Motherhood -- {49th Dragon Hatching. NPC}

A large natural cavern found by the initial expedition. It has been cleared out and filled with sand. Naturally flowing hotspring pools inside the cavern keeps this cavern warm enough for dragon eggs, but also makes it very humid with all the steam from the hotspring waters.
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Fuzzytimed to End of Autumn 2040

Once again, the females seemed to be of one cycle, for shortly after Safryn had given birth to her twins, Soquilith had taken to the Sands with her own clutch of eggs. Both of them were doting mothers, yet the rider had the chance to reprieve herself of the children by placing them in the care of a foster parent. Faella had been caring for Isharya already, and she readily accepted taking care of the twins as well, so that Safryn could continue with her duties once she was recovered. However, Soqi spent her days inside the cavernous cave where her eggs rested, hardening on the heated sands, yet her doting brown mate saw to her every need and the dappled gold had not gone wanting as the sevendays went by.

The dark queen had been vigilant with her clutch of fifteen, making sure they were rotated properly and guarded every moment of every day by either her own watchful eye, or the protective one of their sire. Safryn in turn had seen to the personal care of her newest daughter, Alorha, the small child not having the same strength and vigor as her brother Jofrey, so she needed her mothers' touch more often. The days passed quickly for the mothers, even though they felt in the moment to drag on forever, and finally the wonderful moment came for Soqi's children to hatch.

Her voice rang out into the minds of the Weyr, the triumphant and proud words that bade them drop everything and come to the Sands, for a new generation of dragons was being born. In groups they gathered in the stands, the gaps between them growing until nearly every seat in the cavern was filled and they all waited to hear the sounds of the first shell breaking. Soquilith stood matronly beside her clutch, the burning ember of the brown Ifrith standing proud at her side, while their riders stood together on the Sands close by in the place of honor. The goldrider smiled warmly at H'tai, greeting him and lacing her arm through his as they stood, talking of the twins, of the hatchlings, of anything that came to mind while admiring the wonderful dragons that had been brought of their union.

The first to break shell was a brown whose hide echoed his fathers red tone, but was not sparked like a flame and instead was a rish crimson hue all throughout. He was a sturdy beast though and chose a young man who seemed just as stout as the hatchling and together they moved away as the first Impressed pair of the clutch. The last to hatch was a small and dainty little green, the seventh of the clutch and she picked her way carefully towards the candidates and chose a young girl who was fresh into candidacy.

With the last shell hatched and the green pair moving off the sands, the rest of the cavern began to disperse as well, some friends and family moving to congratulate the new weyrlings, while others had to return to their duties and wait for the Feast before celebrating properly. Safryn made a point of finding each new pair and congratulating them personally, as she'd done with all of Soquilith's clutches so far, and then placed them in the careful hands of the Weyrlingmaster to raise and train them to be dragonrider of Pern.

  • Clutch Outcome:
    7 Greens
    1 Pewter
    4 Blues
    2 Browns
    1 Bronze
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Time seemed to fly by from the day of the Flight to the moment the eggs were laid on the warm sands of the Hatching Grounds. H'tai did indeed spend more time with Safryn, quickly growing to regard the goldrider as a friend. A friend who, not long before her dragon clutched, gave birth to twins! H'tai wasn't an expert on childbirth but he knew enough of it to know it was risky, twins even moreso. He made a point of visiting Safryn while she recovered, helping in any way he could. Not that the father of the twins was lacking in any way, but H'tai wanted to be there for his new friend.

The same could be said of his brown, who spent every free moment he had with his golden mate. Both before and after the eggs were laid he doted on her, happy to cuddle, fetch her whatever she liked to eat, or watch the eggs (after they'd been laid of course) so she could stretch her wings and get her own meals. After all, the offer of hunting for her was just that: an offer. It was part of his doting, not from any desire for control or thought that Soquilith couldn't do it herself. If she wanted to hunt he respected her decision. Ifrith also stayed away whenever Soquilith wanted her space. He was not a hovering, clingy mate even if he was devoted and doting.

Whenever it was his turn to watch the clutch he was very careful to make sure they were safe, turned when necessary, and loved. Oh how he loved them. His and his mate's could he not dote on them as he did his mate? Much as it wasn't normally in his nature he kept most humans out of the Hatching Grounds on his watch, the exceptions being his rider, his mate's rider, and the dragonhealers. He was even reluctant to let the leaders near the eggs without his mate near, just in case. Their children were too important to lose to carelessness!

Then the day came, Soquilith's voice calling the Weyr into the Hatching Grounds for the haching of their clutch. Ifrith all but vibrated with pride as he watched their babies hatch and find their riders. The Hatching was a bit more nerve-wracking for his rider at first, but once Safryn threaded her arm through his and began talking to him H'tai relaxed. Talking to her gave him something to focus on other than that he was standing our in the middle of the Hatching Grounds. If it weren't for the dragonets hatching he'd be in the center ring as it were and he definitely would have no clue what to say. Standing there with safryn though, talking about the dragonets as if he were in the stands watching, talking about her beautiful twins and other other was more like hanging out together than some formal affair where he had to worry about least until the end.

After the last dragon had Impressed everyone began to disperse, including Safryn. H'tai assumed she had important business to tend to and let her go. Instead he walked over to his partner, a bright smile on his face. They're wonderful Ifrith, he declared. Just like their father. And as the crowd continued to file out H'tai wrapped his arms around his dragon's soft nose and remained there with him, dragon and rider quietly celebrating the wonderful event together.
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