Evening Soiree -- {51st Dragon Hatching, NPC}

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Since the moment she made her choice, Soquilith knew it had been the right one for her. Over the next sevendays, the dappled gold began to grow heavy with eggs and soon surpassed any amount of bulge she'd sported in her clutches past. As her stomach began to expand, so too did her esteem and proudly she paraded around the Weyr with her mighty bronze mate, vowing that only the biggest and best among them would get to twine with her from now on. Soqi had become quite affectionate with Akoth as well, intending to hold onto the bronze as long as she could, hoping that together they'd produced her largest clutch yet and perhaps even giving unto her a golden daughter. Just as her rider had found happiness in her mate, perhaps the queen had found her worthy mate as well.

The expectant mother had herself convinced that there would be a golden shell among this clutch, and she wasn't afraid to boast of it, feeling the swell of the eggs inside her and believing that finally she would have her very own daughter to fawn over. Her posession of such ego wouldn't last long though, and after she'd taken to the Sands the Weyr was soon gifted with the gold's largest clutch so far, but alas there was no golden sheen to any of them. The dark queen brooded over her clutch, and while Safryn always reminded her that twenty six was not a number to wag a tail at, Soqi was inconsolable for the first few days, snappish at even the bronze.

After the initial shock wore off, and her bruised ego repaired, Soquilith tended motheringly to her clutch, doting over each of the eggs as if nothing were amiss and accepting the sire back into her good graces once more as the eggs hardened on the Sands. Twenty six was still her largest clutch so far, and just because there was no daughter in this one, meant that next time there was an even better chance. Next time, she will fly farther, fly higher and choose Akoth or another big bronze to give her that daughter she so greatly desired. Without a golden daughter, this would still be a strong clutch, one to be proud of and until they Hatched, she continued to be the ever vigilant brooding mother.

The sevendays passed quickly enough, the dark queen spent her hours fawning over her eggs, spreading a wing to protect them, or taking much needed naps when they were under the watchful eye of the sire. Finally, the time came when the first of them began to wobble, the hatchling within already starting to knock against it's confines and the dappled gold crooned wistfully. As much as she wanted to greet her children, she enjoyed laying curled around her clutch, yet they were hatching none-the-less and the dark queen raised the call to the Weyr just after the evening meal, disrupting more than her own plans for the night.

The Hatching itself lasted barely a candlemark once the first shell broke, revealing a sturdy brown dragonet who creeled at his mother and sire before finding his chosen among the candidates. Each time a new shell broke, Soquilith gave a proud rumble and nosed at her coppery bronze mate as she watched the little one find their bonded. A pair of eggs began to wobble and cracked against each other, spilling a pewter each from their shells, the two of them claiming to be twins from different eggs and even ended up bonding to a pair of brothers! It was a fortitious hatching and bonding, one that left the gold and rider quite amazed, but the clutch was not done with surprises either. Out of one of the other eggs, a large and beautiful Zultanite daughter was hatched, placating the stinging ego of the golden mother and she crooned lovingly at the hatchling, who found her match among the candidates and Soqi hoped to see her join the Jr. Weyrwoman ranks some day as another clutcher for the Weyr. The rest of the clutch was to be expected, lots of green daughters, blue and brown sons and even a few noble bronzes to join their ranks.

All in all, twenty six eggs Hatched that night, all heathly and happy, and despite there not being a queen among them, Atricis would be better for such a strong new class of dragonriders to join their Wings soon enough.
  • 26 Eggs:
    12 Greens
    2 Pewters
    6 Blues
    1 Zultanite
    3 Browns
    2 Bronzes
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