don't you think? To be so special your dragon insisted on getting to you before their siblings had a chance."

I don't know; I chose to let my siblings have their perfect picks first, Maatina reminded her, sounding a little sulky.

I know love and that was very sweet of you. For both of us it was the better option because I got to stay there and support all my friends until their day whers found them. You have to admit though, for a dragon candidate being told their dragon hatched first to make sure no one else took them...well that can make them feel very special. Their dragon absolutely refused to have anyone else.

I suppose...but now if any of his siblings found that one perfect they have to settle for second best. Maatina was worried now as she watched, hoping the other dragonets would all be able to find riders.
It took a bit of maneuvering but eventually Keetin found the perfect spot for him. He was buried as deeply in his fellow candidates as could be yet able to see what was going on quite well. After all he had no interest in being in some clumsy dragonet's way and getting mauled as a result. He also could see any dragonet that seemed a little too interested in him and try to edge away until they moved on. There was no gold here which meant none of these was his dragon. As such he was not their rider, any of them.

From his spot Keetin was able to easily see the first egg hatch, doing a bit of a double take. The dragonet was large and...gold. That was the only way to described the colors on the newly hatched dragon's hide. But it couldn't be! Gold dragons hatched from gold eggs; everyone knew that. At least...they always had...just as they had always chosen girls. Would it be a gold that broke that tradition and hatched from a plain egg that finally chose a male rider instead?

He was about to try and get the dragonet's attention when it spoke, dispelling the hope that had begun to build in Keetin. The voice was very definitely male and right away went on to declare himself a bronze. Aww... Immediately all interest in the dragonet faded away, replaced by wariness. He said he hatched first because he had his rider all picked out and wouldn't let his siblings take said rider from him. Thankfully the bronze walked not to Keetin but another of the boys. That was one arrow dodged and a dozen more to go.

The next to hatch was a blue which Keetin didn't care one way or the other about. The entire clutch was non-gold so beyond that the color of each didn't matter-at least not to him. This one though...oy. Even if it had been a gold Keetin might have thought twice about being its rider. The blue seemed to be rather silly and forgetful. How could any dragon forget they were looking for a rider?! And then he almost chose the wrong one? If it weren't for the fact a future goldrider didn't do such things in public Keetin might have facepalmed. What a hopeless dragon, regardless of color. It was a relief when the blue finally found the right rider, hopefully someone that could keep him pointed in the right direction when he inevitably forgot. The incident left Keetin wondering as well: did dragons ever choose the wrong rider? The old saying was "the dragon always knows" but that blue almost had not. He was about to Impress when he backed off. What if he hadn't realized until after Impressing to the wrong rider? Was it actually possible? Did it happen? At least if nothing else the blue had given Keetin something to think about while he waited for the Hatching to be over.
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Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:06 pm

Dragon Candidate Chara
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Not long after the bronze hatched came the next, a lovely blue. It was rather amusing to watch him turn and play with the egg shell, and they couldn't help but laughed to themself at the outright offended reaction to the shell crumbling a bit more. He was an adorable creature, even if he did seem a bit spacey. They watched him as he paused and pondered what he was doing before realizing that the candidates were over there.

He did seem like he'd need a rider who would be able to concentrate, wouldn't he? They were good at concentrating, they had to be to cook. And blues would impress to anyone, maybe even someone who wasn't quite a boy or a girl. It wasn't an impossibility, after all, was it? They decided it wasn't, and they couldn't help but cross their fingers as he moved closer and closer to them, sniffing at all the candidates as he did. And then-

Chara could feel their heart pounding when the hatchling got close. This might be it! He stopped in front of them and crooned and oh, oh this was it that's what the crooning meant, right? All that was left was the rainbow eyes of actual impression and then it would be offic-

Nope, nope. Sorry, I was wrong. The blue turned and walked off. Their eyes followed him as he found his and they turned back to the remaining eggs. That was. . . fine. It was okay, that was perfectly fine. So the blue wasn't for them, but at least he'd found his. That was good, right? There were still eleven eggs left, though, still eleven chances. And next time, next time it would be real. If there. . . was a next time, anyway. Would any of the dragons actually choose someone like them? It had been a mild concern in the back of their head, but now that they were actually standing at the hatching, that concern had suddenly rushed to the forefront of their mind. Was the why the blue hadn't stuck with them? Because they weren't. . . right?

Suddenly they didn't feel very good. Maybe the heat of the sands was just finally getting to them, but they kind of wanted to sit down. Not that they could, though, not with the hatching going on. So sitting was out of the question, but they didn't think anyone would notice if they just sort of took a few deep breaths and closed their eyes for a few seconds. Everything was just fine.

Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:10 pm

Tanthus gave Kimina a light smile as both Glowbasket and Bravado trilled at her. Maybe it had been a simple yes or no question, but Tanthus had more that he wanted to say. He'd never really been one for quick, simple answers, even if he was forced to take the hassle of writing out whatever he wanted to say. The Harper, again, had a brief moment of feeling flustered when Kimina commented on his "hat." For the love of little green dragons, why was he always so much more prone to becoming flustered around Kimina than anyone else?

Kimina then talked about the bronze, and Tanthus gave a thoughtful, humming sigh before writing back to Kimina. I wonder if Impressing a bronze feels different than Impressing one of the smaller dragons. They seem to be more forceful. I wonder if their riders feel that, too?

He then looked at Kimina, looked back at Maatina, and he wrote again. And certainly the day whers are different even than dragons, right?
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