Midnight Babies - 52nd Dragon Clutch (PC)

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:26 pm

Date: End of Spring
Time: Middle of the night

Eavan was having one of her favorite bittersweet dreams. She was in the fields around Old Atricis, running. That was it. Nothing exciting or scary or happy really happened. It was just her running as fast as she could to no where in particular. Sometimes in the dream the weather was rainy, sometimes it was chilly like autumn, and sometimes (like now) the weather was perfectly sunny and warm. Her chest and legs burned with the exertion of how fast she was running, but that burn was welcomed and felt amazing. While Eavan loved these dreams when they were happening, they made her equally as sad when she woke up. She would always miss the use of her legs, despite the fact that she had come to terms with it and knew she was no less a person for not being able to walk.

In her dream, she was just about ready to go for a swim in the river when a familiar pain not her own woke her up. Paiseantath? She reached out for her golden beauty as she rose to a sitting position in bed. The gold did not answer her. Eavan sighed and threw the blanket off of her before swinging her legs over the side of the bed and then reached for her chair. I know what you're doing, Paiseantath. I wished you'd woke me up to let me know it was happening now. Eavan scolded her dragon as she put a robe on before beginning to head to the hatching grounds. She had to get a lift from one of the dragons on night duty to reach the weyrbowl.

It is late. You were sleeping well. It's not like I don't know what I'm doing. Paiseantath stated in a matter-of-fact tone. She was placing the fifth egg she'd just laid into the perfect position for it to harden. It wasn't long before Eavan made it to the hatching grounds and over to her dragon.

There is not as many as I would have thought, but they will be strong none-the-less. Paiseantath said, tiredly as she laid down curled around the thirteen eggs she'd just laid. Eavan looked them over, there was obviously no queen this time...but that was alright. They didn't need another gold so soon. It's alright, Paiseantath. Thirteen is still a good number. Considering you were still healing when you rose...it's understandable. She said. Pionath, I have just laid your children if you wish to see them. The gold spoke to her, no doubt, sleeping mate, before she closed her eyes tiredly. Eavan then went about getting the things she would need to make the hatching ground her home for awhile.
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Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:30 pm

Since Paiseantath's second Flight both Pionath and R'sin had been working harder than ever. The bronzerider had a lot of ground to make up, resources to find and use to cover the weaknesses he knew he had, and of course moving weyrs. Although R'sin still wasn't thrilled at being Weyrleader it had happened. There was no undoing it so now all his efforts were funneled into making sure Atricis did not suffer for his leadership. It helped that leading was not actually a weak point with R'sin-but politics and diplomacy were. They were his main reasons behind keeping out of Leadership Flights. He was a blunt, grufff man and he knew it. Had he been Weyrleader during that Hatching at Walled things could have been far worse. He would have been as likely as not to tell Walled to stop whining and that they should have known better in the first place than to try and limit a dragon's options, tell them who they could pick as a rider, especially a gold! Which, while true, wouldn't have helped relations between Atricis and Walled much...

For Pionath this turn was a chance to prove he cared. Finally he had been allowed to Chase Paiseantath and the gold had demanded he prove his words, something Pionath agreed with and approve of. Talk was cheap, empty. Words needed to be backed with actions. It was a relief to finally find a gold who understood this even if it meant he had a lot of work ahead of him to prove himself. The brassy bronze had given everything he had left to fly her well as she had said and since that Flight had been an attentive and doting mate. After all not only was he proving he cared for his Queen but she had chosen him to be her mate. At long last he would have a clutch of his own, something that he had despaired of ever happening. That made it a very precious gift from Paiseantath in his eyes, no matter how the clutch turned out.

So when the gold's voice roused him in the middle of the night Pionath only grumbled a little to himself at his sleep being disturbed. He didn't really mind, not when it was the one gold that had won his adoration. Whatever she needed he was ready to give. If he had to hunt in the dark he would. But as he woke more fully and her words penetrated Pionath had to fight to remain quiet, exciting coursing through him. They were here! His children were here! The clutch...he could see the clutch! Any remaining tendrils of sleep lost their grip on him as the bronze prodded his rider awake, insisting R'sin join him in the Hatching Grounds on this momentous occasion.

R'sin was much less thrilled to be woken up in the middle of the night but he suspected Eavan would be there and Pionath refused to have him miss the clutch anyway... Grumbling much more than his dragon had the man got up and dressed quickly-mostly just making sure he was covered up enough and that he wore boots with thick soles to keep the heat of the sands away from his feet.

However as Pionath arrived and saw the clutch he could not help the horror that crashed over him and of course through him to his rider, who was now very awake and picking up his pace. So small! Such a pitifully small clutch and not even a golden egg to make up for the small size! No, oh nononono! Pionath tried to cover up his feelings in case Paiseantath picked up on them. After all this was bad enough without him making it worse.

Slowly he approached, careful to avoid Eavan and the eggs. They were just laid after all and not hard yet. He did not want to hurt them on accident and of course Paiseantath would hardly thank him if he bumped her rider. Still slow, just in case his mate would object, he began to curl around her. They are beautiful Paiseantath, every last one of them, he hummed softly. He let himself bask in the moment for a little bit, happy to finally have a clutch he could say he had sired, before sighing sadly. But so few...and no gold...I'm sorry. It seems I have failed you in the first, most important task you commanded me. You told me to Fly you well and I swear I gave everything I could to you...but it was not enough.

He reached to lick her gently, hoping to make this up to her at least a little. I will not fail again, he vowed determinedly. I will keep you safe, I will Chase you as you deserve and I will make certain no one ever interferes with you again. Every Flight you will be Flown well, even if not by me. I could not blame you if you wanted a better mate and I will keep watch that your future mates are able to give you their all. If you so much as ask I will help guard your clutches as well. I will show you that my words ring true. I am loyal Paiseantath and willing to give everything I have for you and my Weyr. Then, with a loving croon, he added: Especially you. You have given me more than I thought I would ever have. Thank you.

Finally R'sin arrived, looking at the small clutch and hoping Paiseantath didn't agree with his bronze's view on the size. Pionath could not have done more and R'sin made every effort to encourage him further while with Eavan. But the bronze faulted himself, blamed the size and quality of the clutch on his performance alone. That didn't seem right to R'sin, not when Pionath gave so much of himself to that Flight...to Paiseantath. "Done already?" he inquired as he approached Eavan. "I must admit her timing could be a little better...you don't think the eggs will have similar timing do you?" Because he really wasn't eager to be woken in the dead of morning again by a Hatching. The Walled Hatching had been enough for the whole turn as far as he was concerned.
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Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:00 am

Time: Just before sunrise
Weather: Perfect

The weather would prove to be quite the glorious summer day. It had yet to turn the awful hot that summer could become down in the south. The sun had yet to peek its head up from the horizon, though the skyline was beginning to notably lighten in that area. Most were asleep, with the exception of those that work nights. They were winding down from their shifts, ready to lay their heads on soft pillows until the day once again passed into night.

The weather would prove to not be the only glorious thing about this day. Within the well guarded sands of the hatching grounds, little lives were beginning to stir within their hard shells. Just as they had been with their clutching, they didn’t seem very mindful of what time of day they decided to disrupt the normal ebb and flow of life in New Atricis.

Eavan, dear heart. It is time. The gold gently prodded her rider awake as she looked at the eggs that were now beginning to rock harder back and forth. Eavan woke and rubbed her eyes. I had a feeling they would not hatch at a decent hour. Well, who are we to keep them waiting? Give Pionath and R’sin the call, then you probably ought to let the candidates and the rest of the weyr know we are about to welcome new lives to New Atricis. She immediately began to get dressed and set her hair in some sort of neat mess before heading there herself.

Paiseantath was gently nudging the eggs further apart from each other, just in case one crashed into one of its siblings. Pionath, our children are ready to come out into the world. Please, you and R'sin, join us in the hatching grounds. She called out to her wonderful mate and his rider. One of the smaller eggs was really beginning to rock then.

Candidates! The time has come to meet your fate on the sands! Quickly now! My children wait for no one. Paiseantath called out loudly to all of the weyr. This clutch might have been smaller than either her or Pionath would have liked, but she was confident that these thirteen eggs would hatch into strong amazing dragons.
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Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:25 am

Dragon Candidate Chara
Tag: Open
It was early, too early to actually be awake, and they had just been dreaming about something that looked like a cross between a starlizard and feline. It was an unusual dream, for sure, to have a furry, glowy creature chasing them up and about, but it had only been a dream. Still, they were pretty sure that it wasn't something they needed to worry about. It was just a strange dream, after all, and if they just did nothing and sat in bed, maybe they could get back to sleep and-

Candidates! The time has come to meet your fate on the sands! Quickly now! My children wait for no one.

So much for getting more sleep. They groaned and sat up, rubbing their eyes and trying to wake up. They had to get up and get ready for the hatching-

The Hatching. It had taken a moment for them to realize exactly what the call had meant, but their half asleep brain had finally caught up, and they were immediately out of bed and up, pulling on their white. The Candiate's pets were already at their parents house, everything was set up, they just needed to get ready and go.

The moment they finished getting into their clothes, they were out the door and on their way to the sands. Today was a big day, even if they didn't impress (They decided not to dwell on that thought; if it happened, it happened) and as they stepped onto the sands, they couldn't help but smile at the eggs they could see moving. Oh, they couldn't wait for this.
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Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:57 am

Candidates... sands...

Tanthus heard the voice, sure, but given how little light was in his room, he probably had woken up a few good candle marks early. Sure, he preferred to err on the side of caution, and was usually an early riser to begin with, but he had had a huge dinner late the night before, a meal delayed from him being entirely too focused on his studies. The time had just passed by too quickly! Still weighted down by his late meal, Tanthus pulled his sheets closer to him and allowed himself to drift back to sleep for another little while.

Or he would have, had his nostrils not started to itch. And something smelled weird and... was something in his nose!? Tanthus awoke suddenly with a great sneeze, sending Bravado - the owner of a tongue now slick with Harper mucus - flailing backwards with a squawk! Another of his flitters was buzzing in his ear... buzzing... humming?

Humming! Shells, the hatching was here, and he was hardly ready! The past few hatchings had been a somewhat rough on Tanthus, given his loss, but, despite the lingering emptiness, he had managed to watch and do Harper things. But was he supposed to do said Harper things today? He couldn't remember. Still groggy, Tanthus fumbled around with his clothes until he looked presentable, and grabbed the archiving tools on his way to the sands, just in case.

Tanthus yawned mightily as he got to the hatching galleries, Bravado faithfully perched on one shoulder. He wanted to get fairly close to be able to see the action, though he ended up taking a seat about halfway down, not wanting to be too noticeable to many... except for maybe Kimina. Tanthus did look around for her, though his vision was blurred by his own grogginess. He did hope to see her though, even if he was starting to become a blushing mess near her.
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Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:19 am

Tag ~ H'tai, Eavan, R'sin

The goldrider was sound asleep in the predawn hours when the call rang out and even though it was enough to rouse her, for a moment or two longer she refused to acknowledge that this was happening. She really didn't want to be dragged out of bed, not when she knew there was a pleasantly warm and loving man laying with her. Every morning was tough, but even more so when it was earlier than usual and unexpected. After a while though, she knew she couldn't deny Paiseantath, or Eavan, so one last nuzzle was given to the bare shoulder beside her, before she kissed it gently to wake H'tai.

"I have to go...I would say that you could stay behind, but I know you wont, so rise and shine my love." Safryn whispered softly, moving to kiss the brownriders' cheek before finally pulling away and tossing back the thin sheet. "At least we aren't on the Sands this time...but very soon I will be." The woman commented as moved about making herself a little more presentable. She knew that Soqi was prime to rise anytime, and in fact could be considered overdue. Most of the reasons were personal, and Safryn was thankful that the dappled gold understood she was not ready for that, but she knew the queen would not wait forever. Not many knew about the loss the couple had suffered, though Eavan was among the few so the Weyrwoman would know why the gold was postponing. Perhaps, when the Sands were clear, Soquilith would find the timing suitable, the skies and Sands her own to claim so Safryn had to prepare herself sooner rather than later now.

Right now though, Paiseantath and her children came first and as the Weyrwoman Second and her love entered the Sands, there were only happy thoughts of the babies within those shells. Hatchings were always such wondrous and promising affairs, and the brilliantly colored dragons were a joy to behold. It was easy to let the tide of the event carry you away, so Safryn was all smiles despite the hour as they settled into their seats. Her hand twined with H'tais, though her gaze cast out to the Sands were the Weyrleaders were present. A small wave was given to her fellow goldrider whenever their eyes finally met, and an encouraging smile for the stout bronzerider who'd recently taken the post. R'sin was a good man, had a practical head on his shoulders, even if he seemed a little in over his head right now. In time, he would get the hang of it, and she was sure he'd be a rather capable Weyrleader for the Turn.

"I wonder what will be first to hatch?" The redheaded woman mused aloud, her hand giving H'tais a soft squeeze with a glance at the brownrider. It was a Hatching bet that had led to a night that she'd never forget, and she wondered what might come of another such wager.

(( There are most definitely a few others present. V'an would be there for the new weyrlings, Roman is in case anyone gets hurt, Ay'li and Elysia can be spectators, maybe even Isolde would rise and shine for that, and Kent might drag Locke along too....I just don't have time tonight...Sleeeeep. *passes out* Zzzz....Zzzz....))
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Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:21 am

Tag - Rhianwen | Open
After several Turns of Standing, Inez found herself memorising the tempo of the Hatching like a ballad. It seemed each Hatching began the same way at almost the precise moment. One could feel it in the air, the anticipation that signalled when the conductor would finally wave his wand and start the piece.

And then the summon came.

The call pulled her out of her light state of repose, for Inez had become a light sleeper when Hatching neared. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she dressed herself and made her way with the flow of candidates out onto the steaming sands of the Hatching Grounds. The humidity smacked her face like a wet clothe as it had done so many times before. Already the condensation beaded upon her brow and trickled down her spine for the Northern girl never learned to acclimate to the heated climates of the south... let alone a cavernous hot spring. Such a shame considering the fact that the waters looked so refreshing and clear. Had they only been a little cooler, she might have actually enjoyed them.

Curious as to who might dare come to support her, it did not take her long to spot Ambrosius. Of course she had yet to speak with the new bluerider, but shards if she would begin now.

And her Lord father. Dismay overcame Inez when she saw her father, the Lord of Benden, Lord Cador, present among the spectators. He and her mother spoke nothing but disapproval over her choice to Stand, and even attempted to forbid her when they initially found out about her ploy a Turn and a half ago when Rhianwen Impressed. After a heated argument, her father finally spoke of ruining her reputation if she refused to return. In turn Inez retorted that if he meant to expose the fact he was cuckholded, then by all means, but he would be made a laughing stock by the rest of the Lords in the North if they knew a brownrider got the better of him.

Cador bit his tongue on the matter, while her mother stared after her incredulously. Neither spoke of the matter for the next Turn and a half... and yet now here they were, watching her, waiting. They wanted her to fail so they could drag her home once and for all and marry her off.

The wilful part her refused.

Mul'rec would have been proud had he heard the fight, and while Inez never spoke to the man after the pain he caused Ambrosius, the brownrider still diligently attended every Atricis hatching in support of the Benden Lady. It was difficult to miss him when his massive brown, one of the largest browns on Pern, sported such a unique pale hide with his ebony winged cape.

And what of Rhianwen?

While Inez would be the last to admit it, her eyes did sneak to the stands from time to time to see if she might catch a glimpse of the newest Queenrider of Atricis.
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When the call came, Revanne knew she must set to work. Packing a few items into her medical kit that she always kept on hand in her apartment, the woman left for the Hatching sands and joined her brother and Roman. Part of her wished she could have been a proper spectator, to give Lorcan support and assurance while they cheered for his brother, but her duty as a healer kept her at Roman's side. When she did manage to spot Lorcan, she gave the man a wave, and would also give a wave if she ever saw J'lek.

As for Bastian, dual eyes searched the white bodies, until they fell upon a familiar head of curls.

Morgan offered a chirp of excitement before Revanne shooed her back. "Stay over the by the ward dearest," she warned the firelizard lest she incur the ire of a queen. Last thing Revanne wanted as to lose her sweet little friend.

When her brother joined the healers and assistance, the woman tugged at Roman's sleeve before pointing to the man just beyond them. "I'll be right back. I am just going to see my brother. Is that all right?" She just wanted to give the man a quick hug before she returned to her post.
Tag - Eavan | Safryn | H'tai |R'sin
Though perhaps a surprise for some, it should not have been a surprise to all that Weyrholder Ar'vis would make an appearance for the hatching, especially considering the rider of the mother involved was his lover. Normally he only came to the weyr on rest days and those he and Eavan could spare. This morning, however, was a special occasion.

Already he was awake when the call came from Atricis of the hatching. Already cleaned and dressed for the day, he made his way up to his bronze, who took him to Atricis. Upon his arrival, his eyes already searched for a familiar head of gold. Once he found her, he quietly found his place at her side and settled a hand on her shoulder. No words escaped him as he squeezed her shoulder in affection and support as he commonly did during Hatching.

To the others he nodded, recognising each one, and when R'sin would eventually show, the fellow bronzerider and new Weyrleader would find himself receiving a smile of approval from the senior man.

Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:41 pm

It did not matter that he was no longer a dragon candidate. Doken had no regrets. Dragons were still very majestic and amazing but his heart still felt drawn more to the daywhers. Despite not entering the sands as the others were, he did enter into the cavern to watch. Finding a seat with a good view, he noted those around him and then sat. Yes, this seat had a really nice view. Smiling with anticipation, he kept his eyes roving about trying to take in everyone coming in, the dragons, the candidates, the eggs. Doken loved hatchings, this was firmly determined. And it didn't matter which kind either. People's lives were about to change forever on this momentous day, and he was privileged to witness it first-hand. Did it matter that it was the middle of the night? Not when it was a hatching it didn't.

((Open to anyone in the stands.))
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Tag: Eavan, Ar'vis, Safryn
Being a light sleeper had its perks, though R'sin was such more out of habit than anything. When he was a guard the ability to rouse quickly was a life saver. Many who tried sneaking up on the sleeping man found he was not so unaware after all. At the Weyr it was less necessary but too ingrained in him to change. Not that he wanted to; even at the Weyr it sometimes proved to be an advantage. Like being woken by the waves of excitement rolling off his dragon before the bronze could prod him and not being the least groggy while dressing quickly. He knew even before Pionath started humming and telling him just what was up. There was only one thing that could get his bronze in such a mood-the hatching of those long awaited children of his.

They're coming! R'sin they're hatching! Come on, come on, we must be there to greet them! The excitement in the bronze's voice was palpable; even if he wasn't Pionath's rider R'sin would have felt it.

I know, I know! R'sin shot back, mentally rolling his eyes. It was hard to be annoyed with his dragon though; Pionath had waited far too long for this moment. Though the bronze's focus had shifted more to the clutchers themselves than siring clutches with them this was was still a glorious day for him. He was still thrilled beyond measure to be welcoming his children into the world. His and Paiseantath's children that is. The bronze adored his golden mate, respected her for seeing beyond words and was immensely grateful for her giving him this chance, this clutch. If she never chose him again he would still adore her, remain devoted to her especially of all the queens in the Weyr. Now if only his rider would hurry up...

Almost as if the thought had summoned him R'sin was there, quickly putting the finishing touches on before they took off for the Hatching Sands. Pionath's humming broke off only long enough to croon a happy greeting to his beautiful mate. I would not miss greeting our children, he told her firmly, giving the gold an affectionate nuzzle. Nor would I deny your wish. I know each and every one of them will be strong and beautiful.

R'sin offered a smile to Eavan while his dragon joined his mate. Somehow though he was not the first to arrive. Already Ar'vis was with Eavan which surprised him as the bronzerider didn't even live in New Atricis anymore. How had he gotten there so fast? But R'sin was not bitter or annoyed; Ar'vis was pretty much Eavan's weyrmate and should be here for the hatching of her gold's clutch. A nod of greeting was given to him as well as Atricis' new Weyrleader joined them. "Well met Ar'vis, Eavan. Here's to a good Hatching for all-if those candidates get their rears in gear." He noted Safryn then and made to greet her as well. Soon it would be her gold's clutch on the sands but today...today was Pionath's and Paiseantath's day.

Tag: Safryn, Eavan
Dragonets have the worst timing, H'tai muttered to Ifrith when he was roused by Paiseantath's announcement. The brownrider was tempted to just snuggle in with Safryn and drift off once more-

Oh no you don't, Ifrith rumbled. The Hatching is starting and you know your mate will go.

A soft, mentally groaned out curse met the brown's words. He was right of course; as Weyrwoman Second Safryn would attend. If Safryn was going...then so was H'tai. They all knew that. Ever since they had become lovers a turn ago H'tai had made every effort to join Safryn for official matters. He might not have any rank himself, not even Wingthird, but through Fall, Fog, and Fire he would be there to support her...especially now. She needed every bit of love and support he could give to her, no matter the candlemark.

Her warm form shifted against him, a kiss or two given along with words. Safryn was awake and getting ready to go. The fact she knew H'tai wouldn't stay home brought a soft smile to the brownrider's face before he rolled, pulling her into a warm embrace and placing a soft kiss to her lips. "You're right Saf; I won't let you go alone, not when I can accompany you. Ifrith will be there as well to welcome the new dragons and congratulate the proud parents. I hope you'll join me for breakfast afterward."

He gave her one more kiss before releasing her so they could both get dressed and on their way. Her reminder that Soquilith was due to Rise soon was redundant in a way. Both H'tai and Ifrith were well aware of that fact, preparing to give it their all to hopefully win this time. Ifrith was not as seasoned or strong as others, especially some of the bronzes, but that would not stop him trying his best to win Soquilith's favor. It would be ideal if he Caught her this time so that H'tai would be the one with Safryn. He would take care of her, both during and after the Flight. However the brownrider was making plans for the likelier scenario of Ifrith losing as well, ways to get back to Safryn's side ASAP and give her extra love and attention since he would have no clue how...exuberant...she and her Flight partner would have been. He wasn't sure Safryn was up for that just yet...but while her gold seemed to be waiting he knew she could not and would not wait forever. Likely not much longer in fact.

I am ready, Ifrith assured him. This time I will be the one to twine with her. The brown spoke with quiet determination and confidence. He too wanted to help and the best way to do that was claim Soquilith as his mate, at least for this turn. If it was at all possible the brown intended to make it happen for their riders' sakes.

I know you will, H'tai replied, letting himself be reassured. The subject was dropped though as he entered the Hatching Sands with Safryn. Soquilith was hardly about to Rise during a Hatching so for now he needed to focus on it and Safryn. The goldrider seemed to perk up as they greeted the Weyrleaders and made their way to their seats. The squeeze to his hand was returned with a grin as Safryn started up the game they had played at the last Hatching. "Probably a surprise," he answered, chuckling. "Although I think that little egg there rocking so energetically will be first. As for what it contains...obviously a dragonet ready to be born." His grin became a smirk then. Whatever color he chose he would likely be wrong...and as Phoenith's clutch had proven the dragons tended to birth surprises as often as not. What surprises might be in store for them today?

Tag: Tanthus, Paiseantath
Almost as soon as the remaining echoes of Paiseantath's call faded a certain dayhandler burst out of her apartment with her green day wher in tow. Although a bit early this Hatching was not in the middle of the night like Phoenith's had been. Add in the fact that this time they knew Tanthus would be there recording the new weyrlings and wild whers couldn't keep the pair away. A turn ago they had failed to be there for him because they hadn't known, had not even guessed, that he would be called upon for such a duty. This time they knew better and made sure they were there to support him. Attending a Hatching was not easy for a dragonless person and at that the level of attention he had to give it to make accurate records... They had to be there.

Come on Kimina, hop on! You know I can run faster than you! the green day wher called excitedly.

However her handler shooed her off. You know riding bareback is risky, Kimina chided gently, a wide grin on her face. Even though she and Maatina had promised they would be there for Tanthus the fact of the matter was they'd be there anyway. The Hatching was right here at home and they were both excited to watch. Above their heads Cobei circled, trilling and humming. The iolite wanted to watch as well!

So it was the trio bounced happily into the Sands, Maatina finding a good spot and bugling greetings to the parents. This is such a proud and exciting day for you! she called to Pionath and Paiseantath. I can't wait to see your beautiful babies! That was all the green said before finding her spot and settling. This was their day and she would not disrupt it.

The same could be said of Cobei who remained perched on Kimina's shoulder as the dayhandler spotted the very person she was looking for and made her way towards him. Lately he'd taken to blushing when they were together which was so cute, adorable, and extremely endearing to Kimina. A time or two she would give him a quick peck on one hot cheek or the other, finding it hard to resist hugging the stuffing out of him at such times. He was just too cute! Now though she was more focused on how the Hatching was affecting him. He didn't look too bad, but that might change as things got underway. "Hey there Tan," she greeted him cheerfully. "Hope you don't mind some company while you record everything." Cobei trilled greetings to him and Bravado from where she was but quickly returned to watching the sands and humming to welcome the babies into the world.
Paiseantath's call woke the Weyr, including a certain candidate who was rather skeptical of her words. Meet his fate on the sands? There was no way that was possible, not then this clutch contained no gold. No gold meant the dragon he was destined for was not there so how could he meet it, meet his fate? Not today. However that didn't mean he could sleep in; he was a candidate and expected to Stand for this clutch like every other. The presence (or lack thereof) of a gold egg did not change that.

With a soft sigh for the obligation that was dragging him out of his bed Keetin got up and dressed in the traditional white garb candidates wore. Venna was still gone of course, curled up with the male that had Caught her in her latest Flight. The hybrid loved to fuss over her mate though she still expected Keetin to bathe and oil her...and him. Suddenly Keetin had two flits though the second was not bonded to him and would likely be gone when Venna Rose again. Of course that meant he'd just have another second flit to look after...yay. Flits were the last thing on his mind now though. He needed to get to the sands pronto because missing any of the Hatching was unacceptable. If he ever bonded a gold he would be expected to attend anyway. Better to get used to it now.

Thus Keetin was among the first of the candidates for file in, being prompt as always. He did not shirk his duties, not ever. No gold would want a slacker after all! Quickly he bowed to both Paiseantath and Pionath, congratulating them on their clutch and making sure they knew he appreciated being allowed to Stand. Whether or not his dragon was there, the permission the two were giving him was important and he would not take it for granted. These were their children they were allowing everyone near. He made sure to be quiet and respectful, fading into the crowd once the other candidates were there. His gold was not here and Keetin did not want to Impress another color so, while he attended for his many reasons, he tried his best to be unnoticed by the dragonets in this clutch.
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Weyrbrat Nali & Bronzerider I'li
Hatchings were one of Nali's favorite things, especially dragon hatchings. Each hatching got her as excited as if she were a candidate, and each turn that passed that got her closer to candidacy age, the more excited she got for each dragon hatching. Very soon she would be among those white robed candidates to have her shot at a dragon. In fact... if she had it her way this time, she would sneak in among those candidates this time!

Clad in a white outfit, not the robe of candidacy though, merely a white tunic and almost white pants, Nali tried to sneak in with the candidates, the messy haired girl hoping to slip into the group of white clad people that came in led by the candidatemaster. However, just as she thought she made it, and was about to cross the threshold into the sands, a large hand grabbed her shoulder and stopped her in her tracks.

"A trick is only clever the first time you try it," came the deep, stoic voice of her father, Bronzerider I'li. She looked up at him with a sheepish grin, and he chuckled softly as he lightly shook his head and her and gently nudged her forward to the stands with him.

She had indeed tried this before, at the last hatching, and I'li had caught her then too, though she had gotten farther that time before he'd noticed and pulled her out of the group. So it was, with a pout, Nali followed her large set father into the standing area to watch from there. As far as she was concerned she should have been up there now. After all it was less than a turn to her next nameday, she was practically of age now, and she grew up with dragons and a father that was a Weyrleader, so of course she should be allowed in. But no, she had to wait. Who knew what great amazing hatchings would happen between now and then!

Ari had no reason to go to the hatching. In fact, she hadn't been to a hatching since before Myth's passing, and even then she only made it to a few of them, often having to sit them out to tend to Myth instead. It would be surprising for the dragonless woman to attend the hatching, so no one ever expected to see her there even turns from now. The dragonless that did stay in the Weyr could often find being around dragons bearable, but attending the hatchings and watching the babies hatch and Impress... that was often too much. So, it was needless to say it was a shock that Ari was anywhere near the hatching sands some time after the call by Paiseantath had rung out.

The sands were filled with people by now, and while some still trickled in, most everyone that was going to be here was here by the time Ari was near one of the sands entrances. The lower caverns entrance to the sands was almost completely empty, with the rest coming in from the dining hall or the Weyr yard. Ari hesitated several feet away from the opening into the hatching sands though, the one person left, by this point, in the lower caverns that wasn't busy with other things.

Honestly, she wasn't quite sure why she was here, why she had ventured out of her living space when the excitement of a hatching had burst through the lower caverns. It had taken her a while to get up and go, avoiding most of the people on their way to the sands, so she was alone now as she crept toward the entrance into the sands from the lower caverns. Her two firelizards were with her as they almost always were, sitting on her shoulders and offering her soothing croons and encouragements as she crept closer.

Soon, Ari placed her hands on the edge of the cave entrance, and with her body nearly pressed against the cavern wall, she peeked her head out from the cave and into the hatching grounds to get a look at the eggs. They were tricky to see from here, half hidden behind their mother, but she could see a few, and curiously, she stood and watched from her quiet little place on the very edge of the sands.

(Other characters of mine are likely present, such as Ryarin with V'an and R'vir watching in the stands for example, but I don't have the energy to post them all, so if a character is wanted, feel free to tag them and I'll post them up fully in my next post.)
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