Strengthening the Weyr - 50th Dragon Hatching NPC

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Paiseantath was becoming quite the old hand at clutching. After eleven turns she no longer felt the need to make a huge fuss about the fact she was going to go clutch. Eavan, however, felt like she needed to make a fuss over her dragon after every clutching. This time had been no different. Paiseantath had slipped off into the hatching grounds to do her thing without telling Eavan. She was completely done and was just doing the final touches of where she wanted to place her eggs before she had called for Eavan. She knew that her rider would be angry if she didn't call for her to come see the clutch. Once her rider had gotten the chance to see, Pai had called Orthath to come see his children. It wouldn't be long before the shells would be hard and hatch.

The sevendays flew by with things running normally and wonderfully in the weyr. The competition of Gold Phoenith had been quite the talk for awhile and many congratulations were in order for the young Behemoth for catching the young gold. Eavan had already started communications with the Pedagogue about arrangements to have some of their candidates stand for the hatching. She rather enjoyed working with R'vir as Weyrleader. He was a quiet and gentle man, but knew what he was doing. She was rather sad to not work with Ay'li anymore as she had enjoyed the woman's company. Therefore, the two of them had enjoyed a few dinners together here and there. In case of Norieth catching Pai again they kept their friendly meals on the down low, that way no one could claim favoritism. At first it had just been friendly meals, but eventually things led from one thing to another. Honestly, Ay'li was just what Eavan needed as she hadn't been with anyone outside of flights since Ar'vis left.

Eavan, it is time for my children to hatch. I am calling the candidates now. Paiseantath informed her rider in the middle of the afternoon. It wasn't long before the hatching ground was filled with white robes and the stands filled with people cheering them on. As per usual, the hatching lasted far too short. One moment there were seventeen eggs rocking on the sands and the next there were only the remains of shells. However, this hatching was not to be as happy as some could be. A little blue hatched from his shell, but it was obvious something wasn't right the way he crooned pathetically.

Paiseantath moved to the little pale baby, worry in her eyes as she neared the baby. He couldn't walk and was scrambling to make his way to her. Once she reached him she curled around him and trilled soothingly to him. Eavan demanded to know what was wrong and had R'vir roll her closer. However, the brownrider was growled it before he could get too close. Eavan, managed to sooth Paiseantath enough to allow her near enough to see what was wrong. "Oh poor thing." She said as she looked at the trembling and scared little blue. It was obvious now what was wrong. His back legs hadn't formed right and were basically useless, plus his over all size was tiny. Smaller than that of pyrites and opals even. Other than that, he seemed healthy. Eavan moved out of her chair and climbed beside Paiseantath, trying to determine if she knew if the little one was going to make it. He is frightened he can't walk. She explained to Eavan before nuzzling against the light blue's face gently. Where is he? I can't see him...but I can feel him. He's so faint though. Why oh why can't I walk to him mother? Why won't my legs work? The little blue cried piteously and loudly for all to hear. Eavan looked back at R'vir with tears in her eyes. There was nothing they could do except try and get his bonded to him...but even then. How long would he last? Would it not be kinder for him to die unbonded than to leave one of these candidates without half their soul? Paiseantath growled at that thought from her rider, though instinct told her that perhaps Eavan was right. She couldn't abandon one of her children though...even if they were broken. The little blue struggled away from Paiseantath to try and get to the direction he thought his was. Calm, small one. I'm here. Paiseantath crooned. While she might not want one of hers babies to die, she couldn't bring herself to help him to his bonded. A dragon had to have the strength to get to his bonded. Please, heart of my heart! Come to me, come to your Raenomth needs you. The blue cried out to the candidates, but from where the little blue was looking his bonded wasn't in the candidates.

Eavan was clinging to her gold, not caring that she was sitting on the hot sand (it wasn't as if she could feel it anyways), holding her breath to see if the one the blue wanted would finally come for him or if they'd have to witness the tragedy of seeing a baby between. The blue's struggles were getting more languid and slow as he wore out moving across the sands, towards the exit almost. Eavan had missed all the other happy impressions as the other eggs hatched despite the sorrow that was happening near them. She turned begging eyes to R'vir in the hopes he would know what to do...anything to end this suffering...when suddenly a person came flying into the hatching ground. Without hesitation he ran to the crippled blue and threw his arms around him. The graying hide of his brightened up again as he began to make happy noises. I was so worried you wouldn't find me. I'm sorry I can't walk. I still love you though. I'll always love you. "I'm sorry, Raenomth...I love you too. Come on. Let's get you food." The strong young man lifted the small blue in his arms and carried him over to where his siblings were.

Eavan got back in her chair and moved back to R'vir. "We'll have to have someone watch him and that blue. In case he..." She couldn't finish her statement before a sob stole her voice. "See if V'an will be so kind as to stay with him." She knew the Assistant Weyrlingmaster was a kind hearted man and also knew the troubles of having a disabled dragon. The Weyrwoman was glad the rest of the hatchlings came out healthy and well.

17 Eggs
Bronzes - 1
Browns - 4
Blues - 5 (Raenomth, crippled impressed to a male non-candidate)
Greens - 7
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